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Third Quarter 2010

The official publication of the Central New York Information Service, Inc. and the Greater Syracuse Association of REALTORS®

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July 26th at Lafayette Hills Country Club


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Get your foursome together! Foursomes are limited! Don’t golf? Join us for dinner! REGISTER ON CNYREALTOR.COM

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Social Networking What’s it all About?

July 8th at GSAR - 9:30am - 11am

We need your feedback!

FREE f GSARor Mem bers !

Everyone’s talking about it and you know you should get involved, but not sure how? This seminar will introduce you to some of the most popular social networking sites. FREE for GSAR members! REGISTER ON CNYREALTOR.COM

We are looking to bring in some new member benefits - and want to hear what you’d like to see! Discounts to a certain retailer, or venue? Give us your ideas! Please send an e-mail with any new benefit ideas to Katie at

All new!!!! GSAR Summer Socials! Come to the GSAR office and grab a bite to eat. Bring a bag chair, hang out on our lawn and network with your peers!

for FREE R A GS rs! be Mem

Every other Thursday in July and August! July 8th - 11:30am-1:00pm - Hot Dog Social July 22nd - 3:00 - 4:30pm - Ice cream Social August 5th - 11:30am-1:00pm - Hamburger Social August 19th - 3:00pm - 4:30pm - Ice cream Social


Message from the CEO

GSAR’s leadership’s vision becomes a reality……..

So what is the “New York State Alliance of MLS’s” and what does it mean to me? Meaningful partnerships are the foundation for success. The motivation to “share services” or partner with another association is economic, and allows us to offer new, increased and improved services for our members. Bringing together like businesses is not easy and the goal is always the light at the end of the long hard tunnel. A similar scenario to when a real estate company merges or changes franchises....there are hard times ahead but the end result most always is positive. Many years ago, the leadership of The Central New York Information Services, Inc. (CNYIS) saw a vision of bringing cutting edge MLS tools at the most affordable cost to their agents as a major goal. This grew into the coming together of Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo’s MLS services. We would be the first in New York State to do something like this and our model is new and could set the record for Associations and MLS Services in the future. It took well over a year to work out the technical and political portion of the new entity. This was the staff and leadership’s role, and now we are working out the functional portion of the goal, which is much of the membership’s The team that makes the MLS run! From left to right: Denise Yerdon, Kathy Witthoeft, and Lynnore Fetyko role. (pictured with our newest GSAR additions: Bert and Ernie, our two new Beta fish) There are two major components that all three organizations’ leadership and members have to take part in to make our venture a success; It is seeing the bigger picture and doing what is best for the greater good, and ultimately for the consumer. We have to keep in mind that there will most likely be an even larger database in the future, if we as REALTORS take the step, or an outsider like Google, Zillow, etc. As Saul Klein (real estate technology leader) says, “We need to use our strengths today to secure our position in the future!” Yes, members have had to adjust to some changes in how the MLS software works. It is an upgrade for most, and a brand new model for some. How can the members help to do their part in making this project a success? Here are just some of the very important tasks members can take on to make this a smooth and very rewarding experience: • Read in full the MLXchange message of the day-don’t just pop it off and ignore it. • Read the weekly HotNews that is sent via e-mail to you by GSAR (who manages the MLS). • Look over the “Members side” of CNYREALTOR.COM on a regular basis - don’t forget the Open houses (that are leads to you) 24/7. • Read the New MLS Rules and Regulations including those rules with charges for violations. • Read the WARNING notice that is sent to you when there are possible violations of the MLS Rules. The staff always sends a WARNING and gives the members 7 days to make the change or call us with an explanation. • Understand that the back end of the MLS is serving over 7,000 agents, in over 8 Associations, who all have to be following the same rules. Yes, fines are attached, it is the only way we can guarantee the data is accurate and the database has value. Remember the listing content is given to Broker websites, Agent websites, REALTOR.COM, CNYREALTOR.COM and various other real estate websites, and most importantly the consumers count on accurate data being displayed. As professionals and professional organizations, WE need to be the clearinghouse for the MOST accurate data! We are the experts! And lastly and most importantly COME TO THE FREE TRAINING OFFERED TO YOU! You would be surprised the tips and tricks you will learn to speed up your searches and bring joy to your life not frustration. Have a wonderful Summer and thank you in advance in doing your part to bring us closer to success in reaching our goal. My best,

Lynnore Fetyko, Chief Executive Officer 315.457.5979 Ext.28

One of the digital billboard messages currently running on 5 digital boards throughout the Syracuse area. All bringing leads to you, our members!



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Instanet & Adobe Reader FAQ

Q: Why won’t my contracts load? A: There can be many reasons why a contract may not appear properly or load at all. It is recommended that you go through the following checklist before contacting tech support. • Close out of the forms and then open Adobe Reader 9 (you should have an icon on your desktop or in the start menu). Go to edit at the top and then to preferences. Click on the JavaScript Category on the left and on the right side uncheck Enabled Global Object Security Policy. Next click on the Search category on the left and on the right click on the button that says Purge Cache Contents and uncheck Enable Fast Find and then click OK. • Are you connected to the Internet? If you are disconnected from your Internet Service Provider for some reason, close your web browser and reconnect. Then login again to the Instanet Forms web service. • Is my web browser loaded properly? Can you browse other sites, or do you get errors/connection problems? • Do I have Adobe Acrobat reader installed? If you are not sure, you can download the latest version free from and reinstall.

eKey for iPhone!

Soon you will be able to use your iPhone to open Supra lockboxes. eKEY Basic for iPhone will be available in late August of 2010. eKEY Professional will be available in December of 2010. The iPhone does not have Infrared, how will it work? Supra has created a Supra iPhone Adapter which plugs into the 30 pin dock connector. It adds Infrared to the iPhone. It is designed to hang from a key chain when not in use. When you are ready to show a house, just slide it out of its cover, and plug it into your iPhone. Will eKEY for iPhone work with the eKEY Fob (the one that works with the BlackBerry)? The eKEY fob used for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices will not work with the iPhone. It was necessary to design an accessory specifically for the iPhone. Thus, we decided to create an adapter that would plug directly into the phone. What models of iPhones will be supported? eKEY for iPhone will run on all current models of iPhone (2G, 3G, 3Gs). It will also run on the new iPhone 4. Note that for 2G, 3G, and 3Gs devices, you must have iPhone OS 3.1.3 or above. Much more information can be found at Or, send an e-mail to with “iPhone” in the subject line to be added to our notification list. We will be sending out updates on product features, availability and more.

• Is Adobe Acrobat set to automatically check for updates? You can check and disable automatic updates in Preferences > Updates. If all else fails, contact technical services with any errors you may be receiving and follow their suggestions. Q: Why does Adobe Reader tell me I can’t save forms? A: This is specific to Adobe Reader 7. If you see a message at the top of the form like this: You cannot save data typed into this form. Please print your completed form if you would like a copy for your records.

Please ignore this message and continue. You will still be able to save your data providing you use the Save button located at the top of the PDF form. To remove this warning message permanently, open Adobe Reader 7. From the main menu choose -> Edit -> Preferences -> Forms and check Always hide forms document message bar.

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Third Quarter 2010





ActiveKEY Firmware Update

Showing Notification On/Off Feature This new feature allows the user to extend the ActiveKEY’s battery life by turning off Showing Notifications on the ActiveKEY. To disable Showing Notifications, press the on/off button on the ActiveKEY. Scroll to Preferences and press Enter. Press 1 for Notification. Press 2 to turn notifications off and then press enter. New Battery Conservation Feature The ActiveKEY will continue to receive showing notifications in real-time 8am-8pm (9am-9pm Daylight Saving Time). From 8pm-8am, the ActiveKEY will still transmit showing activity, but it will not receive showing notifications until 8am. Note that email notifications will still be sent in real-time. Additional Changes New Safe Mode If the ActiveKEY reaches a temperature over 131°F (55°C), the key automatically goes into safe mode. If you see the following message on your ActiveKEY: MAXTEMP EXCEEDED SAFE MODE ON, your key has reached a high temperature and cannot be used until it cools down. The ActiveKEY should NOT be left in a hot environment, such as a vehicle on a hot day. The ActiveKEY is designed to operate between -4° and 131°F (-20° and 55°C). Low- or high-temperature conditions can shorten battery life or cause an ActiveKEY to malfunction. Radio Off option removed The ability to turn the radio off by pressing and holding the on/off button has been removed. To conserve the battery in the ActiveKEY, turn showing notifications off. Audio Tones Rather than turning on or off each type of audio tone in the ActiveKEY separately, all of the audio tones are turned on or off together. The audio tones are set by going to the PREFERENCES menu option on the ActiveKEY and selecting 2 for TONE and then selecting 1 to turn on all tones or 2 to turn off all tones. Showing Notification Frequency The option to choose between receiving showing notifications instantly or daily has been removed. All showing notifications will now be set to display instantly if showing notifications are enabled. Battery Status menu option The VIEW BATTERY STATUS menu option on the ActiveKEY has been removed. The battery level in the ActiveKEY displays each time the ActiveKEY is turned on.



MLS Good Habits for End Users

Avoid Using Back Button: To help eliminate the impulse to click the Back button, click F11 on the keyboard to maximize the screen size. Expanding the Window: Depending on your computer’s version of Windows, press F11 and the menu bar remains. To remove the Tool Bar, right-click your mouse and select Auto-Hide. This will remove the Tool Bar from view completely. This also will allow for more information to appear on your screen. To return to the normal screen, hit F11 again. Open New Session: To open an additional MLXchange session, hold down the Ctrl key and hit N. ActiveX Controls: MLXchange uses ActiveX Control technology to add specialized functions within the program. To ensure your computer is utilizing the most up to date versions, type, then press Enter to begin installation. To check which ActiveX Controls are currently downloaded, click the Install button. If all the ActiveX Controls are downloaded correctly, a red check mark will appear. If not, you will need to click on the yellow bar to install them. Return to MLXchange by removing “ax” in the URL Address. Resources: MLXchange Help provides recorded webinars for review. Click on Help in MLXchange and then click on the icon to bring up the list of recorded Tutorials and Demos. Assume Identity Tips: Use the Assume Identity to be able to edit another agent’s listings. Click on the Signed in as: at the top to the window. Sign-in as Dialog box will appear. The top box are members that have granted you permission to assume their identity. The bottom box are members you have granted permission to assume your identity. Create/delete permissions at the bottom of the window. Listing Maintenance Tips: From the Inventory Watch panel on the MLXchange Home Page, you can quickly modify a listing’s expiration date, status or review newly listed propertied. To open the Listing Maintenance function from a listing, hover over the Information Bubble and select the Edit icon ( look’s like a piece of paper with a pencil). Utilize Listing Maintenance Help Text to clarify field data (the question mark (?) next to field). F7 key will open all the drop down lists as the user tabs through the fields. Check that your listings are mapped properly so that the property can be found utilizing the map search. When loading attachements, use the Fax-In Service. This will create a cover page to fax to Marketlinx (Recommended for larger documents to save file space). Mapping Tips: Use up to 5 shapes on a map search to locate properties with common criteria, such as List Price, SQFT, etc. Use the Locator control on the map to find a subject property or a business to create a Map Search. You can create a Circle or other type of search centered around a specific focus point. AND MORE......UPDATED REGULARLY! Minimize the search and select the type of map to draw. Newsletter printing sponsored by KinaneCo.




NYS Department of State Consumer Education The Department of State recently launched a Real Estate Education Campaign for consumers. Each year, hundreds of complaints of misconduct are reviewed by the Department of State, many of them resulting in revocation or suspension of real estate licenses or a fine. Some of the most common violations include: • Making false claims about a property or about one’s experience in the business • Mishandling/overcharging of fees and deposits • Failure to satisfy continuing education requirements A brochure for consumers is available on the DOS site that outlines “Ten Things New Yorkers Should Know Before Buying, Selling, or Renting.” Some topics in this brochure are: All real estate professionals must be licensed; You should not assume that an agent is acting solely on your behalf; Commission fees are negotiable; Non-refundable commission deposits are not permissible; and much more. To learn more about this campaign and download the consumer brochure, visit

July and August Continuing Education sponsored by:

MetLife Home Loans

How Old is This House? Problems in Older & Newer Homes with Greg Booth July 13, 9:00am - 12:00pm 3 HRS CE $36 for GSAR Members / $45 for Non-Members Mandatory Ethics & Local Association Training w/ Don Radke July 28, 1:00pm – 5:00pm 4 HRS CE $48 for GSAR members/$60 for Non-Members But is it Ethical? with Fran Carroll August 17th, 9:00am - noon 3 HRS CE $36 for GSAR Members / $45 for Non-Members Fair Housing Compliance, Easier Than You Think w/ Fran Carroll September 21, 9:00am - noon 3 HRS CE $36 for GSAR Members / $45 for Non-Members Through the Eyes of an Appraiser with Jane Mostow September 28, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm 7.5 HRS CE $90 for GSAR Members / $113 for Non-Members Overview of the Home with Greg Booth October 19, 9:00am-noon 3 HRS CE $36 for GSAR Members / $45 for Non-Members Creative Financing with Donavan Pieterse October 27, 9:00am - 1:00pm 4 HRS CE $48 for GSAR Members / $60 for Non-Members Environmental Home Inspections with Steve Selig November 11, 9:00am - 5:30pm 7.5 HRS CE $90 for GSAR Members / $113 for Non-Members From Purchase Offer to Closing: A Legal Perspective with Robert Carter November 17, 9:30am-1:30pm 4 HRS CE $48 for GSAR Members / $60 for Non-Members Short Sales with Donavan Pieterse December 1, 9:00am-1:00pm 4 HRS CE $48 for GSAR Members / $60 for Non-Members The MLXchange course schedule can be found on the MLXchange Message of the Day

Remember to contact Sue at to take advantage of your 9 free CE hours!

MetLife Home Loans 1020 Seventh North St. Suite 140 Liverpool, NY 13088 315-453-6800

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Third Quarter 2010


Gala w pics?



Lobby Day 2010

GSAR once again participated in NYSAR’s annual Lobby Day in Albany on June 8th. NYSAR reported that approximately 300 REALTORS® from across New York State were in attendance – the largest turnout ever! Prior to visiting our local legislators, NYSAR briefed us on the issues important to the New York State real estate industry. Speakers included NYSAR President Hank Fries, Government Affairs Director Mike Kelly and Assemblyman Jonathan Bing.

Standing: A.J. Kalil & Lynnore Fetyko Seated: Matthew Maggio (left) & The GSAR group met with SenaDon Radke (right). Also in attendance: Karl Ashley, Jim Harriff, tors David Valesky and John DeBeth Losty, David Manzano, Nancy Francisco as well as with AssemQuigg, and Andy Stadelmann bly members Bill Magnarelli, Al

Stirpe, Joan Christensen and Will Barclay. We urged our representatives to support property tax relief, agency disclosure revisions, and reforms to the property condition disclosure form and to reject proposals to increase the mortgage recording tax and reduce STAR benefits. This was a great opportunity to discuss with our legislators, face to face, the affects the above issues have on the real estate industry. We always welcome more members! Think about attending next year, it is a worthwile experience, for you and the industry you represent.

Community Day 2010

On April 30th, GSAR teamed up with the Home Builders & Remodelers of CNY and the CNY Mortgage Bankers Association to host Community Day at the Empire Room. We had 120 members in attendance. The speakers were wonderful, and presented timely information to our members. Speakers were Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney, Congressman Dan Maffei, and Say Yes Executive Director, Rachael Gazdick. We were very appreciative of them taking the time to come and talk with our members. These relationships are so very important!

National Speaker a Great Success!

Stefan Swanepoel, national real estate speaker, visited GSAR in June, and spoke to 250 members at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool. He gave a great talk on Trends for 2010, the impact of technology, uncovering new consumer needs, social media, and the ever changing real estate business model.

Stefan Swanepoel

We have received great feedback from his talk, and would love to have him back in the future!

Here are some tips if you were not able to attend his seminar: If you have either just started your Social Media journey or you are venturing deeper and deeper into the online Social Media jungle, it’s important to know the rules of the road and driving etiquette before driving on the open highways, so it is equally important that you have an understanding of the customs of Social Media. Although no hard legal rules exist, there are many good manners to follow if you want the vast crowds of the Social Media world to follow you. Here are a few “Rules of Engagement” that will help you navigate more efficiently:


1. Give more than you take 2. Add value 3. Be respectful 4. Listen & respond 5. Build relationships 6. Be authentic and transparent 7. Don’t become a nuisance

If you are looking to build your social media presence, Stefan provides a FREE 10 Day Action plan, bringing in tips, social information, blog article suggestions and new action checklists in this Step-by-Step and Day-by-Day guide. You can download this guide and many other helpful resources at downloads.asp Here are some tips on what Stefan says consumers are looking for: • An agent with a better understanding of the market • Better negotiation skills • An agent that is easier to get ahold of

Congressman Dan Maffei presenting to the group.

Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney talks about current issues.



250 Members listen to Stefan Swanepoel at the Holiday Inn Newsletter printing sponsored by KinaneCo.





GSAR Room Rental Opportunities

One of the many great features of our new building is the large ballroom that we now have. We have had much success with renting it out to our members. Everyone that enters comments on how nice the room is! If you have a company function that you are looking for space for, please check with us! You will be happy that you did, because we will save you lots of money compared to other local ballA full house at a recent Broker/Manager rooms. meeting in our new ballroom.

Here are our room rates if you’d like to pass them on: Half of the ballroom, Half Day $100 (Seats 40 classroom style) Half of the ballroom, Full day $200 Entire ballroom, half day $200 (Seats 80 classroom style) Entire ballroom, full day $400 Our pricing includes coffee for all guests (a $4 per person value), and all of our state-of-the-art A/V equipment. That is a huge value! A/V can become very costly when renting elsewhere (typically over $395 for renting similar equipment). The rooms have drop down screens from the ceiling, along with LCD projectors in the ceiling so there is no one getting in the way of the projector! Very easy! There is also a house sound system, laveliere microphone available, and CD and DVD players. The pricing above is for classroom style seating. If you would like the room set up in a different style, you can check with Katie on any other possible fees. This is another great member benefit offered to our members!

Member Services Area - Here for you!

Next time you are at the GSAR office for a class, or any other reason, feel free to stop in the Member Services Room - which is right off of the lobby. You can stop in here to check your e-mail, send or receive a fax, or just to grab a little snack and water while you wait for the staff person you are here to see. If you need to make a call on your cell phone, you can do that here too! We also keep this room up-to-date with information that you need to know - brochures on MLS changes, upcoming events, Affiliate info., you name it! So, stop in, relax, and enjoy “your” room.

REALTORS Volunteer for Hotline Several local Realtors were recognized for completing the 45hour hotline training offered by Contact Community Services, Inc., a local human services organization. Harriet Averill (Prudential CNY), her husband Jeff, and John Disque (Keller Williams) were commissioned on Wednesday June 9th as telephone workers. They are now ready to begin assisting callers on the 24-hour Contact Hotline, a counseling and suicide/crisis intervention line.

Harriet Averill, husband Jeff, and John Disque

A partnership has existed for a number of years between local Realtors and Contact Community Services. Realtor Steve Moyer (Prudential CNY) was recognized for 18 years and more than 1000 hours of service. Also on the list of volunteers who have served ten or more years are Martin Carpenter (Remax Professionals) and his wife Karen (24 years). Ann Mullin (Hunt Real Estate) was not present at the ceremony Tuesday but has 300 hours of service on the hotline. Volunteers say the training and experience on the hotline have improved their listening skills and enhanced their professional and personal lives. Another GSAR member, and Director, Joe Nastri (Keller Williams Syracuse) serves on the Board of Directors for Contact. Training sessions are offered in the Spring and Fall. For more information about becoming a volunteer telephone counselor, visit our website at Thank you to these REALTORS® for giving back to the community.

Join GSAR on Facebook!

Hopefully you all know that GSAR has a facebook fan page. If you are on facebook and not yet a fan of our page, type “The Greater Syracuse Association of Realtors” into the search box, and our page should come up.

We post notices on our page about upcoming events, any newsworthy articles that you should know about, dues information, etc. We will soon have a presence on Twitter and LInkedin - so stay tuned for that! Social media is all the hype - you hear about it everywhere you go now. If you are new to social media and need some help navigating, you can check out a great “Social Media Handbook” - linked in the Social Media news story on the member side of

Member Services Area in New Building

Third Quarter 2010




NYSAR Committee Sign-up

NYSAR encourages you to get involved and help guide the future of your state association. Give your time, talent and expertise in assisting the association as it strives to meet the needs of its more than 54,000 members. Members who wish to serve may select up to six of the more than 25 NYSAR committees available in 2011. Volunteers are asked to be sure they will be able to attend the association’s 2011 business meetings January 31st - February 3rd in Albany and September 11th - 14th at the Turning Stone in Verona before committing to serve. Committee sign up will be available online only July 1st - July 31st at

2010 NYSAR Fall Business Meetings

Get more involved on the State level! The Fall Business Meetings this year are in Rye Town, New York, September 12th - 15th. You will be amazed at the amount of information you will come away with! Plus, all of the networking opportunities for you with REALTORS from all over New York State. Visit for more information. 25716_Edu_GreaterSYR_4x4.75_bw


11:50 AM

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Opposition to Real Estate Tax Hikes

NYSAR’s REALTOR Advocacy Committee has launched a media campaign urging New York State lawmakers to reject real estate tax increases. The initiative was approved by NYSAR’s Issues Mobilization Committee. Beginning Sunday, June 20, full-page advertisements will run in major newspapers across the state. The ads will be based upon a flyer that was recently distributed as part of NYSAR’s Lobby Day urging lawmakers to vote against real estate tax hikes. New York State is facing an unprecedented $9.5 billion shortfall for the fiscal year, which began April 1. There have been several proposals floated in Albany to increase the mortgage recording tax to help address this budget crisis. NYSAR and its members have been actively opposing these proposed tax increases from the very beginning but the fight is not over. NYSAR is taking our message to the mainstream media in order to make it very clear to New York lawmakers that REALTORS® and voters remain opposed to any further real estate related tax burdens. You can see the ad that will be running below, or on

New York State Voters Have Had Enough! Fact: 84% of New Yorkers believe owning a home is an important part of achieving the American Dream.1 Fact: New York has the highest tax burden of any large state – 35% higher than the national average.2 Fact: New York State had the highest real estate closing costs in the nation 4 of the last 5 years.3 Fact: An increase of one half percent in the New York State Mortgage Recording Tax will bar nearly 14,000 New Yorkers from buying a home.4


Earn a NYSAR and local board co-sponsored national designation to expand your knowledge and build your client base – all while satisfying your NYS CE requirements. • Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) • Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) • Graduate REALTOR® Institute (GRI) • GREEN • Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) • Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource (SFR) Visit for a full course schedule and to register.

Fact: Nearly 80% of homeowners say their real estate tax burden consumes a larger part of their personal budget each year.1 Fact: More than 75% of New Yorkers support a property tax cap.1

The message is clear: New York State residents want lawmakers to vote


on higher real estate taxes. 1) Siena Research Institute Special New York Homeownership Survey, May 2010. 2) New York State Commission on Property Tax Relief, December 2008 3)’s Annual Closing Cost Study, 2009 4) National Association of REALTORS® Mortgage Recording Tax Analysis, June 2010

Register for any course 10 days in advance and take $25 off the quoted tuition rate.

Access. Advocacy. Education. Paid for by the REALTORS® Advocacy Committee

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Syracuse Named #4 - Best Places in America to Home Equity, Like Real Estate, is Local by Danielle Hale, Research Economist Raise a Family by! These 10 cities are safe, affordable and offer good educational prospects.

The top 10 cities for families aren’t flashy. Most don’t draw throngs of tourists or boast enviable night life. But then that’s not what most families are looking for. Instead, our list has metros like Ogden, Utah; Syracuse, N.Y.; and Knoxville, Tenn.--places where crime is low, educational prospects are solid and most people can readily afford the daily essentials. Behind the Numbers: To find the cities where families fare best, we ranked America’s 100 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas in seven categories. Using numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Sperling’s Best Places and Moody’s, we looked at the cost of living, prevalence of home ownership, median household income, housing costs, commute time, crime and the percentage of young adults that graduate high school. Lots of East Coast Options for Families The Northeast fares well on our list, claiming six of the top 10 spots. In densely packed Rochester, N.Y., commutes are short; a scant 3% of commuters spend an hour or more in traffic on their way to work. Syracuse offers significant educational benefits: 89% of young adults have high school degrees. And some former manufacturing hubs, like Pittsburgh Pa., are having a renaissance of sorts. Once a fallen steel giant, the city has diversified its economy and boasts low crime and high educational attainment. Pittsburgh also has the highest home ownership rate in our 10 Visit to read the entire story.

Syracuse Named Third Most Affordable City to Buy a House by!

A newcomer to the list, Syracuse is one of the many Upstate New York cities that grew up along the route of the Erie Canal, which made them wealthy. Syracuse’s importance as a transportation hub continues to this day, with two major interstates crossing here. Median home price: $95,000 Median income: $64,300 Affordability score: 94.5% Much of the area’s economic base depended on manufacturing, and many of those industries have declined. While the metro area’s population has expanded modestly, the core city has shrunk to fewer than 140,000 from a post-war high of 220,000. That shrinkage means there’s much housing stock, keeping home prices very low. The economy slowed during the recession and unemployment grew, but the rate -- 8.5% during March -- is still lower than the national average. Visit to read the entire story.

For the third year in a row, NAR Research has looked at the equity a homeowner might have in a home owned for 5, 10, 15, and 20 years if it were purchased at the median price. This analysis allows us to learn about the effect of price patterns in many metro areas on homeowner equity over longer periods of time. Examining longer periods of time is important because typical buyers expect to own their home for 7 to 15 years, depending on the buyer’s age. Among all buyers, the typical tenure in a home is 10 years. While this is the first year in which our analysis looks at the effect of falling home prices on equity in a wide-spread manner at the 5 year time frame, over a 10 year period (the typical expected time of ownership), the equity situation for our experimental buyers is much more sanguine. Equity and Wealth – The National Picture Homeowner equity is a substantial component of household wealth. The Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances, which is conducted every three years, provides a snapshot of household income and net worth along with basic demographics and detailed information on where households keep the wealth they have accumulated. The most recent survey (conducted in 2007) reflects the situation before home price declines and the tumbling equities market hit household balance sheets. At that time, the median net worth of homeowners was well over $200,000 compared to the median net worth of $5,000 for renters. Furthermore, $200,000 was the median value of owners’ homes. Federal Reserve researchers also conducted a thought experiment to determine how market declines might have impacted the mean and median households through October 2008. Building on the Fed’s data, NAR Research estimated the impact for renter and homeowner households through calendar year 2008. The result suggests that despite declines in equity and housing markets, the typical U.S. homeowner ended 2008 with a net worth many orders of magnitude greater than that for the typical renter. Local Report Despite the national scope of the housing downturn, our look into the latest equity picture reminds us that real estate is incredibly local. For instance, 87 metropolitan areas have had positive price appreciation over a five-year period. In the top 13 areas, a median buyer could have accumulated more than $50,000 in equity over the last five years. Among the 67 areas that have had negative price appreciation, if a buyer had put zero down on a regular 30-year fixed-rate mortgage and paid it regularly upon purchasing a median priced home, equity would remain in 25 areas. According to NAR’s local equity report of Syracuse, Homeowner equity in Syracuse in 2009, for someone in their home for 5 years is $29,793, 10 years $50,239, 15 years $57,072, and 20 years $68,648. Visit to view the Syracuse Housing Equity Report, from NAR.

Third Quarter 2010


6 MONTHS at a GLANCE BLUE ITEMS ARE EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES JULY 5th 8th 12th 13th 13th 21st 22nd 26th 28th 28th 29th

GSAR Office Closed, Independence Day Hot Dog Social at GSAR - 11:30a-1p * HBR Golf Outing - Pompey GSAR Board of Directors meeting 9:30a * How Old Is this House w/ Greg Booth, 9a-12p * CNYIS Board of Directors meeting 9:30a * Ice Cream Social at GSAR - 3p-4:30p * GSAR Golf Outing, Lafayette Hills CC New Member Orientation, Phase I 9:00a-5:00p * Mandatory Ethics Training w/Don Radke, 1-5p * New Member Orientation, Phase II 9:00a - 12:30p *

AUGUST 5th 10th 12th 17th 18th 19th 25th

Registration opens in September. Register online and save $10!

Hamburger Social at GSAR - 11:30a-1p * CNYIS Board of Directors meeting 9:30a * MBA Golf Outing But is it Ethical? with Fran Carroll 9a-12p * HBR Clambake at Hinerwadel’s Ice Cream Social 3p - 4:30p * GSAR Board of Directors meeting 9:30a *

SEPTEMBER 6th GSAR Office Closed Labor Day 10th Parade of Homes Preview Party 11-26th Parade of Homes - Mallards Landing, Manlius 12-15th NYSAR Fall Business meetings - Rye Town 21st Fair Housing,Easier Than You Think w/Fran Carroll 9a-12p* 28th Through Eyes of an Appraiser w/Jane Mostow 8:30a-5p * 29th GSAR Board of Directors meeting 9:30a * 30th GSAR Open House and Charity Silent Auction - Tentative

JOIN THE CELEBRATION! Plan now to attend the Northeast’s premier real estate event featuring: Triple Play’s 10th Anniversary Celebration. More than 80 education sessions. Rapid Fire & Rapid Rewind sessions in the Trade Expo. Networking sessions. Triple Play After Hours. Vendors offering top products and services.

OCTOBER 13th 19th 27th


Save the dates: December 7-9, 2010

General Membership Mtg. & Election -Genesee Grande Overview of the Home w/ Greg Booth 9a-12p * Creative Financing w/Donavan Pieterse 9a-1p *

NOVEMBER 5-8th NAR Conference & Expo in New Orleans 17th From Purchase to Closing w/Robert Carter 9:30a-1:30p * 17th GSAR Board of Directors meeting 9:30a * 18th CNYIS Board of Directors meeting 9:30a * 25-26th GSAR Office Closed, Thanksgiving Holiday

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DECEMBER 1st 3rd 7-9th 9th 24th 31st

Short Sales w/ Donavan Pieterse 9a-1p * Directors Luncheon at GSAR office REALTORS Triple Play in Atlantic City CNYIS Shareholder’s meeting at GSAR office GSAR Office Closed, Christmas Holiday GSAR Office Closed, New Year’s

* held at GSAR



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MOLD A Best Home Inspection Thomas Francis A Total Home Inspection Mark Smith American Bldg. Insp. & Training Co Joseph Mahr Attainable Restorations, Inc. Terry Wood Bob Builder Home Inspections Bob Hutchinson Cornerstone Building Inspection David Hartpence CRAL Contracting, Inc Craig Zinserling Home Insp.’s by the Fulmer Group Mark Fulmer Morgan & Morgan Home Inspec. Will Morgan Pillar to Post Greg Booth Quality Home Inspection Vince Domboski The Home Team Insp. Service John Baranick

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NYS LICENSED HOME INSPECTORS continued Casey’s Home Inspection James Casey, Jr. Closer Look Home Insp. Michael Chapman Central New York ASHI Robert Sterner CNY NACHI Annie-Laurie Hunter Cornerstone Building Inspection David Hartpence Craftsman Home Inspection Peter Apgar Dean Home Inspection Service Simon Dean DGHI Dave Gambocarto DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Svc. Ronald DiRaddo Expert Building Inspections Jay M. Rotella Foley Home Inspection Services John D. Foley FullScope Home Inspection Inc. David Ferguson G.F. Frost Construction, Inc Gary Frost Greg Haley Home Inspection, LLC Greg Haley HomePro of CNY Robert Sterner Home Insp.’s by the Fulmer Group Mark Fulmer JAF Home inspection Services James Frascatore J.P. Home Inspections Joseph Peluso Lloyd Hubbard Lloyd Hubbard Morgan & Morgan Home Inspec. Will Morgan Pillar to Post Greg Booth Quality Home Inspection Vince Domboski Ralph A. Garcea Jr. Home Ralph Garcea Jr Reliable Home Services, Inc Darrick Hokanson Robert E. Cooper Home Inspection Robert Cooper Safe Home Inspections Rudy Sapp Smith Inspection Services, LLC Michael Smith The Home Team Insp. Service John Baranick The Izzy Group Michael Isabell Thomas A. Tyler Home Inspection Tom Tyler

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PEST INSPECTION A Best Home Inspection A Total Home Inspection Cornerstone Building Inspection DGHI Greg Haley Home Inspection LLC Home Insp.’s by the Fulmer Group Pillar to Post Quality Home Inspection Safe Home Inspections The Home Team Insp. Service

Thomas Francis Mark Smith David Hartpence Dave Gambocarto Greg Haley Mark Fulmer Greg Booth Vince Domboski Rudy Sapp John Baranick

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RADON - Certified Mitigation: Bob Builder Home Inspections Smith Inspection Services, LLC

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RADON - NYSDOH Certified Testers: Absolute Home Inspection Tom Sherman Ardent Home Inspections Annie-Laurie Hunter Closer Look Home Inspection Mike Chapman Cornerstone Building Inspection David Hartpence DGHI Dave Gambocarto Greg Haley Home Inspection Greg Haley HomePro of CNY Robert Sterner Safe Home Inspections Rudy Sapp Smith Inspection Services, LLC Michael Smith Thomas A. Tyler Home Inspection Tom Tyler

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August 19th 3:00pm - 4:30pm - Ice cream Social 3rd Qtr. Newsletter  

The Greater Syracuse Association of REALTORS member publication, 3rd quarter 2010