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13.0 Elective Courses Spring Semester A4033: CCCPArch Colloquium II: Contemporary Critical Discourse STUDIO-X GLOBAL NETWORK Professor: Mark Wasiuta The 21st century university model In addition to the required colloquia and thesis courses, CCCP students have a distributed global network of open-source the opportunity to take a range of courses offered at the GSAPP and elsewhere platforms in all regions of the world incubating in the University. Relevant courses within the GSAPP are found primarily within new forms of leadership through continuous the offerings in history and theory, and include lectures and seminars and, collaborative international exchangeof people when relevant, can take the form of an independent study under the superviand ideas. sion of a faculty member. Some of these courses have been designed specifically for the CCCP program, others are part of the broader history and theory curriculum at the school. Students are also able to enroll in Visual Studies courses, as well as non-studio based offerings in the Planning and Preservation departments. Students have also enrolled in courses offered by Art History, Anthropology, and in the Schools of Law and Journalism, as well as taking foreign language classes. For a list of relevant courses, see the list below or refer to individual student’s pages for examples of how students have selected their elective courses. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY GSAPP



MS.CCCP GRADUATE SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, PLANNING, AND PRESERVATION The Masters of Science in Critical, Curatorial, and Conceptual Practices...

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