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Warren Caputo is the Ironman of GSC Mike Williams Sports Editor Let’s  face  it  folks,  we  live  in  a  very  cynical  world   of  what  have  you  done  for  me  lately  and  what  else  can   you   do   for   me.  A   lot   of   students   at   GSC   see   this   as   simply  a  stepping  stone  to  go  on  to  bigger  and  better   things.  They  take  for  granted  the  effort  and  time  that   the  professors  put  in. If  you’re  just  doing  the  bare  minimum  to  get  through   and  move  on,  you  are  missing  a  lot. Everyone  has  to  take  PHED  1020  and  another  elec-­ tive   PHED   class   to   get   bye,   and   if   you   don’t   take   a   class  with  Warren  Caputo  for  at  least  one  of  those  it  is   truly  your  loss. The  great  thing  about  Gainesville  State  is  that  you   can  get  great  one  on  one  with  your  professors,  and  if   &DSXWRLVDQ\LQGLFDWLRQWKH\GHÂżQLWHO\SUDFWLFHZKDW they  preach. One  of  the  many  classes  he  teaches  is  jogging,  but   he   is   not   just   a   “PEâ€?   teacher.   He   also   teaches   health   and  wellness  along  with  two  education  courses  and  has   been  doing  so  for  two  and  a  half  years  now  at  GSC. Warren   has   been   a   running   fanatic   for   nearly   25   years  now,  and  this  past  November  he  completed  the   most  grueling  test  of  endurance  in  the  world,  the  Iron-­ man  Triathlon. When  he  set  out  to  do  it,  he  did  what  he  has  always   done:  He  set  a  goal,  a  year  in  advance,  of  what  he  want-­ ed  to  accomplish. First  goal:  Did  he  really  want  to  commit  himself  to   this,  put  the  time  and  effort  in?  Yes. Get  to  a  race  weight  of  160  lbs.:  Done.

Finish  in   less   than   14   hours.   Did  it  with  ease. +HÂżQLVKHGWKHJUXHOLQJ,URQ-­ man   Triathlon   in   just   12   and   a   half   hours.   That   included   start-­ ing  with  a  2.4-­mile  swim  (They   start   with   the   swim   because   SHRSOHZLOOGURZQLIWKH\ÂżQLVK with   it.)   then   a   112-­mile   bike   ULGHDQGÂżQDOO\DPLOHUXQ I   challenge   anyone   on   campus   to  do  one  of  those  activities  and   then  attempt  another. :KHQ &DSXWR ÂżQLVKHG WKH Ironman   Triathlon   he   joined   a   very  select  company.   “When   I   came   around   the   corner   I   was   lucky,â€?   he   said.   “I   was   the   only   one   crossing   WKH ÂżQLVK OLQH VR , JRW WR KHDU ‘Warren  Caputo,  you  are  an  Iron   3KRWRE\.HLWK'3URĂ€W Man.’â€? Warren Caputo powers through the 112-­mile bike ride during When   speaking   of   the   Iron   the Ironman Triathlon in Mexico. Man,   Caputo   also   said,   “If   you   were  to  take  the  Super  Bowl  and   out  more  info  about  the  run  at,   turn   it   into   an   endurance   event   with  the  pageantry  and  development  and  organization,   or  just  google  it. Warren  is  also  currently  training  a  friend  for  an  up-­ that  is  the  Super  Bowl  of  endurance  sports.â€? coming  marathon  while  doing  his  best  to  put  together   The   great   thing   about   Caputo   is   he   loves   to   do   all   of  these  activities,  and  he  is  more  than  willing  to  train   WKHYHU\ÂżUVWÂłPXGG\GXFN´REVWDFOHFRXUVHUXQKRS-­ ing  to  hold  that  on  April  28,  but  the  date  is  not  for  sure   anyone  and  everyone  who  asks  for  his  help. He  also  helps  to  put  on  races  to  raise  money  for  our   yet.   Look   for   updates   for   that   and   all   races   at   www. college.  On  April  21,  Gainesville  State  will  be  hosting And  be  sure  to  sign  up  for  one  of  Caputo’s  classes.   the  second  annual  Gainesville  College  Trail  Run.  Find   You  won’t  be  sorry.

Hawks overcome obstacles, start fast Max Griswold Sports Writer

Willie  Green,   Vladimir   Radmanovic   and   Jerry   Stack-­ house. 0F*UDG\KDVEHHQKXUWRIIDQGRQWKHSDVWÂżYH\HDUV and  is  not  and  will  never  be  the  dominant  scorer  he  was   The  Atlanta  Hawks  faced  plenty  of  uncertainty  head-­ while  with  Orlando.  Pargo  didn’t  play  a  game  last  year   with  the  Chicago  Bulls.  Green  was  a  little  used  reserve   ing  into  the  2011-­2012  NBA  season.   They  lost  their  best  bench  player,  their  starting  point   with   the   New   Orleans   Hornets.   Stackhouse   is   one   of   guard   had   surgery   and   they   signed   a   few   players   who   the  oldest  players  left  in  the  NBA  and  nowhere  near  the   threat  he  once  was  while  winning  a  scoring  title  with  the   faced  question  marks  themselves.   Through  it  all,  the  Hawks  have  fought  their  way  to   Detroit  Pistons.   Radmanovic  is  the  only  player  that  seemed  to  make   WKHWRSDQGFXUUHQWO\VLWLQÂżUVWSODFHLQWKH6RXWKHDVW sense,  as  he  has  one  of  the  highest  percentages  in  3-­point   Division  in  the  Eastern  Conference. Jamal   Crawford   had   led   the   Hawks   bench   the   last   shooting  for  the  entire  NBA  throughout  his  career.  And   two  years;Íž  he  even  won  the  NBA’s  sixth  man  award  in   we  can’t  forget  to  mention  the  Hawks  choosing  to  keep   2010,  for  being  the  best  player  off  the  bench  in  the  entire   two  undrafted  free  agents  on  their  team,  Ivan  Johnson   and  Donald  Sloan. league.   :LWK WKLV WHDP RI PLVÂżWV WKH The  Hawks  knew  they  couldn’t   Hawks   pulled   together   they   still   afford   him   though   and   he   walked   managed   to   get   off   to   a   7-­3   start   away  as  a  free  agent  to  the  Portland   “Every game, it feels which  showed  a  lot  of  promise. Trail   Blazers.   Kirk   Hinrich,   who     Game   number   eleven   hurt   the   was  acquired  from  the  Washington   like the Hawks have a Hawks,   not   only   did   they   lose   to   Wizards   at   the   trade   deadline   last   the   Indiana   Pacers,   but   they   lost   year,  was  projected  to  be  the  start-­ chance.â€? center  Al  Horford  for  at  least  three   ing  point  guard  but  then  decided  to   months  and  possibly  the  remainder   have  surgery  on  his  shoulder  and  is   of  the  season.   expected  to  miss  a  few  months. Since  then  the  Hawks  have  still   The   Hawks   then   signed   a   few   players   to   replace   Crawford  on  the  bench;Íž  Tracy  McGrady,  Jannero  Pargo,   posted   a   winning   record   going   6-­2   and   are   currently  


the compass, february 4, 2012

13-­6  overall  at  the  time  of  this  column.   Josh   Smith   has   been   playing   great,   picking   up   the   slack  with  Horford  being  hurt  and  constantly  leading  the   +DZNV DOPRVW HYHU\ QLJKW +H KDV GHÂżQLWHO\ EHHQ WKH best  player,  so  far,  for  the  Hawks  this  season. Joe   Johnson   has   been   solid   helping   Smith   lead   the   team.  Jeff  Teague  has  become  a  reliable  point  guard  re-­ placing  Hinrich  and  he  looks  like  he  will  keep  that  start-­ ing  title  even  when  Hinrich  returns.   Green  and  Radmanovic  have  picked  up  a  lot  of  the   bench  scoring  and  have  been  impressive  at  times.   And  that  undrafted  free  agent,  Ivan  Johnson,  he  actu-­ ally  has  become  a  key  piece  to  the  Hawks  season.  “Ivan   the   Terribleâ€?   as   dubbed   by   fans   at   Philips  Arena,   has   been  the  rough  and  tough  player  the  Hawks  have  needed   for  several  seasons  now. I  have  been  able  to  go  see  every  home  game  the  past   two  years  for  the  Hawks,  and  this  year  there  is  a  different   feel  at  Philips.  Every  game  it  feels  like  the  Hawks  have   a  chance.   Even  when  I  attended  the  game  against  the  Minnesota   Timberwolves  earlier  this  year,  the  Hawks  were  down   by  twenty  points  in  the  3rd  quarter,  but  there  was  still  a   feeling  that  they  were  going  to  come  back  and  win.   7KH\GLGMXVWWKDWZLQQLQJLQWKHÂżQDOPLQXWH and  proved  a  lot  of  people  wrong  that  night.   Just   as   they   will   continue   to   do   so   all   year   if   they   keep  playing  like  this. layout of this page Mike Williams

Spring 2012, issue 1  
Spring 2012, issue 1  

Issue 1 for spring 2012 of the Gainesville State College Compass