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Photovoltaic Solar Energy



Index 1. Invest in the future with GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES

2. Renewable Energies

3. Photovoltaic Solar Energy

4. How Photovoltaic Solar Energy works

5. Reasons to put your money on Photovoltaic Solar Energy

6. Photovoltaic Solar Energy in Bulgaria

7. Incentives to investing in Renewable Energies in Bulgaria


Invest in the future with

GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES comprises companies whose vocation is to offer a broad spectrum of products and services in the fields of clean and renewable energies (wind and solar power, biomass, geothermal, hydraulic, waste management, etc.); in the Real-Estate market (hotels, residential and industrial properties); and in other sectors such as telecommunications, the pharmaceutical industry, leisure, etc. GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES' mission is not only profitability, but also to acquire greater implication in our social goals and objectives. Our responsibility for the improvement of society and the environment is both social and corporate.


to the future GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES, within its wide scope of action, is present in Spain, Morocco, the Cape Verde Islands, Equatorial Guinea, Panama, Sweden, Norway, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Kazakhstan, the Middle East, the United States, etc. GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES certifies its Quality Control System (ISO 9001:2008) and its Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004), as proof of our commitment to quality and respect for the environment. GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES has achieved certification for our Integrated Management System from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.


energies As a result of the scarcity of some sources of traditional energy and the progressive growth of world-wide energy consumption, governments and institutions around the world are searching for formulas with which to obtain clean energies, at lower cost and less damage to the environment. The development of renewable energies translates into their yearly average exponential growth of 30 to 40%. Thanks to technological breakthroughs in this field and an ever-increasing environmental commitment in all sectors of society, a significant implementation of renewable energies over the next few years is foreseen.

Corporations are attracted by stable regulations and other aids such as tax benefits, that guarantee profitability and unique business opportunities.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy consists of the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity.

Thermal Solar Energy uses sunlight to

generate heat.

Wind Power makes use of the strength of the wind to convert it to electric power by means of aero-generators or wind generators. Hydropower is obtained from the use of

the movement of falling water or the tides and the different heights along two points of a river used to harness potential power.


solar energy Solar energy technology is developing by leaps and bounds, thanks to the dizzying pace of investment in this field, which tremendously reduces the manufacturing costs of facilities and equipment. At present, the photovoltaics industry generates a business volume of over 10 billion Euros per year and recent perspectives indicate that the EU, which consumes 18.5% of world-wide electric power, will have to invest close to 59.2 billion Euros per year in the sector, within the framework of goals of achieving 20% in Renewable Energies set for the year 2020, supporting the different Member States by means of regulation and economic incentives to production and/or installation. To date, growth indices for this sector are above 50% year-over-year.

How Photovoltaic

solar energy works Solar energy can be converted into electric energy by means of the photoelectric effect. To do so, a photovoltaic cell made of monocrystalline, polycrystalline or amorphous silicon is used. These cells are devices that are capable of harnessing solar energy and changing it into electric energy. By joining several cells together a photovoltaic module or panel is formed, which generates electricity in direct current. These panels are connected to storage and current conversion systems.

Reasons why you will put your money into

photovoltaic solar energy A safe investment with a future. Your investment in photovoltaic solar energy will be made profitable thanks to existing regulatory framework and the performance of the equipment, resulting in unique conditions to achieve a secure business opportunity.

Photovoltaic solar energy installation as a business. The electricity generated by the photovoltaic solar energy facility is sold to the utilities company in exchange for a previously set rate.

Respect for the environment. Your company will transmit its commitment to the environment and to society. Photovoltaic systems require no fuel, are totally silent, hardly require any maintenance and have a very long service life (manufacturers are offering guarantees of over 25 years). They use an unending source of energy, which means that we are dealing with an unlimited resource, unlike with conventional energies. More and more, photovoltaic facilities represent a clean, safe and above all, profitable investment.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a model for growth in photovoltaic solar energy in the European Union. Within the framework of goals set by the European Union to achieve 20% renewable energies by 2020, Bulgaria has been banking on incentives for the installation of new sources of clean energies and very especially, the implementation of photovoltaic facilities.

Bulgaria’s geographic location and its orography confer excellent conditions for the production of photovoltaic solar energy, and offer incidental power generation parameters, in the main regions of the country, above 1,500 Kwh/m2, similar to those we can find in the northern half of the Iberian Peninsula.

Incentives to Investment in

renewable energies in Bulgaria

Purchase guaranteed over a 25-year period.

Purchase rate 386 â‚Ź Mwh.

The Government, in virtue of a commitment reached with the European Union through to the year 2020, is giving incentives for investment in photovoltaic solar energy within the country, that are higher than the community average for this sector. Utilities companies must purchase, at a rate regulated by the State, 100% of the energy fed into the grid, guaranteeing its purchase over a 25-year period. The premiums paid are regulated and guaranteed by the State. A purchase rate of 386 â‚Ź Mwh has been set, which is a higher rate than what is paid on average within the European Union.

Incentives to Investment in

renewable energies in Bulgaria - Corporate Tax: 10% applicable to profits shown in accounting balance. - Laws for Energy from renewable, alternative and sources and Biofuels. - Preferential rates for the purchase of electricity. - Charter Resolution 15/08, of March 31, 2008, of the State Commission for the Regulation of Energy as referring to the rates for electricity produced by photovoltaic facilities. The guaranteed purchase of energy for 25 years with a limited annual oscillation of 95% to the rate for the previous year. - Instrumentos de Financiación/Subvención:

• Credit lines for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies in Bulgaria: an instrument designed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) working with the Kozloduy International Decommissioning Support Fund (KIDSF). The project's promoters can obtain: for small Renewable Energy projects, up to 20% of the principal in a loan granted by the EBRD.

• The Bulgarian Fund for Energy Efficiency (BGEEF):

loans at an interest rate of between 4 and 9% giving up to five years for repayment. The Borrower will participate with between a 10 and 25% of the investment.

• Financing by the European Investment Bank: 800

million Euros authorised for Renewable Energy Projects, of which 50% are for the generation of electricity.

• COFIDES: supports projects for the internationalization of

Spanish enterprise. It offers entry with corporate capital or loans with repayment periods of 3 to 10 years, the first few years of the first years of the project being interest free. Both options may be combined. The project must be approved by COFIDES.

• ICO 2009 Internationalization Line of Credit: up to 80% of the project can be financed, to a maximum of 6 million Euros per client and year. Maximum interest rates of 1.89%. Repayment over up to 10 years with a grace period covering the principal for the first three years.

in Bulgaria GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES offers two options for acquiring licenses.

License purchase: using this option, you acquire the license to operate the facility with all per-

mits, licenses and authorisations required to set up and put the facility into operation, including the negotiations to rent and/or purchase the land, having the planning for it changed, environmental authorisations; from the utilities company and connection to the grid; the authorisation from the Ministry of the Economy and from local and regional authorities, building permits, feasibility studies, etc.

Turn-Key Projects: for those clients who so desire, GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES also offers the option of “turn-key projects” in which the client, in addition to acquiring the permits and licenses required, receives the facility fully operational with everything organised and executed by the ample and highly experienced team of professionals that work for GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES. This section also includes the execution of all technical projects, building management, opening licenses and connection to the grid, start-up tests and in short, everything required for the operation of the facility.

A guaranteed investment

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Solar Energy in Bulgaria  
Solar Energy in Bulgaria  

Solar Energy in Bulgaria