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where we came from and where we are going –

Celebrating 100 Years of Girl Scouting! The work of today is the history of tomorrow, and we are its makers. – Juliette Gordon Low

These words – spoken by the founder of the Girl Scouts almost 100 years ago – carry great significance. Without the vision and determination of history-makers like Juliette Gordon Low, Girl Scouting might never have made it to Arizona. Thankfully, scouting did arrive in Arizona in 1916. It has grown and flourished over the years – from a lone troop in Prescott, Arizona to a council serving more than 25,000 Girl Scouts annually. We have come a long way. As we look toward the

next 100 years of scouting, we can’t help but recognize the work of some of the trailblazing women that made Girl Scouting possible in Arizona: Alice Marshall and Maxie Dunning – two of the first troop leaders in Arizona – began troops on their own, armed only with handbooks and a love of the outdoors. Jean Clark, a member of the first troop in Phoenix, enjoyed a lifelong commitment to scouting as a troop leader and camp director. Her love of Scouting is evident even now: her vast collection of Girl Scouts memorabilia, diary entries and poems provided the foundation for our now – thriving archive collection and museum.

These women epitomize what it means to be a Girl Scout. They found their passion and pursued it with endless determination. They, without a doubt, were women of courage, confidence and character. They set the tone for Girl Scouting in Arizona, and their influence is seen in everything we do at GSACPC today.

Jean Clark and her troop in Palo Alto, circa 1930.

Building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.

Girl Scouts Women & Young Women of Distinction: World Awards December 3, 2011 Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa Don’t miss the opportunity to hear our honorees tell their inspiring stories about how the leadership experience of Girl Scouting has guided them to success. Please support these talented women and young women by joining us at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa on December 3, 2011 from 10:30am1:30pm. Registration is easy, just visit

A Girl’s World is Different: Human Trafficking/Tools to Stop the Trade February 24, 2012 Desert Willow Conference Center This year’s one day event will focus on human trafficking and how the misrepresentation of girls in the media contributes to this crime. Participants will hear the latest on prevention and early intervention of human trafficking, learn how misrepresentation of girls in the media contributes to this issue, and will leave with a wide range of relevant resources. Registration will be available soon at www.

GSACPC Annual Meeting April 28, 2012 Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa Please join us for this spectacular celebration of our 100th Anniversary! We won’t spoil the surprise by giving you all the details here, but we expect this to be an Annual Meeting like none other, celebrating the achievements of generations of the girls of GSACPC. Mark your calendars – the Annual Meeting will start at 8:00 a.m.!

from your

ceo & president Dear sisters in Girl Scouting,

What’s ‘real’ about ‘reality TV?’ And is it hurting our girls or helping them? The Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI – the official research arm of our national organization) just finished a study that looks at exactly these questions. The results are surprisingly mixed – in some cases a bit scary, in others quite encouraging. On the scary side, girls who watch a lot of reality television agree that:

»» “It’s in girls’ nature to be catty and competitive with one another.” »» “You have to lie to get what you want.” »» “Being mean earns you more respect than being nice.” At the same time, the study finds that many girls receive inspiration and comfort from reality TV, and that it helps them believe in themselves and what they can accomplish. The study suggests that, used in the right way, reality TV could serve as a motivational tool and can encourage girls to be active in social causes. We believe what’s most important is that our national organization, GSUSA, is leading the way to a much clearer understanding of the effects of media on children. It’s one thing to complain about what’s on TV; it’s much more powerful to work at finding the real data and answers about images in the media, and then to use that information to initiate lasting change. We’re proud of GSUSA’s leadership in this arena. We’re also proud of our leadership on this issue here in Arizona. Early next year, you’ll be invited to attend this year’s ‘A Girls World is Different’ conference, where our topic will be Human Trafficking: Tools to Stop the Trade. A large portion of the discussion that day will be around the effects of media images and messages on girls. (You’ll read more about the AGWID conference later in this issue of The Listening Post. For more on the GSUSA research, “Real to Me: Girls and Reality TV,” please visit Thank you for all you’re doing to help make the world a better place. Yours in Girl Scouting,

Tamara Woodbury, CEO

Margaret Serrano-Foster, Board Chair

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| 2 | fall 2011

A New Leader for the New Century of Girl Scouts! Introducing Anna Maria Chávez

The woman who will now lead our national organization was born and raised in Arizona! Anna Maria Chávez hails from Eloy, Arizona (if you’ve driven Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Tucson, you’ve passed her hometown), and earned her law degree from the University of Arizona. She has significant professional ties to Arizona as well, having worked for former Governor Janet Napolitano and for the Arizona Department of Economic Security. Anna Maria’s service also includes time spent in the national halls of power. She worked in Washington, D.C. as a senior policy advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Transportation; at the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA); and as chief of staff for SBA's Office of Government Contracting and Minority Enterprise Development. Most recently she has been CEO of Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas. At our National Convention in Houston, Texas in November, Anna Maria Chávez will officially take over as

the 19th chief executive of Girl Scouts. She’s excited about it! "Girl Scouts is the premier leadership organization for girls with a trailblazing legacy that stretches nearly 100 years," said Chávez. "The country has never needed Girl Scouts more than it does today. I'm eager to work with our partners across the country as the organization embarks on a new century of empowering girls to take the lead in their own lives and make a difference in their communities and across the world." Welcome, Anna Maria!

Family Partnership Campaign Through Girl Scouting, your daughter is having the experiences of a lifetime – the chance to discover who she is, what she loves and how she will contribute to the world. Every girl deserves that opportunity. That’s why we’re asking for your help. In this difficult economy, more girls and their parents are turning to the Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council for enriching, educational opportunities and experiences. A gift to this year’s Family Partnership Campaign is an investment in our girls, our communities and our state. Girl Scouts emphasizes relevant, contemporary programming in areas that are essential to the future success of girls and young women including: »» »» »» »»

Training in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Financial Literacy Healthy Living Environmental Leadership

»» Global Citizenship Your gift will help to ensure that every girl in our community - regardless of financial ability - will have the opportunity to experience Girl Scouting. To make an online donation, visit www. or contact Nancy Knoche at or 602.452.7093 for questions. listening post

| 3 | fall 2011

spread the word about the

Latina Leadership Series! Sponsored by the Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council, this series introduces Latina middle school girls and Latina adult volunteers to Girl Scouting via a ‘series pathway’ of the new Girl Scout Leadership Experience. They’ll be encouraged to explore their leadership potential and will be provided with opportunities to make a difference in their communities. Three series of programs will be offered during this program.

aMaze Series: Through this

series, your daughter will learn how to avoid drama and create peace in her relationships.

Breathe Series: This series

enables your daughter to learn about personal and environmental wellness, while having fun.

If you know a Latina girl who may be interested, tell her about the Latina Leadership Series! Parents, you can get involved too. Contact us on for information on how to become a series advisor or volunteer with the Latina Leadership Series. This is a short-term program that can make a big difference!

MEdia Series: In this series,

your daughter will learn how the media works, and how to stay true to herself in spite of the very mixed messages she might see in the media.

for more i nformation or 602.452.7000

troop 82 & 1107 massing the colors

Troop 2464 became a support network for a fellow troop mate who suffered a stroke last June. Montserrat Contreras, pictured with sunglasses, is on the road to recovery with the support of her Brownie troop alongside her.

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Cadettes Sabrina Friedman and Brittanee Hustad and of Troop 82 and Cadette Kendra Wardon of Troop 1107 participated in the annual Massing of the Colors and Service of Remembrance on September 11, 2011 at Carl Hayden High School. Hosted by the Phoenix Chapter of the Military Order of the World Wars, the ceremony also marked the tenth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on the United States.

| 4 | fall 2011

Camp Sombrero Update Plans to renovate Camp Sombrero are underway! To prepare for the build, Camp Sombrero will be closed during the summer of 2012. To make sure you still have all the summer camp options you love, we are debuting a new program called “Day Camp on the Road.” It includes all the fun and activities that were available in the past at Camp Sombrero, but this year, they’ll arrive in your own neighborhood! “Day Camp on the Road” will include locations in Greater Phoenix as well as throughout Northern Arizona. Watch online for more information after December 1.

Camp Property Update With summer only a few short months behind us, our Camp teams are already preparing for next year! They are already hard at work to keep Shadow Rim, Willow Springs and Maripai looking good and functioning well for everyone who loves to come and enjoy Girl Scout camping experiences in the beautiful Central Arizona Highlands.

Shadow Rim Ranch

2011 has been a busy year for improving the buildings and property at Shadow Rim Ranch. Manager Bill Lusk and crew started with two of the oldest and loved buildings, the ‘Hermitage’ and the ‘Hide-A-Way.’ Both are very old log structures and have been sharing space with mice and other critters for years. Now they have been re-chinked, sanded, painted, and new handrails have been installed in the Hide-A-Way. Both buildings are now looking beautiful and (maybe best of all) are mouse-free! Anyone who has enjoyed a hike around Shadow Rim Ranch also knows that when the ground is wet, the trails can get quite mucky. Now, concrete block has been added to the main trail from the lodge to the Nature Nest to improve walking conditions. We offer deep thanks and best wishes to Bill Lusk who retired after this year’s camp season. Bill, we will miss you!

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Willow Springs Program Center

At Willow Springs, manager Peter Glenn and crew have been very busy this past year trying to get camp looking great. The Lodge, Cocopah, Maricopa, Zuni, Yavapai, manager’s house, warehouse and some pump houses have all been spruced up with new roofs and interior and exterior painting projects. Willow Springs has also expanded its archery range from five to seven lanes and turned an old tent platform into a fun, outdoor stage.

Camp Maripai

At Camp Maripai, Manager Wayne Houk has also been improving the appearance of some of the older buildings. This year also brought a full renovation to the Riding Director’s Cabin down at the barn. It was an old slump-block structure with no insulation or charm. Now, with a new roof, interior and exterior painting, new floor surfacing, a new window, new bathroom fixtures and new drywall it has been transformed into a cozy cabin for use during our programs. Wayne and crew have also worked diligently to rebuild all of the bridges in camp.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at camp in 2012!

| 5 | fall 2011

It’s in the Bag update! Congratulations, Girl Scouts!

You have collected more than 740,000 plastic bags for the “It’s in the Bag” 100th Anniversary Take Action recycling project! Thank you to all the Girl Scouts, volunteers and supporters that have contributed. You are making our earth greener with every bag you collect. One of the troops taking the lead on this project is Troop 2387, and they have collected more than 25,000 plastic bags for the recycling project. As pioneers in making our earth greener, Troop 2387 is dedicated to collecting as many plastic bags as possible. There are currently more than 4,000 individual girls who are actively participating in this project and contributing to a greener environment. As you may have heard, there have been some important changes to the project. Visit our website at to get the most upto-date information, including details about registering for the project, reporting bag totals, recognition for participation, and other information. And feel free to contact the “It’s in the Bag” team anytime with questions. You can reach us by email at, or you can call Lindsay Johnson at 602.452.7096 or Sam Sanchez at 602.452.7025. Thanks for your participation, and happy bag collecting!

Check out our interactive It’s in the Bag online counter feature! Once you have registered online for this program, you can begin reporting the number of plastic bags you have collected. Every time you report the number of bags you have collected, the counter is automatically updated. Log on to our website often to watch our counter grow!

Leave a Legacy for Future Generations of Girls and Young Women Please consider including the Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council in your estate plans. Gifts can take many forms, including bequests, real estate, or naming of GSACPC as beneficiary of a life insurance, IRA or other retirement plan. Donors are recognized as members in the Juliette Gordon Low Society. Through this commitment, you can help ensure that Girl Scouting will be prepared to support future generations of girls and young women as they face both today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. For additional information, please contact Mary Lee Hoffman at 602.452.7043 or

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| 6 | fall 2011

Get ramped up for the 2012 cookie season! The theme of the 2012 cookie sale season is “What can a Cookie do?” The answer, as we know, is that a cookie can do quite a lot: it can pay for fun troop activities, cheer up a soldier overseas, and teach money management and business skills! The mission of every cookie is to help girls do great things!

new this year!

Join the online Cookie club – the fastest, easiest way to help girls reach top sales goals. This year Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine is leading the way by piloting Cookie Club: The Next Generation. All families are asked to create an account for their girls on this safe, exciting website. Girls can take cookie orders by email, track their progress and turn in their final orders – all with just a few clicks. Girls learn important business and technology skills – and sales soar! Go to www.cookieclubpilot.littlebrowniebakers. com beginning January 7, 2012 to participate with your daughter.

In honor of the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting in the USA, you will see a new cookie flavor on the market. The “Savannah Smile” is named after the birthplace of Girl Scouting in Savannah, Georgia. It is a refreshing lemon cooler in the shape of the world-famous Brownie smile.

dates to remember » Troop Pre-Orders January 7-21, 2012 » Booth Sales February 10 to March 11, 2012

cookie locator mobile app

Again this year, you’ll see the Cookie Locator mobile app, which allows customers to use their smart phones to easily find locations and dates of the nearest cookie sales. The app was created by Little Brownie Bakers, one of the companies licensed to bake Girl Scout Cookies, and is available for iPhone and Android mobile devices. To learn more and to download the cookie app, visit our website at or scan one the barcodes to the right! You’ll start to see updates after the cookie sale begins in January. listening post

| 7 | fall 2011





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Listening Post Fall 2011  

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