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J U lY 2 01 7

V ForCe Boys All New Reminiscences by Air and Ground Crews Operating the Vulcan, Victor and Valiant in the Cold War and Beyond tony Blackman and anthony Wright

ISBN: 9781910690383 | £20.00 Hardback | 208 pp | 234 x 156 mm Illustrated throughout World rights


he V Force consisted of three four-jet bombers, the Valiant, the Vulcan and the Victor, all required as part of the nuclear deterrent in the Cold War following the end of the Second World War. the Valiant was less aerodynamically advanced than the other two and went into service in 1955. the Vulcan entered service in 1956 and the Victor a year later. The Valiant finished operating in 1965 and the Vulcan in 1984. the later Victors were converted into refuelling tankers and carried on until 1993. V Force Boys contains a fascinating collection of previously unpublished stories by V Force ground and aircrew for all three V bombers. Among other highlights, the book includes a first-hand account of dropping the last uK H bomb, a description of how all the aircraft navigated before the days of GPS, the training the crews received and an armourer’s account of how the nuclear weapons were moved with complete safety but not in the regimented way that might be expected. In addition there are chapters which tell of incidents that would not be found in the rAF historical annals but show how the vigilant guarding of the uK had its lighter moments. A must for all Vulcan, Victor and Valiant enthusiasts. 2   |   I n to t h e J e t a G e W I t h G r u B s t r e e t

tony Blackman Obe, MA FrAes obtained an honours degree in Physics at trinity College Cambridge. He learnt to fly in the RAF, trained as a test pilot, and then joined A V roe to become chief test pilot. As an expert in aviation electronics he was subsequently invited by Smiths Industries to join their Aerospace board, initially as technical operations director. On leaving Smiths he joined the board of the uK Civil Aviation Authority. He is a fellow of the American Society of experimental test Pilots, a fellow of the royal Institute of Navigation and a liveryman of the Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators. anthony Wright bA, Squadron Leader, joined the rAF in 1960. After navigator training he entered the V Force as a navigator radar flying Valiants and then Vulcans. After a tour in Singapore and completion of the Staff Navigation Course he was posted to Cranwell as station navigation officer and instructor. He returned to the Vulcan force as an instructor, followed by wing weapons and then radar leader on 50 Squadron. After an appointment at the MoD he became OC of a nuclear training squadron at rAF Armament Support unit. On retirement he served at HQ Air Cadets until 2003. He now lives with his wife rosemary in rutland.

otHer titles FroM tonY BlackMan | avaIlaBle noW

VUlCan Boys

Valiant Boys

ViCtor Boys

From the Cold War to the Falklands: True Tales of the Iconic Delta V Bomber

True Stories from the Operators of the UK’s First Four-Jet Bomber

True Stories from Forty Memorable Years of the Last V Bomber

tony Blackman Foreword by MArtIN WItHerS

tony Blackman and anthony Wright Foreword by SIr MICHAeL beetHAM

tony Blackman with garry o’keefe

ISBN: 9781909808218 | £20.00

Illustrated throughout | World rights

ISBN: 9781909808089 | £20.00 Hardback | 224 pp | 234 x 156 mm Illustrated throughout | World rights

ISBN: 9781908117458 | £20.00 Hardback | 198 pp | 234 x 156 mm

Hardback | 192 pp | 234 x 153 mm Illustrated throughout | World rights

VUlCan test Pilot tony BlaCkman test Pilot My Experience in the Cockpit of a Cold War Icon

tony Blackman ISBN: 9781906502300 | £12.99 Paperback | 224 pp | 234 x 153 mm Illustrated throughout | World rights

nimrod: rise and Fall

My Extraordinary Life in Flight

tony Blackman

tony Blackman

ISBN: 9781909166028 | £12.99 Paperback | 224 pp | 240 x 170 mm

ISBN: 9781908117328 | £12.99 Paperback | 248 pp | 234 x 156 mm

Illustrated throughout | World rights

Illustrated throughout | World rights I n to t h e J e t a G e W I t h G r u B s t r e e t   |   3

MaY 2017

CanBerra Boys Fascinating Accounts from the Operators of an English Electric Classic andreW Brookes

ISBN: 9781910690338 | £20.00 Hardback | 208 pp | 234 x 156 mm Illustrated throughout World rights


he English Electric Canberra first came into production in the late 1940s and has since played a hugely significant part in world events. In Canberra Boys, Andrew brookes takes us through its rich history with the help of those who operated this magnificent machine. Contributors include Roly ‘Bee’ Beamont, the English Electric test pilot who first flew the aircraft in 1949. As part of the expansion of the RAF’s Bomber Command in the 1950s, RAF Binbrook was the first station to house four Canberra squadrons, starting with 101 Squadron in May 1951. Since then and throughout the 20th century, the Canberra operated across the globe in europe, South America and South east Asia. It has served an array of air forces such as the uSAF, Australian air force and the Indian air force – the third largest operator of the Canberra after the rAF and uSAF. this led to the Canberra playing a crucial role as a photo-reconnaissance aircraft in phenomenal operations like the Suez Campaign, the nuclear tests of Operation Grapple and the Indonesian Confrontation. Other tales in the book include participation in the Sassoon trophy competition, long-distance flights in exercise round trip, Operation Quick Flight, and their use by the 4   |   I n to t h e J e t a G e W I t h G r u B s t r e e t

Argentinians against uK forces in the Falklands. Concluding with the Canberra PR9’s final RAF flight on 39 Squadron in July 2006, this book provides a detailed and fascinating history of an outstanding aircraft alongside illuminating anecdotes from the men who served with this aircraft. Vulcan to the Sky are restoring Canberra WK163 to flight in 2017/18. andrew Brookes completed rAF pilot training after graduating from Leeds university. Following recce and strike tours on Victors, Canberras and Vulcans during which he logged 3,500 flying hours, he joined the tri-service policy and plans staff of Commander british Forces, Hong Kong. After being in charge of the multi-engine, helicopter and flying training desks in the RAF Inspectorate of Flight Safety, he was appointed as the last operational rAF commander at the Greenham Common cruise missile base. He studied International relations at Downing College, Cambridge, before becoming a group director at the RAF Advanced Staff College. From 1999-2009 he was aerospace specialist at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. He is now the chief executive of the Air League.

sePteMBer 2017

JaVelin Boys Air Defence from the Cold War to Confrontation steve Bond

ISBN: 9781910690406 | £20.00 Hardback | 208 pp | 234 x 156 mm Illustrated throughout World rights


he Gloster Javelin was the UK’s first line of night and all-weather air defence both at home and in rAF Germany. In the 1950s, when it replaced the Meteor and Venom, this revolutionary bomber/interceptor became the focus of many great stories told here in terrific detail. With an unorthodox aerodynamic design, the Javelin initially had major production issues, which involved a tendency for engines to self-destruct under certain conditions. Despite this and the criticism it faced – its nicknames included ‘Flying Flat-Iron’ and ‘Harmonious Dragmaster’ – the aircraft still receives much affection from its former aircrew.

Starting from the first deliveries of Javelins in 1956 until the final withdrawal from RAF squadron use in 1968, Javelin Boys describes adventures in Cyprus, Singapore during the Indonesian Confrontation and Zambia during the rhodesian declaration of uDI. In this period a total of 434 Javelins were built, with their use spanning across eighteen different squadrons. Steve bond has interviewed a number of veterans, all with captivating tales of their time on the aircraft. Alongside their anecdotes is a detailed history of this unusual aircraft, accompanied by photography never seen before in print. this book is bound to appeal to all aviation fans.

otHer titles FroM steVe BonD | avaIlaBle noW

WimPy A detailed illustrated history of the Vickers Wellington in service, 1938-1953

sPeCial oPs liBerators with richard forder

ISBN: 9781909808140

ISBN: 9781908117144


£25.00 I n to t h e J e t a G e W I t h G r u B s t r e e t   |   5

J U lY 2 01 7

PHantom Boys Volume 2 More Thrilling Tales from UK and US Operators of the McDonnell Douglas F-4 richard pike

ISBN: 9781910690390 | £20.00 Hardback | 184 pp | 234 x 156 mm Illustrated throughout World rights


he highly anticipated follow-up to Phantom Boys is here! Once again richard Pike has brought together brilliant, hitherto unpublished, accounts across eighteen chapters. And now there is coverage of the Americans. So, with both british and American perspectives, Phantom Boys 2 is packed with exhilarating action. From combat in the Vietnam War to life after the Falklands War, readers will experience a variety of wartime and peacetime tales. An array of narratives from air and ground crew cover adventures across the world; from the uK, uS and Germany to the Far east. It also includes the fascinating story of one female fighter controller’s chance to fly in a Phantom during the 1970s. throughout the book richard Pike captures the drama and emotion of life in the cockpit. With such detailed stories, readers will be gripped by this captivating book.

6   |   I n to t h e J e t a G e W I t h G r u B s t r e e t

richard pike became a flight cadet in 1961, at the rAF College, Cranwell where, on graduation, he was awarded the Dickson trophy and Michael Hill memorial prize for flying. In the early stages of his forty-year flying career he flew the English Electric Lightning before converting to the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom. On leaving the royal Air Force he became a civilian helicopter pilot. His duties took him to a wide variety of destinations at home and overseas including the Falkland Islands not long after the end of the Falklands War. His last assignment was in Kosovo helping to distribute emergency humanitarian aid on behalf of the united Nations World Food Programme. He and his wife live in Aberdeenshire.

otHer titles FroM ricHarD Pike | avaIlaBle noW

PHantom Boys True Tales from the UK Operators of the McDonnell Douglas F-4 richard pike ISBN: 9781909808225 | £20.00 Hardback | 224 pp | 234 x 156 mm Illustrated throughout  | World rights

‘A brilliant read for any Phantom fan.’ — Air Forces Monthly

tHe liGHtninG Boys True Tales from Pilots of the English Electric Lightning richard pike ISBN: 9781908117151 | £20.00 Hardback | 192 pp | 234 x 156 mm Illustrated throughout  | World rights

‘richard Pike is to be congratulated on this fascinating compilation of true tales.’ — Aeroplane

tHe liGHtninG Boys 2 True Tales from Pilots and Engineers of the RAF’s Iconic Supersonic Fighter richard pike ISBN: 9781909166134 | £20.00 Hardback | 188 pp | 234 x 156 mm Illustrated throughout  | World rights

‘Pike has written a superb sequel to his best-seller. Lightning Boys 2 is another factual and fascinating, humorous and inspiring account.’ — Aberdeen Press & Journal

HUnter Boys True Tales from Pilots of the Hawker Hunter richard pike ISBN: 9781909808034 | £20.00 Hardback | 192 pp | 234 x 156 mm Illustrated throughout  | World rights

‘An intriguing insight into the experiences of the Hawker Hunter pilots.’ — Military History Monthly I n to t h e J e t a G e W I t h G r u B s t r e e t   |   7

aVailaBle noW

Harrier Boys Volume One: Cold War through the Falklands, 1969-1990 BoB marston ISBN: 9781909808294 | £20.00 Hardback | 192 pp | 234 x 156 mm Illustrated throughout  | World rights

Bob Marston, who flew Harriers for many years, draws together accounts from others who worked with this unique jet through its history. the excitement, camaraderie and pride of Harrier operators shine through in the personal stories of those whose lives were changed by their experience of this iconic aircraft, both on land and at sea. ‘It’s a cracking good read evoking a feeling for the reader of firmly being in the cockpit or sitting in a damp German “hide” with a “feel” for the camaraderie. Highly recommended.’ — Flypast

Harrier Boys Volume Two: New Technology, New Threats, New Tactics, 1990-2010 BoB marston ISBN: 9781910690178 | £20.00 Hardback | 224 pp | 234 x 156 mm Illustrated throughout  | World rights

‘the book is full of amusing, terrifying and inspiring accounts of the situations in which Harrier pilots found themselves.’ — Aeroplane Monthly

BUCCaneer Boys True Tales by those who flew the ‘Last All-British Bomber’ air commodore graham pitchfork ISBN: 9781909166110 | £20.00 Hardback | 224 pp | 234 x 156 mm Illustrated throughout  | World rights

‘A fine tribute to an iconic aircraft.’ — The Northern Star

8   |   I n to t h e J e t a G e W I t h G r u B s t r e e t

aVailaBle noW

JaGUar Boys True Tales from Operators of the Big Cat in Peace and War ian hall ISBN: 9781909808157 | £20.00 Hardback | 208 pp | 234 x 156 mm Illustrated throughout  | World rights

One of the best-loved of RAF types, the Jaguar commanded a fierce loyalty and affection which shines through in these accounts of an aircraft that will live forever in the memory. ‘Stories appear from the Cold War, Gulf War and balkan eras and are enjoyable and educational.’ — Jets

tornado Boys Thrilling Tales from the Men and Women who have Operated this Indomitable Modern-Day Bomber ian hall ISBN: 9781910690130 | £20.00 Hardback | 200pp | 234 x 156 mm Illustrated throughout  | World rights

With its focus on the Gr1 and Gr4 tornados, the reader will enjoy fascinating insights into operating a multi-role bomber/reconnaissance aircraft against a backdrop of modern-day scenarios. ‘Tornado Boys is a cracking piece of work... It more than complements the drier official histories of recent air campaigns.’ — RAF Historical Society

meteor Boys True Tales from the Operators of Britain’s First Jet Fighter – From 1944 to date steve Bond ISBN: 9781910690260 | £20.00 Hardback | 224pp | 234 x 156 mm Illustrated throughout  | World rights

A detailed insight into Britain’s first jet fighter with anecdotes from over forty veterans. ‘Meteor Boys is a great read showing what a flexible resource the aircraft became.’ RAF Club Library I n to t h e J e t a G e W I t h G r u B s t r e e t   |   9

MaY 2017

From Jet ProVost to strikemaster A Definitive History of the Basic and Counter-Insurgent Aircraft at Home and Overseas david Watkins

ISBN: 9781910690352 | £25.00 Hardback | 224 pp | 246 x 185 mm Illustrated throughout World rights


his book covers the complete and long overdue history of the Hunting/BAC Jet Provost and Strikemaster, which for thirty-eight years trained generations of pilots and pioneered the RAF’s allthrough flying training programme. Originally designed and built in 1951 as a private venture by Percival Aircraft in Luton, the Jet Provost became the primary jet-powered training aircraft for the rAF following a series of experimental courses at rAF Hullavington in 1955. by 1957, there was a contract for the production order of 100 Jet Provost t Mk. 3s. the Jet Provost even had a display flying team between 1958 and 1976 but was eventually withdrawn from rAF service in July 1993. the development of the bAC 167 Strikemaster in the 1960s saw a light-attack aircraft designed for counter-insurgency operations and predominantly used by overseas air forces. Adopted by thirteen air forces, both types have seen an array of action – from the Dhofar War to operating as close support and counter-insurgency against well-armed, communist-backed guerrillas. Despite some 723 Jet Provost and Strikemaster airframes manufactured between 1954 and 1983, these aircraft have been overlooked in contrast to other jet types in the same period until now. 1 0   |   I n to t h e J e t a G e W I t h G r u B s t r e e t

David Watkins has produced an extensive look at these aircraft after years of painstaking research assisted by veterans and historians. Having accessed the archives of the Warton Collection, he has amassed a range of rare photography to accompany the extraordinary history of these jets. From Jet Provost to Strikemaster is a work of narrative and technical detail which will satisfy the most avid aviation fans. Airfix have recently released a Jet Provost model, increasing interest in this long neglected aircraft. david Watkins joined the rAF when he was nineteen and saw service in the uK, Germany and the Far east. He has written books on the de Havilland Vampire and Venom, No. 501 (County of Gloucester) Squadron, rAuxAF, rAF Chivenor and rAF Aerobatic teams since 1920.

aUGUst 2017

Fast Jets and otHer Beasts Personal insights from the cockpit of the Hunter, Phantom, Jaguar, Tornado and many more ian hall

ISBN: 9781910690420 | £20.00 Hardback | 192 pp | 234 x 156 mm Illustrated throughout World rights


ver a thirty-two-year military flying career which spanned a period when the rAF regularly replaced its fighter/bombers, Ian Hall had seven front-line flying tours on five different types. His story starts in bahrain in the early 1970s, just before the massive contraction that saw the rAF withdraw from the Middle and Far East. This first, Hunter experience is followed by a home-based tour on a ground-attack Phantom squadron. but as the Phantom is about to be transferred to air defence duties, Ian is posted back to the Hunter on the staff of the tactical weapons unit. This tour, as a qualified weapons instructor, is cut short by a return to the front line on the Jaguar, which he flies in the strike/attack role in Germany. Following an exchange with the royal Norwegian Air Force during which he enjoys flying the F-5A Freedom Fighter, Ian returns to the Jaguar as a flight commander, then converts to the tornado and commands a squadron. All these flying tours provide a rich seam of material for incisive, amusing and, sometimes, reflective observations from the cockpit. As do his periods on the ground, from which he recalls impressions of various other types in which he flew as a guest: Lightning; Harrier; F-14 tomcat; F-16; and so on. He

also relates observations of his varied experiences with the army, the navy and foreign air forces, and these are interspersed with musings on the political interface and on friends lost in accidents. Later, Ian surprised himself somewhat by switching to civil aviation, and the book touches upon the twelve-year experience of a fast-jet pilot who became a direct-entry turboprop captain. Finally, equipped with pipe and slippers, he reflects on a great life of flying, as well as taking a brief look at the things that keep a retired pilot amused. An ideal read for anyone fascinated by tales of aerial exploits. ian hall joined the rAF at eighteen and during seven fighter-bomber tours flew five different operational types. He served in bahrain, Germany, belgium, Norway and Canada. Ian had the pleasure of commanding a tornado squadron in the early 1990s, before retiring as a group captain. He then flew for twelve years with the airlines. He is also the author of Jaguar Boys and Tornado Boys (see page 9).

I n to t h e J e t a G e W I t h G r u B s t r e e t   |   1 1

aPril 2017

Bloody aPril 1917 An Exciting Detailed Analysis of One of the Deadliest Months in the Air in WWI norman franks, russell guest and frank Bailey

ISBN: 9781910690413 | £15.00 Paperback | 192 pp | 240 x 170 mm Illustrated throughout World rights


ven those people who know little of WWI’s air war will have heard of bloody April. After more than eighteen months of deadly stalemate on the Western Front, by April 1917 the british and French were again about to launch yet another land offensive, this time on the Arras Front. This would be the first opportunity to launch such a major offensive since the winter and would require enormous support from the royal Flying Corps and French Air Force in, hopefully, improved weather. However, the air offensive was to be countered fiercely by the new German Jagstaffeln – Jastas – that had been the brainchild of Oswald Boelcke in 1916. By the spring of 1917, the first Jasta pilots, with new improved fighters – the nimble Albatros DIIIs – were just itching to get to grips with their opponents over the Western Front. What followed was a near massacre of british and French aircraft and crews, which made April the worst month for flying casualties the war had yet seen. Here is a day-by-day, blow-by-blow account of these losses, profusely illustrated with original photographs and expertly told.

praise for Bloody April, Black September by the same authors: ‘...One of the most comprehensive overviews of early warfare ever published.’ — Flypast ‘the amount of work that must have gone into... this book... is truly impressive.’ — Aeroplane Monthly ‘This significant book serves well as both history and reference. It is interesting to read, contains much information, and most importantly, it may cause a major change in the reader’s thinking...’ — Over the Front otHer recoMMenDation avaIlaBle noW

osWald BoelCke

Germany’s First Fighter Ace and Father of Air Combat rg head ISBN: 9781910690239 | £20.00


MaY 2017

air Battle For dUnkirk 26 May – 3 June 1940 norman franks

REISSU E ISBN:9781910690475 | £10.00 Paperback | 224 pp | 234 x 153 mm Illustrated throughout World rights


ith the epic blockbuster film Dunkirk, to be released in July 2017, directed by Christopher Nolan and starring, amongst others, Kenneth branagh, tom Hardy and Mark rylance, this reissue has never been more timely. ‘Where is the RAF?’ was the oft-quoted question asked by soldiers waiting on the beach at Dunkirk, to where they had retreated following the German blitzkrieg through northern France, and where they were now being pounded by the Luftwaffe. The air forces were there, as Norman Franks proves, detailing the outstanding achievements of the Allied pilots who fought, using outmoded tactics, against enemy pilots who had earlier had easy victories over the Polish, Dutch and belgian air forces. The RAF’s achievement reminds us just how close britain came to disaster in June 1940.

praise for Air Battle for Dunkirk ‘An absorbing read, which vindicates the RAF.’ — RAF Historical Journal ‘this book reminds us of the debt to those who fought in 1940, and that holding the thin line over Dunkirk directly led to the later victory in the Battle of Britain.’ — RUSI Journal


sePteMBer 2017

Wk275 The Restoration and Preservation of the Last Supermarine Swift F4 guy ellis

ISBN: 9781910690505 | £20.00 Hardback | 160 pp | 246 x 185 mm Cover image not yet available

Heavily illustrated throughout World rights


K275 is a unique historic airframe and the the Swift pioneered the second generation of jet only Supermarine Swift F4 left in the world. fighters and by recording the full story of one the aircraft spent 46 years outside an army surplus special aircraft, Guy Ellis has delivered a fitting store before being purchased off eBay in 2012 and tribute to british ingenuity. restored by Jet Art Aviation to static display con- Ideal for exhibit visitors, vintage aircraft enthusidition. It now resides with Vulcan to the Sky which asts, restorers and Supermarine aficionados. draws 1,500 paying visitors a month who will see guy ellis is an aviation historian who has written WK275 and the other famous artefacts on site. Guy ellis sets the scene of the importance of many articles and is the author of, amongst others, Britain’s early jets, covers the development of the Serve to Save – The South African Air Force at Sea Swift, which puts WK275 in context, then traces and Britain’s Jet Age Volumes 1 and 2. the heritage of that aircraft, its operational life, how it was acquired and finally the full story of its restoration with a plethora of detailed photographs, drawings and publicity images.


aUGUst 2017

HURRICANE R4118 reVisited The Extraordinary Story of the Discovery and Restoration to Flight of a Battle of Britain Survivor: The Adventure Continues 2005-2017 peter vacher

ISBN: 9781910690437 | £20.00 Hardback | 192 pp | 240 x 170 mm Illustrated throughout World rights


welve years since the amazing account of Peter peter vacher was born in London during the blitz. Vacher’s discovery in India was originally pub- educated at Marlborough College, he began from lished, Grub Street is thrilled to bring readers the an early age restoring vintage cars as a hobby, updated story of Hurricane r4118. Since the resto- building up a small collection. He also travelled ration of this magnificent aircraft to flight in 2004, extensively in India, meeting the Maharajas whose Peter Vacher continued to research its history. families had imported rolls-royce and bentley In Hurricane R4118 Revisited, more stories of R4118’s motor cars in the 1910s and 1920s. origins are told, including the extraordinary tale of When his job changed and he moved to Australia, how this aircraft shot down a friendly Whitley Peter and his wife, Polly, learnt to pilot light aircraft. bomber before it was assigned to an rAF squadron. They subsequently flew around the Australian conFocus is also given to the role of 605 Squadron’s tinent before returning to the uK and acquiring a ground crew and the aircraft during the battle of four-seater Piper Dakota. Polly flew the Dakota britain. solo around the world in 2001 and again in 2003. Continuing into the present day, Vacher highlights Meanwhile Peter’s interest moved from motor cars the challenges of maintaining and flying a historic to restoring vintage aircraft. Peter and Polly have warbird, whilst Keith Dennison, a warbird pilot, three sons and the whole family is aero-minded! provides expert commentary on exactly what it is praise for Hurricane R4118 like to fly a Hurricane. The book concludes with the sale of r4118 to an enthusiastic englishman ‘the amazing story of how this only surviving and the decision taken to keep the aircraft at the Hurricane from the battle of britain was Shuttleworth Collection. discovered and lovingly restored.’ With brand new photography and sources, includ— The Mail on Sunday ing wartime letters from bunny Currant, this book ‘Absorbing. A quite exceptional book.’ — Flypast is essential reading for all Hurricane enthusiasts.


sePteMBer 2017

lone WolF The Remarkable Story of Britain’s Greatest Nightfighter Ace of the Blitz — Flt Lt Richard Playne Stevens DSO, DFC & BAR andy saunders with terry thompson

ISBN: 9781910690253 | £20.00 Hardback | 192 pp | 234 x 156 mm Illustrated throughout World rights


uring the Second World War, Flt Lt richard Stevens led an extraordinary campaign as an RAF nightfighter. Known to contemporaries as ‘Cat’s Eyes’ and by the height of his success in July 1941 as the ‘Lone Wolf’, Flt Lt Stevens was the RAF’s highest scoring nightfighter pilot with fourteen victories. What makes his story unique is that all this was achieved without the aid of radar or another crew member. Instead Flt Lt Stevens used extraordinary skill, instinct and innate marksmanship. tragically his success was cut short by his untimely death on the night of 15/16 December 1941 – three days after his DSO was gazetted. the tributes paid to him after his death demonstrate the impact he had upon night fighting. Described as ‘one of the greatest nightfighter pilots who ever fought in

also BY anDY saUnDers avaIlaBle noW


Fighter Command’ by Sir Archibald Sinclair, Secretary of State for Air and with Air Vice-Marshal b. e. embry also crediting ‘his high standard of courage and skill as a nightfighter pilot’ as a contribution to the final defeat of the enemy at night – it is not hard to see why Stevens was greatly admired by his peers. thanks to over twenty years of painstaking research by terry thompson and a rich resource of documentation and photography, Andy Saunders is now able to tell the exceptional story of one of Britain’s finest night-flying pilots of the Second World War. this extraordinary biography will be eagerly devoured by military aviation enthusiasts and students of air warfare and Second World War alike.

JUne 2017

soPWitH PUP n6161 reBorn The Amazing Story of a Fighter Aircraft Flown by Both Sides in World War One and in the Air once more andy saunders with roy palmer

ISBN: 9781909808300 | £20.00 Hardback | 192 pp | 246 x 170 mm Illustrated throughout World rights


his book follows the remarkable history of Sopwith Pup N6161, an allied World War One aircraft which was shot down in 1917, then flown by the Germans and has now been recreated to fly again. The author, Andy Saunders, takes the reader through the life span of the aircraft, from the development and naming of the Sopwith ‘Pup’ to its eventual restoration and journey back into the air. the N6161 was built in Kingston and shipped to France in 1917, where it embarked on a brief mission that resulted in its fateful capture by German forces. Sopwith Pup Reborn contains firsthand accounts from the pilots G. L. elliott of the allied forces, and Karl Meyer, the German pilot, and accounts of the incarceration of elliott as a POW. After nearly one hundred years since its original flight and capture, the Sopwith has been restored to its former glory by the Historic Aircraft Collection Ltd. after painstaking work and research using the original waxed linen drawings from 1916-1918. It is currently on display at IWM Duxford as part of their Air and Sea exhibition. the aircraft took to the skies once more in 2016 in the capable hands of ‘Dodge’ bailey who contributes a chapter to the book. With full-colour photos of the reconstruction in process and original photographs from its time in

World War One service, this book is the first of its kind, rather like the aircraft itself. andy saunders lives in east Sussex and has been involved with historic aviation for over thirty years and is well known in the aircraft preservation and restoration field. He is also respected as a serious researcher and author of many Grub Street books and is a prolific contributor to the aviation press. He is passionate about flying and history and regularly travels in search of historic aircraft and artefacts. He frequently acts as advisor or consultant to film and television companies, and is currently editor of Britain at War magazine. roy palmer had an interest in aviation from a young age. His career progressed from engineering into a strategy consultancy, which eventually provided funds to extend the aviation interest. His friend, Guy black, mentioned that he had the basis for the re-construction of a 1917 Sopwith Pup. Palmer then set out to tell the story of the aircraft, its reconstruction back to flight, and the stories of the two pilots who met over Flanders on that cold winter’s day. 17

octoBer 2017

dH9: From rUin to restoration The Extraordinary Story of the Discovery in India and Return to Flight of a Rare WWI Bomber guy Black and andy saunders

ISBN: 9781908117335 | £20.00 Hardback | 192 pp | 240 x 170 mm Cover image not yet available

Illustrated throughout World rights


n 2000, quite by chance, aircraft restorer Guy black of Aero Vintage located the hulks of at least two Airco DH9 bombers in a remote part of India – hidden away in what had been a Maharaja’s elephant stable at his palace in bikaner, rajasthan. they were truly remarkable finds, and extremely rare examples of a near-extinct and important WWI aircraft type – none of which had survived in britain. Recognising their importance to the UK’s aviation heritage, and excited by the challenge of restoration, Guy set about negotiating their purchase and returning them back to england.


His colleague and author, Andy Saunders journeyed twice to India to complete the transaction and dismantle and pack them – a process not without massive difficulties and challenges. Now one of them will fly again! Here the whole intriguing story is told – fully illustrated step-by-step – from discovery to recovery, through to research, restoration, re-construction and first flight, all in fascinating, meticulous detail. Also covered is the account of the restoration of the first DH9 to be completed, now housed as a non-flying exhibit at the IWM Duxford.


BestsellinG eBooks

the lightning Boys richard Pike

the lightning Boys 2 richard Pike

nimrod: rise and fall tony blackman

lie in the dark and listen Ken rees





life’s too short to cry tim Vigors

Luftwaffe fighter ace Nobert Hannig

into enemy arms Michael Hingston

Malta Spitfire pilot Denis barnham



Buccaneer Boys Graham Pitchfork

Malta Spitfire George beurling

no parachute Arthur Gould Lee

open cockpit Arthur Gould Lee







m o r e o n f o l lo W I n G p a G e  




Ä ContInues from prevIous paGe

victor Boys tony blackman

vulcan Boys tony blackman

a doctor’s War Aidan MacCarthy

vulcan test pilot tony blackman





fifty years of flying fun rod Dean

Jaguar Boys Ian Hall

harrier Boys volume one bob Marston

hunter Boys richard Pike



tempest pilot Sqn Ldr C J Sheddan DFC rNZAF with Norman Franks



phantom Boys richard Pike 9781910690864


20 | BestsellInG eBooKs

the Quick and the dead William Arthur Waterton 9781909808812

valiant Boys tony blackman 9781910690871


only aVailaBle in eBook Format aces high

five of the many

one Who almost made it Back




aces high volume 2

flying into hell





air War for yugoslavia greece and crete

from north africa to the arakan

raw courage



richard hillary

arise to conquer

Furies and Fireflies




Richthofen Jagdstaffel Ahead

australian hawk

george Washington’s War




september evening

Beyond courage

gunning for the enemy




ship Busters!

Billy drake

halifax down!





Brotherhood of the skies

hell on earth





chasing the morning sun

heroic endeavour




survival against all odds

churchill’s navigator

Hornchurch Offensive




tales of my time

collecting colditz

hunting with richthofen




the Battle of heligoland Bight

convoy peewit

hurricane r4118




the sowreys

d-day plus one

into enemy arms




The Spitfire Smiths

dennis david

Jasta Boelke




torpedo leader


Julius Buckler malaula!




dowding of fighter command

Luftwaffe Fighter Ace

under the guns of the kaiser’s aces




down to earth

master Bombers

victory fighters




finding the fallen

mission accomplished

Wings around the World




finding the foe

no place for chivalry

Wolfpack Warriors







aUdioBooks Here is our current selection of titles available as audiobooks from Audible (an Amazon company). We are continuing to expand our list so please check for all our latest titles.

coMinG soon FroM MarcH



WW2: Battle oF Britain

Denotes Ebook available Denotes Audiobook available 23


WW2: Bomber Command



WW2: General interest

m o r e o n f o l lo W I n G p a G e  




Ä  C o n t i n u e s f r o m p r e v i o u s p a g e

26  | WW2 General Interest


World War 1




modern aViation



A-z Backlist by Title A A Doctor’s War Jaw-dropping account of an RAF medical officer during the Second World War. Aidan MacCarty ISBN:9781904943402 | 160pp | 210 x 135mm | £7.99 pb

A History of the Mediterranean Air War, 1940-1945 Volume One – North Africa, June 1940-January 1942 Christopher Shores, Giovanni Massimello and Russell Guest ISBN:9781908117076 | 560pp | 240 x 170mm | illustrated | £40 hb

Volume Two – North African Desert, February 1942-March 1943 Christopher Shores, Giovanni Massimello and others ISBN:9781909166127 | 736pp | 240 x 170mm | illustrated | £50 hb

Volume Three – Tunisia and the End in Africa, November 1942-May 1943 Christopher Shores, Giovanni Massimello and others ISBN:9781910690000 | 680pp | 240 x 170mm

Air War for Burma The third and concluding volume of the Bloody Shambles series. The Allied Air Forces fight back in South East Asia, 1942-1945. CHRISTOPHER SHORES ISBN:9781904010951 | 448pp | 234 x 156mm Approx. 200 photos, maps and tabular material | £30 hb

An Alien Sky The story of one man’s remarkable adventure in Bomber Command during the Second World War. ANDREW WISEMAN with SEAN FEAST ISBN:9781909808256 | 176pp | 234 x 156mm 16pp b/w + colour photos | £20 hb

Arrival of Eagles An examination of the Luftwaffe landings in Britain during the Second World War. ANDY SAUNDERS ISBN:9781909808126 | 192pp | 240 x 170mm | illustrated | £20 hb


Illustrated throughout | £50 hb

A Most Secret Squadron The first full story of 618 Squadron and its special detachment anti-U-boat Mosquitos. Des Curtis DFC ISBN:9781906502515 | 208pp | 234 x 156mm

Be Bold Autobiography detailing the long and distinguished career of Sir Frederick Rosier. Air Chief Marshal Sir FREDERICK ROSIER GCB, CBE, DSO with DAVID ROSIER

8pp b/w photos | £20 hb

ISBN:9781906502973 | 256pp | 210 x 148 mm

A Pathfinder’s War An extraordinary tale of surviving over 100 bomber operations against all odds. FLT LT TED STOCKER DSO, DFC with SEAN FEAST

Illustrated throughout | £20 hb

ISBN:9781906502522 | 208pp | 234 x 156mm

Billy Bishop Focusing on the RAF ace’s achievements during the First World War. PETER KILDUFF

16pp b/w photos | £20 hb

ISBN:9781909808133 | 192pp | 246 x 170 mm Illustrated throughout | £20 hb

A Separate Little War The Banff Coastal Command strike wing versus the Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe 1944-1945. ANDREW D BIRD

Black Fokker Leader The First World War’s last airfighter knight. PETER KILDUFF

ISBN:9781906502133 | 240pp | 234 x 156 mm

ISBN:9781906502287 | 192pp | 246 x 185 mm

Illustrated throughout | £12.99 pb

llustrated throughout | £20 hb



Bloody Shambles The first comprehensive account of air operations over South-East Asia, December 1941-April 1942. CHRISTOPHER SHORES, BRIAN CULL and YASUHO IZAWA Volume One – The drift to war to the fall of Singapore ISBN:9780948817502 | 392pp | 234 x 153mm 180 b/w photos | £29.95 hb

Volume Two – The defence of Sumatra to the fall of Burma ISBN:9780948817670 | 494pp | 234 x 153 mm 180 b/w photos | £29.95 hb

Bomber Boys Dramatic and true-life experiences over occupied Europe 1942-1945 MEL ROLFE ISBN:9781904943860 | 256pp | 216 x 138mm 16pp b/w photos | £9.99 pb

Buccaneer Boys True tales by those who flew the ‘last all-British bomber’. Air Commodore GRAHAM PITCHFORK ISBN:9781909166110 | 224pp | 234 x 156mm Illustrated throughout | £20 hb

C Churchill and his Airmen Relationships, intrigue and policy-making, 1914-1945 VINCENT ORANGE ISBN:9781908117366 | 320pp | 234 x 156mm 16 pp b/w photos | £25 hb

Coastal Dawn Blenheims in action from the Phoney War through the Battle of Britain. ANDREW D BIRD ISBN:9781906502690 | 224pp | 234 x 156mm Illustrated throughout | £20 hb

Contact! The experiences of a Victor Tanker captain in the RAF before, during and after the Falklands Conflict. BOB TUXFORD

D Distant Thunder A helicopter pilot’s letters from war in Iraq and Afghanistan. DON HARWARD ISBN:9781908117281 | 190pp | 234 x 153mm Approx. 100 colour photos | £20 hb

F Faster than the Sun Reminiscences of a Fleet Air Arm and test pilot. PETER TWISS ISBN:9781904943372 | 216pp | 234 x 156mm 16pp b/w photos | £10.95 pb

Fifty Years of Flying Fun Fascinating memoir covering an RAF and display flying career. ROD DEAN ISBN:9781909808270 | 222pp | 234 x 153mm Illustrated throughout | £20 hb

Finding the Few Some outstanding mysteries of the Battle of Britain investigated and solved. ANDY SAUNDERS ISBN:9781909166011 | 192pp | 246 x 170mm Illustrated throughout | £12.99 pb

Fire by Night The dramatic story of one Pathfinder crew and Black Thursday, 16-17 December 1943. JENNIE GRAY ISBN:9781906502997 | 210pp | 196 x 128mm 60 b/w photos | £8.99 pb

Five of the Few Survivors of the Battle of Britain and Blitz tell their story. STEVE DARLOW ISBN:9781906502829 | 254pp | 210 x 138mm 16pp b/w photos | £10 pb

ISBN:9781910690222 | 206pp | 234 x 156mm

Forever Vigilant Celebrating the centenary of Naval 8/208 Squadron. GRAHAM PITCHFORK

Illustrated throughout | £20 hb

ISBN:9781910690147 | 272pp | 240 x 170mm | illustrated | £25 hb

3 0   |   A - Z B a ck l i s t




Ghosts of Targets Past The lives and losses of a Lancaster crew in 1944-45. PHILIP GRAY

I Chose The Sky The exciting memoirs of a World War I fighter pilot with the famous No. 3 (Naval) Squadron. LEONARD H. ROCHFORD DSC and BAR, DFC

ISBN:9781904943181 | 182pp | 216 x 138mm 16pp b/w photos | £8.99 pb

ISBN:9781909808324 | 184pp | 210 x 135mm

H Harrier Boys VOLUME ONE: Cold War through the Falklands, 1969-1990 Personal stories from those whose lives were changed by their experience of this iconic aircraft, both on land and at sea. BOB MARSTON ISBN:9781909808294 | 192pp | 234 x 156mm Illustrated throughout | £20 hb

Harrier Boys VOLUME TWO: New Technology, New Threats, New Tactics, 1990-2010 The follow-up explores the evolution of the Harrier during modern warfare. BOB MARSTON ISBN:9781910690178 | 224pp | 234 x 156mm | illustrated | £20 hb

Hawker Hurricane Survivors A complete history of every known surviving Hawker Hurricane. GORDON RILEY ISBN:9781909808348 | 224pp | 246 x 185mm | illustrated | £25 hb

Hermann Göring Fighter Ace The First World War career of Germany’s most infamous airman. PETER KILDUFF

2 x 8pp b/w photos | £16 hb

Into the Blue An insightful and gripping book about the experiences of a pilot during the First World War. NORMAN MACMILLAN OBE, MC, AFC ISBN:9781910690017 | 236pp | 210 x 135mm 1 x 8pp b/w photos | £16 hb

Iron Man Story of Rudolf Berthold, the indomitable German Fighter Ace of the First World War. PETER KILDUFF ISBN:9781908117373 | 224pp | 246 x 170mm | illustrated | £20 hb

J Jaguar Boys True tales from operators of the Big Cat in Peace and War. IAN HALL ISBN:9781909808157 | 208pp | 234 x 156mm | illustrated | £20 hb

Japanese Army Air Force Fighter Units and their Aces 1931-1945 A detailed study of the development, equipment and operations flown by this force. IKUHIKO HATA, YASUHO IZAWA and CHRISTOPHER SHORES ISBN:9781902304892 | 400pp | 234 x 156mm

ISBN:9781906502669 | 224pp | 246 x 170mm | illustrated | £20 hb

Artwork and maps throughout, over 200 photos | £29.95 hb

Home is the Halifax An extraordinary account of rebuilding a classic WWII bomber and creating the Yorkshire Air Museum to house it. IAN ROBINSON MBE

Japanese Naval Air Force Fighter Units and their Aces 1932-1945 A companion guide to Japanese Army Air Force Fighter Units detailing operations flown by this force. IKUHIKO HATA, YASUHO IZAWA and CHRISTOPHER SHORES

ISBN:9781906502775 | 160pp | 244 x 173mm,

ISBN:9781906502843 | 448pp | 234 x 156mm

16pp photo section | £20 hb

Artwork, maps, drawings and photos throughout | £35 hb

Hunter Boys True tales from pilots of the Hawker Hunter. RICHARD PIKE ISBN:9781909808034 | 192pp | 234 x 156mm | illustrated | £20 hb

A -Z B a ck l i s t   |   3 1


L Lancaster Down! The extraordinary tale of seven young bomber aircrew at war. STEVE DARLOW ISBN:9781908117267 | 224pp | 234 x 156mm 16pp b/w photos | £10 pb

Lie in the Dark and Listen The remarkable exploits of a Second World War bomber pilot and Great Escaper. Wing Commander KEN REES with KAREN ARRANDALE ISBN:9781904943419 | 224pp | 234 x 156mm 16pp b/w photos | £10.95 pb

Life’s Too Short To Cry The compelling memoir of a Battle of Britain ace. TIM VIGORS ISBN:9781904943815 | 320pp | 196 x 128mm 8pp b/w photos | £9.99 pb

Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot Defending the Reich against the RAF and the USAAF WOLFGANG FISCHER, Edited and translated by JOHN WEAL ISBN:9781906502836 | 224pp | 210 X 148mm 16pp b/w photos | £20 hb

M Malta Spitfire The diary of an ace fighter pilot GEORGE BEURLING ISBN:9781906502980 | 256pp | 196 x 128mm

Mannock The life and death of Major Edward Mannock. NORMAN FRANKS and ANDY SAUNDERS ISBN:9781906502126 | 192pp | 244 x 170mm B/w illustrations throughout | £20 hb

Meteor Boys Fascinating stories from the operators of Britain’s first jet fighter. STEVE BOND ISBN:9781910690260 | 224pp | 234 x 156mm | illustrated | £20 hb

N Napoleonic Wars in Cartoons Contains over 300 cartoons and caricatures from both sides of the conflicts in this unique visual history. MARK BRYANT ISBN:9781910690024 | 160pp | 305 X 229mm | illustrated | £15 pb

Nimrod Rise and Fall A detailed study of the Nimrod written by its former test pilot. TONY BLACKMAN ISBN:9781909166028 | 224pp | 240 x 170mm Illustrated throughout | £12.99 pb

No Parachute A classic account of war in the air in the First World War. ARTHUR GOULD LEE ISBN:9781909166042 | 240pp | 210 x 135mm Photos included | £14 hb


8pp b/w photos | £9.99 pb

Malta Spitfire Pilot Ten weeks of terror April-June 1942. DENIS BARNHAM

Observers and Navigators A comprehensive study of non-pilot aircrew in the RFC, RNAS and RAF. Wing Commander C.G. JEFFORD

ISBN:9781909166035 | 208pp | 210 x 135mm

ISBN:9781909808027 | 416pp | 286 x 210mm

2 x 8pp photos and paintings | £10 pb

illustrated on quality paper | £40 hb

Malta: The Spitfire Year 1942 A detailed day-by-day history of the struggle for the island, and the final success of the Allies and islanders. CHRISTOPHER SHORES and BRIAN CULL with NICOLA MALIZIA

Open Cockpit A riveting account of life as a fighter pilot at the front during the First World War. ARTHUR GOULD LEE

ISBN:9780948817168 | 704pp | 234 x 153mm | illustrated | £45 hb

Photos included | £12 hb

3 2   |   A - Z B a ck l i s t

ISBN:9781908117250 | 224pp | 210 x 135mm


Oswald Boelcke Definitive biography of Germany’s first WWI ace and father of air combat. RG HEAD ISBN:9781910690239 | 240pp | 246 x 170mm | illustrated | £20 hb

P Park The biography of Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Park GCB, KBE, MC, DFC, DCL. VINCENT ORANGE ISBN:9781902304618 | 320pp | 234 x 156mm 16pp b/w photos | £12.99 pb

Phantom Boys True tales from the UK operators of the McDonnell Douglas F-4. RICHARD PIKE ISBN:9781909808225 | 184pp | 234 x 156mm | illustrated | £20 hb

Poles in Defence of Britain A tremendously detailed account of the Polish volunteers who flew during the Battle of Britain. ROBERT GRETZYNGIER ISBN:9781910690154 | 304pp | 234 x 150mm 32pp b/w photo section | £15 pb

R RAF Duxford A history in photographs from 1917 to the present day. RICHARD C SMITH ISBN:9781906502331 | 160pp | 252 x 195mm | illustrated | £12.99 pb

RAF Evaders The complete story of RAF escapees and their escape lines, Western Europe, 1940-1945. Oliver Clutton-Brock ISBN:9781906502171 | 448pp | 246 x 170mm 16pp b/w photos | £35 hb

S Shot Down in Flames A Second World War fighter pilot’s remarkable tale of survival. GEOFFREY PAGE DSO, OBE, DSC and BAR

Special Ops Liberators A study of 223 (Bomber Support) Squadron, 100 Group and the Electronic War. STEVE BOND and RICHARD FORDER ISBN:9781908117144 | 256pp | 234 x 156mm 16pp b/w photos | £25 hb

Spitfire Mark I P9374 The extraordinary story of recovery, restoration and flight. ANDY SAUNDERS ISBN:9781908117069 | 224pp | 246 x 170mm | illustrated | £20 hb

Spitfire Pilot ‘A brilliant first-hand account of the life of a fighter pilot before and during the Battle of Britain.’ The Spectator Flight Lieutenant DAVID CROOK DFC Introduction by RICHARD OVERY ISBN:9781906502041 | 208pp | 196 x 128mm 16pp photos on art paper | £8.99 pb

Spreading My Wings One of Britain’s top women pilots tells her remarkable story from pre-war flying to breaking the sound barrier. DIANA BARnATO WALKER ISBN:9781904010319 | 224pp | 234 x 156mm 32pp b/w photos | £10.95 hb

Stuka Attack! The dive-bombing assault on England during the Battle of Britain. ANDY SAUNDERS ISBN:9781908117359 | 192pp | 240 x 170mm | illustrated | £20 hb

T Tally Ho! The memoir of a Battle of Britain veteran and his flying career. Wing Commander R W FOSTER DFC AE with NORMAN FRANKS ISBN:9781906502263 | 224pp | 216 x 135mm 16pp b/w photos | £20 hb

Tangmere An authorised history of the famous RAF fighter station. REGINALD BYRON AND DAVID COXON

ISBN:9781906502966 | 256pp | 200 x 128mm

ISBN:9781909166196 | 352pp | 240 x 170mm

8pp b/w photos | £9.99 pb

2 x 8pp photo sections | £25 hb

A -Z B a ck l i s t   |   3 3


Tempest Pilot The experiences of a RNZAF pilot during the Second World War. Squadron Leader C J SHEDDAN DFC RNZAF with NORMAN FRANKS ISBN:9781906502959 | 224pp | 200 x 128mm 16pp b/w photos | £8.99 pb

Test Pilot ‘A lifetime of flying is contained within the covers of this book, and highly entertaining it is too!’ Flypast NEVILLE DUKE DSO, OBE, DFC (Two Bars), Czech Military Cross ISBN:9781904010401 | 192pp | 234 x 156mm

The Pathfinder Companion An examination of the Pathfinder Force including interviews with surviving veterans. SEAN FEAST ISBN:9781908117342 | 256pp | 240 x 170mm | illustrated | £20 hb

The Quick and the Dead Written in 1956, this book is an absolute revelation on test flying with the British aircraft organisations and manufacturers in the 1950s. WILLIAM ARTHUR WATERtON ISBN:9781908117274 | 248pp | 210 x 135mm | b/w photos | £14 hb

The Daily Telegraph Military Obituaries Book Three Highly entertaining collection of 100 Daily Telegraph military obituaries from the last sixteen years. Edited by DAVID TWISTON DAVIES

The World’s Greatest War Cartoonists and Caricaturists 1792-1945 A study of the most significant international artists of the past two centuries who drew political cartoons and caricatures during wartime. MARK BRYANT

ISBN:9781909808317 | 416pp | 210 x 138mm | b/w photos | £20 hb

ISBN:9781908117083 | 192pp | 252 x 196mm | illustrated | £20 hb

The JG26 War Diary Volume 1 1939-1942 DONALD CALDWELL

To Hell and Back True life experiences of Bomber Command at war. MEL ROLFE

40 b/w photos | £9.99 pb

ISBN:9781898697527 | 352pp | 234 x 156mm

ISBN:9781904010395 | 192pp | 216 x 135mm

150 b/w photos | £30 hb

16pp b/w photos | £8.99 pb

The Last of the 39-ers The extraordinary wartime experiences of Squadron Leader Alfie Fripp. SEAN FEAST

To the Last Ridge A first-hand account of the horrors of the First World War in the trenches. W H DOWNING

ISBN:9781909166158 | 160pp | 234 x 156mm

ISBN:9781904010203 | 224pp | 198 x 128mm | £7.99 pb

16pp b/w photos | £17.99 hb

The Lightning Boys True tales from pilots of the English Electric Lightning. RICHARD PIKE

Ton-Up Lancs A photographic record of the thirty-five RAF Lancasters that each completed 100 sorties. NORMAN FRANKS

ISBN:9781908117151 | 192pp | 234 x 156mm | illustrated | £20 hb

ISBN:9781909808263 | 224pp | 252 x 194mm | illustrated | £12.99 pb

The Lightning Boys 2 More true tales from pilots and crew of the English Electric Lightning. RICHARD PIKE

Tony Blackman Test Pilot A great insight into the world of the aerospace industry and what it takes to be a test pilot. TONY BLACKMAN

ISBN:9781909166134 | 188pp | 234 x 156mm | illustrated | £20 hb

ISBN:9781908117328 | 248pp | 234 x 156mm | illustrated | £12.99 pb

The Long Road Trials and tribulations of airmen prisoners from Bankau to Berlin, June 1944-May 1945. OLIVER CLUTTON-BROCK and RAYMOND CROMPTON

Tornado Boys Thrilling tales from the men and women who operated this indomitable modern-day bomber. IAN HALL

ISBN:9781909166202 | 400pp | 246 x 170mm | 16pp photos | £30 hb

ISBN:9781910690130 | 200pp | 234 x 156mm | illustrated | £20 hb

3 4   |   A - Z B a ck l i s t


U Under the Guns of the Red Baron The complete fully illustrated record of von Richthofen’s victories and victims. NORMAN FRANKS, HAL GIBLIN and NIGEL MCRERY ISBN:9781904943976 | 224pp | 250 x 210mm Illustrated on art paper | £12.99 pb

V Valiant Boys True tales from the operators of the UK’s first four-jet bomber. TONY BLACKMAN and ANTHONY WRIGHT ISBN:9781909808218 | 192pp | 234 x 153mm | illustrated | £20 hb

Victor Boys True stories from forty memorable years of the last V bomber. TONY BLACKMAN with GARY O’KEEFE

Winged Victory ‘The greatest novel of war in the air.’ The Daily Mail V.M. YEATES ISBN:9781904010654 | 456pp | 216 x 135mm | £9.99 pb

World War I in Cartoons Looking at imagery from both sides of the conflict from newspapers to postcards. MARK BRYANT ISBN:9781909808096 | 160pp | 305 x 229mm | illustrated | £12 pb

World War II in Cartoons A study of cartoons from both sides of the conflict from newspapers to postcards. MARK BRYANT ISBN:9781909808119 | 160pp | 305 x 229mm | illustrated | £12 pb

ISBN:9781908117458 | 198pp | 234 x 156mm | illustrated | £20 hb

Vulcan Boys True tales from operators of the iconic Delta V bomber from the Cold War to the Falklands. TONY BLACKMAN Foreword by MARTIN WITHERS ISBN:9781909808089 | 224pp | 234 x 156mm | illustrated | £20 hb

Vulcan Test Pilot The experiences of Tony Blackman in the cockpit of a Cold War icon. TONY BLACKMAN ISBN:9781906502300 | 224pp | 234 x 153mm Illustrated throughout | £12.99 pb

W Wimpy A detailed illustrated history of the Vickers Wellington in service, 1938-1953. STEVE BOND ISBN:9781909808140 | 256pp | 246 x 189mm | illustrated | £25 hb

Winged Chariot A complete account of the RAF’s support role during the victorious commando raid on St Nazaire, March 1942. PETER LUSH ISBN:9781910690246 | 192pp | 234 x 156mm | illustrated | £20 hb

A -Z B a ck l i s t   |   3 5

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Military History Catalogue 2017 Grub Street  

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