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the compass xlvii no.1 February 3, 2012

Gainesville State College Gainesville, Georgia EDITOR Audrey Williams ASSISTANT EDITOR: Brent VanFleet NEWS EDITOR: Manuel Moreno COPY EDITOR: Paku Lo WRITERS: Taylor Eastwood, Emanuel Fisteag, Bryan Jones CAMPUS LIFE EDITOR: Angela Ruhlman COPY EDITOR: Brent VanFleet WRITERS: Brittany Poole, Michelle Shellnut, Cassandra Spires ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT (',725DQG&23<(',7256DUDK*ULIÀQ WRITERS: Dominique Gaiter, Brittany Lenhart, Nicole Smotes, Katie Kei-­ ger FEATURES AND OPINION EDITOR: Kaitlin Batson WRITERS: Jeremy Bush, Aisha Taylor, Michelle Wiggle SPORTS EDITOR: Mike Williams WRITERS: Max Griswold, James McKinnie, Michael Mullins PHOTOGRAPHY, GRAPHICS Dominique Gaiter, Chase McEvers FACULTY ADVISER Merrill Morris The Compass releases three printed issues each semester and an online edition at

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the compass, february 4, 2012

from the editor THE FUTURE OF NORTH GAINESVILLE/OAK-­ WOOD/WATKINSVILLE/DAHLONEGA GEORGIA STATE COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY What now? This issue’s cover may be amusing, but there is nothing light about the surprise consolidation of our school and NGCSU. There’s always something happening at GSC, but I feel like this is happening to us. Change is nothing new to a rapidly growing college like ours, but this kind of change could literally change every-­ thing. Our two schools aren’t the only two merg-­ ing in Georgia because of the Board of Regents’decision, and the odd pairings seem as though the colleges have been thrown together haphazardly. No insult to North Georgia, but military-­ style hierarchical structure is not in the spirit of GSC. Our history as a communi-­ ty-­based open access institution is what makes GSC more than just a stop before “real college.” But who knows what could come out of this? The implementaion team, perhaps? 6HHSDJH0D\EHZH·OOÀQDOO\KDYH sports on campus? See what North Geor-­ gia has to offer on page 11. <RX·OODOVRÀQGVWRULHVLQWKLVLVVXHVDQV consolidation mentions. We still have love for The Fightin’ Geese. Audrey Williams editor-­in-­chief

Spring 2012, issue 1  
Spring 2012, issue 1  

Issue 1 for spring 2012 of the Gainesville State College Compass