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Life of a star Corynn Logan Date: November 5 , 2019


the big bang

the big bang happened around 13.7 billon years ago. it happen because space and time expanded.

thats how hydrogen and helium were created.

the first elements to be created was hydrogen and helium.

they where created ruffly 13.7 billon years ago

the elements of helium and hydrogen where created when the cosmeic dust and gases coold.

the three pecies of evdence that we have to support the big bang is the red shift and the mixtures of elements and microwave background.


Chapter two formation of stars

the stars formed when helium and hydrogen formed when the universe expanded aproxamitly 13.7 billion years ago.

nuclear fusion fuels

stars by

the helium that is inside of the stars core.

nuclear fusion is when there is a low number of nucli in an atom and they fuse together to form heaver elements

nuclear fusion is accompanied by absorption wich is the relesing of energy. Â

nuclear fusion needs heilum to combind with to make other elements.

CHAPTER THREE how do elements get bigger?

All of the elements that are heavier than iron are created by supernova themselves. things cant combine to be bigger by themselves.

the way that stars change in there life cycle is by there size. they get bigger then they move smaller until there nothing but a whight dwarf star, black hole, or nutron star.

the thing that influences a stars life cycle is its mass. how big the stars, dust is determine

that stars life




use something

called and spectrograph. its used to look at light by its wavelength.they found visible

light of red, yellow,

green and blue.

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Life of a star  

Life of a star  

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