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Foreign Rights London 2011 Fiction Books

Spanish language authors

Carmen Amoraga, 2 Francisco Balbuena, 24 Pati Blasco, 25 Ángeles Caso, 4 Ana R. Cañil, 40 Susana Fortes, 26 Ana García-Siñeriz, 29 Pere Gimferrer, 27 Gonzalo Giner, 6 Antonio Gómez Rufo, 28 Francisco González Ledesma, 30 David de Juan Marcos, 32 Francisco J. López del Oso, 31

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José Ángel Mañas, 33 Fernando Marías, 34 Ricardo Menéndez Salmón, 8 Jorge Molist, 10 Reyes Monforte, 12 Javier Moro, 14 Elvira Menéndez, 35 Julia Montejo, 36 Eloy Moreno, 37 Jorge Navarro, 38 Javier Negrete, 39 Eduardo Roca, 41 Nuria Roca, 42

Isaac Rosa, 16 Fernando Rueda, 43 Clara Sánchez, 18 Mamen Sánchez, 20 Jesús Sánchez Adalid, 44 Margarita Torres, 45 Pablo Tusset, 46 Kirmen Uribe, 22 Juan del Val, 42 Alberto Vázquez-Figueroa, 47 Andrés Vidal, 48

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london 2011 fiction books

More than 70,000 copies sold in Spain

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Many women hope that the story of their lives will read like the pages of a novel: the one who gets married even though she dreams of meeting the love of her life around the next corner; the girl who grows up hoping that the boy next door will notice her, or another, convinced that the man whose heart she has won would cross an ocean to find her. This novel is about Maria José, who falls victim to an accident just when she has got back control of her life. It is about her mother, whom she unwillingly resembles, and Marga, her friend, who dreams for the both of them. And Fermín, Paco and Joaquín. It is the story of all these people, who have become strangers to each other in spite of ties of friendship, love and family. Only an objective gaze will help them to redraw their emotional map.

Carmen Amoraga has a degree in Information Sciences and has worked for both radio and television. She has been a columnist for the Levante newspaper and contributed to panels on Punto Radio, Radio 9 and Canal 9. She currently publishes articles in Cartelera Turia. Her first novel, Para que nada se pierda, won the 2nd Premio Ateneo Joven in Seville. This was followed by La larga noche, which won the Premio de la Crítica Valenciana, and Todas las caricias. Her novel Algo tan parecido al amor was a finalist in the Premio Nadal in 2007 and received both critical and popular acclaim. She has also published Todo lo que no te contarán sobre la maternidad, a fun, accessible book that lies somewhere between an essay and an interview.

© Carlos L. Olano

Carmen Amoraga

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Premio Planeta Runner-up 2010. An unforgettable novel of crossed lives. Intimistic, reexive, tender, profound and real as life itself. Amoraga uses the hospital as a laboratory of emotions, dreams, desires and illusions.

Time Meanwhile Planeta / 304 pages / November 2010 3

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london 2011 fiction books

Ángeles Caso Ángeles Caso was born in Gijón and has a degree in History of Art. She has worked in different cultural and media institutions. Her previous works include: Elisabeth, emperatriz de Austria-Hungría o el hada maldita; El peso de las sombras (1994 Premio Planeta finalist); El mundo visto desde el cielo, and El resto de la vida. Un largo silencio (Winner of the 2000 Premio Fernando Lara) is now seen as a milestone in writing about the recuperation of historical memory. She also wrote film scripts, translations and books for children.

© Ricardo Martín

More than 350,000 copies sold in Spain

São, a girl who, like everyone in her village, was born to work, decides one day to try and build a better life for herself in Europe. After learning, again and again, how to overcome adversity, she will find a new friend in a Spanish woman who is drowning in her own insecurities. São helps her recover her will to live and together they form an indestructible bond, one that will make them both stronger. A moving story of friendship between different women living in their own worlds, told with all the beauty that reality has to offer. A novel full of feeling for avid readers of emotional fiction. Once again, Ángeles Caso captivates us with an essential tale, one to read and share with others. She st read authors in Spain. is one of the most


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Premio Planeta 2009. Rights sold to: Orlando (The Netherlands), Buchet-Chastel (France), Planeta Manuscrito (Portugal), Marcos & Marcos (Italy), Nemira (Romania), People’s Publishing House (China), Dereta (Serbia), Ucila (Slovenia), Ílgi Kültür (Turkey), Olma Media Group (Russia). ‘A moving journey to the dreams and nightmares to African women’. ‘A Hymm to generosity and solidarity’.

Against the Wind Planeta / 272 pages / November 2009 5

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london 2011 fiction books

Gonzalo Giner Gonzalo Giner broke into the world of publishing with his novel La cuarta alianza which became a bestseller only a few weeks after publication. However, El sanador de caballos was the landmark of his literary career, thanks to its highly successful emotional recreation of the medieval world of the first vets. After the publication of El sanador de caballos, Gonzalo Giner travelled throughout Spain giving conferences on ancient farriers and his name always comes up when two or more horse lovers get together. The success of El sanador de caballos led to other honours including membership of the Royal Academy of Veterinarians of Catalunya.

© Nines Mínguez

A huge literary success in Germany

In the 16th Century, the king Charles 5th asked the nobility to contribute forces to his campaigns throughout Europe. The king needed horses and the nobility worked hard to satisfy the needs of the monarch. But in the midst of the Renaissance, war was not seen as the only important thing, art mattered too and horses began to be considered as artistic objects, symbols of prestige and distinction. This is the social and political environment into which Yago, a special and different baby is born. He will show everyone around him that he has a special gift: the ability to coax beauty out of horses’ bodies and movements. Yago is the key to creating a special breed of horses that possess a unique elegance and, together with his companions, he will uncover a plot to smuggle horses and other products that Charles 5th has prohibited from leaving the country.


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Option publishers: Blanvalet (Germany), Albatros (Poland), Ulisseya (Portugal), Patakys (Greece), Bertelsmann (Russia). The adventure of an unusual stable boy who ďŹ nds beauty in the soul of an animal. There was once a time when kings forced their horses to go to war... and another time when men sought the ultimate expression of beauty in the soul of an animal. 100,000 copies sold of his previous title: El sanador de caballos. Once more, Gonzalo Giner offers us a story in which the protagonist triumphs thanks to his determination and help from animals. The novel is set in the 16th Century, when the race of Andalusian horses, which would later be known as the Spanish breed, was created.

The Silent Rider Temas de Hoy / 612 pages / June 2011 7

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london 2011 fiction books

Ricardo Menéndez Salmón “Perhaps the best author of a non-existant generation” ÁNGELES LÓPEZ,

Born in Gijón in 1971, Ricardo Menéndez Salmón studied Philosophy at the University of Oviedo. He is a contributor to the newspapers ABC, El Comercio and La Nueva España. His three previous novels for Seix Barral, La ofensa (2007), Derrumbe (2008) and El corrector (2009); called the Trilogy of Evil, were hailed by the critics and made him into one of the most prestigious contemporary Spanish authors. Ricardo has been translated into Catalan, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese and his work has received many prizes including the Crítica de Asturias, the Crítica de la Feria del Libro de Bilbao, the Cálamo for Best Novel of the year, among others.

© Daniel Mordzinski


In 1350, when Europe is still recovering from the Black Death, the future Pope Gregory XI visits the Tuscan painter Adriano de Robertis to destroy his latest work, the blasphemous Bearded Virgin. On the 25th February 1970, the North American painter Mark Rothko slits his wrists in his New York studio. The 11th September 2001, the Russian painter Vsévolod Semiasin writes a letter in which he reveals the causes of his madness. The story of these three masters revolves around a mystery – the unknown fate of Bearded Virgin by Adriano de Robertis – and a central idea – the commitment of the artist to his art in the face of persecution by the Church, Market or State. These are the main narrative threads of La luz es más antigua que el amor, a book that a novelist named Bocanegra talks to u us about during three key moments of his llife: the birth of his vocation, the death of hi his wife and his rise to become a figure of unive universal literature in 2040. If you have haven’t read him, and love literature and de deep thought, seek him out…


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Rights sold to: Porto Editora (Portugal). Option publishers: Marcos & Marcos (Italy), Jacqueline Chambon (France), Wereldbibliotheek (The Netherlands). A surprisingly original novel by one of the most highly regarded contemporary Spanish writers. After the trilogy formed by La ofensa, Derrumbe and El corrector, Ricardo Menéndez Salmón returns with an audacious text that can be read as a book about apprenticeship, artistic genius or a mystery novel. “Menéndez Salmón is an extremely cultured man possessed of his own expressionist, powerful style”, RAFAEL CONTE, BABELIA, EL PAÍS

“One of the authors whom both critics and readers keep tabs on” MANUEL DE LA FUENTE, ABC

Light is Older than Love Seix Barral / 176 pages / September 2010 9

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london 2011 fiction books

Reyes Monforte

© Víctor Cucart

A shocking novel about islamic terrorism and one of their terrible weapons: kidnapping

Sara has gone through some difficult times in her life: the death of her mother, a pregnancy at sixteen... but now, at twenty-four years old, she has found something approaching happiness. Modern and independent, she gives classes at a language school, where she meets and falls in love with one of her students. He, a westernised, romantic and impassioned Muslim slowly draws her into his culture and religion without ever revealing his true motives. When she begins to suspect the truth, it is already too late. Sara finds herself caught in a plot that affects the people closest to her, leading her to make a shocking decision. In just a few months the seductive youth transforms from the man of her dreams into her worst nightmare. Sara will become involved with a terrorist network linked to Al Qaeda and will have to learn the rules (for the black-clad women of the Intifada and warriors of the Jihad) if she wants to be released from her hell.

Reyes Monforte is a writer and journalist. She has spent much of her professional career working in radio, where she has directed and presented several programs on different channels for the last 15 years. She has also worked on different television programs, both on screen and as a scriptwriter. She is currently a columnist for the newspaper La Razón. Her first book, Un burka por amor was one of the bestselling books of 2007, went through 42 editions and was brought to the screen in a mini-series watched by four million viewers. Both these books and her later publications Amor cruel and La rosa escondida, were translated into several different languages, consolidating Reyes Monforte’s standing as one of the most important authors writing today.


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A gripping novel of uncontrollable feelings, passion, action and revenge that recreates the recurring real-life drama of western women recruited by radical Islam for terrorist activity. La inďŹ el is a novel inspired by real events occurring all across the western world. From the author of the publishing successes Un burka por amor, Amor cruel and La rosa escondida, a powerful story of love, deceit and vengeance addressing the threat of Islamic extremism in detail. The novel is based on real life cases of Spanish women marrying Islamic terrorists.

An Unfaithful Woman Temas de Hoy / 576 pages / April 2011 13

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london 2011 fiction books

Javier Moro Javier Moro has contributed from a very early age to the national and international press and has worked as a researcher for various books by authors like Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins. He spent six years in the USA developing projects for cinema and television, where he collaborated with directors like Ridley Scott. Pasión india, with 1,000,000 copies sold worldwide, has been in all the bestseller lists for two years and has become a success of both critics and readers with its publication in 12 countries.

© Sita Méndez

The most controversial book by the author of the bestseller Pasión India

In 1965 Sonia Maino, a 19 year-old Italian student, meets a young Indian man named Rajiv Gandhi. She is the daughter of a humble family from the surroundings of Turin; he comes from the most powerful lineage in India. It is the beginning of a love story that not even death will be able to break. In the name of love, the Italian girl leaves her world and her past to blend into her new country, the prodigious India that worships twenty million gods, speaks eight hundred languages and votes for five hundred political parties. Her courage, integrity and devotion will end up turning her into a goddess to the eyes of a sixth part of humanity. With an authentic narrative magic, Javier Moro recounts the great family saga of the Nehru-Gandhis,, men and women trapped in the clutches of power, prisoners to a fate they hav have not chosen, the same one that wil will take Sonia to embody the hopes o of a thousand and two hundred mi million people in the country of M Mahatma Gandhi.


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Javier Moro has sold more than 500,000 copies of this book since its publication. Fictionalization of the family saga of the Nehru-Gandhi, men and women trapped in the clutches of political power.

Matilde Asensi’s books have been published in 28 languages

The Red Sari Seix Barral / 632 pages / October 2008

His previous book, Pasión india, sold more than 1,000,000 copies worldwide, and was translated into twelve languages. With a journalistic language lively and easy to read, the book combines the behaviour inside the powerful family of the NehruGandhis with the course of the Indian political life. Translated into French, Italian, German, Dutch, Catalan, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech and Slovak.


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london 2011 fiction books

Isaac Rosa “One of the most solid and interesting writers in contemporary Spanish fiction” VICENTE LUIS MORA,

© Marta Velasco


The main protagonist of El país del miedo is a man who lives in fear. Not a paralysing or hysterical fear, but a constant, underlying foundation of angst that is always present. He is afraid that his son is going to be kidnapped, his wife raped. He is afraid of street gangs, of violent teenagers, of the desperate, the envious, of those who threaten the comfortable middle class that he belongs to. He knows that his fear is exaggerated, H knows that the even unfounded. He inse sensation of insecurity is actually a smokescreen to hide other, more form of fear: both social profound forms and economic. His fear, previously secondary, has now become a central aspect of his existence after in he becomes involved in a situation sit of conflict: a situation that could have been solved in a simply w way, which becomes com complicated because of his incapacity to take de decisions without fear. Ultimately, he must un undertake a search fo a way to escape his for fea fears.

Isaac Rosa was born in Seville in 1974. He has published the novels La malamemoria (1999), reedited in ¡Otra maldita novela sobre la Guerra civil! (Seix Barral, 2007) and El vano ayer (Seix Barral, 2004) awarded with the Premio Rómulo Gallegos, the Premio Ojo Crítico and the Premio Andalucía de la Crítica. He is also the co-author of the essay Kosovo. La coartada humanitaria (2001). Translated into various languages, his novel El vano ayer was made into a film by Andrés Linares under the title La vida en rojo.

1 16

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Rights sold to: Christian Bourgois (France), Gran Via (Italy), Wereldbibliotheek (The Netherlands), KlettCotta (Germany), Planeta Manuscrito (Portugal), Utopija (Serbia), Olma Media Group (Russia). Film rights sold to: Tragaluz Estudio de Artes Escénicas. Fundación José Manuel Lara Hernández’ 8th Award for the Best Novel of the year. El país del miedo studies the origin of the fear of the everyday, the way that fiction propagates fear to turn it into a system of domination, forcing us to accept abusive forms of protection as our fearful reactions generate even more insecurity. “Excellent.” JOSÉ MARÍA POZUELO YVANCOS, ABC DE LAS ARTES Y LAS LETRAS

Country of Fear Seix Barral / 320 pages / September 2008 17

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london 2011 fiction books

Clara Sánchez

© Josep Mª de Llobet

More than 140,000 copies sold in Spain and 130,000 copies sold in Italy

Sandra has decided to escape to a coastal village in Alicante: she is 30, has left her job and, pregnant by a man she doesn’t love, spends her time putting off the decision about what to do with her life. On the beach she meets the Christensens, a Norwegian couple in their eighties who appear to be the answer to Sandra’s prayers when they offer to pay her to accompany Karin to her physiotherapy sessions. Then Julián arrives from Argentina, he is a survivor of the Mauthausen extermin extermination camp, and begins to follow the Norwegian couple’s movem movements closely. One day c Julián confronts Sandra, telling her th that the Christensens are w they appear to be, not who reco recounting a story of horrors that has nothing to do with her her. Although Julián’s tale see seems farfetched, she be begins to look at her friends diffe differently, paying close attenti to the old couple’s attention a silences, unaware that words and inno her innocence is putting her life in jeopardy.

Clara Sánchez was born in Guadalajara but spent her childhood in Valencia. She later moved to Madrid, where she now lives. After going through various jobs, she taught at universities for a number of years and regularly appeared on the TVE programme Qué grande es el cine. In 1989 she published the novel Piedras preciosas, which was followed by No es distinta la noche (1990), El palacio varado (1993), Desde el mirador (1996), El misterio de todos los días (1999), Últimas noticias del paraíso, for which she received the Premio Alfaguara in 2000, and Un millón de luces (2004). Her work has been published in various different countries. In 2006 she was also awarded the Premio Germán Sánchez Ruipérez for the best article on reading in that year.


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Premio Nadal 2010. Rights sold to: Garzanti (Italy), Pegasus (Turkey), Olma Media Group (Russia), Utopija (Serbia). ‘Lo que esconde tu nombre is a captivating and convincingly realistic thriller but it is above all an absorbing novel about memory and redemption.’ ‘A novel that combines a plot of a growing dramatic tension with sketches taking us to Notorious by Hitchcock and Rosemary’s Baby by Polanski.’

What Your Name Conceals Destino / 425 pages / February 2010 19

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london 2011 fiction books

Mamen Sánchez A passionate love story, of redemption and forgiveness

When the young journalist Clara Cobián is sent to New York to record the memories of the great society lady Greta Bourvier, she doesn’t know that to fulfil her writer’s dream she will have to face once more her fascination with her old professor, Gabriel Hinestrosa, his talent for seduction and discover the real motives hidden behind the sudden return of the man who was the secret love of her life. In spite of this pri private anguish, Clara challeng and decides to go accepts the challenge o an investigation right to the heart of he to unexpected that will take her situ places and situations. The story of Bouvier from her mysterious Greta Bouvier, appearance iin Acapulco in 1951 to her luxurious existence in modern i pieced together Manhattan, is through the memories, intrigu grievances and intrigues, praise of the people who accom accompanied her on her a long ascent to glory. i is only Clara Cobián But it h the handwritten who has key to resolving the enigma Gr and her terrible of Greta secre secret.

After her success with Gafas de sol para días de lluvia and publishing two books for children (La estrella de siete puntas and Aventura en Tonantzin), the journalist Mamen Sánchez takes another step forward in her novelistic career with this ambitious book of three unusually powerful, interlinked stories. From Acapulco in the 50s to contemporary New York, the author takes her readers on an unforgettable voyage, with pages of the best kind of magical realism, legendary passions and mysteries that change the lives of the people involved. It is the quintessential classic melodrama told by a writer at the height of her powers. Readers are in for a treat.


Fiction London 2011 v5.indd 20

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Rights sold to: Mondadori (Italy). Agua del limonero is a tapestry of lives woven around the apparent success of an allpowerful aristocrat, the determination of an ambitious journalist and the nostalgia of an old story of love shattered into pieces. The portrait of an epoch reconstructed from what is left of its protagonists – a beautiful collection piece nonetheless.

Water from the Lemon Tree Espasa / 304 pages / February 2010 21

Fiction London 2011 v5.indd 21

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london 2011 fiction books

Kirmen Uribe Kirmen Uribe (Ondarroa, 1970) is a refreshing new voice on the Basque literary scene. The publication of his book of poetry Bitartean heldu eskutik in 2003, winner of the National Critics Prize, is among the most read in the Basque language and has been translated into Spanish, French and English. The English translation received an award from the PEN American Center and was a finalist in the category of best poetry book translated into English in 2007 in the US. Uribe studied Basque Language and Literature at Vitoria University. He is the author of various artistic projects that combine literature with other disciplines. He writes newspaper columns and has also published articles and poems in various prestigious magazines, including the New Yorker.

© Txomin Saez

National Fiction Prize 2009. A literary phenomenon

When Liborio Uribe found out that he was going to die, he wanted to see a painting by Aurelio Arteta one last time. He spent his entire life on the high seas and, like his son José, living unforgettable adventures that would later fade into obscurity. Years later, faced with the same painting, his grandson Kirmen, a writer and poet, uses these family stories to write a novel. Bilbao-New York-Bilbao takes place during a flight between Bilbao and JFK New York airports, telling the tale of three generations of the same family. Through letters, diaries, emails, poems and dictionaries, it creates a mosaic of memories and stories that combine to form a homage to a world that has almost disappeared as well as a hymn to the continuity of life. With this novel, Uribe makes a brilliant entry onto the Hispanic literary scene. He plunges into the realms of autofiction with a rich, complex, suggestive and deeply moving writing style.


Fiction London 2011 v5.indd 22

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Rights sold to: Gallimard (France), Planeta Manuscrito (Portugal), Edicions 62 (Catalan), Xerais (Galician). 90,000 copies sold in Spain. Premio Nacional de Narrativa 2009 (National Fiction Prize), Premio Nacional de la Crítica 2008 (National Critics Prize). A literary phenomenon that has completely revolutionized the Spanish publishing scene. ‘Uribe is an author with numerous preoccupations, politically committed, with a global, humanist conscience and a direct and different voice’ PEN AMERICAN CENTER

Qué leer magazine calls Bilbao-New York-Bilbao one of the year’s five best books.

Bilbao–New York–Bilbao Seix Barral / 212 pages / February 2010 23

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london 2011 fiction books

An excellent historical mystery novel. Remarkable, very readable and well researched and executed by the author.

Francisco Balbuena

A fascinating period not often depicted in literature: Seville in the 18th Century. A serial killer spreads terror amongst the people and Church. A fight to the death between the Church and the Enlightenment. A pair of unforgettable protagonists acts out a complex spy plot involving the British Crown and a disappeared shipment of gold.

Seville 1776. The city is shaken by the appearance of a number of decapitated priests. In every case the corpses show no wounds and there is no sign of blood. Gaspar de Jovellanos, a city judge, helped by Richard Twiss, an intrepid English traveller recently arrived in Spain, and Mariana de Guzmán, a young, intelligent aristocrat who is secretly in love with Gaspar, will begin a frantic search for the murdererx, whose ongoing atrocities seem to be foretold by a series of published predictions. As these dizzying events play out, Seville is torn between the fear and inscrutability of the Church and the new ideas of the Enlightenment.

The novel is enhanced by serious romantic episodes that give the characters (and reader) a break from the crazy pursuit of the murderer.

© María José de Acuña

The Mayor of Crime MR / 672 pages / January 2011 Francisco Balbuena was born in Jaén and studied information sciences at the university there. He currently lives in Madrid. He has won the 4th City of Badajoz Prize for the Novel with Portentos de ultramar, the 9th Francisco García Pavón de Tomelloso Prize for the Novel with El oráculo de la

tortuga and the 11th Río Manzanares Prize for the Novel with El jardín de ajenjo. He has also been a finalist in numerous prizes including the Planeta, Fernando Lara, Primavera and Azorín.


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london 2011 fiction books

A powerful novel, overwhelming writing, a gripping story about the power of love at life’s extremes.” Fernando Sánchez Dragó.

Pati Blasco A story suffused with a criminal, poetic atmosphere that presents love as a unique refuge from pain. Whilst driving home, Ángel hits Sofia and flees. Racked by guilt, he goes back to the scene and finds that his victim is still just alive but needs his help if she is to stay that way. Ángel manages to save Sofia but she remains in a coma. The young man then starts to lie about his identity in order to enter into the invalid’s world and get to know her peculiar family. La piel desnuda is a fastpaced story of love, violence and solidarity that makes us think about intricate twists of fate and the power of justice and love to set our future on the right track.

Pati Blasco has been hailed by critics such as Sánchez Dragó, Fernando Schwartz and Ignacio Merino. Her first novel, Andando la vida, was awarded the Desnivel Prize for Literature. Painstakingly researched, La piel desnuda exposes the excesses of the Spanish police at the border with Morocco.

© Aitor Bárez

Bare Skin Temas de Hoy / 288 pages / February 2011 Pati Blasco (Valladolid, 1978) began working as an editor at Escalar magazine. She has worked on several different publications for the Instituto de la Mujer and contributed to many different productions as a scriptwriter for documentaries and fictional programs.

She is also the author of numerous articles and stories. Andando la vida, winner of the eighth edition of the Desnivel Prize for Mountaineering, Travel and Adventure Literature was her first novel. She currently works for the publishers Desnivel as well as living her lifelong dream: to be a writer. 25

Fiction London 2011 v5.indd 25

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london 2011 fiction books

Sold to 13 languages so far. Film rights: Columbia Pictures.

Susana Fortes

Premio Fernando Lara 2009. Rights sold to: Harpercollins (English World Rights), Nord (MauriSpagnol, Italy), Heloïsse d’Ormesson (France), Muza (Poland), Európa (Hungary), Record (Brazil), Woongjin Think Big (Korea), Shanghai 99 (Chinese Simplifi ed), Uni-Books (Chinese Complex), Dogan Egmont (Turkey), Fraktura (Croatia) Host (Czech Republic), Atticus (Russia).

Paris, 1935. Writers, painters, poets, and photographers come together in the streets and cafés of the rive gauche, as thousands of Jews flee from the Nazis. Two young Jewish émigrés are among them. She, a German of Polish extraction, is proud, disciplined and daring. He, a Hungarian, is a born survivor who’s trying to find a place in the world of photography. In barely a year, the start of the Spanish Civil War will turn them into two of the best photojournalists of all time: Robert Capa and Gerda Taro. Love, war and photography marked their lives. They were young, antifascist, good-looking and wild at heart. They had it all. And they risked all they had. They created their own legend and stuck to their convictions up to the end.

Film rights sold to: Forward Pass (Michael Mann - Producer-) COLUMBIA PICTURES

© Alfonso Martí

Waiting for Robert Capa Planeta / 240 pages / June 2009 Susana Fortes (Pontevedra 1959), graduated in Geography and History. In 2003 she was shortlisted for the Premio Planeta with the novel El amante albanés which became a bestseller in Spain. With her first novel, Querido Corto Maltés, she won the Premio Nuevos Narradores in 1994; in

2001 she was the runner-up of the Premio Primavera, for her novel Fronteras de arena. She is also the author of Quattrocento, which foreign rights have already been acquired by a number of prestigious international publishers. With Esperando a Robert Capa she won the 2010 Valencia Literary Critics Prize.

‘A moving novel that pays homage to all the journalists and photojournalists who live for their profession.’


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london 2011 fiction books

Pere Gimferrer is an extremely prestigious author, one of the most important living poets in contemporary Spanish literature.

Pere Gimferrer

This new extended poem has love as its central theme but also offers the reader much more including reflections on subjects such as the passing of time, art and writing.

Rapsodia is a single free verse poem separated into seventeen sections. The whole is a perfect example of a rhapsody, defined as an “enthusiastic and extravagant declaration or composition in an elevated tone; emotional or irregular musical piece”. The text encompasses several different themes: a reflection on the nature of poetry, an examination of the passing of time, the tension between language and experience, the relationship between love and artistic expression and more generally between the visible world and writing and the poetic word as a manifestation and unique expression of an autonomous universe.

“He has as deep a first hand knowledge of the great European cultural tradition as any of our writers but is also the one to have gone furthest in introducing the healthy, brazen irreverence of pop.” ANTONIO MUÑOZ MOLINA

© Jorge de Cominges

Rhapsody Seix Barral / 96 pages / January 2011 Pere Gimferrer was born in Barcelona in 1945. His literary work in Spanish includes the poetry collections Arde el mar (1966), which won the National Prize for Poetry, Amor en vilo (2006), Interludio azul (2006) and Tornado (2008). His Catalan work includes the novel Fortuny (1983), which won the Ramon

Llull and Critica prizes, and El vendaval (1988), for which he won the National Poetry Prize for the second time. His life’s work has seen him awarded the National Prize for Spanish Literature (1998) and the International Octavio Paz Prize for Poetry and Criticism (2006).

“He is the best living Spanish poet.”IVÁN TUBAU, El Mundo “Some of his poetry is amongst the best being written in both Spain and the Americas.” OCTAVIO PAZ


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london 2011 fiction books

He is considered one of the best contemporary Spanish writers and his work has been translated into more than ten languages.

Antonio Gómez Rufo It is 1229, in the midst of the Reconquista. In the San Benito monastery in Lleida, a series of horrible crimes has shattered the monks’ peaceful existence. His Majesty Jaime 1st, King of Corona de Aragón and Count of Barcelona, moves into the abbey together with Queen Leonor and six of her ladies in waiting in order to follow the investigation into the strange events carried out by Constanza de Jesús, a Navarran nun famous for her deductive skills, at first hand. Whilst the inquiry leads to a much murkier truth than expected, the Queen languishes heartbroken in her cell when she finds out that her husband has asked the Pope to annul their marriage.

La abadía de los crímenes is a very well-documented text, with a refined use of language and about a quite unknown period of time. Full of intrigues, secrets, love and political strategies in the Court of Jaime 1st of Aragon, where the main characters are women. “Satan lurks within these walls. Once he got inside us, we were seduced by death, whether by killing or dying ourselves. Never again shall the name of that room from hell be mentioned.”

© Josefina Blanco

Crime Abbey Planeta / 400 pages / February 2011 Antonio Gómez Rufo was born in Madrid. He studied Law and Criminology and started writing literature from a very early age. He won the Fernando Lara Prize for the Novel, the Dos de Mayo Independencia Prize for El secreto del rey cautivo (2005) and was a finalist in the National Fiction

Prize for El alma de los peces (2000). His books include Los mares del miedo (2003, Cartagena Booksellers’ Association Prize), Adiós a los hombres (2006), El señor de Cheshire (2006, Ducal de Loeches Prize), Balada triste en Madrid (2007) and La noche del tamarindo (2008).


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london 2011 fiction books

The first novel by Ana GarcíaSiñeriz, a story of strong feelings and enigmatic characters.

Ana García-Siñeriz Fleeing from the pain of the death of her little Alma and the break-up with her husband, María rents a house on the outskirts of Barcelona. The house turns out to be the property of Estela, an enigmatic woman who disappeared a year ago. All of Estela’s possessions remain in the house, inherited from her grandmother, the marquess Estela Vallés-Brugera. María gives herself over to grief, enhanced by the solitude and silence of the house. As the days pass, her curiosity about the Vallés-Bruguera mystery, and especially Estela, grows. Meanwhile, she will try to reconstruct the puzzle of her own life.

An ambitious novel that explores the lives of two very different women who share a common fate.

© Brian Hallett

Those Blonde Women Planeta / 526 pages / June 2010 Ana García-Siñeriz (Oviedo, 1965), is a Spanish journalist and TV host. For years, she cohosted a show called “Lo + Plus” in Canal + where international celebrities, as Gwyneth Paltrow, Julian Schnabel or Mario Vargas Llosa went to be interviewed. She later on moved to a new channel, Cuatro,

for which Siñeriz cohosted with Boris Izaguirre an irreverent show, female oriented, called “Channel no. 4”. Now she presents Cuatro News Morning Show “Matinal Cuatro”. She also writes a successful column for Marie Claire magazine.


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london 2011 fiction books

Francisco González Ledesma

Rights sold to: Bompiani (Italy), Atalante (France), Dom Quixote (Portugal), Bertelsmann (Poland), Karakter Uitgevers (The Netherlands), Bazar (Sweden), Bazar (Norway), Bazar (Denmark), Bazar (Finland), Nemira (Romania), Ciela (Bulgaria), Azoth Books (Taiwan), Wanrong (China), Olma media Group (Russia).

Marta Vives, young assistant to the lawyer Marcos Solana, is working to uncover the mystery behind the death of a member of Barcelona’s high society. During the investigation, Marta will also become caught up in the feud that has been underway for two centuries between the family of the dead man and another powerful clan in the city, the Masdeus. Marta’s story is accompanied by another voice: that of a restless narrator speaking to us from the mean streets of Medieval Barcelona, persecuted by the inquisition, and a witness to some of the most important moments in the history of the city.

The hidden history of Barcelona lies within this absorbing novel: a book that is both a thrilling adventure and, at the same time, a homage to a marvellous city. «Between good and evil, between God and the Devil, who is to say that the first will win.»

The City beyond Time Destino / 472 pages / March 2007 Francisco González Ledesma (Barcelona, 1927) began working as a lawyer and became editor-in-chief of La Vanguardia. He received the Premio Planeta in 1984 for Crónica sentimental en rojo. The crime series featuring Méndez also includes El pecado o algo parecido and Cinco

mujeres y media (French critics’ Prix Mystère). He was awarded the Premio Pepe Carvalho 2005 in recognition of his work as a crime writer.


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london 2011 fiction books

Yeti’s subject matter will appeal to a wide range of readers: an adventure set in exotic locations with touches of science fiction and also a clear preoccupation for ecology and the problems facing humanity.

Francisco J. López del Oso Mario Yerro leaves for Sumatra on a desperate mission: to save Sungai Penuh, a unique and unexplored nature reserve, from the clutches of a powerful oil company. Meanwhile, Doctor Eliana Colman faces up to a terrible virus which may have come from somewhere in Sumatra. The paths of the doctor and Mario will cross in the depths of the jungle, where they will embark on a race against time to save the reserve and all that lurks within it. Yeti is a novel that moves beyond the adventure genre into the realms of thriller, science fiction, and occasionally, terror literature.

J. López del Oso, winner of the 2009 Premio Minotauro, tells the story at a breathtaking pace, not giving the reader a moment’s rest. Fernando J. López del Oso, winner of the 2009 Premio Minotauro, returns with an action packed novel that poses probing questions about our increasingly uncertain future.

Yeti Minotauro / 448 pages / February 2011 Fernando J. López del Oso was born in Madrid in 1974. A biologist, he has worked for many years promoting scientific activity in the media, a task that he combines with literature and his work for the Ukhupacha Project, an organization of Spanish speleologists and adventurers who

work with scientists and archaeologists from all across the world. He is the author of Un viaje mágico por Egipto and the nonfiction book La Sexta Extinción. His fiction works include El Templo de la Luna, the winner of the 2009 Premio Minotauro.


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london 2011 fiction books

“A story about our recent history that combines novel and rich use of language, an original, complex structure and a beautiful, surprising and captivating plot.”

David de Juan Marcos


“The most moving and beautiful expression of magical realism to date. This world is easy to enter but difficult to leave.”

Cayute is an old man looking back on his life. As he reminisces about Almoneda, an imaginary land located on the border between Spain and Portugal, he takes us on a journey through the collective memory of a town. Readers will discover an unusual place, filled with inscrutable people whose fates are determined by love in all its variations. We will also be witnesses to the irreparable loss caused by the devastation of Almoneda as Cayute and his friends move further and further away from its magical boundaries; the embodiment of childhood and innocence. Only Cayute will keep the promise the children made never to abandon its intimate, personal universe.


The fictional land created by the author holds similarities to Juan Rulfo’s Comala in the blend of characters trapped between life and oblivion and Garcia-Marquez’s Macondo for the way in which the author stretches reality until the credible becomes incredible.

© Nines Mínguez

The Dance of the Lizards Temas de Hoy / 352 pages / April 2011 David de Juan Marcos (Salamanca, 1980) has a degree in biology and a masters in nature administration, conservation and sustainable development. In his literary career he has published and received awards for numerous short stories. In 2005 he was awarded a grant by the Antonio Gala

Foundation for Young Creators and began to write his first longer piece of fiction, El baile de las lagartijas, which won the Vicente Blasco Ibañez City of Valencia International Prize for the Novel. It is a powerful novel, promising a long and successful literary career.


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london 2011 fiction books

A plot as surprising as it is unnerving, in the tradition of the best subversive crime literature.

José Ángel Mañas

A mystery that has the reader trembling with suspense and suspicion. An exposition, centred on the Greater Madrid area, of the troubles that lurked beneath the surface in the years immediately before the current economic crisis.

What happens when the principal suspect in a rape and murder case is the very policeman who was supposed to protect the victim? A saleswoman in a pharmacy in a village outside of Madrid has been raped and murdered. Inspectors Pacheco and Duarte follow the trail of a psychopath recently released from prison who was known to be in the area and was rumoured to have visited and threatened the victim the week before the murder. But what seemed like an open and shut case gets more complicated when evidence begins to appear making Duarte himself the main suspect.

Powerful use of colloquial language.

© Thomas Canet

Suspicion Destino / 432 pages / November 2010 José Ángel Mañas (Madrid, 1971) was a finalist in the Premio Nadal in 1994 with his first novel, Historias del Kronen and a finalist of the Premio Hammet for the best crime novel published in 2005 with Caso Karen. He is also the author of Soy un escritor frustrado, Ciudad rayada and

El secreto del oráculo. Three of his novels have been made into films.


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london 2011 fiction books

Premio Primavera 2010.

Fernando Marías

‘The winner of the latest Premio Primavera award combines love, desire and betrayal.’ Marías builds a hard-to-resist atmosphere where the sea and women are shown as the two most beautiful things in nature.

20th century: Gabriel lives trapped by his passion for a woman who doesn’t exist, and this obsession will affect his love for Leonor, a real woman whose destiny is tragically linked to that of the tormented Indian Tomas Montaña. 21st century: Sebastian, a guy targeted by a criminal gang, finds himself forced to disappear and be reborn under a false identity. But he won’t be able to get over his uncontrollable attraction for Vera, a bewitching femme fatale who vanished mysteriously some time ago. A novel about the strength of desire and the darkness of feelings, it redefines romantic and psychological literature.

© Fernando Maquieira

All the Love and Almost All the Death Espasa / 352 pages / April 2010 Fernando Marías (Bilbao, 1958) is a novelist, screenwriter and editor. His novels include La luz prodigiosa (Premio Ciudad de Barbastro 1990), Esta noche moriré, El Niño de los coroneles (Premio Nadal 2001), Invasor (Premio Dulce Chacón 2005) and El mundo se acaba todos

los días (Premio Ateneo de Sevilla 2005) and his books for younger audiences include Cielo abajo (Premio Anaya 2005 and the Premio Nacional de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil 2006) and Zara y el librero de Bagdad (Premio Gran Angular 2008).


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london 2011 fiction books

A novel about the first women’s expedition to the New World in 1550.

Elvira Menéndez

Eighty noblewomen travel to the Indies to become wives to the conquerors. Hardship, pirates and even the plague will leave them undeterred.

The Castilian crown’s conquest of the New World advances unabated. Charles 5th wants to Christianize the remote parts of the empire and, to this end, the Council of the Indies decides to send the first caravan of women in history to the Americas; eighty maidens are chosen from among the best noble families. Hoping to turn their fortunes around, the women embark to find a Christian marriage with a conquistador and start a lineage, but they will have to confront all manner of difficulties: pirate attacks, storms, the plague, and the problems that come with living in a world designed for men. The Heart of the Ocean Temas de Hoy / 608 pages / February 2010 Elvira Menéndez was born in La Coruña in 1949. She graduated from the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Madrid and has combined literary and acting work throughout her career. In her literary career she has done a vast amount of scriptwriting for the most important media

organizations and also adapted dramatic works for the screen, but the work for which she is best known is her writing for infants and children. She has written more than 31 books, all of them published by the biggest publishers. El corazón del océano is her first book for adults.


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london 2011 fiction books

Three generations of an extraordinary family set apart by their surname. A line of unique, exceptional women. An unrepeatable bond. A doomed love affair. A captivating story.

Julia Montejo

An unconventional plot, mysterious atmosphere, and surprising ending dominated by powerful female characters. Perfectly drawn thoughts, feelings and personalities. A complete narrative technique. An easy to read, rewarding story.

After the death of her aunt, Madelaine finds herself forced to return to her relatives. The Durangos are the most important family in the village, they own most of the land and the most prosperous businesses, but also suffer from a long history of misfortune and malicious gossip. To Madelaine, the return will mean facing her other aunt, Clara and her own past. It is a murky past filled with too many unresolved questions: what happened to her grandmother Olivia, who was wiped from the family history? Why did her mother disappear without saying goodbye? And what was her mother’s real relationship with her aunts?

© Mercedes Segovia

Violets for Olivia MR / 320 pages / April 2011 Julia Montejo (Pamplona) has a degree in journalism from the Universidad de Navarra and a masters in Scriptwriting, Production and Direction from the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA). In the USA she has written and been an analyst for cinema and television. She wrote and directed the film No Turning Back

A story about how the past can come to dominate our lives. A novel with numerous different angles and a dizzying pace that fuses themes and epochs in an original tale of love, mapping out the various different lives of a series of fascinating women.

which won more than 20 international prizes. Her first novel, Eva desnuda, was a finalist in the City of Torrevieja Prize 2005 and was published in 2006. Recently, Twentieth Century Fox acquired the rights to her script The Virgin Mary for international production.


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london 2011 fiction books

Rights sold to: Corbaccio (Italy).

Eloy Moreno

El bolígrafo de gel verde is a detailed, painstaking, magnificent and anguished description of how to waste one’s time, and, consequently, their life.

A young married man with a son and a stable job seems happy until an insignificant event sends his life in strange new directions: the disappearance of a green ballpoint pen. The loss sets him to reflecting on his life and the people around him with surprising consequences. The plot of the novel is that of life itself; a sensitive and intelligent portrayal of the every day. It captures the reader from the first page, moving and exciting them throughout.

A publishing phenomenon long before its publication: Eloy Moreno decided to publish and distribute the book himself. After almost a year demonstrating that the book had a market (it sold more than 3,000 copies), the publishers Espasa grew interested and published it. It is a story that hooks, seduces, moves, teaches and evokes memories, written in a skilful, original and easy to read manner. The Green Ballpoint Pen Espasa / 320 pages / January 2011 Eloy Moreno lives in Castellón and works in the city’s town hall. He decided to start writing after reading a book that had won an important prize and setting himself the challenge of writing something much better. When his novel was finished, he decided not to send it to a publisher. Confident

in the quality of the novel, he decided to win himself a place in bookshops on his own. His success became an internet phenomenon.

The novel is so quotidian, so real, that the reader rapidly feels himself identifying with the characters.


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london 2011 fiction books

A novel about a 19th Century investigation into an assassination attempt in the highest circles of power in Barcelona.

Jorge Navarro

Jorge Navarro reveals himself to be an extremely talented writer, especially good at recreating a historical atmosphere as attractive as it is disturbing and combining it with a highly original plot.

Barcelona 1893. After an attack at the Liceu Theatre, the city is plunged into a whirlwind of uncertainty and anarchist attacks. The Baron of Castellfullit, one of the most powerful people in Barcelona, decides to travel to Madrid to inform the authorities of the situation and to look for support for a coup that would re-establish order. Many people hate the arrogant baron: his wife, his young lover Sofia, even his own son, all have reasons to see him killed. But they are not the only ones. Four people will die during an attack, and a fifth, completely innocent, will be tried in the midst of great social upheaval.

“A novel full of critical subtlety, humour and spirit. A strangeness that comes highly recommended.” ALICIA GIMÉNEZ BARTLETT

“Jorge Navarro writes very well, builds up a good plot and depicts the period very successfully. I like him.” EDUARDO MENDOZA

© Pilar Tirbió

The Five Deaths of the Haughty Baron Seix Barral/ 336 pages / March 2011 Jorge Navarro Pérez was born in 1962 in Castelldefels, where he works as a secondary school teacher. He graduated in geography and history from the Universidad de Barcelona, and his stories have appeared in several anthologies including Quince líneas: Relatos y Noche

de relatos, and literary magazines. One of them won the Federico MuelasCity of Cuenca Prize for the Short Story in 1992. As a photographer, he worked under the pseudonym Bocángel for both magazines and publishers and his work has been shown in group and individual exhibitions.

“A book destined to leave a mark on its readers.” LORENZO SILVA


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london 2011 fiction books

The Spanish fantasy author par excellence.

Javier Negrete

More than 80,000 copies of his books sold in Spain. Javier Negrete touches many different literary genres and he seems to work moved by his inspiration.

Long ago, the god Tubilok explored the dimensions of time and space, and in his search for absolute power and knowledge he lost his mind. For centuries he has slept in the rock, but now he awakes from his millenniaold sleep, ready to annihilate humanity and spread madness and destruction throughout the land of Tramórea. Both voluntarily and by coercion, the rest of the gods accompany him in his demented crusade. Only the three wizards of Kalagorinôr remain, ‘the ones who wait for the gods’. To confront this threat they will need the help of the great sword masters.

The author is part of the catalogue of L’Atalante (France).

The Dream of the Gods Minotauro / 448 pages / October 2010 Javier Negrete was born in Madrid in 1964. In 1992 he published his first novel, La luna quieta. He is the author of many other works of science fiction such as La mirada de las furias (premio Ignotus for best novel, 1998), Estado crepuscular (premio Ignotus and Gilgamesh for best story, 1994),

La Espada de Fuego (premio Ignotus, 2003), El espíritu del mago (2005), Señores del Olimpo (winner of the premio Minotauro 2006 and the Utopiales 2008) and Alejandro Magno y las águilas de Roma (premio Celsius 2008).


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london 2011 fiction books

The author is a well known journalist and won the Espasa Non-Fiction Prize in 2008 with La mujer del maquis, which sold 20,000 copies.

Ana R. Cañil

A harrowing melodrama about one of the most obscure episodes of Spanish recent history.

Madrid, 1939: Jimena Bartolomé is imprisoned in the women’s prison at Ventas. In this sinister institution, the warden, Maria Topete, controls the destiny of the prisoners and their children… In Si a los tres años no he vuelto Ana R. Cañil recreates some hitherto relatively unknown events from the post-war period: the story of prisoners whose children were taken away by their jailors and placed in convents or given up for adoption. Si a los tres años no he vuelto is an unputdownable novel that exposes terrible historical events and depicts an unforgettable clash between Jimena and Maria, two memorable women.

The novel is based on real, little known characters. Si a los tres años no he vuelto will captivate and move readers of novels by María Dueñas, Almudena Grandes, Eduardo Mendoza, Dulce Chacón and Carlos Fonseca.

© Guillermo Sanz

If I Don’t Come Back in Three Years Espasa / 400 pages / March 2011 Ana R. Cañil (Madrid, 1960) is a journalist. She began her career writing for economics publications. After working for a few months at El Alcázar newspaper, she moved on to Cinco Días and then to the magazine Mercado and La Gaceta de los Negocios. She lived in New York in

1984 and 1985. She has been head editor at the weekly El Siglo, editor of the Informe Semanal and the Madrid correspondent for El Periódico de Catalunya. In 2008, she received the Espasa Non-Fiction Prize for La mujer del maquis. She writes frequently for Vanity Fair.


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london 2011 fiction books

Rights sold to: Mondadori (Italy).

Eduardo Roca Cologne, 15th Century. The winds of reform and change are whipping through a Europe still governed by old beliefs and superstitions. Access to knowledge is in the hands of the few. However, a small group of erudite men meeting in absolute secrecy are united by a common goal: to spread culture amongst the people. How? Through books. But beforehand they will have to overcome the barriers set in place by the church – which doesn’t want “dangerous” works such as the Gospels to reach the masses – and the nobility – who want to hold on to their privileges. One man rises to meet this challenge; a modest goldsmith named Lorenz, helped by his daughter. However, the price to be paid for his insolence could be high: his life and those of everyone close to him.

An intense and epic novel about the magic of books. Along the lines of The Pillars of the Earth: the struggle of one man to see his dream become reality. The novel is like a fresco of the city of Cologne in the 15th Century. The author describes everything: the monuments, geography, merchandise, jobs of the period, food, streets, dress, interiors of the houses...

The Workshop of Forbidden Books MR / 640 pages / February 2011 Eduardo Roca (Barcelona, 1963) is a university researcher and professor. He graduated as an industrial engineer from the Universidad Politécnica de Barcelona. He currently lives and resides in Heidelberg (Germany), where he combines his teaching with diverse

Readers will find it easy to identify with the novel’s plot: the struggle between the corrupt and powerful who want to control everything and idealistic characters who rebel in support of a new invention.

cultural projects. El taller de los libros prohibidos is his first novel.


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london 2011 fiction books

Option publishers: Tyto Alba (Lithuania).

Nuria Roca Juan del Val

An astounding novel, irresistible and addictive from the first page to the last. Having sold 120,000 copies of her first two books, Nuria Roca is more than just promising, she’s the real deal.

This is the story of a woman who set out to be worthy of her most cherished desires. There’s someone out there who knows something about us that we don’t even know ourselves. After becoming one of the bestselling authors of 2009, Nuria Roca (in collaboration with Juan de Val) decided to make her second novel a story that combines the best ingredients of Los caracoles no saben que son caracoles (sex, humour and daily life), with a surprising plot set behind the scenes in the world of publishing, where nothing is what it seems.

A novel that will exceed all expectations. Para Ana (de tu muerto) is the story of an unfinished novel in which everyone knows more than they’re letting on. We always think that fulfilling our dreams depends on luck, but can’t we do something to deserve it?

© JAS -

To Ana (from beyond the grave) Espasa / 288 pages / April 2011 Nuria Roca Granell (Montcada, Valencia, 1972) has worked in television since 1992, making so many programs that there’s not enough space to list them all here. Her first book, Sexual-mente was extremely successful in 2007 and her first novel Los caracoles no saben que son caracoles

made 2009 an even better year. Juan del Val Pérez (Madrid, 1970) has done many different jobs: in construction, at newspapers, magazines, on the radio, on television... but he has always been a writer, even if this is his first novel.


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london 2011 fiction books

“Fantastic. The best Spanish spy novel ever written.” Julia Navarro.

Fernando Rueda

Fernando Rueda is the author of La Casa, a huge bestseller and the first ever book on the Spanish intelligence service.

Ela has just been named Director of Operations of the CNI secret service. After her appointment, her grandfather gives Ela a series of recordings he has made. The tapes will tell of an enthralling world and a story that Ela never could have imagined; a vivid portrayal of Spain running from the civil war years up to the sixties, featuring fascinating characters such as Kim Philby – the most famous double agent of all time–, prominent Nazis who took refuge in Spain, European royal families… all these memories will tell Ela much more about her family than she ever suspected, and will put her on the track of a political plot that began in the war over seventy years ago and continues to this day.

Fernando Rueda is regarded as the foremost specialist on all things related to espionage.

© Alicia Gil

The Voice of the Past MR / 544 pages / October 2010 Fernando Rueda Rieu was born in Madrid and has a doctorate in journalism from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He is the leading Spanish expert on espionage. He began his career as a research journalist at the newspaper Ya and the weekly Época, and

was deputy editor of the magazines Tiempo and Interviú. In addition to his work in the print media, he has also been involved in radio, and has appeared on several television programs.


Fiction London 2011 v5.indd 43

22/03/11 13:59

Jesús Sánchez Adalid was born in 1962 in Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz). He graduated in Law at the Universidad de Extremadura and studied for his doctorate at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He worked as a judge for two years, after which he studied philosophy and theology. Considered an original, multifaceted writer, he has found a wide reading public thanks to his singular

london 2011 fiction books

Jesús Sánchez Adalid A historical novel set in first century Corinth that imagines the transformation from the Greek to the Christian. Los milagros del vino recreates a fascinating world at a time when the single most important shift in Western thought was about to take place. In a decadent Greece under the rule of the Roman Empire, the priest Podalirio, who has dedicated his whole life to the cult of the god Asclepius, finds himself growing more and more disenchanted with the gods. Confronted with suffering, sickness and death, he is unable to fill his emptiness until one day he hears a story that will change his life forever, a message of trust in the future.

rendering of characters, the intensity of their experiences and the exciting journeys they undertake, authentic journeys of initiation, in search of inner truth. He has successfully published La luz del Oriente, La Tierra sin Mal and El caballero de Alcántara, among others. In 2007 he won the Fernando Lara prize for his novel El alma de la ciudad.

Option publishers: Karakter Uitgevers (The Netherlands). The author’s previous novel, El alma de la ciudad, has sold more than 70,000 copies. Sánchez Adalid, a hugely bestselling author, this time turns his attention to an exciting period of our culture, including touches of humour and historical curiosities. Through a journey in time, he imagines an almost unexplored period in fiction: the years after Christ’s death.

© Alicia Macías

The Wine Miracles Planeta / 590 pages / May 2010


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london 2011 fiction books

Rights sold to Alnari (Serbia).

Margarita Torres

A stupendous historical and adventure novel along the lines of In the Name of the Rose. “Readers are privileged to be able to welcome a new historical novel by Margarita Torres. La cátedra de la calavera is destined to be a success.”

1509. A young woman flees from an arranged marriage dressed as a boy and seeks refuge at the home of the professor Luisa de Medrano. Once in Salamanca, still disguised in men’s clothing, she will meet a knave and a brilliant medical student with whom she will begin an ambiguous, intense friendship. The woman, together with Luisa and the Master of the School, will investigate a series of mysterious murders that have taken place within the university. They will thus be caught up in a murky affair also involving the Inquisition and the Crown. A historical thriller that pays homage to one of Spain’s most important institutions.


“La cátedra de la calavera will touch hearts and help us to dream. It is the work of a great historian.” JULIA NAVARRO

© Estela Martín Gómez

The Skull Chair Temas de Hoy / 416 pages / June 2010 Margarita Torres (La Bañeza, 1969) is a Doctor of Medieval History and a professor in the same subject at the University of León. Author of more than fifty articles and papers, her published books include: Linajes nobiliarios en León y Castilla (siglos IXXIII), El Cid y otros señores

de la guerra, Batallas legendarias y el oficio de la guerra and Enrique de Castilla. She has been León’s official chronicler for a number years.


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london 2011 fiction books

In spite of his avoidance of conventional media, Pablo Tusset (Barcelona 1965) has come to be regarded as one of the most solid and original voices of contemporary European literature, his work now having been translated into over twenty different languages. So far, he has written a hilarious, irreverent comedy that was immediately made into a film (Lo mejor que le puede pasar a un cruasán, 2001), a dark and disturbing

Pablo Tusset Spring 2089: on the Oxford 7 campus, Sirhan Palaiopoulos a professor of Pre-computer cinematography, is plotting something along with his most dedicated students. Dean Deckard tries to manage the situation from his office in Huxley tower whilst the anti-disturbance brigades are deployed below. However, with the help of Rick Blaine, an old space hand and smuggler of Burley tobacco (grown in real soil!), the intrepid students manage to escape the space station and make their way to Earth. But they have no idea of the dangers they face at the end of their journey; to the heart of an apocalyptic Barcelona just after the Storming of Boqueria Market.

thriller (En el nombre del Cerdo, 2005) and a satire caricaturing Spanish politics over the last decade (Sakamura, Corrales y los muertos rientes, 2009).

Option publishers: FVA (Germany), Sammako (Finland), Opera (Greece), Signatuur (The Netherlands), Dom Quixote (Portugal), Humanitas (Romania). An extremely funny novel, utterly absorbing. This time, in a new twist, he surprises us with a science fiction adventure filled with the author’s characteristic humour, engaging characters, gripping atmosphere, and bursts of political incorrectness. Tusset shows masterful talent at dialogue, characterization and the creation of a future world that constantly alludes to the present.

© Eva Pastor

Oxford 7 Destino / 272 pages / April 2011


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Alberto Vázquez-Figueroa This book is destined to make history. Firstly, because the gripping plot examines the dangers posed by the fact that oil is currently being extracted from the sea bed ten thousand metres below sea level. Drilling techniques, as the recent disaster in the Gulf of Mexico demonstrates, are not yet advanced enough to do this safely. Secondly because, the author has realized, as one of the characters explains, that books can be printed more simply, and cheaply, saving a third of the paper and weight without reducing the font size, which means that a third less trees will be cut down to produce paper; an important step in preserving the forests of the world.

Option publishers: Humanitas (Romania), Ripol (Russia). “The Spanish Jules Verne” Antonio Iturbe, Qué Leer His work has captivated millions of readers across the world. He has sold more than twenty-five million copies throughout his career. He is one of the world’s best-read contemporary authors. Nine of his novels have been adapted for the cinema.

© Silvia Vázquez-Figueroa

The Burning Sea MR / 128 pages / January 2011 Alberto VázquezFigueroa was born in 1936 and spent his adolescence in the Sahara. At first he published books on far-off, exotic places that he travelled to as a journalist (África encadenada, La ruta de Orellana, Galápagos...), but as the years went on he also began to publish

Alberto VázquezFigueroa’s new novel examines, with masterful narrative timing and rhythm, the great business concern of the century: oil, and in doing so challenges us to question the difference between fact and fiction.

novels (Manaos, Tierra virgen, Quién mató al embajador...). Success arrived with Ébano and above all with Tuareg. Many of his novels have been adapted for cinema, an industry in which he has also been heavily involved, as a director, screenwriter and producer.


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london 2011 fiction books

Rights sold to: Albatros (Poland).

Andrés Vidal

The triumph of a man who struggled to achieve his dream against all the odds. ‘An important work of research and documentation covering an understudied period; the beginnings of industrialization in Catalonia.’

In the Barcelona of the Industrial Revolution era, the protagonist, Rosendo Roca, will refuse to accept his tragic fate and go on a dangerous quest that will come to dominate the rest of his life. On the way, he will have to struggle against hunger, the nobility, engrained tradition, war, sickness and the proletariat, as well as the contradictions that come with a form of progress in which the Church and vested interests play a crucially decisive role. He will discover the value of friendship, unconditional love and the power of hate in a newly industrial world in which he himself will play a big part in transforming.

A book that will remind you of Falcones with a Zafón’s twist set in the Barcelona of the Industrial Revolution era (XIX century)

The Inheritance of the Land Planeta / 768 pages / March 2010 Andrés Vidal’s writing is a rich melting pot of ideas and projects drawing inspiration from journalistic work, cinema and television. La herencia de la tierra is his first novel.


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Grupo Planeta_FICTION (LBF11)  

Foreign rights catalogue for the London Bookfair 2001 (Fiction titles)

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