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MANITOU and the olive application

3) Harvesting mechanicaly with a Manitou

Olive plantations

2) Harvesting mechanicaly with a tractor 1) Harvesting manually


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MANITOU MLT 741-120 LSU PS key points :

excellent load chart (capacity/lifting height/forward reach) for using the vibrator as you need : for extanding the boom for going underneath the tree for unloading olives into a trailer

 LSU technology (piston pump+DDIC main control valve+JSM

lever+special kit) = enough flow 150 l/mn + pressure 270 bars for an efficient harvest

 40kph for driving the machine on road  Maneuvrability with the 3 steering modes


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Differents solutions adapted for each customers

MLT fitted with an umbrella olive harvester


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MLT fitted with a classic olive harvester


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Trunk vibrators different according to the tree (diameter, variety)


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Remote control inside the MLT cab for using the vibrator

Bucket for collecting the olive with a trap door (#400l)

weight : 1300 kg (attachment) + 700 kg (olive) = 2000 kg


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Productivity : 2 trees / minute


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• MANITOU key points : -MANITOU, leader in rough-terrain handling equipment -There is always a MANITOU dealer near you -More than 100 units are working in the olive application -Sharing our expertise for this application -Also available for others fruits -Even more efficiency and productivity


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•MANITOU guideline : Based on information provided by customers, or more usually following a visit to the plantation, we can prepare a simulation to define the most suitable type of machine for each grove and the resulting profitability : 1) Total surface area cultivated 2) Size of plots 3) Varieties of olive trees 4) Age of trees 5) Trunk diameter 6) Type of soil 7) Topography of groves 8) Distance between trees 9) Number of trees per grove 10) Others applications on the farm with the Manitou


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Manitou Agro Olivares  
Manitou Agro Olivares  

MANITOU y la aplicación de Oliva.