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Save time and money with the Leica mojoRTK The Leica mojoRTK auto-steer system provides 2cm (sub-inch) positioning accuracy, repeatable pass after pass and year after year. This level of accuracy creates a wide range of opportunities to improve your efficiency in the field. For example: Potentially increase yields with zone-tilling practices that allow you to plant precisely on top of tillage zones Reduce the number of passes needed for field operations by using every inch of your implements Reduce compaction by creating traffic lanes in the field Beyond the cropping benefits, the Leica mojoRTK helps reduce driver fatigue while producing precision-straight rows. Take pride in having top-notch work with less stress while having more time to observe the implement and input applications. These benefits translate into more acres covered in less time throughout the year — especially during critical seasons like planting and harvesting. • /agriculture Leica Geosystems, Inc.

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Base Station

Network Ready

The Leica mojoRTK console is the heart of Leica’s RTK auto-steer guidance system, and it fits neatly into a standard radio DIN slot. Our engineers have squeezed everything you need into a compact unit that reduces cab clutter and makes driver operation simple.

The Leica mojoRTK base station is the agriculture industry’s first truly cordless, dual-frequency RTK base station! This compact, all-in-one design offers fast and simple set up. There are no power cables and it is ruggedly built to withstand tough field conditions.

The Leica mojoRTK console is the first RTK auto-steer system on the market with a built-in cell modem, allowing seamless connection to true RTK networks. Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) networks provide many advantages over singlereference dealer networks.

Save on inputs and increase efficiency with repeatable 2 cm (sub-inch) RTK accuracy.

Affordable, one-time investment with no additional costs or subscription fees.

Save money and set-up time by integrating with existing factory and third-party steering kits.

Increase work time with reliable positioning, even with low satellite numbers.

Increased accuracy Networked towers produce a more accurate model of the atmosphere than a group of one-dimensional base stations or towers.

Build on your existing equipment by integrating the mojoRTK with existing screens and monitors.

Save time and hassles with the internal rechargeable batteries, which provide up to eight hours of use without an external battery.

Improve cropping practices with easy-to-use wayline storage for year-to-year repeatability.

Prolonged use with waterproof, rugged housing designed to withstand tough field conditions.

Leica mojoRTK AB Parallel

Saves cost and daily set-up time Eliminates the need for a portable base station, providing RTK accuracy over large areas allowing contractors and farmers with multiple farms to move freely between farms and fields. Better coverage in hilly conditions* Utilizes cell data communications that generally have better non-line-of-site performance than standard radios.

AM/FM radio

A+ Heading

MP3 input GeoPRO WAAS/EGNOS Cell modem for Virtual Wrench Access 6-7 inches 6-8 inches Third-party correction (CMR, CMR+, RCM 3.0)

Contour Guidance Pivot Guidance GL1DE ™ Dual-Frequency Positioning Technology

Up to 16 mile/25 kilometer range

Wayline Storage


Terrain Compensation

Elevation Accuracy

2 x USB port Standard Feature

Less hassle Networks are centrally maintained and supported.


Repeatable RTK accuracy Enjoy the benefits of repeatable accuracy pass to pass and year to year.

Network RTK (CORS) correction Option

RTK Sub-inch

GUIDE 5-6 inches


Less down time Built-in redundancy 6-7 inches 6-8 inches allows you to keep working, even when some of the bases are not operating.

* depending on cell coverage in the area

GUIDE 5-6 inches

RTK Sub-inch

Available accuracies and satellite constellations GPS




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Leica mojo RTK  

Save time and money with theLeica mojoRTK

Leica mojo RTK  

Save time and money with theLeica mojoRTK