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Latin America Planner Greg Sacks Toronto October 15, 2013 $36 - 48,000 CAD per annum, dependent upon experience

Overview Trufflepig’s Latin America business is growing steadily – as measured by the number of trips, the number of suppliers, and the number of regions where we operate. At present our Latin America planning and research is handled entirely by one UK-based planner, with the support of a dedicated Toronto-based trip coordinator. We are now looking to add a second Latin America Trip Planner who will be Toronto-based, helping Trufflepig manage and champion this growing segment of our business. Responsibilities of Latin America Trip Planner: The Latin America Trip Planner will begin by familiarizing themselves with all regions, properties and suppliers we use to operate trips. They will learn Trufflepig’s systems, our planning process, and our unique approach to travel. Next they will master the large amounts of detail required to plan and operate trips in Latin America - from when a request comes in, to when a trip is closed, along with all raw research material needed in order to make that happen. They will liaise directly with clients and suppliers, while working closely with their South America teammates to ensure consistency of product and “piggyness”. The ideal candidate will in short order be ready to research new properties and regions themselves, planning and running trips on their own. Responsibilities/Tasks: • Managing client relationships, supplier relationships and planning trips alongside our UK-based Latin America planner and our Toronto-based trip coordinator. • Building and managing trips in the database as they change/progress during the planning process. • The careful curation and maintenance of all regional information in the database. • Managing the gross profit on trips, as well as liaising with Finance Dept. to ensure proper and timely payment of trip suppliers. • Writing Sounder Posts for the Web site. • 4- 6 weeks of research annually. The ideal candidate: • Has extensive travel experience in Latin America (South and Central America), understands the lay of the land as well as the kind of properties and experiences we build into Trufflepig trips. Familiarity with and the Caribbean is a huge bonus. • Must be fluent in Spanish, but even more fluent in English - both written and spoken. • Has a highly developed left brain for inspired writing, researching and creative problem solving. • Has a highly developed right brain for gobs of detail and organizational responsibility • Works well with complex logistics and is excited by the challenge of planning and operating excellent trips for our clients. • Wants to work in a small-business environment, learn along the way, and grow with the job. • Has strong communication skills. • Is obsessed with quality.

Trufflepig Latin America Planner Job Posting 2013  

Trufflepig Travel is looking to hire a new Latin America Trip Planner. We would love to hear from you.

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