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July - August 2013

A Newsletter for Royal Ranger Leaders of the Potomac District  Central Section

The Scribe  July - August 2013

Rangers Take Up Challenge to ‘Shine Your Light’ at Pow Wow By Ken O’Maley Central Section Commander


ver 90 Ranger Commanders and visitors representing six outposts participated in this year’s Central Section Pow Wow held May 16-18 at Camp Red Arrow in Stevensburg, Va. The theme this year was “Shine Your Light” as we were all challenged to shine for Jesus. The speaker, Rev. Steve Dodson from Hazel River Assembly of God, spoke at council fire services on Friday and Saturday nights. 22

During Friday night’s service several boys came forward not only to commit their lives to Jesus, but at least five received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. In Saturday night’s ser-

vice, each senior commander was called up and given a lantern to keep their light shining for Jesus through their outposts and pray for the outposts in our section. Each evening’s altar ser-

Outpost 361’s Freedom Worship Band sets up for a council fire service.

The The Scribe Scribe   July July -- August August 2013 2013

Rangers from Outpost 361 (right photo) put the finishing touches on their outpost standard. The words to an outpost’s cadence (below) captures well the Pow Wow theme.

vice became a time of worship that went on late into the night. We were blessed to have Freedom Worship Band from Outpost 361 back with us each night to lead us in worship. Thanks to Cmdr. Julius Williamson for sharing a devotion with us on Thursday night during our Friendship Fire. Friday’s Pow Wow events went off without a hitch with the All Star campsite competition and whiffle ball and basketball tournaments. Saturday’s games went on as

scheduled despite a drizzling rain throughout the day into the night. There were many events in the competition that kept getting tougher, such as the

Bible Quiz - where several ties needed bonus questions - and the Obstacle Course (otherwise nicknamed “The Equilizer”) ran by Cmdr. Kyle Llewellyn who adds to the challenge every year. Not only was that scoring tight but only 3 points separated 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the All Star Competition. In the Campsite Inspection, 19 points separated 1st and 2nd. In the overall outpost scoring, only six points separated 1st and 2nd place, as congratulations goes to Outpost 215 for winning the Spirit Cup for the second year in a row. Pow Wow Competition Results on page 4.

The Scribe  July - August 2013


2013 Central Section Pow Wow Competition Results Dutch Oven Desserts

Commanders 1st Place Tim O’Maley 2nd Place Mike Welch 3rd Place Julius Williamson

OP186 OP361 OP361

Rangers 1st Place Chris Welch OP361 2nd Place Isaiah Padlett OP48 3rd Place Jared & Brendon OP261 All Star Campsite Competition

1st Place Nathan Trementozzi OP215 Kameron Johnson Kolin Johnson 2nd Place Thomas Jarrell OP48 Aaron Brandel Sam Bryant 3rd Place Tyler Mugelle OP48 Daniel Jarrell Isaiah Padlett Whiffle Ball Tournament

1st Place Team 1 - Josiah Harris, Joseph Goodman, Spencer Whitman, Lucas Smith, Colton Glogol, Micah Brandel 2nd Place Team 2 - Isaiah McCready, Thomas Jarrell, Colin Barrow, Kameron Johnson, Jonathan Wile, Andrew Le 3rd Place Team 3 - Jacob Sikola, Kyle Jarrell, Tyler Mugelle, Christopher Rickman, Caden Greenwalt, Tyler Sheets Basketball Tournament

1st Place Team 1 - Glenn Hannold, Justin Welch, Jivoni Negron, Kolin Johnson, Nathan Trementozzi, Brendon Martin 2nd Place Team 3 - Evan Kiernan, Christopher Welch, Logan Marcotte, Nicolas Buchanon, Jordan Goodman 44

3rd Place Team 2 - Ian McCready, Daniel White, Aaron Brandel, Ryan Shields, Jonathan Goodman, Darren Turner

Expedition Rangers 1st Place Justin Welch



2nd Place Ian McCready


1:16:02 Chariot Race

3rd Place Evan Kiernan

1st Place Colin Johnson OP215 Nathan Trementozzi Cameron Johnson 2nd Place Ian McCready OP361 Daniel White Josiah Harris 3rd Place Aaron Brandel Logan Marcotte Tyler Mugelle

OP215 OP261 OP215

Adventure Rangers 1st Place Brendon Martin OP261 2nd Place Darren Turner OP186 3rd Place Ben Rusinko OP215 Expedition Rangers 1st Place Ian McCready 2nd Place Caleb Richters 3rd Place Aaron Brandel

Seneca Run

Discovery Rangers 1st Place Tyler Muggelle OP48 2nd Place Kameron Johnson OP215 3rd Place Micah Brendall OP48 Adventure Rangers 1st Place Daniel White OP361 2nd Place Kolton Johnson OP215 3rd Place Daniel Zannell OP48

Bible Quiz

Discovery Rangers 1st Place Lucas Smith 2nd Place Jared Martin 3rd Place Colton Gogol

OP361 OP48 OP48

Expedition Rangers 1st Place Glenn Hannold OP361 2nd Place Aaron Brendal OP48 3rd Place Caleb Ritchers OP48 Outpost Standard

1st Place Outpost 48 2nd Place Outpost 186 3rd Place Outpost 215 Entrance Way

1st Place Outpost 48 2nd Place Outpost 215 3rd Place Outpost 186

Equalizer (Obstacle Course)

Discovery Rangers 1st Place Isaiah McCready OP361 OP261 OP261

Overall Outpost


3rd Place Jonathan Wile 1:41:06

Adventure Rangers 1st Place Kolin Johnson



2nd Place Daniel White

Campsite Inspection

1st Place Outpost 215 2nd Place Outpost 48 3rd Place Outpost 186


2nd Place Jared Martin





3rd Place Jordan Goodman OP186 1:22:05

The The Scribe Scribe   July July -- August August 2013 2013

1st Place Outpost 215 2nd Place Outpost 48 3rd Place Outpost 361 Spirit Cup

Outpost 215

Announcing a Central Section Royal Rangers Special Event!

Discovery Rangers

Saturday, September 14 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Hazel River Assembly of God, Rixeyville, Va. Cost $5 per person - includes lunch Events will include Archery, BB Gun, Football Toss, Foul Shots, Hawk Throw, Paintball Shoot, and more! Prizes will be given to the top 3 scores in each event.

The Scribe ď ś July - August 2013


Rangers Learn Wilderness Survival

By Mark Fike


oyal Rangers are the Assembly of God’s group of boys transitioning to young men. The mission of Royal Rangers is to mentor boys to become Godly, moral men that are upstanding citizens. Many of the activities that the Royal Rangers use to train and mentor young men in leadership and character include the outdoors. Some of these activities include winter camping, archery and wilderness survival. A group of young men within Highway Assembly of God’s Royal Rangers were working on their wilderness survival merit and needed a place to accomplish this task. I knew their leaders, Cmdr. Curtis Padgett and Cmdr. Mike Dobson, and was therefore more than happy to allow them to use my property to camp out and observe the boys learning some new skills. There were five boys and two commanders that 6

showed up promptly Saturday morning to begin their skill building activities. One of the first things they did upon arrival was prepare shelters to sleep under from whatever material they could find in the woods. As they worked on that merit, Senior Conservation Officer Frank Spuchesi showed up to talk to the boys about his job, search and rescue missions and his role as a K-9 Officer with Virginia’s Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. He and his four legged partner, Comet, completed a demonstration regarding her abilities in finding evidence for law enforcement. Later, Officer Spuchesi gave the boys a safety brief about ticks, boating safety and staying hydrated in the heat. Indeed, it was HOT out and the sun was shining without a cloud in the sky. As the hot sun blazed down, the boys started talking about their survival merit, which included them being able to find some food in the wild by trapping, huntThe Scribe  July - August 2013

ing or fishing. They were then required to prepare a meal using that food. We had decided that there were two ways they could get some protein in their meals. One method was catching fish and the other was hunting

Sam Bryant and Eric Kennedy (above, l. to r.) work on building a lean-to shelter for the overnight wilderness survival campout. Logan Marcotte (right photo) displays a good-sized catfish he caught from the Rappahannock River.

squirrels. Trapping was not permitted at this time of year. The young men wanted to hunt and fish anyway. After obtaining the proper licenses, we loaded up and went to the Rappahannock River to catch some fish. The boys were attentive in the instruction given by me and my partner, Gary Sanders, when it came local tips to catch fish. Each of the five boys caught some fish and were able to eat that evening. Catfish, bream, and a crappie rounded out the “surf” side of the menu and later they would try their hand in the “turf” side of the menu. When we arrived back at camp, I showed the boys how to clean the fish, something none of them had ever done, and then they tried their hand at it. It was very hot out and I was glad Officer Spuchesi had given us the safety brief about staying hydrated. Despite the heat the boys wanted to go squirrel hunting. Cmdr. Padgett

and Cmdr. Dobson were able to give the boys a brief on firearms safety and then allowed them to do some shooting before they took to the woods. I enjoy squirrel hunting, but I had to admit that the boys had it tough as the heat was almost miserable even in the shade. The squirrels were around but not very active. Despite this, one of the young men named Eric, was able to bag a few squirrels to add to the pot of stew

The Scribe  July - August 2013


See SURVIVAL, Page 8

SURVIVAL (Continued from page 7)

that Sam, another Royal Ranger, was making from their catch. Sam and Jack, the cooks, had the toughest job in my opinion. They had to sit near a fire on a day that it was over 90 degrees. Anyone who tasted the stew would have been appreciative of the flavor that Sam and Jack were able to create with the bare essentials. We all had a mug of it for supper. There were no S’mores, popcorn or junk food at this cook out. They were eating the right way! It was a hot night despite the breezes. I elected to sleep outdoors and “rough it” with the boys. I am not sure if it is age, the sunburned arms, the humidity and heat, or the bugs, but I got less than an hour of sleep. I think the boys fared similarly. But, I never once heard a single complaint from anyone about the conditions, being hungry or the bugs. They all took it in stride and were excited to earn their merit and get outdoors for the weekend. It was nice to see young men get outdoors in a responsible manner and work together to accomplish a


Eric Kennedy was able to add squirrel to the stew pot for the group’s suarvival camp dinner.

goal. I look forward to seeing more Royal Rangers come out to earn their merits and learn about the outdoors. Programs like the Royal Rangers turn out excellently trained young men who have morals, excellent lead-

The Scribe  July - August 2013

ership abilities and are good examples of character within their community. It was an honor to have them on our property.


Outpost 361 Celebrates First Gold Medal of Achievement Recipient Glenn Hannold became the first Royal Ranger from Outpost 361 at Harvest Church of God to earn the Gold Medal of Achievement. At his Court of Honor, conducted by Potomac District Commander Rev. Bobby Basham on Oct. 27 last year, he became GMA #479 for the Potomac District.


By Glenn Hannold

hat do you think of when you hear the words “Royal Rangers”? Fun? Merits? Christ? To me, it is that and much more. In fact, the actual value of Royal Rangers to me is incalculable. However, I will attempt to give a picture of the value of Royal Rangers to me. Firstly, Royal Rangers is fun! It has allowed me to develop friendships in my outpost, the outposts in my section, and even outposts in other sections in the district. During regular outpost meetings, we are always joking and having a good time while working on merits or getting ready for some event such as Pow Wow or Pinewood Derby. Of course, it is at these events that I get to meet Rangers from other outposts, some of which have become good friends. Royal Rangers also carries much emphasis on merits which, while it does look cool to have a bunch of merits on your vest, impart important skills. This includes leadership, outdoorsmanship, and various other skills that will stay with me for the rest of my life. This ties in with Royal Rangers being fun, as these merits are just that. The leadership 201 and 202 merits have assisted my commanders in increasing my leadership ability. Merits such as the Backpacking merit and the Outdoor Cooking

merit have imparted invaluable outdoor skills. Fire starting is a prime example. My personal favorites are the merits that teach the sport of shooting, such as the Air Rifle merit. Leadership is a very important aspect of Royal Rangers, and it is not an exaggeration to say that virtually all my leadership skills have come from Royal Rangers and the commanders of my outpost, past and present. Royal Rangers has given me many chances to be a leader, like being a patrol guide, and even senior patrol guide once. I would be the one to say commands while in formation, or be in charge of getting the firewood during a Pow Wow with some of the other Rangers. While these are important parts of Royal Rangers, the most

The Scribe  July - August 2013

important part of my experience in Royal Rangers has been my relationship with Jesus Christ. Royal Rangers is dedicated to reaching, teaching and keeping boys for Christ, and I can say that it worked quite well for me. While a Discovery Ranger and Adventure Ranger, I remember doing all the different Bible merits: the ones where Royal Rangers Andy, David, and Eli went on cool time-traveling adventures with their dog Rocky and learned important truths along the way. Now that I am an Expedition Ranger, I do Spirit Challenges, which are still interesting and give me plenty to think about and apply to my life. But besides the bible merits and Spirit Challenges, there are the experiences at Pow Wows. I have been touched by God during Pow Wows both at the altar and through the amazing preaching. It is awesome to see what God does in my life and the lives of others during Pow Wows. While Royal Rangers has improved my leadership skills, outdoorsman skills, and even my shooting skills, all of this amounts to nothing compared to what Christ has done in me through this program. It really is the core what Royal Rangers is about. My faith has been strengthened by commanders and Rangers through my outpost as well as the events. To God be all the glory, forever.


GMA Service Project Lights the Night


ntil last summer, the parking lot at Harvest Church of God in Madison, Va., was mostly dark at night. This was a safety concern for many members of the congregation. Glenn Hannold decided to correct the situation as his Gold Medal of Achievement service project. Glenn, along with fellow Rangers from Outpost 361 and other members of the congregation, came together to erect a 24-foot aluminum light pole in the parking lot. They trenched power from the church building to the pole location, dug a 12 cubic foot hole and filled the hole with concrete. After the concrete cured, they erected the pole by hand and completed the electrical wiring. This project went so well that the pastor asked them to put up another pole, which they did several weeks later.

Glenn is also active in the youth shooting program at the Rivanna Rifle and Pistol Club in Charlottesville, Va. He has achieved the highest NRA shooting qualification, Distinguished Expert, for both .22 rifle and .22 pistol. At the 2012 Royal Ranger National Camporama, Glenn took first place in the senior division for Air Rifle shooting. Inset Photo

Glenn Hannold and Ian McCready pour concrete to support the light pole. Completed Project

Glenn and some of his helpers are pictured after the light pole was erected. From left to right: Caleb Kellison, Ian McCready, Cmdr. Bill Hannold, Isaiah McCready, David Hannold and Glenn Hannold.


The Scribe ď ś July - August 2013

CENTRAL SECTION STAFF Sectional Commander Ken O’Maley ...................................(540) 937-6139 Email: Skyline Area Commander ...........................(Vacant) Shenandoah Area Commander Tony Wilson ....................................(540) 856-8423 Email: Allegheny Area Commander .......................(Vacant) Piedmont Area Commander Julius Williamson ...........................(540) 948-4347 Email: Highland Area Commander Royce Rollins .................................(540) 522-8653 Email:

ELITE GRADUATES Expedition Rangers Glenn Hannold (l.) from Outpost 361 at Harvest Church of God in Madison and Isaiah Padgett from Outpost 48 at Highway Assembly of God in Fredericksburg were the first two Rangers from Central Section to graduate from Potomac District’s Elite Junior Leadership Camp. Also known as “Saber” Camp, the third Elite JLC held by the district was hosted at First Assembly of God in Triangle on April 19-20. Before Rangers can attend Elite JLC, they must have attended five junior leadership training camps, to include Discovery Ranger Training Camp, Junior Leadership Training Camp, Advanced Junior Leadership Training Camp and two other camps from either Junior Training Trails, Junior Canoe Expedition, Junior Missions Camp or Junior Survival Camp.

Rappahannock Area Commander Gary Wagner ..................................(540) 898-7415 Email: Training Coordinator .................................. (Vacant) Ranger Kids Coordinator ........................... (Vacant) Discovery Rangers Coordinator Dan Pignaloso .................................(540) 720-0144 Email: Adventure/Expedition Rangers Coordinator Kyle Llewellyn .................................(571) 438-5210 Public Relations Coordinator Gary Wagner ................................. (540) 898-7415 Email: Boys’ Representative Zachary Wile .................................. (540) 896-7985

LEADERSHIP ROUNDTABLE REMINDER Royal Ranger leaders from all outposts in Central Section are encouraged to attend our next quarterly leadership roundtable on Saturday, July 20, at Harvest Church of God in Madison from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Lunch and refreshments will be provided for an offering. Join us for this profitable time of fellowship and planning as we endeavor to provide quality Royal Ranger ministry to boys and young men in all our churches. Harvest Church is located at 6077 S. Seminole Trail, Rochelle, Va. 22738, on Rt. 29 approximately 23 miles south of Culpeper.

CENTRAL SECTION ROYAL RANGERS 11042 Settletown Pl., Rixeyville, VA 22737 Phone: (540) 937-6139 Email:

The Scribe  July - August 2013


The Scribe Jul-Aug 2013  

News and information about Royal Ranger ministry in the Central Section of the Potomac District of the Assemblies of God.

The Scribe Jul-Aug 2013  

News and information about Royal Ranger ministry in the Central Section of the Potomac District of the Assemblies of God.