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The Book of Black Magic Darkness, it must be said that this attempt returns in its old likeness, and not invested with the sublimities and terrqrs of the modem view. Paris Diabolism, for example, in so far as it may be admitted to exist, is the Black Magic of the Grimoire, and not the sovereign horror of the Brothers of the Left Hand Path, wearing their iniquity like an aureole, and deathless in spiritual evil

ยง 3. The Unprinted Literature of 0 eremonial Magic For the purposes of the present inquiry it will be convenient to consider the Rituals under the three heads of Transcendental, Composite, and Black, subject, as regards the first, to some important qualifications which will appear in the second chapter. So far as may be possible, the antiquity of individual Rituals will be determined in the course of their examination, but as this inquiry is based, with a single exception of undeniable importance, upon the printed literature, because it is that only which has exercised a real influence, it may be well, as a conclusion to this introductory part, to give some information regarding magical processes which have remained in MS., and are to be found only, or can at least be consulted only, in the public libraries of Europe. Almost without exception, the source of their inspiration is the work mentioned in the preface, namely,. "The Key of Solomon," and they are consequently of later date. The Library of the Arsenal at Paris has a reputation for being especially rich in Magical MSS., but there is also a large collection in the British Museum whi<'..h may be regarded as typical. There is nothing of earliel' date or more importance among the French treasures, and, to determine the question of antiquity in a few words, there is nothing among our own that is much anterior to the beginning of the fourteenth century.


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