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The Book of Black Magic From these books he seems afterwards to have extracted ninety-three chapters containing a summary of the art, and made them into a volume which "we term the sacred or sworn book.'' In the meantime, the princes and prelates, having burned "certain fables or trifles," concluded that they had completely destroyed the art, and were therefore pacified. The magicians, however, took an oath among themselves to preserve the masterpiece of Honorius in the most secret and careful manner, making three copies at the¡ most, the possessor of any example being bound over to bury it before his decease, or otherwise insure its interment in his own grave, unless there was some trusty and worthy person to whom it could be transmitted. The important point about this MS. is that it fixes the source of the mends-¡ cious tradition whicli ascribes a Grimoire of Black Magic to a Pope of the name Qf Honorius, as will be seen at length later on. The "Sworn Book" is not, of course, the Grimoire, but the existence and reputed authorship of the one enables us to understand the attribution of the other. Honorius the sorcerer was identified with Honorius the Pope, firstly by the confused mind of magical legend, and secondly by conscious imposture, much after the same manner that Raymond Lully, the "illuminated doctor" of Majorca, was identified with Lully the alchemist, by tradition at the inception, and not long afterwards by the help of forged trea- ' tises. The "Sworn Book" is in other respects exceedingly remarkable, and has been most unaccountably overlooked by writers on Ceremonial Magic; it may be taken to indicate that an association of magicians was most probably in corporate existence during or before the fourteenth century. 'Vhile it is clearly of Christian origin, it derives from the supposed works of Solomon, and would appear to indicate that the Solomonic cycle was at that time only in course of


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N o ano de 1889, um erudito expositor de doutrinas cabalísticas Editou em inglês uma obra sobre Magia Cerimonial, Intitulado Clavicula Salom...