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GSC gave me a second chance and someone needed to take me home so I could chill out and fall asleep. A girl I did not know got me a glass of water, and then three girls drove me back to my friends dorm beGSC has changed my life forever. The college gave cause I could not walk up the steps. My friends stayed me a second chance when I did not deserve it, but at the party. According to one of the girls I threw up in her car, on my friend’s couch, and my friend’s bed. needed it. During the night I This college provides a dreamed and began to safe place to get a college wonder, where am I goeducation and keep life ing, who am I becoming, on track for many stuwhere is my part in life? dents, including me.e “Campus life [at Georgia No control and no unThe day was August 17, 2011, when I moved Southern] was not the life for derstanding of who I was. Would the end of the into my dorm at Georme. GSC accepted me as I bottle tell me the truth? gia Southern University. the end of mediMy mother finally left am... The college and com-­ Would cated life ever find truth? after hours of unpacking. munity granted me with a Because it feels like the Graduation day I was bottle of empty wine is all happy to finally be out of second chance, one I did I have to hold onto. the house, but at only 17 I not deserve but one I will I couldn’t remember was very immature. anything from the night I went with some not waste.” before when I woke up, “friends” to my first parbut I was happy to see ty. I do not remember a new day. I sat down anything that happened the bottles for good but during the hours of the turned to something just night, except the events as bad, drugs. that my friends told me about. I started down the road to disaster. I began smoking I drank a lot of alcohol and passed out in the bathroom. The bar employees told me to leave after I threw anything and everything. I took pills to get a high. Evup everywhere. I was in no shape to walk alone or drive, ery minute of every day I was high on something. Michelle Wiggle Staff Writer

My grades were trash after that. By the middle of the semester, I was failing all but two of my classes. Could I catch back up? Unfortunately, I did not care enough about my grades to stop the drugs I was on. My grades tanked. Lucky for me, GSC accepted my application and gave my life a new meaning. I would now go to college and live at home, a place I dreaded going back to. As I began the long drive back from GSU to home and familiarity, I began to wonder, what happened this last year, what changed me this last year, what had I become this last year? It was someone I am not, someone I always hoped not to be. Life is not live small, dream small. Life is live big, dream big. No one and nothing will stand between me and my life, for I only have one. Though I have spent much time reliving the past, I now realize this time spent built my future, a future of insurance, a future of assurance, a future of possibilities, a future of incredibility. Yes, I can let past experiences influence the present, but I should grow from each impossible situation and make it into a possible situation. Can I promise complete devotion in my lifetime? No, but can I dream? Yes. Campus life was not the life for me. GSC accepted me as I am, and now I can commute every day. The college and community granted me with a second chance, one I did not deserve but one I will not waste. I am me now, the real me. I am my life, and today I am in control.

Whether you are a Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T Mobile customer, your phone probably has more capa-­ bilities than you realize. Now is sure you have these top apps as a college student! 1. EVERNOTE If you plan on using your phone or tablet for taking notes in class, Evernote is perfect.


2. GOOGLE NOTEBOOK Is a great tool for when you do most of your work in a browser already. It allows you to invite col-­ laborators to work on a notebook with you as well as share information with a group while doing group work 3. RATE MY PROFESSOR As much as some teachers do not like this popular app, it can be a useful tool when you decide which class you want to take. It includes schools all over the United States including our very own GSC! 4. iCRAM Although this app is $6.99, it is totally worth your money! Cram is a study tool on which users can FUHDWHÁDVKFDUGVDQGPXOWLSOHFKRLFHWHVWV ZLWKDXWRPDWLFDOO\UDQGRPL]HGDQVZHUV  5. DICTIONARY.COM The app provides full mobile access to both and, which makes it LQVDQHO\XVHIXOERWKZKLOHUHDGLQJGLIÀFXOWWH[WVDQGZULWLQJSDSHUV 6. PI83 GRAPHING CALCULATOR Got math this semester? Purchase the PI83 Graphing Calculator application. It recreates the fea-­ ture of the TI83 graphing calculator for you phone and it is cheaper than an actual calculator!

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Spring 2012, issue 1  

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