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The Book of Black Magic AooNAY, ELoiM, ARm., and JEHOVAH, taking care to preserve the akin of the virgin kid to form the round or grand Kabbalistic circle in which he.must himself stand on the day of the grand enterprise. The sacrifice of the victim is followed by the selection and composition of the Blasting Rod, of which a description has been given. From the purpose for which it is intended, and from the silence of the Grimoire, it may be inferred that the preparation of the goatskin is exceedingly simple and does not involve the removal of the hair. When the night of action has arrived, the operator shall gather up his rod, goatskin, the stone called Ematille, and shall further provide himself with two vervian crowns, two candlesticks, and two candles of virgin wax, made by a virgin girl and duly blessed. Let him take also a new steel and two new flints, with sufficient tinder to kindle a fire, likewise half a bottle of brandy, some blessed incense and camphor, and four nails from the coffin of a dead ehild. All these must be carried to the place chosen for the great work, where everything hereinafter laid down must be scrupulously performed, and the dread Kabbalistic circle must be described in an accurate manner. Lastly, it must be carefully borne in mind that there should be either one or three taking part in the ceremony, the Karcist included, who is the person appointed to address the spirit, holding the Destroying Rod in his hand. The evoking process may be given in the actual words of the Grimoire. CoNCEBNING A TRUE REPRESENTATION OF THE GRAND KABBALISTIO Cmol.E.

You must begin by forming a circle with strips of kid's skin fastened to the ground by means of your four nails. Then with the stone called Ematille you must trace the tri-


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