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The Book of Black Magic should be worn upon the breast, and the ring on the first joint of the little finger of the left hand. The words are: ACTATOS, CATIPTA, BEJOURAN, lTAPAN, MARNUTUS.

The range of huinan ambition recognized by Ceremonial Magic being always somewhat THE WAGI~L~~ A;=~G TO THE restricted, it is not SUrprising that the offices of these talismans frequently overlap one another, or that some of them correspond very closely to the powers ascribed to the Magus by the transcendental science of the "Arbatel." The talismans are preceded in the original by the figure of a magical '!a rod, stained, says the letterS1J\f'"-P~<D~11. p:ess which ac~ompanies it, With the blood of a lamb, and These characters should be i~Ucribed having the form of a serpent. •to• tit~ Rod witlt Cltines1 Ifill. Th D . . . ~ e escnption IS somewhat ~----· obscure, but the wand can be apparently bent, and the mouth and tail joined by means of a golden chain, so as to form a circle. The wand should be six feet long, and when bent can be used as a circle of evocation. There is also a figure of the grand magical circle, but it is THE GOETIC cmcut OP THE BLACit PUU.ft, not described in the text. There are thus twenty-two figures in all, and the inclusion of the word TAROT in the list of evoking terms is not without



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Livro de magia negra  
Livro de magia negra  

N o ano de 1889, um erudito expositor de doutrinas cabalísticas Editou em inglês uma obra sobre Magia Cerimonial, Intitulado Clavicula Salom...