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Overfishing The effects of commercialized fishing.

What is Overfishing?


Status Report to Congress

Supporting Associations and Groups -

Environmental Defense Fund Greenpeace International Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Maine Lobstermen’s Association

Current Law (Local) “A license holder may set up to five lobster traps at any one time in Maine coastal waters.� - Maine Department of Marine Resources

Current Law (National) “The Lampara Net endorsement allows a commercial harvester to collect more than 10 gallons of ballyhoo per vessel per day. A Lampara Net Endorsement allows for the direct harvest of ballyhoo with a Lampara net by individuals who also hold the SPL and Purse Seine Endorsement (PS). No new endorsements will be issued however the endorsement may be transferred between applicants. To requalify a Lampara Net endorsement, the endorsement holder must document landings of at least 10,000 pounds of ballyhoo, or 55,000 individual ballyhoo, per Lampara net endorsement in any one of the three most recent license years.� - Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commision

State Representatives

Bruce Poliquin (R)

Chellie Pingree (D)

United States Representative and Congressman Since 2015

United States Representative and Congresswoman Since 2009

In Order to Preserve Marine Wildlife, Restrictions and Regulations Must be Enacted Equally by Species.

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Public Policy Fisheries