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ENERGY E-BOOK Energy E-book

ENERGY E-BOOK 1060 Key features

>> Ultralight eBook with just 152gr and 9 mm. E-Ink® Vizplex™ 6” screen, paper-like display that do not harm your eyes.Low consumption, you can read 4000 pages with a single charge. With 2GB capacity to store up to 1400 books*. Plays MP3, WMA, WAV audio. >> 2GB: Stores up to 1400 eBooks*. Memory expansion with optional SD/SDHC cards up to 16GB. >> TOUCH KEYS: Comfortable touch buttons to control the device. >> SLIM: Ultralight, just 152gr and 9mm. >> MUSIC: Plays MP3, WMA, WAV audio files. Built-in speaker.

>> Launchment >> Available on shops

ENERGY E-BOOK 2060 Key features

>> Compatible with the most popular file formats: ePub,FB2 y PDF, with over one million free books avaliable at Google™ Books. Low consumption: read for weeks with a single charge. E-ink® 6” screen: no reflex, paper-like display harmless to your eyes. >> ANTI-GLARE: Anti-glare system, easy reading under direct sunlight. >> MEMORY CARD: Memory expansion with SD/SDHC cards up to 16GB (2GB SD card included). >> LI-ION: Low consumption device with rechargeable battery. >> MUSIC: Plays MP3 audio files.

>> Launchment >> Available on shops.

ENERGY E-BOOK Marketing Actions >> ADS

ENERGY E-BOOK Marketing Actions >> TELEVISION Last November Energy Sistem went to London to shoot the new spot for the eBook. You can enjoy the spot of 20� on this:

ENERGY E-BOOK Marketing Actions



ENERGY E-BOOK Marketing Actions >> PRESS >> All the media talks about Energy Sistem and eBook Series with coverage in most specialist and end-user magazines - Hobby Consolas - PC Actual - Computer Hoy - PC World - Personal Computer - Sonitr贸n - TAI - Dealer World - Dealermarket - Canal Digital - PVD >> Publicity

ENERGY E-BOOK Marketing Actions

>> MERCHANDISING: CUBES CAMPAING We will furnish the sales point where any Energy Sistem players are placed. The launch of eBooks is supported by merchandising cubes, posters and stands.

>> Cubes 20 X 20 cm

ENERGY E-BOOK Marketing Actions


>> Displays A4 Vertical

>> Displays 160 X 60

ENERGY E-BOOK Marketing Actions


>> Posters A1 Horizont

>> Posters A1

ENERGY E-BOOK Marketing Actions


SERIE 32 Marketing Actions

>> SOCIAL NETWORKS & COMPETITIONS >> Facebook >> Tuenti >> Twitter >> Blogs Our website is the meeting point for hundreds of Energy Sistem fans, where they take part in competitions and exchange views with the company a space for all those who want to join the Energy Sistem family Energy Sistem.

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