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Across the Gulf of Panzano, between Isonzo and Tagliamento, the Riviera is the land between the rivers Tagliamento and Isonzo, and the resurgences line (Coastal road Aurisina)

Even nature shows us the riparian lands (along Lignano lagoon)

PRESENTATION Friuli Venezia Giulia is a region rich in attractions, specificity and excellence. In a few tens of kilometers encloses an area suited to reception, accommodation, to taste the flavors that are the result of an ancient tradition. The Riviera Friulana is the set of excellence that enrich the territory located behind the great beaches of the Adriatic. Call, in part, from the time of Austrian rule, Lower Friuli, is still registered with the Austrian land registry model, there are: restaurants, inns, farmhouses, wine, wine bar, taste artisans, wineries and agricultural valuable, activities commercial, service facilities, marine services. But also municipal reality, associations and specialized categories, who have chosen to present itself together with a product club linked to a territorial designation solar and prestige: Riviera Friulana. Actually presenting with professionalism, and in compliance with the quality requirements and valuable. To propose to Internet users of taste, the curious world of nature, history, culture, archeology, opportunities for enrichment, leisure. Proposals in integrated form, these features are a package deal that succinctly sums up the coastal designation. comprehensive and integrated tourist offer, gathered around the name that identifies an area suited to tourism, culture, ecosystem enhancement, rural, fine wine and food products, to hiking on foot, by bike, by off-road vehicles, ships and airplanes. The selection of the films in this monograph is treated in compliance with the Statute of the Cultural Association Riviera Friuli, www.larivierafriulana.it downloaded from the site, which groups the dell'aerea excellence in food and wine sectors, agribusiness, services for tourism, nautical, art, professionals involved, and local authorities. A project AA advantage of wellness and expectations of the guests in an area sunny and qualified.

President Cultural Association la Riviera Friulana Carlo Morandini

A small .... (Big) compendium of the Universe, as he called the Friuli the writer Ippolito Nievo,located between the sea and the Alps (Lignano)

Lignano, the city for families and fun

Large golden beaches, cozy in all seasons, for all forms of tourism (Arenile - Lignano Pineta)

For waterways, Barban, looking towards the hills and the Alps

The Photo Film Club Lignano, since its constitution, pledged to disclose and make known through images and photography, and evocative moments of the territory of the seaside city, the Riviera Friulana and Friuli Venezia Giulia. As president of the association, thank you on behalf of all members Carlo Morandini, president of the cultural association "La Riviera Friulana", for giving us the opportunity to do so by participating in this prestigious publication on coastal routes. I hope, at the same time, that the collaboration between the two associations can expand further, and also to continue profitably in the future. President Fotocineclub Lignano Gian Franco Cervesato LEGEND: ROUTES OF THE HISTORY OF “LA RIVIERA FRIULANA”





Latisana, along the banks of the river Tagliamento, always emporiale town on the border with Veneto. .

ROUTES OF HISTORY & CULTURE An area covered by the first civilizations, of which you can still see the traces, on which ancient Rome created Aquileia, one of the biggest settlements after the capital, and created Forum Julii, Cividale, on the Natisone river, which at the time Lombard lived flourishing era. Path over the centuries by invasions that stimulated the construction of fortified towns like Grado and Marano lagoon. Involved from domination that led to realize Palmanova, the fortress city, inhabited only starry European continent shape. Who lived the period of splendor of the Venetian Republic, testified from the glitz of the Villa Manin in Passariano (UD). On which the stimuli for culture and art have occurred at different times, with influences that have enriched the creativity of writers, sculptors, painters, photographers, registers.

Their works represent the synthesis of the essence of these lands where the farming culture has given way to trade and the development of a society that bases its identity on reception.

The Basilica of Aquileia: in the largest Roman mosaic perfectly preserved

One of the magnificent roads of the Roman city (Aquileia)

The majestic bell tower of the Basilica (Aquileia)


Lo spettacolo della natura e dell’uomo: da Lignano, sullo sfondo, Marano Lagunare e il Monte Canin.

The remains of the port of Aquileia

The medieval rural village of Clauiano perfectly preserved

The ancient bell tower in Piazza Mario Marano Lagunare The perfectly preserved city walls Palmanova


Journey to the vessel of "the feast of San Vio", the patron saint of Marano Lagunare

The splendid portico of the Villa Manin of Passariano, and body noble, surrounded by greenery of the coastal plain

In the works for worship they have been preserved for centuries works of fine art as in the church of Santa Maria, transferred from the Tagliamento the Lignano pinewood

The fishing port, the "Pescaria Vecia", the heart of the town, once a fortress, Marano

ROUTES OF WATERWAYS The Riviera Friulana develops arc north of the northern Adriatic coast of Friuli Venezia Giulia. floodplain, is, in fact, was created by the carry over of the materials by the rivers Tagliamento and Isonzo, which represent the eastern and western border. The first descends from Carnia, and the second from the Slovenian mountains. The Tagliamento is navigable up to the mountain of Latisana, with landscapes and the banks that have fascinated artists and writers such as Ernest Hemingway. On his final stretch of Marina Punta Verde and Marina Uno, offering comfortable and landings accompanied by tourist services. The Soca flows next to the lagoon of Grado, and on the banks includes the Golf Club Grado. The Lagoons of Marano and Grado are the northernmost in Europe. Populated by unique avifauna, they are characterized by glimpses of rare beauty, with evocative landscapes, from sites characterized by pristine habitats, from traditional settlements of fisheries civilization. From the typical local restaurant. By ravines and beaches accessible by private boats. Or more comfortably with motor vessels sail from Lignano Sabbiadoro, Grado, from Marano Lagunare. Some of the rivers are navigable up to the heart of the coastal plain. Inside the Lagoon of Marano, Lignano Sabbiadoro Marina Punta Faro and Old Dock push up the seaside city. Further inland, on the bank of Latisana Aprilia Marittima and Marano it is the most important complex nautical dell'aerea coaster. The Star River, a short distance from the lagoon is enhanced by an unmissable village of huts which marks the sinuous curves. It reached by sailing to the lagoon canals, passing the avian species that nest in the environment. The Zellina and Cormor stream allow navigation in small boats or practice canoeing. The Horn rivers and Aussa are passable by large vessels, from mid coasters. Along the Horn, Marina Sant'Andrea is beloved by celebrities and by prestigious boat owners. The Shipyard Marina San Giorgio offers especially German-speaking users. Sull'Aussa is the fine dining. The Natissa leading to Aquileia and allowed the development of shipbuilding.

Foce Tagliamento

Play Golf in the natural lagoon setting at the mouth of the Isonzo (Grade-Primero)

From the marina you can reach coastal lagoon Marano, Friuli fishery town, the Venetian dialect. (Lignano Punta Faro)

Thanks to the marine coastal developed boating, and with it the sea sports. (Lignano)

Sports sometimes a bit 'extreme, along the beaches of the salt marsh islands. OR of the most relaxing along the beach. (Lignano Coast)

La Litoranea veneta costruita per scopi militari, è un paradiso per piccole barche, gommoni, houseboat

Fiume, o laguna, da percorrere in barca. (Grado - Isonzo)

Lignano also has improvised landing

The placid waters after the storm (Lignano - Along the lagoon)

Barbana - Grado

Light Punta Faro (Lignano)

Impressive entrance at dusk, in the lagoon scenery (Lignano - Laguna Marano)

With hiking and biking you can experience special and rare species of birds (Cona Island - Grade.)

Every half a nautical mile is good to visit these beauties (Foce Aussa Horn - Grade.) Suggestion of even winter landscapes (Foce Tagliamento)

Sinuous and suggestive Anse (River Tagliamento - Lignano)

Surfing at night in the lagoon has its charms (Aprilia - Laguna Marano.)

Halfway between the lagoon and the sea, here are the natural pools for a natural wellness area (Isola S. Andrea - Marano)

ROUTES OF THE NATURAL As the Friuli Venezia Giulia, from which it is part, the Riviera Friulana is really a small compendium of the universe. As you can appreciate from the pictures, its habitats, biotopes, the Community-wide excellence sites, river flows, lagoons, salt marshes, the island arc, great beaches, representing a unique proposition in Europe. In which human intervention, which has never been invasive, has allowed at first to recover from the waters, soils suited to agriculture now fine. Then, to enhance the reception capacity around an environment that shows carats of natural beauty, landscape, albeit adapted to the needs of modern tourism. With theme parks, accommodation proposals immersed in the countryside or in the lagoon context, entertainment and sports facilities of international standard. And bicycle paths, horse trails, but also systems for landing light aircraft.

In the ancient forest of Muzzana, residue of Selva Planizia, to seek truffles (Muzzana of Turgnano.)

The natural jacuzzi await us between islands and sandbanks (Island St. Andrew Marano.)

Each station has plenty of suggestions and opportunities to reach on horseback in all riparian scenarios (Bevazzana Latisana) (Lignano.)


At sea, where the water color of the sky is reflected in the mirrored waters of the River Tagliamento.

Hundreds of swans nest in Riviera (Marano Lagunare - River Star.) A Grade, island for the slow and cultural tourism, can also be reached by bicycle, on the long dam, coming from Aquileia.

to admire these beauties low dive in Trezza, off the coast of Grado and Lignano, a paradise for divers (Trezza - Northern Adriatic.) What will bring this back to the landing vessel from the open sea? (Lagoon - Marano.)

By bike, the long lagoon in Lignano Sabbiadoro, a lookout point to refresh your eyes.

ENOGASTRONOMY ROUTES A kaleidoscope of flavors awaits guests of the Friulian Riviera. The passage of so many people, of different cultures, the influence of contamination also emigration or return from training at various gastronomic civilization has grown in recent years the quality of coastal cuisine and oenology. That has characterized the restaurant but also the kitchen of the big hotels. Especially in Lignano Sabbiadoro and Grado. Used gathering water even when the weather becomes less favorable. The value of the premises, the level of preparation of the chefs and kitchen staff are the essential requirements to enable surfers palate to experience emotional experiences that bring them to the essence of the territory and of the civilizations that have forged. different flavors that come and, from the hinterland to the sea, to the nearest location, access to natural resources, are also in the Riviera Friulana from the concrete business card of the territory and its various components. Articulated in this offer are the recipes of the past, those prepared by housewives, grandmothers, and proposals with the greatest attention and respect for the ingredients and the principles of cooking. The dishes that dig in the offer basket of raw materials, to remember the flavors and the genuine sensations of taste than once. And make up simple or who have their great attraction by the gift of nature. Dishes that are stimulated by research contamination and cuisines of other cultures and civilizations of taste. An offer that has been offered even under the slow profile, from wine bars, wine bars, taverns, farmhouses. In which, as in the dining you can match the equally varied offer from the coastal wines. Which over the years are no longer limited to the typical local varieties, from Refosco, already known by the ancient Romans, the Malvasia, the classic grape variety of the coastal lands. But also they range in an offer on a large scale which reflects the foamed wines, with the firm, the great international whites, with rich indigenous red, or white savory, rich in minerals, with aromas stimulated by the marine and lagoon breeze.

Walking on the pontoons to delve into the rippled surface of the sea. (Lignano Pineta - Beach.)

Walking on the pontoons to delve into the rippled surface of the sea. (Lignano Pineta - Beach.)

typical restaurants, some by the sea, for the nightlife (Terrazza a Mare - Lignano Sabbiadoro)

From an ancient settlement of Grado (Porto Amphora Grade)

After a satisfying ride (Lignano Sabbiadoro)

A good wine on the beach (Lignano Pineta)

A windy day with friends, and a trip to the unseasonable sea, to enjoy Lignano and its beach. (Lignano Pineta.)

IThe fishermen's huts in the lagoon of Grado

(Port of Grado)

Peaches "PIERSOLADE", Fiumicello and wine

ROUTES OF TASTE LA Riviera Friulana looks like a taste of the basket. In which we can capture the flavors of traditional cuisine of Friuli mainland, fisheries civilization, the gastronomic influences Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Venetian domination, and even further back in time, the roots of the culinary art of ancient Rome. Which she has handed down the first food and wine columnist known, Apicius. If the Riviera Friulana recognize three distinct areas, suited to viticulture, which are those of the DOC Friuli Aquileia, reference Grado (Go), Annia, for Marano Lagunare (Ud), Latisana, Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD), there is they can detect many typical dishes. These are, respectively, the Boretto '(stew of fish caught), Grado, called the Golden Island.

THE "Bisato in speo", eel on the spit, dish Marano

(Port of Grado)

(In the lagoon of Grado and Marano they grew long natural beds of molluscs (Grado and the Slovenian coast.)

The "boreto", the typical golden island dish here with the tasty 'canoce'

In the hinterland we find the game, game bird, even in the context of step pecie lagoon, beef of Simmental Friuli, the latterio dairy products, fruit, vegetables, country, all fine. But also wines, oils beers that express the characteristics of the territory, the climate, the proximity to the sea. They are the result of the area's growth and its carats. We even find the truffles.

The fishery products directly to the restaurant for a fresh and authentic cuisine (Port Channel - Grade)

Even the seagulls privileged observers choose to enjoy food and landscapes (Grado Lagoon.)

DESCRIPTION A magical land that never ceases to reveal their wealth and facets, even those who usually attend, opens to the modern tourism, slow tourism, able, and eager to get closer to the goodies, the curiosity, the beauty of an area that exudes the history and culture of different eras and civilizations. It represents the synthesis of the civilization that created the foundation for development and growth, including tourism, area. This brochure is not, and is not to be one of the many gourmet guides, although dedicated to a particular area. Or a simple catalog of already codified opportunities. But rather a guide, a window of opportunities for cultural enrichment and entertainment and recreation, that this area offers to the curious history, OF culture, archeology, ethnic characteristics, traditions, natural environment and landscape, taste , that the Friulian Riviera, the area between the rivers Tagliamento and Isonzo, the resurgences line and the coast, can offer. These are proposals selected by the Association on the basis of precise vestments that can not be influenced from outside, or from local realities.




(All photos in this monograph can be viewed at actual size on our site www.larivierafriulana.it)

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