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Dear Hendrik

We parted

We were called by you

Why? Why? Do we have to go?

And I think you know when (2008…)

Dear Hendrik

We made up our minds

Now we really know

And decided to answer

My, my, we should never go

Look at us now

We were angry and sad

Will we ever forget?

When we knew we were through

We don´t know how

We will count all the times

But we suddenly join together

We´ll remember all of you!

There was a call for all of us Look at us now Just an e-mail

Will we ever forget?

And we heard a bell ring

We don´t know how

One more mail

But we joined close together

And we forgot everything

There was a call for all of us Just an e-mail

Oh Oh And we heard a bell ring Dear Hendrik Here we are again

One more mail And we forgot everything

My, my, how could we resist you? Dear Hendrik

OH dear Hendrik

Here we are again!

Here we are again

My, my, just

And we´ll never forget Comenius !!!

H ow much we like it! Music – Mamma Mia

Yes we´ve been

Singers - 6 enthusiastic Comenius Coordinators girl s

Brokenhearted At final Comenius Visit in Sweden!

Blue since the day

3-8 May 2011

Dear Hendrik  


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