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The Rituals of Black Magic serve those who deserve it: NrsTA, SAPER, VrsNos, and they will forthwith enjoy every kind of prosperity. To punish your enemies or evil persons: XATROS, NIFER, RoXAS, ToRTos, and they will be immediately delivered to frightful torments. T AI.ISKAN XI.

The characters should be grave" on the outer side of the ri,.g.


The characters should be graf/m inMr side of the Ri"f/.



XII. Destroys all projects formed against the possessor and compels rebellious spirits. The talisman is of rose-coloured satin embroidered with silver. It should be placed upon a table, the left hand imposed upon it; the ring should be on the middle finger of the right hand, and the operator, with bent head, should repeat in a low voice the words: SENAPOS, TERFrrA, ESTAMOS,


XIII. Endows the possessor with every nrtue and tal99

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Livro de magia negra  
Livro de magia negra  

N o ano de 1889, um erudito expositor de doutrinas cabalísticas Editou em inglês uma obra sobre Magia Cerimonial, Intitulado Clavicula Salom...