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Over 100 Outposts Chartered in Kenya Royal Rangers International Special Report

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September - October 2012


Royal Rangers is a principal ministry of the Assemblies of God focused on discipling boys for Jesus Christ. We provide Christ-like character formation and servant leadership development for boys and young men in a highly relational and fun environment. Our mission is to evangelize, equip and empower the next generation of Christ-like men and lifelong servant leaders. The Potomac District administrative region of the General Council of the Assemblies of God takes in Washington, D.C., Maryland, most of Virginia and northern West Virginia. Over 100 churches throughout this region currently provide Royal Ranger ministry to more than 2,500 boys and young men. We use many tools to achieve that goal whether it be camping, merits or interactive skills, all designed to help develop a boy into a man while having fun and getting to know God. We want to develop both men and boys in mentoring relationships and leadership skills, and guide them to Jesus Christ. We reach boys, so they may reach another in their world.

tomahawk Potomac District Commander Rev. Bobby Basham Publications/Outreach Coordinator Newsletter Editor Gary Wagner

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In Case You Missed It Potomac District’s Tomahawk newsletter is emailed every two months. But, if you’re new to the mailing list, or if you missed a previous edition, you can find it in the archive maintained on the district’s website for Royal Rangers at

ON THE BACK COVER: A little faster on the baling, guys! A few Rangers find themselves in a predicament during the cardboard boat race during this year’s Tidewater North and South Sectional Pow Wow. Photo by Greg Jones

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TOMAHAWK TOMAHAWK September September - October - October 2012 2012

The Tomahawk newsletter is published bimonthly as a means of communicating news and information to Royal Ranger leaders throughout the Potomac District. Sectional staffs and outposts are invited to submit articles and photographs that feature activities of Royal Ranger ministries on a local level, or to share ideas and successes. Email material to Please submit photos as separate jpg image files. The Tomahawk is distributed via email as an electronic publication. Email address corrections, or requests to be added to the distribution list, should be forwarded to Potomac District executive secretary Denise Raduano at Royal Rangers Emblem © 1962 by the national Royal Rangers Office, The General Council of the Assemblies of God; Springfield, Mo. 65802. The Royal Rangers Emblem may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means—electronically, mechanically, photocopies, recording, or otherwise—without prior written permission from the national Royal Rangers Office.

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Supporting Churches, Businesses & Individuals Special thanks to our Supporting Churches, Sections, Businesses and Individuals. Your generosity enables further enhancements to this ministry. Anyone wishing to join our group of supporters may request an application from the Potomac District Royal Ranger office, email SILVER MEMBERS Rev. Bobby Basham

Cross Junction, Va.

GOLD MEMBERS Projects Unlimited - Gary Groves Tracy Groves Walt Eger Service Center

Eldersburg, Md. Eldersburg, Md. Severn, Md.

SUPPORTING CHURCHES Outpost 2 Outpost 6 Outpost 9 Outpost 18 Outpost 27 Outpost 46 Outpost 47 Outpost 49 Outpost 60 Outpost 64 Outpost 81 Outpost 89 Outpost 100 Outpost 124 Outpost 186 Outpost 215 Outpost 240 Outpost 277

Trinity Assembly of God Pasadena Assembly of God Calvary Assembly of God Eastern Assembly of God Glad Tidings Church Bethel Assembly of God Trinity Assembly of God Centerpointe Church at Fair Oaks Manassas Assembly of God First Assembly of God Trinity Assembly of God Bethel Assembly of God Hancock Assembly of God Julilee Christian Center Hazel River Assembly of God River of Life Assembly of God Living Word Community Church Ocean City Worship Center

Lanham, Md. Pasadena, Md. Frederick, Md. Baltimore, Md. Norfolk, Va. Savage,Md. Lutherville,Md. Fairfax, Va. Bristow, Va. Elkton, Md. Fairmont, W.Va. Martinsburg, W.Va. Hancock, Md. Fairfax, Va. Rixeyville, Va. Spotsylvania, Va. Mechanicsville, Md. Berlin, Md.

INDIVIDUAL DONORS Homer Kitchen Gary & Faye Groves

Gerrardstown, W.Va. Eldersburg, Md.


Thanks for a Memorable District Pow Wow By Rev. Bobby Basham District Commander


e had a terrific time at our 2012 Potomac District Pow Wow as we celebrated our past. Each of our former district commanders did an outstanding job of ministry. And what a sight to see so many white GMA hats on Saturday! I do want to take a moment and thank each one who worked so hard to make this Pow Wow a great success. The reports are wonderful with boys recommitting their lives to Christ, being filled with the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and being healed by God’s power. We braved the rain on Friday and boys came to the altar. I am glad I stayed to watch the response that evening. I also want to thank our Pow Wow Coordinator, Commander Tracy Groves for his work and each member of the Pow Wow team. Ken Black, Mark Brannon and Harry Hawthorne worked so hard to make this a memorable occasion. Each of these guys carries other responsibilities in Rangers and yet is able to serve selflessly that boys will come, have fun, and have Jesus intercept their lives. As many now know, Tracy Groves has been developing a ministry — Hartwood Outdoors — over the years, and as God has blessed him, he has moved to a less demanding role on executive staff. He is now an advisor and a mentor leader to help us develop our younger members of our executive team. Harry Hawthorne has agreed to join the executive staff as Pow Wow Coordinator. Please do what you can to assist him as he moves into this role. Looking ahead at our annual Potomac District Commanders Conference, the date is set for March 22-23 and will again be hosted by Highway Assembly of God in Fredericksburg, Va. More details will be forth coming but we again expect to have a ladies track, leadership sessions and a terrific time of fellowship. We hope you will make your plans to join us. Please note this is a change from a previously published date. May each one have a wonderful fall filled with God’s wonders and amazement. TOMAHAWK

September - October 2012


A Camporama Journal By Cmdr. Thom Clement Outpost 49


he excitement of planning for our trip to the Royal Ranger National Camporama began during the cold days of winter as the commanders shared information with the boys and families of Outpost 49 at Centerpointe Church at Fair Oaks, Va., and Outpost 114 at Way of Faith Ministries in Fairfax, Va. Commanders Greg Shaffer and Rick Powers from Outpost 114 arranged for the use of a minibus that could hold 12-15 passengers along with personal and camping gear. Commander Thom Clement from Outpost 49 typed up a travel plan and made arrangements for lodging and entertainment along the way. On the morning of Friday, July 6,

everyone met in the Way of Faith parking lot at 8 a.m. to finish loading up, and we were on the road by 9:30 a.m. In addition to Rick and Thom, who were doing all of the driving, there were seven Royal Rangers: Dominick and Nicholas Powers, Kitwan and Perami Karlo, Quayle Feng, Brandon Brokaw and Aaron Nickel. We traveled about 500 miles to Dayton, Ohio, arriving at the motel by around 5 p.m. It felt great to jump into the pool! Each evening, one of the boys led a devotion based on a Bible scripture. This was an important way for the older boys to build their leadership skills. We always ended the devotions with prayer. On Saturday, July 7, we drove to Vandalia, Ill., which is just east of St. Louis. The temperature was

Outposts 49 and 114 from Potomac District’s Capital Virginia Section traveled together to the 2012 Camporama, packing in plenty of fun for their round-trip.



TOMAHAWK September - October 2012 September - October 2012

105 and again the pool felt great. We also visited the historic Vandalia museum in the center of town. Sunday was a busy day. We got up early so that we could get to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis for a tram ride up to the top at 9:30 a.m. Next, we watched a movie about how the arch was built and browsed around the museum, which featured many displays about the westward expansion of our country. Before leaving St. Louis, we took a ride on a riverboat on the Mississippi River. After a quick lunch, we drove across Missouri and made it to Camp Eagle Rock in time to get registered for the Camporama. A light rain and darkness made it a challenge to set up our camp, but as Royal Rangers, we were ready – for anything. We even made it just in time for dinner before the meal tent shut down. The weather cleared up on Monday and we made a side trip to Table Rock Lake. We enjoyed a few hours on the lake in a nice pontoon boat. Our favorite part of that excursion was riding the rubber raft and trying to hold on! We made it back to the campsite in time to have dinner and go the first evening service. The commanders distributed special bright orange T-shirts and hat pins representing our outposts and Capital Section Virginia. It wasn’t long before everyone was trading the pins. Just before the official Camporama panoramic picture was taken in the amphitheater, we put on our orange shirts. You can see our group right in the middle of the picture! Each night, we made sure to get to front of the line at the amphitheater by arriving an hour early. We knew that we would enjoy the services more if we could sit near the front. The music and entertain-

Adventures along the journey, like this visit at a museum in St. Louis (above), coupled with all the Camporama activities at Eagle Rock, like the archery range below, made for an unparalleled experience start to finish for these Rangers.

ment were always great, and the messages from the National Director Doug Marsh, National Superintendent George Wood and others were inspiring. During the week, each of us renewed our commitment to Jesus Christ and strengthened our faith during the altar calls. The daytime hours Tuesday through Thursday were packed with games, competition, trading pins, watching demonstrations, throwing a hawk, trading pins, waiting in line for meals, rifle shooting, trading pins, archery, football, soccer, swimming – and did we mention trading pins? Our Camporama hats got really heavy and prickly with all of those metal pins sticking through the top.

After the first day, the lines at the meal tent moved a lot quicker. We usually took our plates back to our campsite to eat. The weather was great all week – sunny and hot during the days, a little cool at night. Each of us took a COLD shower at least once during the week, and a couple of us showered every night. On Thursday evening after the service we packed up some of our gear. Everything else was packed up Friday morning and, after a quick breakfast we hit the road by 8 a.m. We arrived at Six Flags MidAmerica in St. Louis by lunch time and spent the rest of the day enjoying the water park, roller coasters and some of the other rides. By the time it was dark, we made our way to a nearby motel for the night. We traveled 900 miles on Saturday and Sunday, spending our last night in Grayson, Ky. We made it back to Fairfax by around 3 p.m. Sunday. We all agreed that it was a great journey filled with many memories and adventures.

TOMAHAWK TOMAHAWK SeptemberSeptember - October 2012 - October 2012 5


A Camporama Journal Central Section Rangers Bring Home the Accolades By Ken O’Maley


his year marked the 50th anniversary of Royal Rangers and about 30 leaders and boys from the Central Section formed a “caravan” that started on Friday, July 6, as we began the adventure to Eagle Rock, Missouri. The two days it took to get there the temperatures soared over 100 degrees each day, but the pool was a welcome site to the end of each day of the road trip. As we followed the long gravel road into Camp Eagle Rock we sat in a short line before the gates opened. What good timing we had made! After deputy district commander Homer Kitchen gave us our camp site directions, we began to set up in a hurry, for two reasons: first, it was HOT and second, there was a storm brewing in the horizon. We just got finished before the rain hit. And by the way that was the only time we had to worry about rain for the rest of the week. As we got up to eat breakfast each morning, we made our plans for the day for what we wanted to

accomplish. For some of us it was the obstacle course or the rappelling tower or the zip lines. Others wanted to do the inflatable course or watch the lumberjack show or race their Pinewood Derby cars. Still others began the all important trading of the hat pins. Each day there was something new and different to do including visiting the Royal Ranger museum, tracking down Doug Marsh (National Commander) to sign your hat, or attending the incredible services held each night. The first night’s service featured an incredible fireworks display that I thought was never going to end. I think it lasted over 30 minutes. Doug Marsh gave a powerful message each night for every Ranger, commander, dad and visitor, basing his messages on his book A Guy’s Journey To Manhood. Many boys (and commanders) had a great time with trading hat pins and collecting some unique pins and sets of pins. Andy Whitman stopped by and had lunch with us to the delight of the boys and was sharing his missionary experiences with them. He also


Ninja in the bac k seat?

shared some rare hat pins with them that was a big hit as well. For you shooting enthusiasts, there was plenty of that. They had archery, air rifle, muzzleloader, 22 rifle, and shot gun. There was a competition in all these events and our section favored very well. As the week began to wind down and the hat pins became harder to get, the weather kept getting better. The days never got hotter than 94 degrees. As Friday rolled around and we began to pack up our supplies and say goodbye to our new friends, we began the last phase of our adventure, the ride home! Our first stop was Bass Pro Shop the largest in the United

Cmdr. Timothy O’Maley (left photo, #1724) leads the pack in the 5K run, while Aaron Brandle (right photo) takes aim at the 22-caliber rifle range.

6 6

TOMAHAWK TOMAHAWK September September - October - October 2012 2012

Individual Awards Micah Brandle

1st Place Archery (DR)

Outpost 48

Glenn Hannold Outpost 361

Caleb Ritchers Outpost 48

Isaiah Padgett Outpost 48

Timothy O’Maley Outpost 186

Air Rifle Competition (ER) 1st Place, Prone Position 1st Place, Standing Position 2nd Place, Kneeling Position 1st Place, Overall 5th Place Pinewood Derby Workmanship (ER) 5th Place Pinewood Derby Speed (ER) 1st Place 5K Run in age group 14th Overall of 233 Runners

Bringing home individual awards from Camporama competitive events were (l. to r.) Cmdr. Tim O’Maley, Expedition Ranger Glenn Hannold, Discovery Ranger Micah Brandle, and Expedition Rangers Caleb Richters and Isaiah Padgett. Their awards are listed in the chart to the right.

States we could have spent all day there but we had to limit ourselves to 3 hours. Our second stop was to Evangel University. What a treat it was to visit 2 of our commanders Alma Maters (Julius Williamson and Curtis Padgett) By the way we had a hard time finding Commander Julius photo back then . My how time changes us!! We were invited on a tour of the campus and the boys had a lot of questions. Several boys took home information about registration ,so some of you parents be ready. Next stop Six Flags of St. Louis. We spent the whole day at the park and just missed a concert with Mercy Me. As we rested that night the commanders prepared for the long ride home. The trip had been uneventful with the vehicles which was a good thing for us, Until! Somewhere in Indiana one of the vans decided it didn’t want

to go any further. I can tell you six years ago we made this trip we did not have all the technology that we have now. We had leaders looking up things in the internet about the van we were calling mechanics back home. So after a couple of

hours and lots of prayer we were able to get the van moving and some where around 1:00 a.m. in Charlottesville, VA the caravans parted to their individual destinations. Camporama 2012 will not be forgotten!

Members of Central Section’s for a grou contingent p portrait at Campo at the Poto rama paus mac Distr e ict entran ce display.

TOMAHAWK TOMAHAWK September September - October - October 2012 2012

7 7

He Was Watching Me All the Time By Glen Sorrentino


e watches me as I move about the room, talking to the boys, answering questions about the craft we’re doing, providing materials and suggestions on how to decorate a boy’s project. I make it a habit to recognize progress made, or comment on an interesting idea one of them has. He watches me as I lead the opening ceremony, organize a game, give the Bible study or devotion, or pray with a boy who wants to receive Christ. Young and impressionable, he sees how I interact with the other commanders, showing not only respect but genuine affection for those men who minister alongside me. Occasionally I answer a question for him, or help him with his Ranger Derby car, or provide some guidance so he can complete some8 8

thing he’s working on. He seems grateful for the attention. Little do I know what’s going on in his mind as he silently observes me. I’m not sure I would do anything differently if I did know. Sometimes one of the boys requires discipline, and when he does, it is fair and even-handed, always trying to bring out the good in the situation. And always praying with the boy afterward, so that he can understand he is still valued as a part of the group. He watches me then, too, and sees something that could be a problem turned into an object lesson on God’s grace. He often stands next to me when we “circle up” at the end of the meeting to pray together for the boys. As he leaves, I want each boy to remember his commander praying for him and his needs.

TOMAHAWK September September - October 2012 TOMAHAWK - October 2012

Every week, he requests prayer for his family, but never gives details. But privacy is respected, and prayer is offered, both for him and his family. I know he doesn’t have a dad, that he lives with his mom, and that he has a sister, or maybe two, I’m not sure. I try to demonstrate genuine interest in the boys, without prying. I believe there are many boys whose father does not live with them. It seems to be a sign of the times. Boys today are different from when I was coming up. They know more about adult topics, and seem to bear the weight of their family problems more. I make it a point to hug each boy as they leave, telling them I’m praying for them. I want them to know that they are loved and valSEE WATCHING ON PAGE 9


ued, by God and by me. Some of them return the hug, some do not. He does, every week, but I honestly don’t think very much about it. I guess I figure he does so with all the commanders. It seems most boys would like to be hugged and encouraged by the men in their lives. Often I find myself thinking about the boys during the week between meetings, and some of them stand out in my mind, for one reason or another. It seems I’ve been doing this for a long time, and have seen so many boys come and go. I sometimes wonder how they’re doing now, and occasionally hear from one of them. But what keeps me going is the boys in the Outpost now, their struggles and accomplishments. And he comes to the meetings every week, sometimes in a good mood, sometimes not. But each time he seems glad to see me, and I do what I can to encourage him. Then one evening he comes up to me toward the end of the meeting. “Commander, can I ask you something?” “Sure,” I say, calling him by name. ”What’s up?” He asks, “Will you be my daddy?” This story comes out of my experience, but it also reflects the reality experienced by many commanders who work with boys without a father. So many of our boys are being raised by single moms, who cannot model manhood for their sons no matter how hard they try. May God’s blessing rest on every Royal Ranger commander who is mentoring today’s boys, tomorrow’s men.


Over 100 Outposts Charter in Kenya


ndy Whitman, Assembly of God missionary from Potomac District, currently serving with Royal Rangers International, is back in the United States with his family on furlough after completing a four-year term in Kenya to serve the Royal Rangers of Africa. Says Andy, “We thank God for all the churches and individuals who sent us there and kept us there through these difficult economical times. Your investment in the Kingdom of God is making a difference in the lives of literally thousands of boys and girls across the continent of Africa.” In his latest newsletter, Andy reports that many have come to Christ already and others are receiving godly instruction and spiritual care for the first time in their lives from our committed and Spirit-filled Ranger leaders. Of course, for missionaries, a furlough is necessarily a time devoted in part to raising support that will enable them to return to the field. In his newsletter, Andy emphasizes, “Please help us get back to Africa as quickly as possible! We are available for services, missionary windows, mission conventions

Distributing Royal Ranger curriculum to excited leaders from the 101 chartered outposts in Kenya. The printing of the invaluable resources (funded by LFTL) has resulted in a record number of charters.

Tree planting ceremony at our new international campsite in Kenya in May.

and lunch appointments to share more details about our work.” Visit the Whitman’s website to make a tax-deductible online contribution or complete the Faith Promise form to begin or increase monthly support of this ministry. The Whitmans can also be contacted at for assistance or for any questions you may have. Their AGWM account number is 292130.

Author Glenn Sorrentino is the Adventure Rangers Commander for Outpost 158 at Harvest Assembly of God in Chesapeake, Va. TOMAHAWK

September - October 2012


Tidewater Pow Wow Boasts Creative ‘Olympic’ Events By Phil Veith Tidewater North Sectional Commander


he Tidewater North and South Sectional Pow Wow was a huge success to the glory of God and our Master Ranger Jesus Christ. 174 men and boys from 15 outposts attended. During our Saturday night council fire service, 23 boys responded to the altar call for salvation and six for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Glory! Our service speaker was Rev. Daniel Jimerson who is a youth pastor and evangelist, currently serving as the Youth Ministries Director at Calvary Assembly of God in Virginia Beach, Va. Pastor Daniel was a Royal Ranger and is a GMA recipient. Our excellent evening worship was provided by the Outpost 141 (WOWC) youth band which includes several GMAers.

Our Olympic theme verse came from 1 Cor. 9:2425. Following our theme, our events included a biathalon (boys “skiing” on 2x4s then shooting BB guns), rowing (cardboard boat race), horseshoes (with toilet seats), frozen chicken soccer, 2-man basketball, a Corn Hole challenge, as well as some rather unconventional fun “sporting” events such as water balloon launching and the “Royal Flush” (and yes it did involve a toilet). Gold Medal of Achievement recipients played a major role in our Pow Wow including our Saturday morning devotion, procuring and installing permanent flag poles, purchasing and installing three semipermanent porta-poties, and building a railing around the deck by the pond. Also, special thanks to the many leaders and boys who worked tirelessly on preparing our new Pow Wow location at the Heavenly Waters Retreat Center in Ivor, Va.

Rangers “ski” on 2x4s in a biathlon event (left) and scramble during an unconventional version of soccer (right), substitutin g a frozen chicken for a soccer ball — all part of the fun at this year’s Tidewater North and South sectional Pow Wow. Photos by Greg Jones

TRAINING UPDATES NRMC ~ Sept. 14-16, 2012 The National Rangers Ministry Camp scheduled for Sept. 14-16 at Broadcreek Camp is full! The Potomac District has lead the way again with a full national camp that promises to better meet our needs as leaders as well as bring more of us up to date for training activities. If you missed your chance to get into this camp before it filled up, please watch as we publish details of future National Camps

By Phil Georg, District Training Coordinator

of this type. You can also go to the National Royal Rangers website at to check the “Training” tab for a schedule of all training events across the nation. Training Academy (TA) The Training Academy is the training event that is replacing the Instructor Certification Seminar (ICS) and Instructor Trainer (IT) courses that have been offered in the past. IT replacement course-

TOMAHAWK September September - October - October 2012 2012 10 10 TOMAHAWK

work is not scheduled at this time, but will be announced when available. The current training scheme has the training levels defined as Training Academy, National Academy, and Advanced National Academy. We are offering the TA on Oct. 12-13, at Potomac Park Camp. This training will be by Sectional Training Coordinator only. There SEE TRAINING ON PAGE 12

DISTRICT NEWS & INFORMATION CHARTERS DUE It is that time of year again when we need to charter all our commanders and boys. All chartering is done on-line through the National Royal Ranger office website at Please note, that the only way the district is able to capture contact information on your commanders is through the chartering process. Please include all contact information that is asked for, especially updates to addresses and emails. Once you charter with the National Royal Ranger office, then the district will be able to update its database and contact lists using your charter information.

FCF MEMBERSHIP FEES If you are a member of the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship, your membership fees are now due for the 2012-2013 year. You may update your membership at the Fall Trace/Great Adventure on Sept. 28-30 or mail to Dennie Daniels, 523 West Virginia Ave., Martinsburg, W.Va. 25401. Please make checks payable to Royal Rangers. For additional information, please contact the District Royal Ranger office.

GMA INTERVIEWS Northern Region - Nov. 3 -Trinity

Assembly of God, Lutherville, Md. (CA, EA, NC, NE, NW, WE) Southern Region - Nov. 16 - Location TBD. (CE, ES, SO, TN, TS) All GMA packets are due prior to the interviews. Mail packets to the district Royal Ranger office once essays have been approved. GMA requirements will change after Jan. 1, 2013. For more information please contact district Royal Ranger office.

ROYAL RANGER ALUMNI REUNION 18 of 43 Royal Ranger Alumni members in the Potomac District attended the 3rd annual RRA reunion held at this summer’s Pow Wow in August. A bountiful meal consisting of shrimp creole, salad, potato, steak, fresh bread and dessert was catered by Ralph Elberfeld and Casey Jones at no cost to the members.


2013 January 25-26

Northeast Regional Commanders’Conference March 22-23

Potomac District Commanders’ Conference & Ranger of the Year Competition April 5-6

Frontiersman Camping Fellowship Spring Trace August 11-14

Junior Training Academy August 15-18

Potomac District Pow Wow September 27-29

Frontiersman Camping Fellowship Great Adventure


September - October 2012



HONORING DECADES OF LEADERSHIP Special guests for this year’s Potomac District Pow Wow—which celebrated 50 years of Royal Ranger ministry—included former district commanders, some of whom were featured speakers during the event. Pictured (l. to r.) in order of their service as district commanders are Ron Pennington (1978-82), Rev. George Raduano (1982-96), Rev. Dan Harlan (1996-2006), Ron Davis (2006-2008) and current district commander Rev. Bobby Basham. Not pictured is Nolan Pennington, who served as the first district commander starting in 1975. GOLD MEDAL PROJECT OPPORTUNITIES

Royal Rangers Building Needs Repair


eputy district commander Homer Kitchen reports there are a number of repairs needed to the district’s Royal Rangers building at Potomac Park Camp, work that could be accomplished as a Gold Medal of Achievement project. Here’s a list of work that Cmdr. Kitchen is looking for volunteers including GMA candidates to do: 1. Replace skirting under front decking. 2. Replace skirting on north and south side of building. 3. Siding checked and replaced backside. 4. Side five windows needs molding checked and replaced or painted. 5. Landscaping or black top curbing on southwest corner to divert water. 12


6. Front porch area needs landscaping to turn water away and also may need down spout change and level steps. 7. Replace/repaint Royal Ranger sign on front of building. 8. Paint plywood on northeast side of the building. 9. Check flashing around chimney. Numbers 1 and 2 must be combined. Volunteers should first call Cmdr. Kitchen for information regarding this project. Numbers 3, 8, and 9 should be combined Numbers 5 and 6 could be combined. Cmdr. Kitchen can be reached at (304) 229-5793 (home) or (304) 261-2027 (cell) for details or to schedule a work project.

September - October 2012

is no need to apply, and each Sectional Training Coordinator will invite those that they wish. Being at the Advanced training level is a pre-requisite of attendance. This course is meant for anyone wishing to certify as a trainer within their section, to provide training services to their local commanders and outposts. Passing this course will require satisfactory performance of the following components at a minimum: written pre -test for admission, attendance at all training seminar sessions, live training performance evaluation at TA, and written post-test for exit of course. Once you attend the full course initially, re-certification is to be every five years. This is to be on an accumulated points basis as we understand it. The details on the re-certification are not fully known at this point. The previous system caused everyone to recertify every two years. This coursework will raise the standard for our trainers across the district and nation. Please come ready with your “A” game, as everyone does not pass this course. Ranger Basics/Essentials We will be offering Ranger Basics and Ranger Essentials on Oct. 6 at Ellicott City Assembly of God, 10600 Frederick Rd., Ellicott City, Md. 21042. Application for the training is available for download from the district’s Royal Rangers website at

POTOMAC DISTRICT ROYAL RANGERS STAFF EXECUTIVE STAFF Rev. Bobby Basham - District Commander 166 Serviceberry Ct. Stephens City, VA 22655 (540) 869-8432

Chris Basham - Assistant Productions Coordinator 166 Serviceberry Ct. Stephens City, VA 22655 (540) 869-8432

Seth Van de Ven - Special Aide de Camp 3202 Amberley Lane Fairfax, VA 22031 (703) 560-5886

Homer Kitchen - Deputy District Commander 8614 Apple Harvest Dr. Gerrardstown, WV 25420 (304) 229-5793

Cliff Jewell - Public Relations/GMA Coordinator P. O. Box 3404 Manassas, VA 20109 (703) 475-4422

Tyler Mazer - Junior Training Aide de Camp 99 Shenandoah View Harpers Ferry, WV 25425 (304) 876-1875

Bill Chestnut - FCF Chapter President 346 Reservoir Rd. Perryville, MD 21903 (410) 378-3735

Gary Wagner - Publications/Outreach Coordinator 3905 Swanson Ct. Fredericksburg, VA 22408 (540) 898-7415

Isaac Brannon - Junior Aide de Camp P. O. Box 390 Owings, MD 20736 (410) 257-9446

Harry Hawthorne - Pow Wow Coordinator 3005 Lochary Rd. Bel Air, MD 21015 (410) 420-2215

Mike Cocolin - Missions Coordinator 8413 Elvaton Rd. Millersville, MD 21108 (410) 315-8433

Dale Eger - Junior Aide de Camp 8213 WB & A Rd. Severn, MD 21144 (410) 551-3454

Phil Georg - Training Coordinator 111 East H St. Brunswick, MD 21716 (301) 834-9871

Gary Groves - RR Alumni President 2326 Liberty Rd. Eldersburg, MD 21784 (410) 781-0236

Sam Linn - Staff Advisor 1687 McCoys Ford Rd. Front Royal, VA 22630 (540) 635-7497

Bob Blessing - Junior Training Coordinator 302 Stiemly Ave. Glen Burnie, MD 21060 (410) 760-9330

Linda Cocolin - Health Officer 8413 Elvaton Rd. Millersville, MD 21108 (410) 315-8433

Tracy Groves - Staff Advisor 2340 Liberty Rd. Eldersburg, MD 21784 (410) 781-4906 Dick Aldridge - Staff Advisor 46 Tadcaster Circle Waldorf, MD 20602 (301) 645-9091

SECTIONAL COMMANDERS Mark Brannon - Capital Virginia Section P. O. Box 390 Owings, MD 20736 (410) 257257-9446

Phil Vieth - Tidewater North Section 200 Treis Trail Yorktown, VA 23693 (757) 766766-8351

Jerry Sinden - Northeast Section 1805 Milstream Dr. Frederick, MD 21702 (301) 620620-0034

Mark Brannon - Capital Maryland Section P. O. Box 390 Owings, MD 20736 (410) 257257-9446

Roger Riendeau - Tidewater South Section 7719 Doris Dr. Norfolk, VA 23505 (757) 440440-8432

Northwest Section Jerry Sinden (Acting)

Ken O’Maley - Central Section 11042 Settletown Place Rixeyville, VA 22737 (540) 937937-6139

Ken Black - Eastern Section P. O. Box 58 Manchester, MD 21102 (410) 239239-2645

Marvin Boswell - Southern Section P. O. Box 35 Rockville, VA 23146 (804) 749749-8397

Robert “Buzz” Gregory - Eastern Shore Section 9260 Hickory Mill Rd. Salisbury, MD 21801 (410) 742742-0415

Greg Barr - North Central Section Box 384, Fort Ashby, WV 26719 (301) 786786-4244 Western Section Greg Barr (Acting)

Potomac District Royal Rangers on Facebook


September - October 2012


Sep-Oct 2012 Tomahawk  

News and information on Royal Ranger ministry in the Potomac District

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