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May - June 2013

A Newsletter for Royal Ranger Leaders of the Potomac District  Central Section

‘Race Day’ Results Rangers, Impact Girls and Families Race Over 100 Pinewood Cars in Annual Derby Page 2

Ranger Kids Visit Luray Zoo Page 5

Top Honors in Potomac District Ranger of the Year Competition Page 7 The Scribe  May - June 2013

Central Section Royal Rangers, Impact Girls turn out for

Pinewood Derby


nother exciting race day is in the record books as Central Section sponsored its annual pinewood derby on March 16. Hosted by Highway Assembly of God in Fredericksburg, the event was attended by over 300 Rangers, outpost leaders and family members. A total of 113 pinewood cars were entered in the competitive races, with Rangers from 11 outposts in the section participating. This year’s pinewood derby featured the return of a separate race class for Impact Girls. They had a strong showing to enter a total of 29 cars, which was the largest single race class participation for this derby.

Outpost 48 at Highway A/G accounted for the largest group of entries in the pinewood derby—a total of 46 cars to include 20 entered by Impact Girls alone. This year’s race was run on two tracks equipped with electronic starting gates and finish lines, provided by Outpost 215 at River of Life Church in Spotsylvania, Va. and Outpost 48. The fastest single race time for this year’s derby—a screaming 2.3450 seconds—was earned by Discovery Ranger Ethan Grigsby from Outpost 13 at Community Tabernacle in Bentonville, Va. His reward for the best single time for the day was an electronic remotecontrol car.


Discovery Ranger Ethan Grigsby from Outpost 13 receives the pinewood derby grand prize from Cmdr. Julius Williamson for the single fastest time for the day, 2.3450 seconds.

Youngsters crowd the finish line for the pinewood tracks to get a close-up view of their racers’ performance.


The Scribe  May - June 2013

Workmanship Awards Missionettes

Ranger Kids

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Anthony Lepore Marcus Fero Gavin Ames Hunter Gray Coen Johnson Keaton Burns

OP129 OP215 OP48 OP129 OP13 OP36

Joshua Wood Tyler Jones Otis Whitehead Jr. Ethan Gray Malachi Brown Joseph Goodman

Abby Bryant Anna Houchins Taylor Llewellyn Jasmine Whitehead Abigail Wood Ashleigh Welch

OP48 OP48 OP215 OP48 OP48 OP361

Open Class

Discovery Rangers

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

OP48 OP378 OP48 OP129 OP378 OP129

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Nathan Richters Sherry Johnson Otis Whitehead Jennifer Le Quiana Whitehead Chelsey Settle

OP48 OP13 OP48 OP48 OP48 OP186

Adventure Rangers

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Brendon Martin Jordan Goodman Christopher Welch Jack Wood Daniel White Justyn Pure

OP261 OP186 OP361 OP48 OP361 OP186

Expedition Rangers

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Isaiah Padgett Jonathan Goodman Austin Clark Caleb Richters Sam Bryant Antwan Tuck

OP48 OP186 OP48 OP48 OP48 OP378


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Josh Johnson Henry Melson Royce Rollins Stanley Gority Randy Johnson Jerry Grigsby

OP13 OP369 OP129 OP378 OP215 OP13

Central Section’s Rangers of the Year present colors in the opening ceremony for the pinewood derby.

Judges score each pinewood car for elements of workmanship to include originality and skill in design and overall appearance.

The Scribe  May - June 2013


Race Results Ranger Kids

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Coen Johnson Jayden Jenkins Hunter Gray Austin Llewellyn Jaden Lando Gavin Ames


OP13 OP129 OP129 OP215 OP48 OP48

Discovery Rangers

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Ethan Grigsby Ty Pullen Kyle Jarrell Andrew Le Ethan Gray Kameron Johnson Daniel Jarrell Daniel White Tyler Grigsby Christopher Welch Jordan Goodman Tim Riddle Caleb Richters Austin Clark Jonathan Goodman Justin Welch Eric Kennedy Jack Wood

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Kendra Le Jasmine Whitehead Kassie Johnson Taylor Llewellyn Jordan Clark Kayla Whitehead

OP48 OP48 OP215 OP215 OP48 OP48

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Jennifer Le Joshua Lockwood Nathan Richters Sherry Johnson Otis Whitehead Sr. Chelsey Settle

OP48 OP36 OP48 OP13 OP48 OP186

Fastest Overall

OP48 OP48 OP186 OP361 OP48 OP48

Randy Johnson (standing, top photo) and Kyle Llewellyn from Outpost 215 monitor race results returned to the computer from the electronic finish line on one of the tracks. Jerry Grigsby from Outpost 13 (middle photo) races the clock to stack the most cans in an inverted pyramid to win the ‘Minute to Win It’ competition featured during a break in the pinewood races. Pinewood cars are aligned at the top of the track for one heat of the race (bottom photo).


OP13 OP215 OP13 OP378 OP129 OP243


OP48 OP361 OP13 OP361 OP186 OP129

Expedition Rangers

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Jerry Grigsby Randy Johnson Josh Johnson Stanley Gority Royce Rollins Dan Pignaloso


OP13 OP129 OP48 OP48 OP129 OP215

Adventure Rangers

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

The Scribe  May - June 2013

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Ethan Grigsby Tyler Grigsby Caleb Richters Daniel White Ty Pullen Coen Johnson

OP13 OP13 OP48 OP361 OP129 OP13

Luray Zoo a Big Hit with Ranger Kids By Ken O’Maley

Mark Kilby, who told us all kinds of interesting facts. As we entered the outside portion of the zoo we ran into several different kinds of birds, to include parrots and even a couple of hawks. There were several entertaining exhibits including the monkeys who just kept moving and never took a break. Nevertheless, we were drawn back to them again and again. They also had a tiger they had raised since it was a young cub who came out to visit us and get her back scratched by Mark. The petting zoo was also another highlight as you got to pet and feed llamas, deer, goats, donkeys and even a pot belly pig. We also had a educational show at the end where we learned about Mark’s favorite reptile, the snake. He had three snakes for us: the copperhead, rattlesnake and the rat snake. He pointed out all the good things snakes do for us and what to watch for when snakes are around. But one of the coolest things to do at the show was to hold the snake in your hands. We could have stayed for hours doing that but some of the men were getting hungry so we moved on to the rest of our day. As we left the zoo the weather was perfect for an outdoor picnic at Dean Park in Luray. After lunch the boys begin to work on their craft for the day which was a bird feeder made of a plastic bottle and wooden spoons, an activity organized by Cloris O’Maley. Soon after the crafts were done Cmdr. Keith Meeder led us in several games which taught teamwork


he Luray Zoo is known in this area as a rescue zoo. It has been around since 1950 and used by several organizations to help with animals in need. Ranger Kids, outpost leaders, and family members had an opportunity to tour the zoo on Saturday, April 27, for this year’s sectional event for Ranger Kids. As we went through a gaping dinosaur’s mouth, we entered the world of the reptiles at the zoo. We met several different kinds of snakes and lizards. We also met a couple of alligators that were just lying around and waiting for the next meal. One of the oldest reptiles there was a 150-year-old alligator turtle who I think enjoyed watching all of us. Before leaving the reptile room the boys got to ask several questions of our guide and zoo owner,

See ZOO, page 6

The Scribe  May - June 2013



The Scribe ď ś May - June 2013

CENTRAL SECTION STAFF Sectional Commander Ken O’Maley ...................................(540) 937-6139 Email: Skyline Area Commander ...........................(Vacant) Shenandoah Area Commander Tony Wilson ....................................(540) 856-8423 Email: Allegheny Area Commander .......................(Vacant) Piedmont Area Commander Julius Williamson ...........................(540) 948-4347 Email:

Potomac District 2012 Rangers of the Year Congratulations to Central Section Royal Rangers who competed in the Potomac District 2012 Ranger of the Year evaluation on March 22-23. Discovery Ranger Logan Marcotte from Outpost 48 (front row, left) and Expedition Ranger Caleb Richters from Outpost 48 (back row, right) both finished in 1st place in their age groups. They both rated at the highest outstanding level in the event.

Highland Area Commander Royce Rollins .................................(540) 522-8653 Email: Rappahannock Area Commander Gary Wagner ..................................(540) 898-7415 Email: Training Coordinator .................................. (Vacant)

Z00 (Continued from page 5)

and coordination. In fact we had to do some of them several times that we liked them so much. Of course, it’s not a Ranger Kids Day without tug of war and especially against the commanders. To round out our day, Commander Keith led us in a devotion centered

around the creation story for days five and six, reading from Genesis 1:20-28. On those days, God made fish, birds, land animals and mankind. God also blessed people and them the assignment of ruling all the Earth. As we all began to depart the boys went to play on the huge playground nearby as the leaders talked and relaxed before heading home.

Ranger Kids Coordinator ........................... (Vacant) Discovery Rangers Coordinator Dan Pignaloso .................................(540) 720-0144 Email: Adventure/Expedition Rangers Coordinator Kyle Llewellyn .................................(571) 438-5210 Public Relations Coordinator Gary Wagner ................................. (540) 898-7415 Email: Boys’ Representative Zachary Wile .................................. (540) 896-7985

CENTRAL SECTION ROYAL RANGERS 11042 Settletown Pl., Rixeyville, VA 22737 Phone: (540) 937-6139 Email:

Relay races in the park were among several activities that rounded out the Ranger Kids field trip to Luray Zoo.

The Scribe  May - June 2013


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