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The Book of Black Magic ten it with His own hand, and that wheresoever the recipient shall be, in house or field, by sea or stream, sive in prm lio Paganorum seu Christianorum ( !) his enemy shall never prevail over him. 1 The king recived the epistle with many tears and prayers, all which being duly described, the conjuration of the baculi, gladii, lancem, .enses, cultelli, sagittm, claves, funes, et omnia alia genera armorum, is continued. As it is difficult to say where the original "Enchiridion" actually begins, so it is uncertain where it ends. A variety of miscellaneous prayers are, however, attributed to wellknown saints quite outside the Carlovingian period, and to Innocent IV. and John X., without prejudice to a further orison of the great Pope Leo himself. Then come the "curious secrets"-to conciliate and discover one's proper genius, to become invulnerable, to prevent a gun from going off, to behold a future husband or wife, all effected by means of formal prayers-a kind of royal road to the chief ends of Magic, without apparently exceeding the devotional discipline of the Church. To complete the analysis of this curious collection, its most important practical part is here added, namely:§ 4. The Seven Mysterious Orisons. SUNDAY•

.Pater noster, &:c. Deliver me, 0 Lord, I beseech Thee, me even, thy creature, N., from all evils past, present, and to come, whether of body or soul; grant me peace and health in Thy goodness; incline favourably unto me Thy creature, by the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of Thy holy apostles, Peter, Paul, Andrew, and of all the saints. 1

For this legend, see Fabricius, Cod. Apoc. N.T., 1., p. 317.


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