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The Book of Black Magic works of its class, is that the diabolism of the confessedly diabolical is often so exceedingly thin, and that the angelical element in Rituals assumed to be angelical should often border so perilously on the Satanic. The first part of the "Grand Grimoire," just like the Grimorium Verum, is simply a process for the evocation of evil spirits to obtain the enforced surrender of hidden treasure. In the second . part the magician is certainly expected to give himself, body and soul, to the demon who serves him meanwhile, and there can be no hesitation in admitting that this. creates a sharp distinction, not only between the "Grand Grimoire" and all the Composite Rituals, but also between the "Grand Grimoire" and the other Liturgies of Black Magic. It is only a palliation to say that the compact is worded as a subterfuge, and in reality gives nothing to the demon, who here, as so frequently in folk-lore, is bamboozled, receiving the shadow in place of the substance.1 ยง 4. The Grimoire of H onorius.

Despite the iniquities of the Pacta Conventa Dmmonum, the "Grand Grimoire" has failed, however, to invoke upon itself such severe condemnation as the "Grimoire of Honorius the Great," otherwise Honorius the Third. It is scarcely too much to say, that almost every accusation preferred against this remarkable work is false generally and specifically, the chief distinction between them being that some are the misrepresentations of ignorance, and others the false interpretations of prejudgment. The French occultist, Papua, alone seems to take the middle view, though he speaks with some vagueness when he says that the sorcery t

Compare the droll history of the Devil and his Dam, and that concerning the

c:oune of Blade Magic delivered by the Prince of Darkneu at the Univenit7 of Salamanca.



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Livro de magia negra  
Livro de magia negra  

N o ano de 1889, um erudito expositor de doutrinas cabalísticas Editou em inglês uma obra sobre Magia Cerimonial, Intitulado Clavicula Salom...