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The Book of Black Magic and that without danger. The potent words are RADITUs, PoLASTRIEN, TERPANDU, OsTRATA, PEmcATUR, ERMAS. The talisman is of puce-coloured satin embroidered with gold. T AI.lSMAN IX.

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X. Opens all locks at a touch, whatever precautions have been taken to secure them. The magic words are SARITAP, PERNISOX,- OTTARIM. The talisman is of deep blue satin embroidered with silver. XI. Sets the possessor in any desired house without the preliminary of entering, and reads the thoughts of all persons, so that they can be helped or harmed at pleasure. The talisman is of light grey satin embroidered with gold. To know thoughts, place it on your head, breathe upon the ring, and say: 0 TAROT, NIZAEL, EsTARNAS, TANTAREz. To


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