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Report on the COMENIUS Visit to Leighton Buzzard

When I first knew I was going to London, I was not as excited about England as I was when I had to come back to Portugal. London itself is a beautiful city, where we can take nice pictures and walk through magnificent gardens. The first day in Leighton Buzzard was a little bit embarrassing, because I didn’t understand the British accent so easily so I had to ask people to repeat everything. Despite that fact, Leighton Buzzard School was great! Unlike Portugal, there are (often) 2 teachers for each subject and I found it very useful. The School itself has got appropriate rooms for each subject and I think it’s fundamental. When I started to get used to it I didn´t want to leave!!! How fantastic was that? Well, I met Italian, Swedish, Hungarian, Spanish and Turkish guys and I made a lot of friends – I’ve even added them in Facebook! I improved my English skills as well as my pronunciation, and now I speak properly. Those were phenomenal days because I went to a rugby match, a football match, I even played football with them, I made kites and these activities made the time go faster. I wish all the best for my new friends and I hope to come back to Leighton Buzzard soon!

Miguel Fonseca

Comenius_Evaluation Report -Miguel Fonseca  


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