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1. Who is the author of Behaviourism? a. Piaget. b. Pavlov c. Chomsky 2. Which is the really order of the Constructivism’s mechanism? a. Equilibrium, assimilation, accommodation. b. Accommodation, assimilation, equilibrium. c. Assimilation, accommodation, equilibrium. 3. Who was the precursor of Constructivism? a. Skinner. b. Pavlov c. Piaget. 4. What is the main point of Cognitivism? a. Mental process. b. Affective components. c. Relationship 5. In which method the teacher set the class with Baroque music? a. Community language learning. b. Suggestopedia. c. The Silent way. 6. In which method the teacher can only use the target language? a. The Audiolingual method. b. Suggestopedia. c. The direct method. 7. What is the name of the innate predisposition to symbolic language? a. Deep structure. b. Surface structure. c. Logical structure. 8. What name received the method where the teacher stays in silence? a. The Direct method. b. The Silent way c. Suggestopedia.

9. What is the meaning of TPR? a. Topic Physical Response b. Total Physical Response c. Topic Physical Report 10. In which Piaget’s stage 2 years old child is? a. Preoperational b. Sensorimotor c. Concrete Operations 11. What is the most important factor of CLT? a. Fluency b. Competition c. Elaboration 12. What is the Silent way? a. The teacher should stay in silence as much as possible. b. The students must be in silence. c. Learning is achieved through mechanism as games or psychomotor associations. 13. Who is the author of Suggestopedia? a. Piaget b. George Lozanou's c. Charles Curran 14. Who did propose the Community Language Learning (CLL)? a. James Asher b. George Lozanou's c. Charles Curran 15. How is the teaching grammar in the Audiolingual Method? a. Inductive. b. Deductive. c. Both 16. What is CLL method? a. Teachers are in interpersonal relationships. b. Students are in an interpersonal relationship. c. Students are in interpersonal and affective relationship.

17. Which material did use James Asher in the Total Physical Response? a. Games. b. Text book. c. Casssette. 18. In which method we can develop the four skills? a. Suggestopedia. b. CLL c. CLT 19. Who is the author of Silent Way method? a. Vigotsky. b. Caleb Gattegno. c. Widdowson. 20. What is the meaning of CBI? a. Communicative based immersion. b. Content-based integration. c. Content-based instruction.

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