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Terraferma (English: Dry Land) is a 2011 Italian drama film directed by Emanuele Crialese.The film premiered at the 68th Venice International Film Festival. The film was selected as the Italian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards, but it did not ma


On Linosa, fishermen are punished for saving illegal immigrants (boat people) from the sea and, back on shore, letting them go, because this amounts to facilitating illegal immigration. Therefore young local Filippo does not allow them on his boat. Several die, and Filippo changes his mind about the matter: he helps a family consisting of a mother, a little boy and a newborn baby, to leave to the Italian the final shortlist


Initial release: September 7, 2011 (Italy)

Director: Emanuele Crialese

Running time: 88 minutes

Story by: Emanuele Crialese

Cast: Donatella Finocchiaro, Claudio Santamaria, Beppe Fiorello, Tiziana Lodato, Pierpaolo Spollon, Martina Codecasa, Filippo Scarafia, Timnit T., Filippo Pucillo, Mimmo Cuticcho, Filippo Luna, Lois Clottey, Rubel Tsegay Abraha, Giovanni Cintura, Tindaro VecaMore

Screenplay: Vittorio Moroni, Emanuele Crialese


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Coia Jansà It's a film that shows how hard immigrants' people can be even in a new country they don't know. They make an effort to leave Africa and reach Europe in order to achieve a better life.

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Copla Rodriguez Ortiz I also liked this film. It kept us in suspense. I felt sorry for all the characters. All of them are tryiing to work hard to live better than their ancestors (not only Filippo and his family, but also the woman coming from Africa). Everybody tries to survive and do their best without annying anyone. It's only to survive although laws (immigration laws) aren't fair.

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Javier Saez Puerto I agree. Watching TERRAFERMA I realised that immigrants and poor people still live in hard conditions in many places in Europ e. There are too many differences between classes: it seems that the rich are richer and the poor are poorer. Al the characters find it diffic ult to survive.

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Alberto Montero "Terraferma" is an absorbing film in the context of a traditional society in crisis. They have to face the new immigrants’ waves. Filippo and Ernesto risk their lives to rescue an African woman and a child from a sinking boat. Justice is above laws (cruel and unfair).

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Joan Tarrida "Terraferma" deals with the thorny issue of migration to Italy, where sub -Saharan people attemp to reach as a gateway to Europe. It clearly shows the contrast between the law of the sea, according to which there’s a moral obligation to save and help pe...See More

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Cinzia Perniola The film contrasts Italy’s traditional humanist values to inhuman new laws aimed at stemming illegal immigration and insists it’s morally imperative to rebel against them. The Italians have been migrants for years facing racism and intolerance in other countries, now we can 't discriminate those poor immigrants come to Italy to search better living conditions.

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Ana Mencl Popović Moral values vs laws. Terrible situation. Moral obligation should outweigh. Human lives are at stake. I like this movie very much. Great acting.

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Pablo Poy I love the cinema of social protest. we are between liberalism and neoliberalism however we are not aware of how lucky we are to live now in the welfare state, in a free country with many opportunities.We should think more about the fate of the other and not be so selfish...

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Joaquim Cascante In a small island near Sicily, whose main business had always been fishing, the young Filippo lives with his grandfather and his widowed mother. But no one can survive by fishing, nor them, so that they will have no choice but to resign and start a new... See More

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Cesar Martínez "TERRAFERMA" (2011) by Emanuele Crialese is an interesting movie that it won the Special Jury Prize at the Venice Festival. Fully share the view of Charles Bouvier about her: "Nothing in this movie annoying concienciada, humanistic and sentimental, but...See More

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Casimira Perez Campayo I liked this film. Life at sea is very difficult and Filippo's family are working hard to achieve a better life. Tourism and immigration are two different aspects that can't coexist peacefully on the island. Tourist live in a wonderful world, without poverty and they don't like seeing po or immigrants on the beaches.

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Toni Soriano Álvarez According to this film, laws are not always fair. People' lives are more important than laws.

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Iñaki Lumbier Cazorla I liked the film but it's very hard. Why so many people have to migrate from Africa to Europe to live in better conditions? I t's very sad.

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Toni Soriano Álvarez As if we are better here...

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Salvador (Puig Antich) (or Salvador) is a 2006 Spanish film directed by Manuel Huerga. It is based on the Francesco Escribano book Compte enrere. La història de Salvador Puig Antich, which describes the execution of Salvador Puig Antich, the last person executed by garrote under the dictatorship of Francisco Franco.

SALVADOR Directed by

Manuel Huerga

Produced by

Jaume Roures

Written by

Lluís Arcarazo (based on a book by Francesc Escribano)


Daniel Brühl Tristán Ulloa Leonardo Sbaraglia Leonor Watling Ingrid Rubio

Music by

Lluís Llach


David Omedes

Distributed by

20th Century Fox

Release date(s)

September 8, 2006


Coia Jansà There are so many things we can say about this impressive film. Salvador is a real hero and he was a scapegoat in the late ye ars of franchoism in Spain.

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Copla Rodriguez Ortiz I like this film. It keeps us in suspense. It's obvious that laws are unfair. We saw that in the other two films (" Terraferma", and "4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days"). As other people said, nobody deserves the death penalty. Dictatorships ( Ceaucescu, Franco...) are against freedom. We are now living under another dictatorship: finance. The film "Salvador" shows how people can change politics and society itself step by step. Salv ador was a victim of Franco's repression as a result of Carrero Blanco's assassination in 1973.

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Javier Saez Puerto This film (“Salvador”) shows how a political can be unfair and cruel. Everybody should treat people in a fair and equal way a nd respect their rights. Almost thirty years later, this film is still alive. There is no justice for poor people. In our current society peop le are not equal. Capitalism is very cruel.

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Alberto Montero the film "Salvador" is a portrait of the society at a time when the dictatorship was about to finish. Sometimes it's a bit cr uel but people had to fight a lot to achieve freedom and other rights and to change their lives.

Tuesday at 11:53pm via mobile · Like · 2

Joan Tarrida The director (Manuel Huerga) really describes well a period in the Spanish history (almost thirty years ago) through scenes set in the Gothic Quarter, the University, Modelo prison and the Montjuïc cemetery, all of them in Barcelona. The film shows a c...See More

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Ana Mencl Popović Heavy movie, by all means. Very disturbing, makes you realize all rotten things "people" were (are) capable to do to others.

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Ana Mencl Popović I think that performance of Daniel Bruhl is great, and the rest of the cast also.

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Pablo Poy A dramatic film that tells how the government prevails over justice and human values. It is unfortunate that some liberal dem ocratic countries and maintain the death penalty in law

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Joaquim Cascante Time travel into Spanish Democratical Transition. By watching Salvador you can move less than thirty years back and discover or remember, depending on your age, Spain during the latest days of Franco’s regime. Those were times where things were changin...See More

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Cesar Martínez Manuel Huerga presents a film based on real events, which offers a bio -pic based on the life of Salvador Puig Antic, a young anarchist MIL (I berian Liberation Movement). The incident occurred in the 70s and he was the last political prisoner sentenced ... See More

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Casimira Perez Campayo This film is hard. It reflects the changing society at the end of franchoism. I can't understand why people can become so cruel and kill a person. What happens if this person (the victim) is innocent?

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Iñaki Lumbier Cazorla The film shows how Salvador was a hero but he was also a scapegoat of the dictatorship, which wanted to reinforce its repress ion against the regime's opponents after ETA assassinated Carrero Blanco.

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Toni Soriano Álvarez The topics of this film are related to the present time too. Everybody wants to live in a more equal society without poverty with the same rights for everybody. Dictatorships are against freedom.

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4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days is a 2007 Romanian film written and directed by Cristian Mungiu. It won the Palme d'Or and the FIPRESCI Award at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival

The film follows the story of Otilia Mihartescu (Anamaria Marinca) and Gabriela "Găbiţa" Dragut (Laura Vasiliu), two university friends in an unnamed Romanian town. The film is set in 1987, one of the last years of the Ceauşescu regime. When Găbiţa becomes pregnant, the two girls arrange a meeting with Mr. Bebe (Vlad Ivanov) in a hotel, where he is to perform an illegal abortion (Communist Romania had a natalist policy against abortion).



Àlex Sula The film is made by using special camera effects. It's a bit dull, but it shows a close friendship between two students even in a very difficult situation like having an illegal abortion.

Yesterday at 2:06pm · Like · 1

Pablo Poy A movie that brings us closer to reality. A reality that shows how the value of friendship prevails over other things and an extreme situation with unthinkable consequences.

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David Valverde Miro It's a very hard film. We are not used to seeing these types of films. It's a slow film, focused on the illegal abortion.

20 hours ago · Like · 1

Siscu Lopez It's interesting but I agree that it's a very slow film.

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Merche Peralta It's too slow and a bit boring at times. But it's very interesting and different.

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Juan Antonio Morales Lopez It's a very interesting film but we are not used to these kinds of films. It's very slow but there are very interesting effects.

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Daniel Lara Lastre I agree with my colleagues. The plot is very slow.

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Ignacio Martinez Martinez It's a new film, very different from others, but very interesting. Cristian Dungiu is a very good film director.

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David BP it's a different film. We saw how people live at the end of 1980s in Romania.

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Alberto Montero it's a hard film. Under Ceaucescu's dictatorship all rights were limited and women cannot have an abortion. This situation was similar to Spain under Franco.

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Cesar Martínez The film is set in a city in Romania, during the last moments of the communist government and it tells of a young woman who after an unwanted pregnancy, she decides to go through the throes of an illegal abortion.

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Ana Mencl Popović I think the film is great. Very touching and disturbing personal drama of people who live under a repressive regime.

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