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Information about the EUROcamp 2010

SCOUTS – COURTEOUS AND BOLD July 31th to August 7th 2010 Hundsdorf (Westerwald), Germany

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EUROcamp 2010

WFIS – World Federation of Independent Scouts

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Contents Welcome Camp preparation To leaders of participating Associations Workshops Costumes Helpers

What to do on arrival? To the leader of the Association / group To all

During the camp Camp organization Swimming Timber/Pioneering poles Catering Water Sanitary facilities Waste/Recycling Knight’s Hall Information board Meeting point Camp shop Lost and found Postal delivery Flag ceremony Night guard Duties

What to do on departure? To all To the leader

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EUROcamp 2010

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WFIS – World Federation of Independent Scouts

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Welcome Dear Scouts, This booklet aims to give you an overview about the forth coming EUROcamp 2010. Every single person and group is asked to do their best to help us have a good camp. We will give you all the necessary information and rules in the next pages. The countless efforts of many volunteers make this camp happen. Some help with their advice, others with active support and some motivate when things become challenging. The participants – you - are the most important people at this camp. I hope we can make you interested in the EUROcamp 2010 – we expect a new record in the number of participants. I hope for many applications and your personal support, so we all have a very exciting week.

Looking forward to meeting you July 2010! Kiebitz

EUROcamp 2010

WFIS – World Federation of Independent Scouts

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Camp preparation To leaders of participating Associations Please read this booklet thoroughly in order to settle a lot of things before camp and to avoid missing points. • Please register your name AND your Association name, including e-mail and postal addresses. • Each Association/group is asked to prepare a workshop (more information on page 5). Please send the description of the workshop by March 1st 2010 to • You are responsible for your members during your stay at the EUROcamp – especially concerning swimming rules and activities. • Please send three songs – which are known in your country – including lyrics, notation and guitar chords by March 1st 2010 to • Prepare a costume according to the camp motto. This will be used at the programme activity with medieval and knight games. More information on page 4. • Please bear in mind that a steady electrical power supply is not available. There will be options at fixed times to recharge a small number of electronic equipment. • Send a detailed description of the number and length of poles required for your tents. • Earliest possible arrival will be Wednesday July 28th. Latest possible departure Monday August 9th. Catering is only available during official camp dates. Before and after these dates you have to care about that on your own. There will be no official programme outside of these dates either. • Please inform us about early arrival/late departure in good time as we need to provide sufficient sanitary facilities. • All Scouts should be prepared to lend a helping hand before and after the camp. This is for setting up and dismantling the camp. • Please be aware that it is the responsibility of each Group leader to ensure that members of the group have adequate insurance for each of their members who attends. This may be needed e.g. if medical treatment is required whilst on camp or damages caused by members. EUROcamp 2010

WFIS – World Federation of Independent Scouts

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Workshops The workshops are a part of the activity on Friday. You are asked to take an active part with your group/Association. It is an opportunity to show special things, techniques and traditions, or customs from your home country. Every Association is responsible for all aspects of their workshop. Examples for possible activities include: • Handicrafts • Explain and demonstrate special techniques (pioneering, scoutcraft skills, etc.) • Entertain participants from other groups with games …we are sure you will have many many additional ideas! Please note that about 20-30 Scouts will take part in each workshop at the same time. Each workshop has duration of 60 minutes. There will be a 15 minutes break to move to another workshop. Please make sure you bring sufficient material required for your activity. Costumes The camp Motto is : “Scouts – courteous and bold“. As per this motto each of the four subcamps will have a unique escutcheon (emblem) and compete with each other on the medieval day. For this purpose we would like you to be dressed in medieval style costumes/armour. The more authentic the more exciting the games will be. Helpers We appreciate all helpers who turn up at the Eurocamp with their Associations. If you intend to come as a helper please write an email to:, indicate your name/surname, Association, skills (e.g. driving licence, cooking, translation from/to, life guard, medic and any other skills). Please inform us about your occupational title as well as your age.

EUROcamp 2010

WFIS – World Federation of Independent Scouts

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What to do on arrival? To the leader of the Association / group Please come to the camp office located at the camp gate. Hand in a list of all your participants and what section they belong to (Cub, Scout, Rover, leader, helper). You will then receive information about your camp site. Afterwards talk about details with your subcamp chief. Get the EUROcamp badges for all your participants. Make sure that all vehicles belonging to your group are parked at the designated areas (according to the parking guards instructions). Every campfire MUST be notified to and approved by the camp office staff! Only altar fires allowed! Holes in ground must not be dug without permission from camp office. To all Unload your vehicles and start setting up your camp. Access to the campsite with car or coach is only allowed on the arrival and departure dates. If the meadows are wet, it is not possible to leave the official field paths. The maximum distance from field paths to campsites is 250 metres. Put up your tents and camp constructions. Wherever damage to the fields is possible (campfire etc.,) remove pieces of the grass and store them separately (upside down) so that they can be put back in their place of origin before departure (some water might help the grass pieces survive ;-)

EUROcamp 2010

WFIS – World Federation of Independent Scouts

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During the camp Camp organization The camp will be organised in to four subcamps. Each subcamp will have a subcamp chief. The chief will be your first address in case of queries and challenges, this will help to have things sorted more quickly. Camp rules Some rules are inevitable with such a large group of people living together for one week. Here are some basic rules that everyone needs to follow. Please bear in mind that leaders (no matter whether Troop or Association chief) are responsible for their members! With your registration you accept the following rules: • Camp night silence from 22:30 to 7:00. • The only place where alcohol is allowed is the main tent. Please be prepared for passport controls. • Smoking only at the designated areas. • Absolute zero tolerance with any illegal drugs! • Campfires must be notified to the camp office team. Only Altar fires may be used. It is not permitted to collect timber in the surrounding forest. There will be a sufficient supply of wood for fires. • Each group/every person is responsible for good order and cleanliness in their camp and around their tents. • The campground is used as a meadow for animals throughout the year. That is why no holes must be dug without permission by the camp office. • Avoid accidents by using common sense. • No animals are permitted in camp. • Being polite and fair should be self-evident for Scouts. • No cars are permitted on the campsite. It is forbidden to drive on the fields. Those who do not follow the rules will be sent home. We hope that (with the help of these rules) everybody especially the children will feel well. Please accept the different cultures and living customs of other countries. Be tolerant – you will all feel better if you show mutual respect. EUROcamp 2010

WFIS – World Federation of Independent Scouts

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Swimming You are only allowed to go for a swim if you have permission from your leader. Please obey the swimming rules and regard other guests in the public swimming pool. Timer/Pioneering poles There will be sufficient fire wood and pioneering poles. Timber and poles may not be collected in the forest. Catering A central catering will be offered at this camp. This means we need fewer resources for cooking and have more time to care about the children. Times: Breakfast 08:00 to 08:45 Lunch 12:30 to 13:15 Supper 18:00 to 18:45 The first meal will be supper July 30th 18:00, the last meal breakfast August 7th. For the latter you have the option to get a packed lunch instead. Please indicate your wishes until 15.06.2010 and mail to Water Tap water, and water from wells in the Westerwald area is drinking water. If not a sign with the words „Kein Trinkwasser“ indicates the opposite. Sanitary facilities There will be a sufficient number of toilets and cold water washing places. Unfortunately we cannot supply showers. The local swimming pool is a short walk away. Location of the sanitary facilities can be found in the camp plan. Prices for a pool visit are under negotiation and this information will be given to you later. Waste/Recycling Apart from night silence, waste can be carried to the central waste disposal. You will find the location on the camp map. The sorting of the waste will be done in an automatic facility EUROcamp 2010

WFIS – World Federation of Independent Scouts

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belonging to our supplier. All waste can be collected in one waste container because of this eco-friendly waste processing.

“Knight’s Hall“ The “Knights Hall” serves as catering area at daytime and as a meeting hall at night. A variety of drinks and snacks will be served. Wines and beers will be available from 22:00 at the earliest. The German youth protection law applies. The meeting hall is open to all:

up to 15 years 16 - 18 years 18 and older

until 22:00 until 24:00 until 01:00

Information board Next to the “Knight’s Hall” you will find the information board. All important information will be published there. Please check for any changes to the programme. Meeting point The meeting point for all activities is the information board. If you want to meet somebody, meet him there! Camp shop Souvenirs, post cards, sweets and beverages will be available at the camp shop. More details will follow. Lost and found Please bring found items to the camp shop. Please check regularly if you lose something. Each item found will be published in the camp newspaper. Postal delivery Details will follow EUROcamp 2010

WFIS – World Federation of Independent Scouts

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Flag ceremony Flag break and flag down of flags of all participating countries and WFIS, as well as the Eurocamp flag, will be conducted daily. Two Scouts, Rovers or leaders of each country should be present. We ask you to organize this delegation on your own for your country. Full uniform is expected for the ceremony. Night guard Times for night guard are from 22:30 to 7.00 the following day. In the daily information you will find which country is on duty for the night guard. More information about guard duties will be given in camp. Duties Several toilets and washing places are on the campsite. Please check via the daily programme information, as to which dates your country is on duty for cleaning. More information, as well as the cleaning equipment, will be available at the medic tent at specific times. Please help us to keep the camp tidy and safe – do this duty thoroughly and on time.

EUROcamp 2010

WFIS – World Federation of Independent Scouts

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What to do on departure? • • • • •

To all Remove all tents and camp constructions All material should be brought back and stored at the place you got it from Load all your equipment in your vehicles Fill all holes in the ground and put the grass pieces back in their original place Clean your campsite.

To the leader • The camp chief will check your campsite – follow his instructions to secure a harmonic procedure • Report your departure to the camp office.

General Tourist information For information about places of interest, historic sites, shopping and travelling, we suggest you contact the local tourist information.

Westerwald Touristik-Service Kirchstrasse 48 a 56410 Montabaur Tel: 02602/3001-0 Fax: 02602/3001-15 Email: Cash/Valuables As we are not responsible for lost or stolen valuables or cash – please be careful. The nearest cash machine is in Ramsbach-Baumbach. EUROcamp 2010

WFIS – World Federation of Independent Scouts

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