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Property assets integral management



Your property assets deserve


GRUPO SASTRE is a reliable company, operating in Spain since 1922. With long experience and an excellent market image, we are a great option for managing property assets, from everything concerning land, planning and works to sales and after-sales matters. Our structure, made up of experienced professionals, allows us to offer a range of actions and interventions in a large number of activities. For all these reasons, we are an absolute guarantee of reliability and effectiveness. Whatever the condition of the property asset, whether it is a site or is at the planning phase, or whether it is involved in construction or sale, we can manage the whole process from beginning to end or carry out any tasks that may be necessary.


The peace of mind of finding someone to trust to manage the entire project management or just the


parts you want them to.

Property assets integral management



Our speciality is a

CONSTANTLY DYNAMIC MARKET We are a group with our own clear history and with broad experience in all kinds of properties and we are ready to offer solutions at each phase of the property cycle, allowing our customers the opportunity to work with a one-stop shop and offering independence from business, financial and industrial groups.

The group’s main activities are largely concentrated in the following business areas: residential, tertiary and industrial

construction and development.

We offer our experience in the following fields: • Identifying new facilities • Purchasing properties • Selling disused assets • Financial analysis • Purchasing and selling building land • Advice on development and construction • Running and managing projects • Managing planning permission • Market analysis

All the GRUPO SASTRE companies

• Studying contracts and rights of pre-emption and buy-out

Property assets integral management




Residential development SASTRE PROMOCIONS carries out and develops all the GRUPO SASTRE’s residential works, reflecting the group’s innovative spirit, its distinctive stamp since 1922. Our developments correspond to the exacting demands of residential customers and are characterised by high quality standards in terms of construction materials and finish as well as their ideal locations, both for main residences and second homes.

Property assets integral management




Tertiary and industrial development SAT INGENIERÍA is the company

• Land development and management

that develops the GRUPO SASTRE’s

• Developing industrial parks, industrial estates

tertiary and industrial projects. The activities it carries out are:

• Managing and financing turnkey construction projects • Market studies and selling projects • Design and planning, technical direction, budget control and construction of industrial buildings • Financing property projects • Adapting obsolete industrial buildings • Analysis of solutions

Property assets integral management




Constructing buildings SATHER CONSTRUCCIONS is the

Our experience in the construction sector allows us

Grupo Sastre’s construction

to carry out the widest possible range of projects,

company. We have the resources and

many of them of recognised prestige, with the

infrastructure necessary to ensure a

highest quality guarantees. In fact, our best

full, personalised service.

business card consists of the set of emblematic buildings we have constructed in Barcelona.

Property assets integral management



Constant innovation


Grupo Sastre is currently expanding and implementing new

Sastre’s whole range of car parks

lines of business. In the Hotel Division, at the end of 2010

in Catalonia: Long or short-stay

it will add a new hotel to the one it has managed in Calafell

public car parks and rented

since 1970 and, in the Sports Division, it is planning to open

parking spaces in different areas of

a multiuse sports centre in 2012.

Catalonia, always in modern premises adapted to the latest technologies.

We are founder shareholders of Gestora de Runas, a pioneering organisation in Europe for regulating demolition rubble and other construction waste.

Property assets integral management



Effective project management can help you to achieve even the most demanding


property targets.

Our project management services are designed to help you deal with the

integrated vision of the

physical and financial elements of a


change of ownership or transaction, assigning the necessary resources, coordinating the


different parties involved and managing the risks. That means you can be in charge, with visibility throughout the process, and get the best out of the specialists in your project team, allowing them to concentrate on their respective areas of specialisation to meet your company’s targets.



1. Asset portfolio viability analysis 2. Investment analysis. Financial-economic model 3. Consultancy on demography and optimum location 4. Strategic planning 5. Due diligence 6. Development and town planning 7. Report on the planning position of sites • Report on the viability of different activities/land uses. • Transformation of land into building land. Legal and technical actions, negotiations with public administrations, planning. • Management oriented towards the urban development of the site. Development of urban development and reparcelling plans, compensation boards, phase planning. • Management with Public Administrations, Owners’ Associations.

8. Project design in different areas (commercial, construction, finance).

vision of the • Pre-planning and economic studies of the ideal product to be created in the development.

• Supervision and review of the Technical Design (drawings and measurements) in order to ensure the intended level of definition and quality within the price parameters indicated by the preliminary economic study.

process • Drawing up an agreement with the Owner on the quality specifications governing the project.

• Drawing up the reference budget which will serve as a basis for contracting all industrial companies. • Proposal, together with the customer and the technical team, on the manner of contracting the construction services. • Request for offers from industrial companies for all sections of the works, holding the meetings necessary for this purpose.

• Passing on information on the offers received from industrial companies to the customer, advice on choices and intervention to close budgets.

• Drawing up and presenting the contracts accepted by the industrial companies for signature by the Owner.

9. Carrying out the project

• Coordinating the necessary site visits and meetings.

• Drawing up and monitoring the plans to carry out the works with the different industrial companies.

• Contracting all planning work units with the different industrial companies sufficiently in advance so that the work moves forward steadily. • Checking the construction work, monitoring whether it meets the schedule. • Informing the Owner and passing on all information concerning the development of works certifications and other costs. • Information to the Owner about possible delays, changes and other deviations. Analysing reasons and proposing solutions. • Drawing up and handing over monthly certificates according to the reference budget and listing invoices from industrial companies corresponding to the works carried out. • Coordinating and negotiating variations or extras. • Construction checks: level of compliance with specified requirements. • Recording and controlling costs, including comparative study with the initial budget. • Monthly report to the owner on all incidents.

10. Project completion • Coordinating monitoring meetings between the Owner, industrial companies and the technical team. • Coordinating and monitoring repair and maintenance work and improvements. • Attendance and monitoring of provisional and final reception ceremonies.

• Drawing up the handbook for the building at the end of the works together with the Site Management and the Owner.

At GRUPO SASTRE, we cover all parts of the process, giving efficient advice on

each of them.

• Obtaining the final documents necessary for the building to be used (installation bulletins, habilitability certificates, permission for 1st occupation, etc.).

11. Sales • Analysis of the property project. • Study of the offer and demand analysis. Media and campaign planning. • Commercial infrastructure. INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL. • Contracting, monitoring and following up advertising. • Hiring the sales team or sales company. • Monitoring and following up calls and visits. Periodic meetings with salespeople and sales companies.

12. Picking up proposed changes and passing them on to the owner for acceptance. • Preparing the warranty deposit documents, purchase-sales contracts and deeds. • Advice on rental agreements.

Property assets integral management



• Preparing documents, coordination and assistance with deeds. • Recording incidents.

13. Administering contracts • Whether improvements are being made to a building or continuous properly management is involved, our team of specialists will ensure that the process is planned, designed and managed to meet the schedule and budget.

14. Planned preventive maintenance • The preparation of planned preventive maintenance (PPM) makes it easier to calculate possible future costs and to recover service costs from tenants. So, the work can be carried out while the building is occupied.

15. Advice on reconditioning properties • Preparing provisional and final schedules. • Negotiating agreements in the name of the owner or tenant. • Evaluating the changes necessary to return properties to their original condition, always depending on the contract agreed. • Advice on cancellation clause. • Exit strategies and recommendations. • Expert reports. • Works contract administration. • Assessing fire-fighting actions and installations for insurance purposes. • We work closely with the managers of buildings and insurance companies to assess renovation and implementation actions and costs for fire-fighting installations necessary for preparing programmes to take out or renew insurance. We can carry out inspections and assessments where necessary.

16. Project monitoring • If your interests form part of a project under development, our team will supervise building work on your behalf to ensure the technical specifications, quality, costs and schedule meet your initially specified requirements.

17. Planning property life cycles • We advise you on how your property assets can be managed proactively throughout their life cycle and on the costs of continuous management in order to maintain their value.

Our better business card:

Examples of success

Property assets integral management



Customer: RODAMCO EUROPE Project: Office building and car park Location: Plaça Cerdà in Barcelona Investment: €15,000,000.00 Project construction period: 2000-2002

Property assets integral management


Customer: GRUSAR, S.L. Project: Buildings with 278 homes, commercial premises, offices and car park Location: Fages de Climent Sector, Sector “A”, Figueres Investment: €35,000,000.00 Project construction period: 2000-2010


Customer: Own development Project: DEVELOPMENT OF 9 COMMERCIAL UNITS Location: Avda Europa, Carretera de Malgrat – Blanes Investment: €8,000,000.00 Project construction period: 2007

Property assets integral management


Customer: ORYZON GENOMICS / SASTRE INGENIERIA, S.L. Project: Biotechnology R+D Laboratory Location: C. Sant Ferran, 74 - Cornella de Llobregat Investment: â‚Ź5,000,000.00 Project construction period: 2009


Customer: HIMALAIA HOTELS Project: WORKING DESIGN FOR THE 4* HOTEL HIMALÀIA Location: Baqueira Beret in the Vall d’Aran (Lleida) Architects: GCA, S.L. (Mr. Josep Juanpere i Miret) Contract value: €14,200,000.00 Project construction period: 2007-2008

Property assets integral management


Customer: GIRONA City Council Project: BUILDING THE GIRONA AUDITORIUM Location: Parc de la Devesa. Girona Architects: Mr. Jordi Bosch i Genover / Mr. Joan Tarrús i Galter / Mr. Manel Bosch Contract value: €12,700,000.00 Project construction period: 2005


Customer: SAINT GOBAIN Project: CRISTALERIA ESPAÑOLA LOGISTICS CENTRE Location: Barberà del Vallès Contract value: €6,000,000.00 Project construction period: 2000

Property assets integral management


Customer: Creuers del Port de Barcelona Project: EXTENSION AND RENOVATION OF TERMINALS B and C Location: Moll Adossat, Port de Barcelona Architects: JG ASOCIADOS (Mr. Juan Gasllostra Iserna) Contract value: â‚Ź5,500,000 Project construction period: 2005


Management of more than 500 long- and short-stay parking spaces at strategic sites (Rambla Catalunya, Sagrera, Carrer de l’Estació in Sabadell and Cornellà) provided with the most up-to-date accesses, surveillance and comfort.

An exceptional team makes it possible for us to achieve our objective: total quality


Grupo Sastre has an excellent

Its desire always to offer top quality in all its projects is

team of professionals and

GRUPO SASTRE. We periodically update our internal

collaborates made up of experts in the property market, architecture, town planning, consulting, engineering,

also an excellent tool for continuous improvement at administration and construction procedures, thereby meeting our objectives concerning integrated quality management, the environment, waste, health and safety. This firm commitment to quality has made it possible for all SASTRE GROUP companies to have the following certifications:

marketing and management,


concessions, etc.

ISO 14001 (Until 2004)

OHSAS 18001 (Until 2007)

ISO 9001 (Until 2008)

Property assets integral management


Management of construction, renovation and after-sales projects Rambla de Catalunya, 53-55, 5ÂŞ planta (EdiďŹ ci Kursaal) - 08007 Barcelona Tel. 93 488 30 45 - Fax 93 488 09 66 Associate company and founder member

Property assets integral management  

GRUPO SASTRE is a reliable company, operating in Spain since 1922. With long experience and an excellent market image, we are a great option...

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