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The Rituals of Transcendental Magic printed at Rome in 1606; between 1584 and 1633 it appeared four times at Lyons and once at Mayenee. In 1660 it was published for the last time at Rome. Unfortunately for the purposes of this criticism, the examples of 1633 and 1660 have been alone available. The first claims to be nuperrime mendis ofMl.ibus purgatum, but it has been evidently in the hands of a Grimoire maker, and it appears to have been edited and extended in the Grimoire interest.1 This is certain, but it is impossible to say how much beyond the "Seven Mysterious Orisons" connected with the name of Pope Leo are to be found in the original, or whether the original was antedated. Outside these Orisons the modem accent of the work is unmistakable, and it is difficult to understand how any instructed person, much less a bibliophile like M. Christian, could have been deceived by it. The work itself, as already said, is simply a collection of religious charms, effectual against all the perils to which every sort and condition of men are made subject on land, on water, from open and secret enemies, from the bites of wild and rabid beasts, from poisons, from fire, from tem~ pests. While it thus ensures against evil, it gives happiness in domestic matters and in the enterprises which contribute to prosperity and to the pleasures of a contented life, "only the instructions must be followed as accurately as human weakness will allow." Fortunately they are more simple than the Grimoires. When a copy of the book has been secured, it must be placed in a small bag of new leather, so that it may be kept clean. A vow must be made to carry it as far as practicable on one's person, and to read with att This appears more evidently in the last Roman edition, which pretends to be based on sll those which \)receded it, including impressions published at Parma, Ancona, and Frankfort, whtch are now generally unknown. The editor has, moreover, altered and rearranJed, omitted and added at choice. He has supplied also a Key to the whole work, which is a short process for the government of evil spirits.


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