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performINg ArTS for cHIlDreN AND youNg people

progrAmme 3-6 mAy 2014

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Artistic Director: Bodil Alling Producer: Niels Andersen Project Assistant: Marie Rasmussen Administration: Marianne Greve Iversen Press and Communications: Brian Ørnbøl Technical Production: Søren la Cour Producer Teatret Gruppe 38: Marianne Greve Iversen Program editors: Marie Rasmussen and Niels Andersen Graphic Design by: Randi Schmidt I www.randis.dk Print: Codex Tryk A/S, Aarhus Thanks to: Sven Ørnø

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Welcome to :DANISH+ | Bodil Alling, Artistic Director of Teatret Gruppe 38 Welcome to Denmark | Marianne Jelved, Danish Minister of Culture Welcome to Aarhus | Rabih Azad-Ahmad, Alderman for Culture and Citizens Services


Programme Saturday May 3rd

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Programme Sunday May 4th Programme Monday May 5th Programme Tuesday May 6th

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Teatret Gruppe 38: Opening performance | THE BALLAD OF MARJAN AND ROB teater2tusind | Hans clodhopper Meridiano | PAPER MOON Cantabile 2 / Carte Blanche | LIFE LIVE! hvid støj sceneproduktion | CREATE Grønnegade Teater | ROMEO & JULIET ZeBU | THE Journey to God Don*Gnu | WOMAN KNOW YOUR WARDROBE Odsherred Teater / NIE | PIM AND THEO Aaben Dans | HEn & SHEep Teatret Gruppe 38 | I’M NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING Global Stories | THROUGH DIFFERENT EYES An interactive diversity event Uppercut Dance Theatre | ONE Paolo Nani Theatre | JEKYLL ON ICE Teatret Møllen / NIE | HUNGER Det Olske Orkester | ONCE WE GOT LOST Teatret Møllen: THE GOLD DIGGER Teater Refleksion | CREATION

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:INSPIRATION+ General Information


: Welcome to



: Dear guests It is with fluttering butterflies in our stomachs, quivering anticipation and some pride that we welcome you to :Danish+ 2014. We will present a bouquet of Danish performances made for children, but of course adults ought to see them too.

misunderstand the world sometimes and reach the wrong conclusions and become unhappy and lonely and fear death in our misunderstandings and our shortcomings. We admit this in our performances and thus children as well as adults recognize themselves in us and in our stories. Hopefully.

When people around the world talk about the fine Danish children’s theatre, it is often said that we manage to make performances at the eye level of the children. And that is a somewhat curious expression, because it sounds as if we are taking somebody else’s position. Outside ourselves. And this is quite wrong. As if children were a different sort of people.

As I write this I can already ascertain that we once again will have many wonderful, dedicated guests from many different countries. We are honoured. We have every reason to be excited. And we are. At all levels. Welcome.

We are not talking about being at level with somebody else. We endeavour to create performances at our own level. Of course our experience of life is somewhat greater than that of the children we play for, but we still

Bodil Alling Artistic director at Teatret Gruppe 38



It’s a great pleasure for me to welcome you to the great city of Aarhus and to the experience of this fourth edition of :Danish+. It is always inspiring to welcome visitors from abroad, and it’s particularly interesting to get new perspectives from the visitors on the arts and culture of our country. For me, one of the most important tasks as Minister for Culture is to make sure that arts and culture play a vital role in the lives of our children – the global citizens of the future – in a more and more complex world. It is my strong belief that the children must meet the arts in an authentic and sincere way – and more than once! The meeting with arts and culture will enhance their ability to meet the society of tomorrow because art moves us and gives us an understanding of the world we live in.

Furthermore, I am very proud that the Danish children’s theatres are already, in their own way, true citizens of the global world. When they travel around the world with their performances, they foster authentic experiences through their artistic meetings with the children of the world. I hope that you will have an enjoyable and fruitful time at :Danish+, and I wish you and all the Danish theatre companies a great showcase.

Marianne Jelved Minister for Culture


: Welcome to aarhus Alderman for Culture and Citizens Services, Rabih Azad-Ahmad

This year Aarhus is hosting the showcase :Danish+ for the fourth time. As the Alderman for Culture and Citizens Services in Aarhus I am pleased to welcome the many guests and theatre people, who visit our town in connection with :Danish+. :Danish+ presents some of the best theatre for children and young adults produced in the world, and children’s culture is an area prioritized highly by the city of Aarhus. It is our objective that 95 percent of the citizens will use the cultural offers of the city – cultural offers of a very high standard, that is. For this reason theatre for children and young adults is an important area, because the future culture consumer is formed in childhood. This is why we are very happy that :Danish+ once again takes place in our city, bringing the world and new inspiration to Aarhus. 6

Aarhus is an international city and we are very much aware of our ties to the surrounding world. Aarhus is the European Cultural Capital in 2017 and the theme is RETHINK, which is about rethinking our way of acting and doing things differently and more smartly than we usually do. :Danish+ is an important event in the city’s cultural calendar. Not only will people be able to experience some of the world’s best theatre for children and young adults, but we also get the opportunity to show our city and its many qualities to the visitors. 2014 is an exciting year, where we are, among other things, able to inaugurate the city’s new super library Dokk1 and the new Moesgård Museum, where the oldest citizen in the city – the bog body The Grauballe Man – will have a new home.

I hope that the participants in :Danish+ will have the opportunity to spend some time in Aarhus, in the forest, by the bay and in all the city’s exciting nooks and corners. The city’s guests will sense that Aarhus is a sparkling, creative city, with all kinds of activities, and where you can experience culture in the most surprising places. I wish everybody a good showcase, and hope that the city’s guests will leave with fond memories of :Danish+ and the city of Aarhus.

Rabih Azad-Ahmad Alderman for Culture and Citizens Services



: saturday may 3 rd TIME




Opening speech by Gitte Just, Programme Director for Aarhus 2017

Bora Bora, Big venue


Opening performance ‘The Ballad of Marjan and Rob’ by Teatret Gruppe 38

Bora Bora, Big venue


Official opening reception Welcome speeches by: Ditte Marie Bjerg, Chairman of the Danish Arts Foundation Bodil Alling, Artistic Director at Teatret Gruppe 38

Bora Bora, Small venue



: sunday may 4 th TIME




‘Hans Clodhopper’ by teater2tusind

Godsbanen, Katapult


‘Paper Moon’ by Meridiano (Yellow Team)

Godsbanen, Kabinettet

11.15 ‘Life Live!’ by Cantabile 2 / Carte Blanche (Pink Team) Godsbanen, Big Black Box 12.00 ‘Create’ by hvid støj sceneproduktion (Yellow Team) Godsbanen, Kedlen 13.00


Godsbanen, Café


‘Create’ by hvid støj sceneproduktion (Pink Team)

Godsbanen, Kedlen


‘Life Live!’ by Cantabile 2 / Carte Blanche (Yellow Team)

Godsbanen, Big Black Box


‘Paper Moon’ by Meridiano (Pink Team)

Godsbanen, Kabinettet


‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Grønnegade Teater

Godsbanen, Katapult


‘The Journey to God’ by ZeBU




Godsbanen, Café


‘Woman Know Your Wardrobe’ by Don*Gnu

Bora Bora, Big venue


Evening café

Godsbanen, Café



: monday may 5th TIME




‘Pim and Theo’ by Odsherred Teater / NIE

Godsbanen, Big Black Box


‘HEn and SHEep’ by Aaben Dans

Bora Bora, Small venue


‘I’m Not Afraid of Anything’ by Teatret Gruppe 38

Godsbanen, Katapult



Godsbanen, Café


Presentation of ‘Through Different Eyes’ by Global Stories

Godsbanen, Remisen


‘One’ by Uppercut Dance Theatre

Bora Bora, Big venue


‘Jekyll on Ice’ by Paolo Nani Theatre






Godsbanen, Café


‘Hunger’ by Teatret Møllen / NIE

Godsbanen, Big Black Box


Evening café

Godsbanen, Café

All day 10.00-16.00

‘Through Different Eyes’

Godsbanen, Foyer



: tuesday may 6 th TIME




‘Once We Got Lost’ by Det Olske Orkester

Godsbanen, Big Black Box


‘The Gold Digger’ by Teatret Møllen

Godsbanen, Katapult


‘Creation’ by Teater Refleksion

Teater Refleksion


Lunch and Goodbye

Teater Refleksion

Your :DANISH+-pass gives you free admission to ARoS Aarhus Art Museum during your stay (closed on Mondays).


: venues A : BORA BORA Valdemarsgade 1 | DK-8000 Aarhus C www.bora-bora.dk

B : GODSBANEN Skovgaardsgade 3-5 | DK-8000 Aarhus C www.godsbanen.dk

C : TEATER REFLEKSION Frederiksgade 72 B – the back Building | DK-8000 Aarhus C www.refleksion.dk

D : FILUREN Thomas Jensen Allé | DK-8000 Aarhus C www.filuren.dk

E : HOTEL OASIA / SHOWCASE HOTEL Kriegersvej 27 | DK-8000 Aarhus C www.hotelosaia.dk




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: Icon explanation The performance is suitable for:


Young people


The performance is suitable for children, young people and adults

The performance is suitable for children and adults, but is assessed not to be interesting for young people

The performance is intended for young people and adults, but is not suitable for children

: How to rate the performances Take your pencil and paint the plusses at every performance in this programme

Oh yes! : D

Oh no! :(




Teatret Gruppe 38

: THE BALLAD OF MARJAN AND ROB Date: saturday 3 rd | Time: 20 | Venue: bora bora, Big venue


: About the performance A love story about the girl, Marjan, who dreams herself away from an upright boring life and only thinks of Rob. For Rob is an outlaw, who lives alone in the forest. He steals from the rich and gives to the poor, and he never washes his hair. But Marjan’s father is a policeman! And he says it is forbidden for boys to live in the forest! And everything that Rob does is forbidden. That all of Rob is forbidden!

: About the company Teatret Gruppe 38 is a professional and award-winning theatre resident in Aarhus – the second largest city in Denmark. When not performing at their own charming stage in Denmark – they are touring all over the country or abroad. They present their performances all over the world – USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and most countries in Europe. Teatret Gruppe 38’s performances can all be performed in English, some in German and a one single in French.

Welcome to an ill-mannered story about the great love of two children and the incredible stupidity of an unknown number of grown-ups.

It’s Teatret Gruppe 38’s purpose to create performances, which challenge their audience whether they are children or adults. They try to find complexity and sophistication in simplicity, and thus create unpredictable experiences with a few and simple means. The basis of an idea is often an ultra short tale or narrative, where life itself is at stake – in spite of the fact, that the audience are mostly children – or perhaps exactly for that reason.

A gem. A beauty. A must-see. A steely, thrilling precision, put to the devoted service of romance and whimsy. The Seattle Times What a wonderful ballad. From beginning to end. Poetically imaginative in the story and wonderfully unpredictable in the production. The Theatre Newspaper ... creative directing as well as a unique sense of drama on the one hand, and control over the whole performance on the other. Vijenac, Croatia

They do not insert extenuating circumstances to spare the children. A story can be as cruel, as highly dangerous and infinitely sad as it lays claim to, in order to convey the strongest emotional experience. After all, reality is highly dangerous!

DIRECTOR: Hans Rønne SET DESIGNER: Gitte Baastrup AGE GROUP: From 9 years

COMPOSERS: Søren Søndberg & Claus Mandøe

DURATION: 50 min.

TEXT: Thomas Tidholm & Teatret Gruppe 38


CAST: Bodil Alling, Claus Mandøe, Søren Søndberg, Kim Kirkeby

WEBSITE: www.gruppe38.dk



: hans clodhopper Date: sunday 4 th | Time: 10 | Venue: godsbanen, Katapult


: About the performance “Well,” said Hans Clodhopper, “If I can’t have a horse, I’ll take the Billy-goat, who belongs to me, and he can carry me very well!” And so said, so done. He mounted the Billy-goat, pressed his heels into its sides, and galloped down the high street like a hurricane. “Hey, hoop! That was a ride! Here I come!” shouted Hans Clodhopper, and he sang till his voice echoed far and wide. But his brothers rode slowly on in advance of him. They spoke not a word, for they were thinking about the fine extempore speeches they would have to bring out, and these had to be cleverly prepared beforehand.

Hans Clodhopper is a bold and successful adaption of the classic in the spirit of the author. Hans Clodhopper is not alone on stage. Besides the lovely harpist, who sits in state in her wine red plush dress and also plays the princess, there is constantly a swarm of people on stage. All of them created by the same, brilliant actor, Peter Seligmann. He is so precise in his often very short characterizations that none of the well-known figures from the Andersen universe stands weak or dim. A bold experiment, which not only lets the play take place as a dialogue between lines and music. But which also dares to let Hans and the princess communicate in antiphony, yes and even in duet, which is closer to current composition music than modern pop. The theatre has once again been a pioneer when it comes to new music drama for children.

Hans Clodhopper is a modern fairytale about parents’ different expectations and about being present and believing in yourself. Quite simply: ‘To be a fine speaker!’ How difficult can that be? The princess decides that.


: About the company teater2tusind tries to tell children and their grown-ups important stories by way of music and acting. The theatre has toured with their performances in English, German and Spanish all over the world.

CAST: Anette Gøl, Peter Seligmann DIRECTOR: Hans Rønne AGE GROUP: 7-12 Years

WRITER: Peter Seligmann, H.C. Andersen

DURATION: 50 min.

COMPOSER: Anette Gøl

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, Danish

SET DESIGN: Gitte Baastrup

WEBSITE: www.teater2tusind.dk



: paper moon Date: sunday 4 th | Time: 11.15 & 15.15 | Venue: godsbanen, Kabinettet


: About the performance Even though Elliot is only a little boy, he has a lot of big things on his mind. So big, in fact, that he is very much awake when he should be asleep. Elliot has a goldfish ... and a tiger and a lion made of plastic ... He also has his favourite teddy bear that understands him and follows him wherever he goes. He also has a lot of books. Elliot loves his books. He can’t read any of the words in them, yet, but he can look at the pictures and these take him far, far away – to a world where he can, perhaps, find someone who can explain to him why his mother and father have decided that the three of them should no longer live together as a family.

: About the company Magical realism, poetry, humour and a visual – almost cinematic – narrative form are characteristic of Giacomo Ravicchio’s performances. He freely mixes classical theatre with other artistic forms of expression. He uses modern technology and very simple techniques in his powerful imagery.

Meridiano have created a wonderful show about Elliot, who is small and afraid but lacks nothing in imagination. It can take him all the way to the moon. Giacomo Ravicchio is a master of the puppet theatre in all its shapes and sizes. (...) He has allied himself with two talented and discrete puppeteers, Therese Glahn and Lars Begtrup. Without taking focus away from the world of the puppet for one second, they tell the story with a few words and gracious movements. It’s a delight to see such perfect artistry. (...) It’s a set design bonanza - like the most fantastic, three-dimensional congratulations card - and I let myself be taken in with mouth agape and eyes wide open. Teateravisen

PERFORMERS: Therese Glahn, Lars Begtrup MANUSCRIPT: Giacomo Ravicchio AGE GROUP: 3-7 years and adults

DIRECTOR: Giacomo Ravicchio

DURATION: 35 min.

SET DESIGN: Giacomo Ravicchio

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: English, German, Danish –

COMPOSER: Giacomo Ravicchio

maybe more. Can also be performed with recorded

TECHNICIAN: Eva U. Handberg


STAGE SETS: Steen Molls Rasmussen COSTUMES: Helene Thygesen

WEBSITE: www.meridiano.dk


Cantabile 2/Carte Blanche

: life live!

Date: sunday 4 th | Time: 11.15 & 14.30 | Venue: Godsbanen, Big black box


: About the performance A Reumert Award nominated co-production by Cantabile 2 and Carte Blanche.

Nullo Facchini and Sara Topsøe-Jensen have created a brave and very successful performance that, by its involvement of – and the imprint on – the audience, is strong evidence of the need to explore the limits of

Life Live! is a labyrinth style performance game about being alive in a meeting between people, where you in turn meet yourself. The performance takes the audience on a journey of recognition. In small groups the audiences follow a guide and they participate actively in the performance. 6 performers and 40 mobile walls create new rooms of immersion continuously throughout the live game, which the audiences are co-creating, from searching for the smallest atom, to the creation of a city and the tearing down of walls. Join the journey of internal exploration where no questions are too big and none too small. The possibilities are endless: Life Live! gives a voice to the silent and makes it possible to hear the silence. When the journey begins the road is hidden. Along the way, the honest participation of each individual creates the path that leads the journey – and the honest interaction between people creates a community.

theatre. Life Live! is like getting a performing arts spa.

* * * * * Teateravisen It is as fragile as it is strong, when the audience go on an expedition in the land of mankind. (…) When it’s over you find yourself hugging a complete stranger. After all, Life Live! is about people meeting people. Politiken

: About CANTABILE 2 Cantabile 2 has been a regional theatre company in Vordingborg since 1990. It is internationally recognized for the Human Specific performances focused on the intimate meeting between the performer and the audience. Among the latest Human Specific performances are The Venus Labyrinth, Seek to Seek and Life Live! : ABOUT CARTE BLANCHE Carte Blanche is inspired by audiences of all ages, cross cultural collaborations and experiments that investigate big questions. They work with an immersive visual language that draws on the jumping logic and associative understanding that they recognise from dreams. Carte Blanche has been the regional theatre of Viborg since 2004.

PERFORMERS: Siri Facchini Haff, Anne Nyboe, Kaja Egeberg, Lisa Gertrum Becker, AGE GROUP: From 14 years

Marie Louise Maegaard, Line Svendsen

DURATION: 80 min.

CONCEPT: Cantabile 2, Carte Blanche


DIRECTORS: Nullo Facchini, Sarah Topsøe-Jensen ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Katrine Beck

WEBSITE: www.cantabile2.dk

SET DESIGN: Sarah Topsøe-Jensen


ASSISTANT SCENOGRAPHER: Sarah John LIGHT DESIGN: Kim Glud TECHNICIANS: Bert-Åke Persson, Per Aagaard CONSTRUCTION: Federico Lepri, Kim Glud, Sarah John


hvid støj sceneproduktion

: create

Date: sunday 4 th | Time: 12 & 14.30 | Venue: godsbanen, kedlen


: About the performance A playful, musical and sculptural animation performance, using baking ingredients, dough and kitchen utensils to tell the story of The Creation, including new music and the smell of homemade baked goods.

Playful toddlers’ theatre, where spontaneity and creative urge are centre stage. (...) It’s a wonderful and delicate story, that vividly tells a classic tale in a new and exciting way. You are drawn into the magical universe that opens up to you as you look at the world through children’s curious eyes.

* * * * * Children in the City At the beginning of the show, all of the cookie jars are empty ... In the beginning there was nothing ... And just as God created light, the world and humans in 7 days, the show follows a recipe with 7 instructions. The first point is to turn on the oven; and then there was light ... Flour and water become earth and sea. Mountains of flour grow, water runs down the flour mountain and kitchen whisks becomes flowers or trees. Everything is animated as eggs roll out and become the beginning of animals. The world is molded from the soft dough, then through changes it is slowly finished and – finally – out of the dough comes a little man: Adam. He is Created in front of our eyes. A piece is broken off and Eva is made from Adam’s rib. All of this happens as the room fills with the wonderful smell of freshly baked bread.

The merits of the performance are its well-adjusted mixture of familiar everyday doings and creative imagination, as well as its ability by artistic means to engage in a ping pong play with the child’s (fantasy) world, or a further development of that world.

* * * * Aarhus Stiftstidende : ABOUT THE COMPANY hvid støj sceneproduktion has an ardent desire constantly to challenge narrative forces with the help of strong visual expression. Their plays challenge both senses and intellect. They want to surprise, disgust, attract, and involve the audience (age 2-18), for them to question, enjoy and interact with the artistic experience – and everyday life.

IDEA & CONCEPT: Stine Worm Sørensen, Stine Q. Pagh og Charlotte Ladefoged AGE GROUP: 2-6 years

PERFORMER: Stine Q. Pagh

DURATION: 35 min.

DIRECTOR: Charlotte Ladefoged


MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN: Casper Bach Hegstrup OBJECTS & SET DESIGN: Stine Worm Sørensen

WEBSITE: www.hvid-stoj.dk

LIGHT DESIGN: Morten Ladefoged PRODUCER & DRAMATURG: Ditte Felding


Grønnegade Teater

: romeo and juliet Date: sunday 4 th | Time: 16.15 | Venue: godsbanen, katapult


: About the performance Shakespeare’s wonderful classic lovestory told with infectious humour and heart wrenching romance. Peter Holst has collected an ensemble of puppets to perform a tragedy about Romeo and Juliet and their young, undying love. Powerful and moving theatre for and about teens. Politiken

: About the company After more than 20 years of touring as one of the most recognized Danish children’s theatre companies, Grønnegade Teater was in 2008 appointed as the municipal theatre of the city of Næstved in Southern Denmark. The core of all the theatre’s performances is “the good story”. Combined with a deeper meaning we aim to satisfy, as well as challenge our audiences. Whether you are a child, young or adult, you will leave our performance holding a valuable treasure in your mind.

Fantastically beautiful and dramatic projections make this performance a great visual experience. Børneteateravisen Supremely and sharply played by the two outstanding puppeteers. Børn og Unge

IDEA: Peter Holst, Pernille Plantener Holst PERFORMERS: Peter Holst, Henriette Rosenbeck AGE GROUP: From 9 years

MANUSCRIPT: William Shakespeare, adapted by Peter Holst

DURATION: 60 min.

DIRECTOR: Hanna Liv Møller


SET DESIGN: Niels Secher VIDEO PROJECTION DESIGN: Pernille Plantener Holst

WEBSITE: www.gronnegadeteater.dk

MUSIC: Peter Holst PUPPETS: Carl Press



: the journey to god Date: sunday 4 th | Time: 17.30 | Venue: filuren


: About the performance A boy, a blade of grass and a grateful bird decide to visit God. They simply want to say thank you. They are joined by an angry duck. Along the way they meet a dead soldier, and then something very strange and wonderful happens. The Journey to God (Rejsen til Gud) is prizewinning Danish writer Louis Jensen’s very own and quirky fairy-tale about gratitude and miracles. Following the presentation of The Beach (2010) and Suddenly (2012), ZeBU is delighted to once again take part in :Danish+, this time combining a spiritual and existential story, surprising animations and a team of Denmark’s finest experts in modern poetic puppet theatre. A beautiful performance that dares to be slow and allows time for reflection.

* * * * * Berlingske With a fascinating earthiness we are told about gratitude and miracles.

* * * * Teateravisen.dk

: About the company Headed jointly by choreographer and dancer Jørgen Carlslund and director and dramatist Marc van der Velden, ZeBU – after a successful four-year period as Denmark’s National Ensemble for Children’s Theatre. In January 2010 they opened their own theatre house for young audiences in one of the working class areas of Copenhagen. Sensuous, poetic, wry, musical, raw, visual and subtle are some of the words used to describe the style of the company’s productions. As central elements the theatre uses stories and themes with relevance to a modern young audience, emphasizing on epic dramaturgy, physical acting and strong use of visual and music elements. Before touring Denmark, ZeBU presents its new productions in Copenhagen, together with other Danish and international guest performances. In the past many years the company has also toured extensively abroad, bringing its work as far as New York, Shanghai and the Russian Caucasus Region.

PERFORMERS: Claus Mandøe, Bjarne Kalhøj, Karen Monrad MANUSCRIPT & DIRECTION: Marc van der Velden AGE GROUP: From 6 years


DURATION: 45 min.

PUPPET MAKER: Paul Arne Kring


ILLUSTRATIONS: Otto Dickmeiss ANIMATIONS: Jens Christian Høgni Larsen, Rasmus Møbius

WEBSITE: www.zebu.nu




: WOMAN KNOW YOUR WARDROBE Date: sunday 4 th | Time: 20.30 | Venue: bora bora, big venue


: About the performance Woman Know Your Wardrobe is a comical but sensitive story about two men’s desperate search for a solid place in life and in their relation to the Woman. In confronting the Woman, their courage, their sensitivity and lack thereof, Don*Gnu balance a fine line treading the sharp edge of the wardrobe. The questions is; ‘Where does the modern man stand today and who decides where the wardrobe should stand?’ Neatly dressed up with socks in their sandals they compete and fight over wardrobe supremacy. With fearless naïveté and their foreheads exposed they force their bodies through physical hardship by handling large wardrobes, performing sweaty swan dances and waltzing through orgies of violence. They expose themselves to gender psychiatrists and self-made proponents of masculinity in a desperate attempt to understand their own place in the world and why they wear woollen socks clad in sandals.

: About the company Don*Gnu is a choreographic collaboration between the two choreographers and dancers Jannik Elkær Nielsen and Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen. They are working in the cross field of dance and physical theatre, using humour and irony as their trademark. Don*Gnu is a fairly new company, and their mission and overall aim is to create new opportunities for the performing arts, by involving the audience in a more co-creative form, where there is a continuous dialogue that not only relate to the presentations in the theatre. Don*Gnu has an international profile, and the performances has no language barriers. They are producing and co-producing in several countries, and have extensive tours in Europe, South Korea, Canada and China.

The performance was nominated for the Danish Reumert for best dance performance 2013, and won the Audience Prize 2013 in Aarhus.


Simon Beyer Pedersen

DURATION: 60 min.

MUSIC & PERFORMANCE: Rune Kaagaard, Alice Carreri


VIDEO & DIGITAL MEDIA: Christoffer Brekne SET DESIGN: Siggi Palmason

WEBSITE: www.dongnu.dk

DRAMATURGICAL CONSULTANT: Betina Rex PROCES: Thea Vesti Pedersen LIGHT: Per Christian Holck


Odsherred Teater/NIE

: pim and theo Date: monday 5th | Time: 10 | Venue: godsbanen, big black box


: About the performance It’s a bloody mess in the streets and a moral mess in our heads ... Incorporating sound, video design and live performance, four European theatres join together to create Pim and Theo – an immersive theatre show about culture and identity, life and rules and the limits of tolerance in our society. Two men were shot in cold blood on the streets of Holland. Victims of extremism, Theo Van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn weren’t afraid to make their opposing political views known. The lives and deaths of these two figures frame a debate that lies at heart of the European experience at the start of the 21st Century; are we one culture or many cultures or multicultures? As we try to work that out, what are the limits of tolerance and what should they be? Pim and Theo will explore issues around multiculturism, democratic concepts of tolerance and freedom of speech. Pim and Theo is also an installed exhibition, which audience members can immerse themselves in after the performance. It is supported by online materials and workshops and has toured in 8 European countries in 13/14.

This is a promenade show. This means that you will have to walk around and explore a bit – there are some seats but you will not be able to sit down all the time. You are welcome to sit on the floor if you want. Sometimes the actors might ask you to move.

Pim and Theo is a cooperation between Odsherred Teater, Denmark / New International Encounter, UK / Korjaamo Culture Factory, Finland / Stiftelsen NIE Teater, Norway.

Odsherred Teater has a long history of productions highly praised by the critics.

... provocative, delightfully grotesque and thoughtful ...

* * * * * Nordvestnyt This is theater that works ...

* * * * * Teateravisen : ABOUT THE COMPANY Odsherred Teater creates performances, which in both theme and form affects, commits and entertains the audience. They consider versatility in the cooperation with other theatres and cultural institutions to be a vigour, which secures their development. They gladly challenge the concept of theatre and allow the professionalism and the competence of the theatre to participate in very diverse connections.

ACTORS: Henrik Ipsen, Simon Vagn Jensen Author: Mei Oulund AGE GROUP: From 15 years

DIRECTOR: Alex Byrne

DURATION: 70 min.

SET DESIGN: Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz


VIDEO DESIGN: Arthur Steijn SOUND DESIGN: Elena Peña

WEBSITE: www.pimandtheo.com www.odsherredteater.dk


Aaben Dans

: hen and sheep Date: monday 5th | Time: 11.30 | Venue: bora bora, Small venue


: About the performance A dance performance. In the beginning Before the beginning you know Before anything existed Everything was One Some day One split into two A boy and a girl A man and a woman A he and a she And in between there was mystery of life

: About the company Aaben Dans is a regional theatre in Roskilde, Denmark. The theatre produces two new productions per year – one for adults and one for children. Especially the children’s performances tour a lot both nationally and internationally. Aaben Dans arranges the international festival for dance for the young audiences SWOP.

Based on the sounds and movements of animals and their strange yet familiar behaviour, the strong artistic team consisting of director Catherine Poher, chorographer Thomas Eisenhardt and composer Peter Bastian has made this beautiful performance about the eternal dance between a HE and a SHE. A performance full of great music, crazy movements and big questions.

IDEA & SET DESIGN: Thomas Eisenhardt, Catherine Poher MUSIC: Peter Bastian AGE GROUP: 4-10 years and adults

DIRECTION: Catherine Poher

DURATION: 40 min.

CHOREOGRAPHY: Thomas Eisenhardt

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: English, French, Spanish,

DANCERS: Antoinette Helbing, Ole Birger Hansen

German, Danish and Swedish. Dance with narration

COSTUMES: Charlotte Østergaard PRODUCTION MANAGER: Lya Lundsager

WEBSITE: www.aabendans.dk

VIDEO: Spild af tid PRODUCTION: Aaben Dans


Teatret Gruppe 38

: I’M NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING Date: monday 5th | Time: 12.30 | Venue: Godsbanen, Katapult


: About the performance I’m not afraid of anything, but I don’t mind admitting, that I might be afraid of something else ... We know that ghosts are invisible, unless they put on a white sheet that it is best not to come close to the abandoned house, just to be sure that it is fun to dress up, and this is why Santa isn’t always real that a bird in a cage is worse than ten on the roof and that it is a hundred per cent certain, that there might not be anything to be afraid of ... the performance becomes moving and funny. All at once. The great part is that we have to imagine the most of it. There are no good reasons to avoid it. Something mercilessly good lurks in there ...

* * * * * Århus Stiftstidende As an audience you go from laughter, huddling together,

: About the company Teatret Gruppe 38 is a professional and award-winning theatre resident in Aarhus – the second largest city in Denmark. When not performing at their own charming stage in Denmark – they are touring all over the country or abroad. They present their performances all over the world – USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and most countries in Europe. Teatret Gruppe 38’s performances can all be performed in English, some in German and a one single in French. It’s Teatret Gruppe 38’s purpose to create performances, which challenge their audience whether they are children or adults. They try to find complexity and sophistication in simplicity, and thus create unpredictable experiences with a few and simple means. The basis of an idea is often an ultra-short tale or narrative, where life itself is at stake – in spite of the fact, that the audience are mostly children – or perhaps exactly for that reason.

being moved, thoughtful and scared stiff ... Here are poetry, music, images and stories, which make it possible for us to create our own images inside the scope of the performance.

* * * * * Kulturnaut

They do not insert extenuating circumstances to spare the children. A story can be as cruel, as highly dangerous and infinitely sad as it lays claim to, in order to convey the strongest emotional experience. After all, reality is highly dangerous!

DIRECTOR: Catherine Poher CREATED BY: Bodil Alling, Søren Søndberg, AGE GROUP: From 8 years

Søren la Cour, Paolo Cardona, Lars K. Olesen,

DURATION: 50 min.

Marie Netterstrøm, Jonas Vest


SPECIAL THANKS TO: Ray Nusselein, Valentine Fell CAST: Bodil Alling, Søren Søndberg, Søren la Cour

WEBSITE: www.gruppe38.dk


Global Stories

: THROUGH DIFFERENT EYES An interactive diversity event

Date: monday 5th | Time: 10-16 & 14.30 | Venue: Godsbanen, Remisen


: About the performance Imagine yourself with a different identity – with another skin and hair color. Imagine your mother with a different gender. Imagine your friends with a different ethnicity. Through Different Eyes will challenge your perception of identity, race and gender. It is an installation, a happening and an exhibition at the same time. The installation will be set up in a central spot to attract by-passers into this experiment, and professional make-up artists help the participants into a complete transformation. See the world through different eyes • The appearance of the participants is entirely altered by changing their ethnicity and/or gender. • They walk around the streets/shoppingcenter/ festival for 1-2 hours as a different person. • They receive a before and after photo as a memory of the experience. • An exhibition with all before-after photos is created. Through Different Eyes gives the individual a unique opportunity to see the world from another perspective. The result is a deeper understanding of discrimination, inclusion, and diversity. We are driven by the belief that identity is always in negotiation with the surrounding environment.

Background and other information In the spring of 2011 Global Stories completed a pilot project with 127 children in Denmark who all changed their ethnicity and/or gender. A photo exhibition at the renowned art museum Glyptoteket in Copenhagen followed. The project has since developed in different directions addressing diversity issues in schools, private companies, political organizations and into this street version that reaches out to a broad range of people. This Street Version has recently visited Malmø in Sweden, Dresden in Germany and Curitiba in Brazil. : About the company Global Stories produces research based performing arts. They dig into the sociopolitical realities of our new “flat world” and explore the dilemmas that arise from the rapid changes in the world. They want to share new territories with their audiences, touch their hearts and strengthen their orientation as global citizens. Projectmanager Morten Nielsen will give a lecture about his own experiences as an actor with a Pakistani identity, and how this became the main inspiration to Through Different Eyes. Godsbanen May 5th 14.30.

PROJECT MANAGER: Morten Nielsen MAKE UP ARTIST: Dorte Pedersen AGE GROUP: 10 years and up

PHOTOGRAPHER: Anna Andrea Malzer

DURATION: 4-6 hours AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: We can do the project in English. In non-English speaking countries we can work with an interpreter. WEBSITE: www.globalstories.net, www.medandreøjne.com


Uppercut Dance Theatre

: one

Date: monday 5th | Time: 15.15 | Venue: Bora Bora, big venue


: About the performance Inspired by the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard five energetic dancers and the limit-depleting choreographer, Stephanie Thomasen are unleashed. Their common objective is to investigate mankind. How the different individual persons act – in the clash between desires and society with its rules. One adds physicality to philosophy.

: About the company Uppercut Dance Theatre was founded in 1982 and is a professional partner at the Dance Chapel: an old chapel, which has been restored into Copenhagen’s most beautiful house for dance and movement. Uppercut Dance Theatre’s style lies at the intersection of poetic modern dance, acrobatic breakdance and humoristic physical theatre.

The choreography One was Stephanie Thomasen’s debut as a choreographer. At the prestigious Reumert Awards, Sunday May 5th 2013, she received a talent price. The jury stated: “... Here (in One) she showed emotions so that we could feel them and we were affected. The dance was a powerful suite of small scenes from everyday life, in constant alternation between the fragile and brutal - in a clever mix of modern dance and street dance.” ... what came from the stage, was something as rare as the immediate joy in dancing. Politiken …unusually successful dance performance mixes styles and hits the spot in the depiction of young emotions and mind games. Teateravisen

PERFORMERS: Mark Philip Mouritzen, Stephanie Thomasen, Lukas Larsen, Mikael Santana, Fatih Berber AGE GROUP: From 12 years

CHOREOGRAPHER: Stephanie Thomasen

DURATION: 40 min.

SET DESIGN: Kirsten Victoria Lind


ORIGINAL MUSIC: Lawand Othmann

WEBSITE: www.uppercutdance.dk


Paolo Nani Teater

: JEKYLL ON ICE Date: monday 5th | Time: 16.15 | Venue: filuren


: About the performance In Jekyll on Ice, the round, funny, lovable figure, Jekyll, is an ice cream salesman – with his very own way of doing business. Certainly the show doesn’t get less funny, as Jekyll doesn’t fully understand how the world is linked together. It may well be that the ice melts, balloons explode but still – party, surprises and laughter, are guaranteed! The show Jekyll on Ice is less about telling a story – and more about how it is told. Most important is the theatrical play between Jekyll and the audience in creating magic together. With him Paolo Nani has a fully equipped ice cream cart with giant speakers, smoke machine and a real freezer. The cart also includes an air pump that can shoot 2.000 liters of air per minute. During the performance, a dramatic escalation takes place – displaying scenes one more absurd and poetic than another – including larger and larger balloons.

Paolo Nani, the quintessence of comedy. He is considered one of the few masters of the contemporary physical theatre. Live Milano Paolo Nani has the significant capacity to make himself understood by the child and by the philosopher. Cinque Giorni Milano Paolo Nani is a virtuoso. Frankfurter Rundschau

: About the company Paolo Nani is well known for his extraordinary timing, funny and precise body language and mastery of facial expression. He has dazzled audiences around the world with his award winning performances. Paolo Nani Teater is simply Timing, Precision, Style, Passion.

Jekyll on Ice is entertaining and inviting, with a playful, crazy and musical journey culminating in a festive rock band with the audience – and an ice cream party involving everybody. The show is for families and can play indoors on a stage as well as outdoors.

PERFORMER: Paolo Nani CONCEPT: Paolo Nani, Frede Gulbrandsen, AGE GROUP: From 7 years

Valentino Dragano, Line Svendsen

DURATION: 50 min.

DIRECTOR: Frede Gulbrandsen


SET DESIGN: Julie Forchhammer

WEBSITE: www.paolonani.com


Teatret Møllen/NIE

: hunger

Date: monday 5th | Time: 20.30 | Venue: godsbanen, big black box


: About the performance The performance Hunger – is a cascade of clowning, song and music, delight and musicality. Knut Hamsun’s first novel, Hunger from the 1890’s was instrumental in shaping a new view of human nature and a whole new way of writing. Even today Hunger can be seen as renewing and groundbreaking when it comes to a whole new view of art – and of the human spirit. Hunger has the makings of a classic, a classic that we, as modern day people, can see ourselves in and benefit from. Hamsun took the material from his own years of distress, when he without friends and relations and without work walked the streets of Christiania (Oslo), fighting off disappointments, defeats and hunger. Where the outside world is shattered and dissolved into feverish hallucinations, as his resistance is gradually worn away.

... the performance is emotionel and intense, which draws the audience from the beginning to the end ... from laughter to tears.

* * * * * Jydske Vestkysten ... Theater Møllen og Theater NIE rewrite the story collectively in a style approaching cabaret, put it in the music and add the circus elements ... it is not without desperate humor.

* * * * * Vejle Dagblad : About the company Since 1974, Teatret Møllen (The Mill Theatre) has been the regional theatre of Haderslev and the county of South Jutland. They perform at schools and cultural institutions all over Denmark and their work is much sought after at international theatre festivals. The performances are known for their characteristic visual aesthetic and illusory atmosphere, with catchy music, subtle composition, and an unusual narrative style.

Hunger is the story of the unconscious mental life, of pointless rapture – a gallows-humourus life-affirming song. Hamsun’s immortal classic Hunger is recreated in an exciting artistic meeting between the Norwegian Theatre NIE and Teatret Møllen.

PERFORMERS: Glenn Ziqver Xavier, Penille Albæk Andersen, Robert Orr, Ole Sørensen, Connie Tronbjerg, Lars Rødbroe AGE GROUP: From 14 years

AUTHOR: Knut Hamsun

DURATION: 80 min.

MANUSCRIPT: Alex Byrne and ensemble

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: English, Scandinavian

DIRECTOR: Alex Byrne SET DESIGN: Gitte Kath

WEBSITE: www.teatretmoellen.dk

MUSIC: Lars Rødbroe TECHNICIAN: Esben Stehouwer LIGHT DESIGN: Ove Schmidt PHOTO: Søren Godtkjær


Det Olske Orkester

: ONCE WE GOT LOST Date: tuesday 6 th | Time: 10 | Venue: godsbanen, big black box


: About the performance A physical theatre performance about two children’s attempt to rescue their family.

Fabulously accurate and beautiful.

* * * * * * Teateravisen Intense authenticity and a wonderful capacity to

My mother Is a lamp without a light bulb A meal which is never served A bed which is never made Her mouth is stuck in a bottle She walks around like a deer with broken legs My father is a back A back, which turned its back to us Once we got lost is a theatre performance about growing up far too quickly. With poetical text, physical abstract language and music from The Doors and Beethoven, it tells the story about two children who try to save their parents’ marriage, but get lost in the chaos of the fighting grownups.

reach the utmost.

* * * * * Politiken This season’s most disturbing play about a family breaking apart. Information

: About the company Det Olske Orkester was founded in Copenhagen in May 2008 by stage director Lotte Faarup and theatre actor Øyvind Kirchhoff. It is the aim of Det Olske Orkester to create theatre performances in a distinct and experimental style, able to incorporate strong stories, physical expression, imaginative set design and music.

The performance was awarded ‘Best performance for children 2013’ (Danish Reumert Award).

PRODUCTION: Det Olske Orkester DIRECTOR & PLAYWRIGHT: Lotte Faarup AGE GROUP: From 10 years

ACTORS: Øyvind Kirchhoff, Morten Klode,

DURATION: 75 min.

Angelina Watson, Ditte Laumann


CHOREOGRAPHY: Michele Abbondanza SET AND COSTUMES: Julie Forchhammer

WEBSITE: www.detolskeorkester.dk

LIGHT DESIGN: Jeppe Lawaetz TECHNICIAN: James Kjølsen SOUND DESIGN: Jonas Jørgensen


Teatret Møllen

: the gold digger Date: tuesday 6 th | Time: 11.30 | Venue: godsbanen, katapult


: About the performance A musical tale of migration. Four men, playing guitars, sing and tell the story about leaving home and seeking fortunes in a foreign land. With a musical base in traditional Danish and American music, they describe the dream of a better life, the fear of the unknown and the longing for the ones left behind. The main source of inspiration for our story is The Gold Digger – one of the stories from Himmerlandshistorier by the Danish Nobel prizewinning author Johannes V. Jensen – about the Danish gold digger Laust Eriksen.

: About the company Since 1974, Teatret Møllen (The Mill Theatre) has been the regional theatre of Haderslev and the county of South Jutland. They perform at schools and cultural institutions all over Denmark and their work is much sought after at international theatre festivals. The performances are known for their characteristic visual aesthetic and illusory atmosphere, with catchy music, subtle composition, and an unusual narrative style.

Laust Eriksen leaves his wife and kid and travels to America to seek his fortune and find gold. 29 years later he returns to the little village in Denmark to reunite with his son. A touching story, so clearly told about emigration, dreams, ups and downs, return, hope for reconciliation and final loss.

* * * * * Jydske Vestkysten Through humour and simplicity, the performance opens up doors for something we all know: happiness, longing and failure. (...) We become happy and cheerful, when they play the beautifully arranged traditional American folk music.

* * * * * Teateravisen

PERFORMERS: Jesper Folke, Ole Sørensen, Klaus Andersen, Lars Rødbroe AGE GROUP: From 10 years

AUTHOR: Johannes V. Jensen

DURATION: 60 min.

MANUSCRIPT: The ensemble


DIRECTOR: Ole Sørensen SET DESIGN: Gitte Kath

WEBSITE: www.teatretmoellen.dk


Teater Refleksion


Date: tuesday 6 th | Time: 13 | Venue: teater refleksion


: About the performance Creation – a live video animation. Every day is a new beginning. Every day has many new beginnings. Two puppeteers and a musician play with the creation of different worlds based on wishes, desires, urges, desperation, dreams ... Puppets, lighting, film, sound, and music work together to create a soft and delicate world, a rough world, worlds that rise up, and a world in which anything is possible.

: About the company Teater Refleksion’s aim is to create poetic and imaginative puppet and animation theatre experiences for children and adults alike, using a simple, magical theatrical language with a great sense for detail. With little or no language at all the performances have a truly universal appeal.

In making puppet and animation theatre Teater Refleksion creates life, motion and emotion where there is none, by manipulating figures and objects and by the use of the magic of the theatre. In Creation they walk the line, so to speak, and demonstrate how they create that magic. The audience sees how the performers use media, puppets and music to generate emotions and to create stories. Teater Refleksion’s new production Creation is supreme ... there’s an oscillation between darkness and light, which – like the movement of the objects and the sound – penetrates deep into your muscles. Fascinating!

* * * * * Aarhus Stiftstidende ... a small miracle of Creation.

* * * * * Kristeligt Dagblad

PERFORMERS: Mariann Aagaard, Jakob Kirkegaard, Henrik Andersen AGE GROUP: 6-10 years and adults

DIRECTOR: Bjarne Sandborg, assisted by Helle Sikjær

DURATION: 45 min.

PUPPETS & SET DESIGN: Mariann Aagaard



WEBSITE: www.refleksion.dk

MUSIC: Henrik Andersen, Morten Meilvang Laursen WORKSHOP: Morten Meilvang Laursen, Sigurd Røge Dissing, William H. Nielsen


Artistic learning in primary and lower secondary school The performing arts create individual and social learning spaces Date: monday 5th | Time: 9-17 | location: godsbanen registration: www.danishplus.teaterby.dk

This event is for Danish school teachers and cultural consultants. It takes place during :Danish+ and the participants will attend some of the performances on Monday 5th May.

The new school reform in Denmark proposes an interesting new form of collaboration between the public schools and the cultural institutions and professional artists. This collaboration opens possibilities of creating new types of individual and social learning spaces. Based on these new and exciting possibilities :Danish+ has planned a programme for Danish drama teachers etc. that will show some of the options for integrating the performing arts into teaching. The participants will be introduced to the subject through a learning filled programme, which contains excellent performances, professional introductions and challenging workshops. The workshops will take their starting point in the performances shown during the day and the participants will be actively involved in the learning processes. The programme has been curated by :Danish+, Aarhus Scenekunstcenter and The Regional Theatre Network of Central Denmark (Scenekunstnetværket Region Midtjylland).

: Programme 08.30-09.00 09.00-10.15 10.15-11.00 11.00-12.00 12.00-12.30 12.30-13.20 13.30-14.30 14.30-15.00 15.15-15.55 16.15-16.40

Drop in Introduction to aesthetic learning / Tatiana Chemi Introduction to ZeRUM / Sine Sværdborg and Rikke Mandrella Workshops / Katrine Friis and Sine Sværdborg Lunch I’m Not Afraid of Anything / Teatret Gruppe 38 Dance workshops / Louise Seloy and Ulla Gad Presentation of Through Different Eyes – Global Stories (Additional option) One / Uppercut Dance Jekyll on Ice / Paolo Nani

Coffee, tea and other refreshments are served during the day. Notice that the performances take place in English whilst the introductions and workshops take place in Danish.


: Introduction to artistic learning Introductory presentation about the learning potential in performing arts and drama. Learning potentials and scientific foundations for artistic experiences in schools (and – why not? – in society). Emotions / cognition: What do these have to do with learning? Arts-integration in schools: Challenges and advantages. About Tatiana Chemi Tatiana Chemi is associate Professor in Educational and Organizational Innovation at the Institute for Learning and Philosophy, AAU. She is also co-founder and head of the research group ARiEL (Arts in Education and Learning). She is very interested in artistic and creative learning processes, which she has been researching during the last 10 years. She is the author of Kunsten at integrere kunst i undervisningen. www.personprofil.aau.dk/124693

: Dance The aesthetic process in practice and presentation of experiences Based on the dance performance One by Uppercut Dance Theatre the first workshop will take you to the dance floor to make your own movement sequences based on ideas from the performance. During the second workshop dance consultant Ulla Gad, Dansehallerne, is going to share some other perspectives on how to use dance in schools.

: Education through theatre First Sine Sværdborg and Rikke Mandrella from ZeRUM introduce different ways to use theatre in teaching. Next Katrine Friis and Sine Sværdborg present two compressed workshops, a before and after workshop, based on the performances Jekyll on Ice and I’m Not Afraid of Anything. About ZeRUM ZeRUM is a part of ZeBU Theatre and has been established to upgrade the use of educational methods of theatre and drama in Danish schools. The use of theatre in connection with education develops the pupils’ social and empathic skills and the pupils’ knowledge of general subjects. www.zebu.nu

About the workshops The first workshop is facilitated by Louise Seloy, artistic director at Uppercut Dance Theatre. The second workshop is facilitated by Dansehallerne. They offer workshops and seminars for teachers and pedagogues about the methods of learning through dance. www.dansehallerne.dk www.uppercutdance.dk


: general information :DANISH+ Secretariat c/o Teatret Gruppe 38 Mejlgade 55 B | DK-8000 Aarhus C Tel. +45 8613 5311 info@danishplus.dk www.danishplus.dk

: CITY HOTEL OASIA (Official showcase hotel) Kriegersvej 27 | DK-8000 Aarhus C Tel. +45 8732 3715 mail@hoteloasia.dk www.hoteloasia.dk

:DANISH+ producer: Niels Andersen Tel. +45 2042 4209 | na@danishplus.dk

The accommodation includes breakfast buffet (open Sunday between 7.30–10.30, weekdays 6.45-9.45) and free high speed wireless internet access in all rooms. Hotel Oasia is nominated traveller’s Choice Hotel 2013 by Tripadvisor.

:DANISH+ project assistant: Marie Rasmussen Tel. +45 2296 2242 | mr@danishplus.dk :DANISH+ participant-guide: Christian Glahn Tel. +45 6060 0359 :DANISH+ economy: Marianne Greve Iversen Tel. +45 2012 8495 | mgi@gruppe38.dk :DANISH+ media & press consultant: Brian P. Ørnbøl Tel. +45 4221 5512 | bpo@gruppe38.dk

: RESTAURANT GODSBANEN / THOrVALDS (Showcase restaurant) Skovgaardsgade 3-5 | DK-8000 Aarhus C info@thorvalds-aarhus.dk Tel. +45 2425 3211 www.godsbanen.dk/aktoerer/cafe : Tourist information | Tel. +45 8731 5010 www.visitaarhus.com : Emergency call | Tel. 112 : Taxi service | Tel. +45 8948 4848

:INSPIRATION+ CONTACTS Aarhus Scenekunstcenter Skovgaardsgade 3 | DK-8000 Aarhus C Tel. +45 5087 3240 | postboks@teaterby.dk 54

: Opening hours Ordinary shops: Mon-Fri: 10.00-18.00 Saturday: 10.00–17.00 Sunday: 11.00-16.00 Department stores and shopping centers have longer opening hours. Ask us for details. Supermarkets: Mon-Sun 8.00-21.00/22.00 There are several 24hr kiosks in Aarhus, e.g. 7-eleven in front of the central railway station. Post offices: Weekdays: 10.00-18.00 (central post office next to the central railway station) Banks: Weekdays 10.00-16.00


:DANISH+ IS proDuceD AND orgANIzeD by TeATreT gruppe 38

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