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are continually being reached, like concentric arches. Each in its turn is discovered, accepted, integrated, and brought toward external expression, like the rings of a tree. This process leads to a real consciousness of the self, a basis for real success. Some teachers will tell us that we can be both inwardly and outwardly rich, that it is not necessary to chose between the two. T h e inner life is not against the outer. It is important to understand what inner and outer richness really means. Many teachers will tell you about this, for if a student is to ever become wholly conscious you must understand that the outward trappings of poverty do not mean that you are inwardly more aware. The concept and poverty only means that you are not »clinging« to money to obtain it. Poverty means that you d o not own anything - including your memories. However, you can »use« anything you wish. Once you realize this, you can continue to grow on an inner level, and you can attain the highest consciousness possible. Indications: The Ace of Disks mirrors your readiness to live a life that is inwardly and outwardly rich. All that is needed is already at hand. Give yourself up to the fullness of life, and learn to use your wings. Question: What areas of your life would you like to make


Suggestion: Work intensively on discovering and developing your potential, your inner wealth. Remain open for every form of enrichment in your life. Affirmation: Wealth is my natural condition. It allows me to express my spirituality and creative potential in this world.

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Gerd ziegler tarot mirror of the soul handbook for the aleister crowley tarot 1986  

Gerd ziegler tarot mirror of the soul handbook for the aleister crowley tarot 1986