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h e a d e d by t h e ch e e s e m a ke r Mr. Droz, was crowned overall champion for its Gruyère AOP. All of these achievements have formed a solid base for the continuing promotion of this noble janvier février mars avril mai product both and 1361 1403 in Switzerland 1378 1379 1227 Suisse 1211 792 868 Exportation abroad. On975a national level, the836 ‘Born in Switzerland in 1115’ campaign has continued to be diffused


It is thanks to its unique qualities and has been well-received by the that Le Gruyère AOP is able to public. Abroad, promotion has been sustain the association whilst regeared to individual positioning in each country but has always been lying on its entrepreneurs who act rooted in celebrating the know­ with initiative rather than waiting ledge and tradition behind the for fede­ral authorities to act, other cheese. Gruyère AOP is a modern than to provide the framework conjuillet août septembre octobre novembre décembre food which can be enjoyed hot or which allow the harmonious 1454 1060 1411 1412 1705 1455ditions 1571 857 1004 1189 1350 1086 1279 cold and897is now winning market development of their activities. shares in approximately 55 diffe­ rent countries.

Monthly sales 2014 (tons) 3’500 t.



3’000 t.

2’500 t.

2’000 t.


1’500 t.

1’000 t.

500 t.


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Annual Report 2014  

Annual Report 2014