4 Home Extensions That Will Raise the Value of Your Home

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4 Home Extensions That Will Raise the Value of Your Home


Seeing a property’s potential for the future is one of the most striking features of buying one. Your home can expand and change as your family evolves, whether it be through the introduction of a second storey, an outdoor pool, or a “granny flat.” There are numerous extensions that can increase the value of your home when you decide to sell it. The following is a list of home extensions near Romford that make your property more liveable and valuable.


If your family requires extra room, having a completely self-contained separate residence on your land may be the solution An additional source of revenue for a granny flat can come from longterm or transient renters found online


The ultimate in home extensions near Woodford, a second story significantly increases the value of your home The homeowner will need to be flexible because this is the most significant of all the home improvements You’ll need to find alternate housing during the time when your home won’t have a roof over it 3



A large, useful outdoor recreation area is now a desirable feature for residences So, hiring a custom home builder to expand your garden area is a wise investment for your home A deck can be transformed into an all-weather area for dining, partying, or simply unwinding when it is entirely or partially covered


The loft conversion is a less common but rather more distinctive home extension in Woodford A loft extension may enable the creation of an additional bedroom, entertainment area, or second living room, depending on the layout and construction of your home

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