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26 May 2011 / VAEL - 4465


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TS11/15 Service Manual

New Test handle for TS11/15 Introduction of Test handle Art. no 779519

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new test jig for the TS11/15 to test the Hotshoe and BT function of the Communication side lid (Test handle Art no 779519). The new jig is now available for order.

Service Software

Two separat test points ( 68 – 69 ) will be implemented for BT + Hotshoe interface. These test procedures will be introduced with the next release of the service software.

Service Documentation

The service documentation will be updated with the next revision.

Test procedure

Follow the test procedure in the service software. Test point 68 Bluetooth test: Use BT loop back box Art. no 780743 for testing the Bluetooth. 902 490 839

Leica Geosystems AG Heinrich-Wild-Strasse CH-9435 Heerbrugg Switzerland

Test point 69 Hotshoe test: Use the new Test handle Art no 779519 for testing the Hotshoe of the communication side cover

Kind regards, Elias Vanrenterghem Central Technical Service

SN0811_New Testhandle for TS11_15_en

2/2 902 490 839

Leica Geosystems  

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