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The Rituals of Black Magic possessor to penetrate everywhere unseen. The talisman should be of violet satin, with the figures embroidered in silver. It should be held in the left hand, on which also the ring should be worn, and should be placed close to the ear, pronouncing the words NITRAE, RADOu, SUNANDAM, when a distinct voice will utter the desired secret. T AI.ISMAN IV.

Tlte characters shot11d be gr(J'lletJ ots the otlter lide of the ritfg.

The chorocters sho111d be gr(J'lletJ ots the o11ter lide of the ,;,.g.

V. Will make the most taciturn man bosom himself to its possessor, whose enemies will also be forced to confess all their machinations. The talisman should be of gold-coloured satin with the figures embroidered in gold. By placing the ring on the little finger of the left hand, the talisman against the right ear, and pronouncing the words NOCTA.R, RAIBAN, the most discreet man will be compelled to unveil hia most secret thoughts. The addition of the word BIIWiTHER 95

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Livro de magia negra  

N o ano de 1889, um erudito expositor de doutrinas cabalísticas Editou em inglês uma obra sobre Magia Cerimonial, Intitulado Clavicula Salom...