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The Rituals of Black Magic HlTRANDOS, tor works of destruction; (2) RmAB, TALIMOL, NARPIDA, for the fall of hail, &c.; (4) UuSUR, ITAR, for earthquake; (5) HlsPEN, TBOMAD9R, for hurricanes and storms; (6) PABANTHES, HIBTANos, for the preservation of friends.

to command the elements; (3) ATROSIS,



Tlu cltaraeters sltot~ld be grtlflnt 011 tlu ot~ter side of the Ri11g.

VIII. Gives invisiblity, even to the eyes of genii, so that God alone shall witness the actions of the possessor. It is accompanied by the power of penetrating everywhere and passing through brick walls. The magic words are BENATm, CARARKAu, DEDOS, ETINARMI. For each operation the ring must be placed upon a different finger of the right hand. The talisnian is of yellow satin embroidered with black silk. IX. Transports the possessor to any part of the world, 97

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