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The Peercore Selling and Distribution module is a comprehensive e-business system, designed to meet the needs of a modern selling, warehousing and distribution organization. From an Electronic Data Interchange and an E-Commerce web application, to Advanced Shipping Notes generated automatically, Peercore does it all. However, Peercore unlike other systems enables the customer to introduce new technology in a phased manner at a pace aligned to the customer’s business objectives. The Selling and Distribution module in Peercore supports the following functionality in an integrated manner;

Peercore Selling: ■

Remote access of sales information for sales staff providing sales history and next order prompts, current orders, stock information, outstanding customer debts, capacity to enter orders all using a Palm Top or a computer at a distributor.

An order entry function which provides users with additional information at time of entry. This information relates to the current order entry and includes information such as current stock levels, previous orders and top 10 sales items for that customer. This information can be tailored by the user.

Sales history organised as a kit especially designed for field staff.

Peercore Distribution: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Electronic Data Interchange Vendor Managed Inventory Paperless bar code receipting of inward goods Inventory management and replenishment Scan packing and bar code box/pallet labelling Distribution planning facilitates the dynamic creation of picker groups and customer groups Paperless electronic picking with on-line updating of inventory and use-by-date management Freight planning Consignment tracking

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Peercore IT_Selling Distribution  

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