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Tne, GoLDEN DewN SouncE



Compiled, with Notes, by Darcy Ktintz

TrtE Cor-or,N [)nwN S()r]tr( li Wolrxs: A Bibliography. Copyright @ 1996 & 2005 by Darcy Kiintz. All righrs rescrved. No part of this

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Norps ro rHE GolopN DawN SouncE\Uoms t

Golden Dawn Sudies Series 4

This bibliography is intended as a guide ro the many articles, books, manuscripts and audio cassettes that are important for the research and study of the Golden Dawn's development, hisrory, teachings and practices. These books and manuscripts, which I have called The Golden Dawn Source \?orks, are reprinted from The GollenDawn Source Book.





All bibliographies

require periodic updating as new books are published and old material is rediscovered. I appreciate any corrections or additions


to this effort, and am particularly interested in compiling a complete list of the Golden Dawn manuscriprs, see [144]. You may conract me

ISBN 1-558t8-334-5

The front cover illusrration is liorn Ciorllirrs v,,rr Wt.llirryi's The Magical, Q abbalisticul, uul' l'l w st 4ilit r r/ V/ r rl r r r,ri r on the Subject of Suh, Sulphur rurrl Mlr. rrr), t

Frankfirrt antl l-cipzig, 1715.

It was thc sorrrct' lirr tlrt. Golden Dawn's diirgnrrrr ol tlrt, Seven-Branchcd Candlesr



The illustration on page four is from an unpublished Golden Dawn Notebook.

through the Publishers. My interest in the Golden Dawn began through simple curiosiry, when I purchased some Golden Dawn books from a local bookshop in 1982. These books became my doorway to the Golden Dawn system, which has since become an integral part of my life. The Golden Dawn system is a \Testern Path to spiritual enlightenment, and its great benefits can only be achieved through a combination of study and practice. The key to success lies in performing the practical work. Books alone cannot offer the true knowledge-wisdom. True knowledge can only be obtained from within, through working the system at the practical level, and thereby bringing yourself to the point of "readiness"

to understand.

Author and date unknown. Darcy Kiintz (Frater D.E.U.)

Calgary, Canada, 1996.

HolruEs PuslrsHrNc Gnoup Posrnr- Box 2370 Sseurv 98382 USA


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. The Egyptian Reviual ryr The Euer-comirg Son m the Light of the Tarot.

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Sepher Yetzirah

or The Book of Formation.

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VIII: KnutStenring. @nglish). TheBookof Fomation:

Se1herYatzirth. lilitcrl ;rrrrl Introduction by A.E. Waite. London: William Rider and Son, Lrd.,1923.6? p1r.; Ncw Y,rr k: Klirv Publishing

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_. FromOnetoTen: ATreatiseontheOriginand.


Plrysical Plnne. Salt Lake,


Extcn.sirn oJ tht

Paracelsus Research

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Al, fi,,rrrr. li rrcword

l\'nnt M(nri/(,rl{lti(,}r

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Refonnaicnby Boccalini with Fdrnd Fraternitatis.)Gedruckt zu Cassel durch Wilhelm Wessel, 1614. t47 pp. 012b. Re-titled-Atlgemeine und Ceneral kformation d,er ganTen weitenwek. Beneben der Fatna Fratemitatis des lablichen Ordens Rosenkreuzes dn aile Geleltrte und Hiiupter Ewopii geschneben. Aucheinerkurtzen Resporuicn uon demHermHasehneyer gestelletwebher deswegen uon den Jesuitem ist gefanglich eingezogen und auff eine Galleen gesclvniedet: Jetzo \ffentlich in Druck ue(ertiget, und alltntrewenHert\en cornmLtniciret crorden. Erstlich Gedruckt zu Cassel Im Jah,r, 1614. 152 pp. 012c. Both in Waite, t3441, 1887. pp. 36-84. 012d. New translation of Fmra Fratemiatis by two Germans and an American in Heydon,

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[?] Secretions Ph/osophilteConsideratiobreuis

aPhilipp aGabella,PhilosophiaeStcol'Lscnptz,

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015c.Re-titled-DasistGerikhtderBrillerschaftdesHochlbblichznutleru&sR.C. analleGelelvu undHdupter Ewopd. Benebst derselben ltteinischenConfession webhe umhinin[]rucknoch nie ausgegangennuhnmelw aber auff vielftiltiges anfrangenTusmnpt d.ereabeigefilgmTeutschenYersion,

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g. u. u. Inge L' Awore naissante im Clrrent rton Frankfwt alMain.

Ol9. Auserlcsene Gesdngefiln db g. u. u.Ittge 7w aufgehendenMorgenrdtlle imMcngenwnFrankfwt





. .. htge nn Main, 1820.

aus dem Protokolk der

1820. Frankfurt am

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Rosea Cruce



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Lol.nllcie C.ride-'L Daun Ciphci Mss. Volume

Volume l3 'l'he Elenrents ol the Kabbalah Eliphas Levi


I:.-: G.-.i.::: Daun Source Book

Volume 14 The Battle of Blythe Road


j:: '.; \-::z;:;:.: qilh

llebrerv Text

\ ll'-nle J -l- ':: D:iill


\ ',1:_:

i l;

trlume 6

a Slnrbol-Florence Fatr Vtrlume 7 Expertmenls


-.i il:e Goldetr Dat'n Volume -

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Das tr Talot

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1,'-pects ol Oocultism Fdu ald Langlirrd-Garstin

Volunre 20

Origirral Golclert


o1' the Temples


Volume 2l

The Llcn-netic Papcrr of the Golden Dawn

Ctrlden Dri*ll


Brr;:e-lt:es \ llu:ne

Volume l8 Secret Knorvledge of the NeoPhYte S.L. MacCregor-N'[athers

'The Historrc Strtrcture

r _..,,.r t.r -r:

Volumr- l7

The Sagred Book of Ilcnoch


::::;:: . \'," :il-\\'.\\'.


Volrrme 16 The Kabbalah of the Golden Da*n

W.W. Westcol.i

\'.,lunte 5 ':-.:;: Darin Coult Cards

-: - :

Srrurce \\rorks:


Volume 15 Golden Dawn .,{mericau Source Birok



Chronokrg] ,ri the Coirien [)a*n \'lan (rreci & Dercr Kiintz

Volume 22 Baphomet & Sotr R.A. Gilbert Volumc 23

'lhe Lcgacy of



olurne 1l Fringe i\lasonry' in England

Ellic Hotre



Volurne 24 Sancturn Sanctorum

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The golden dawn source works darcy kuntz  

bibliografia se destina, livros, manuscritos e cassetes de áudio que são importantes para a pesquisa e estudo do desenvolvimento, história,...

The golden dawn source works darcy kuntz  

bibliografia se destina, livros, manuscritos e cassetes de áudio que são importantes para a pesquisa e estudo do desenvolvimento, história,...