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Comenius International Activity – Visit to Runby Skola - Upplands Vasby - Sweden

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In a scale from 0 to 10, I’ll give a 20, because I learnt a lot and I made a big connection with the beautiful city that I got to know and of course with the amazing people that I met too. It’s everything so calm and with so much respect that I got used to it, it’s a perfect place to live. I loved all the activities that I did, mostly the ones I’m not used to do, like working in wood or cooking my own bread or even walking in the forest. Moreover, I’ve to say that all the activities were funny and with a good purpose, so they taught me a lot and were useful. I think that we all were able to talk to each other with more or less difficulties, but I think that we all were capable to destroy the barriers and “fight” to be understood, when we couldn’t. The thing I most remember was the talent show, because I think it was such a good environment among the Comenius’ entire group; but I can’t either forget this amazing journey, it’s impossible to do it, when we have good activities to do and when people are so nice and sweet with us, all the time. It made me grow up more, it made me learn how to behave with different cultures and nationalities, it made me understand that we really are all different and all the same; if not, we wouldn’t get the strong connection we established. I think that it’s a good way to thank all the Swedish people that treated us so well and with so much love that we aren’t able to forget this fantastic trip, where we were capable to know Stockholm, where we were capable to learn some Swedish traditions, where we develop one of the most important things in life: friendship. Well, I just want to thank all of you for having given me this awesome opportunity, that made me grow, and that has made me and still makes me smile a lot!

Ana Rodrigues 18 Years old Portuguese Group Escola Secundária Carolina Michaëlis 13th May 2011

Evaluation of the trip to Sweden  


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