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ui ^1 i^ijW s r.iItoit tU lii its Iu by 50% for Valley Learning Centers Local Valleys must step up to the plate!! West Michigan, Let's finish what we started, we can't let these kids down. See full story on page three.

Great Golf, Great food, Great Company and a very Great reason.


LOCATIONS It's in the bag brothers, if we just get on the ball. These are two of the major fundraisers for the year.

We can keep our Learning Center up and

running with the same level of excellence for which we are known in West Michigan. Inside issue for all the details.

The 32° Masonic News MASONIC TEMPLE 233 EAST FULTON STREET GRAND RAPIDS Ml 49503 616 4 5 4-9497 *** 1 800 340-4060 FAX - 616 454-8309

Gerald E.Millar,33°,Executive Secretary Robyn A. Young, Administrative Assistant For complete Valley Calendar with details go to our Web Site at: www.,ar.indrapidsseottishrite.coni Office email graasr June

The Official newspaper of the Valley of Grand Rapids, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. Contributions and manuscripts should be sent to the above address.


Active Members for Michigan Ill.. Erwin W. O'Dell,33 ,MSA Deputy for Michigan III.. William J. Dover,33`



Active for Michigan

Ill.. David R. Bedwell,Sr.,33" Active for Michigan

Ill.. Gerald F. Thorp,33',MSA Active Emeritus Ill.. Robert H. Sale,33°,MSA Active Emeritus Ill..Sidney R. Baxter,33" Active Emeritus

Ill.. Thomas F. Hamlin,33° Deputy's Representative

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22-Monday Grand Rapids Scottish Rite Club 23-Tuesda y Greater Muskegon Area Scottish Rite Club 23-Tuesday Scottish Rite Choristers Rehearsal 7:00 pm GR Masonic Center 03-Friday Independence Day Holiday- Office Closed 1 4- Tuesday Board of TrusteesfBoard of Governors


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.., .:^`i


ALLEGIANCE The bodies of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the Valley of Grand Rapids acknowledge and yield allegiance to the Supreme Council ofSovereign Grand Inspectors General of the Thirty-Third and last Degree of Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America whose Grand East is Lexington Massachusetts and of which the III..John William McNaughton, 33 is Sovereign Grand Commander.



15-Wednesday 18-Saturday 19-Sunday 27-Monday 28-Tuesday 02-Sunday 03-Monday 08-Saturday I l-Tuesday 20-"lhursday 22-25 25-Tuesday 07-Monday 15-1 uesday

Double Eagle Scottish Rite Club 6`' Annual 'tedd y Bear Scramble, south South Central SRC Steak Fry Grand Rapids Scottish Rite Club Steak Fry Scottish Rite Choristers Rehearsal - 7:00 pm GR Masonic Center 6"' Annual Teddy Bear Scramble, north Montcalm Area SRC Steak Fry - Stanton Council Picnic 33°IMSA Picnic - River Oaks Park, Galesburg North Berrien Scottish Rite Club Supreme Council - Boston Scottish Rite Choristers Rehearsal - 7:00 pin Gt Masonic Center Labor Day - SR Office closed Executive Committee - 5:30 p.m.: Board of Trustees - 6:00 p.m. Board of Governors - 7:30 p.m. "The Last Ful Measure" - Pere Marquette Lodge, Ludington Scottish Rite Choristers Rehearsal - 7:00 pm GR Masonic Center SC Membership Seminar - Lexington, MA Valley of Traverse City Reunion Montcalm Area Scottish Rite Club - Trufant `The last Full Measurer", Niles Lodge, Niles (To Be Confirmed) Valley of Grand Rapids Fall Reunion Board of Governors - 7:30 p.m Scottish Rite Choristers Rehearsal - 7:00 pin CiR Masonic Center. CLC Dinner Dance (details to follow)

19-Saturday 22-Tuesday 25-26 F & S 03-Saturday 05-Monday 10-Saturday I 7:Saturday 20 - Tuesday 27-Tuesday 31-Saturday

CO-ORDINATE BODY HEADS: Ill.. Walter F. Wheeler,33

Thrice Potent Master Moriah Lodge of Perfection Jeffrey A. Keehn Sovereign Prince Cyrus Council Princes of Jerusalem

Next issue deadline August 25" 2009

Grand Rapids Scottish Rite Web Page: to see this issue in full color, visit grand

James A. White Most Wise Master Robinson Chapter, Rose Croix Ill.. Robert P. Conley,33°,MSA Commander-in-Chief DeWitt Clinton Consisto ry

ALL BODIES Ill.. Gerald E. Millar,33 - Executive Secreta ry Ill.. Thomas W. Cardwell,33° Executive Treasurer

Editor phone 269 637-3203 fax 269 637-9413 email



EDITORIAL STAFF Editor Dick Burrows, MSA Contributing Editor Jeanette Minch Valley Photographer Roger W. Tharp, MSA Ill.. Arthur R. Jacobs,33 ,MSA Photographer Emeritus

32' greemasons H^ jpi,,


Child Learning Center 1\"ina Coral: 1)ireclor


32.' H^jp.

.ye^asons Children

]'hone 61fi 776-6840 Fax 616 776-6875 email tutorone(a,sbclobal. net



MEET THE CHALLENGE In 1994, when the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite (NMJSR) launched the program to provide tutoring for children with dyslexia using the Orton-Gillingham approach, there were over 300,000 SR Masons. The model was to raise around $125 million to endow the program, have each jurisdiction build a state of the art facility, and begin the systematic treatment of the condition. Life has a funny way of giving and taking and things have not worked out exactly as planned. We did establish over 50 state of the art centers, and in fact, the West Michigan facility is one of the best. However, we have lost 50% of our membership and only raised about 1/3 of the endowment. We have treated thousands of children with this disabling condition and enabled them and their families to function better as citizens of our republic. There is a saying that all situations are both a problem and an opportunity. We now have such a condition. The NMJSR can no longer afford the financial subsidy to our centers. Our budget stipend from the NMJSR will be cut in half starting this next fiscal year. If we are to maintain our operations we are expected to raise the shortfall. That is clearly a problem. What is the opportunity part? Well, the NMJSR has recognized that things must change to accommodate this situation. ► First, we will get more local control to operate our center. What we will not do is compromise the educational plan. There will be no short cuts in our effective and superior education model. What we can do now is be innovative in our locations, fund raising and administration. ► Second, the funds we raise locally to compensate for the shortfall will stay with our center and not move to Lexington. ► Third, we will get a new name that more easily can be recognized by students, family and granting agencies without compromising our Masonic Heritage. We need a new name that enables us to effectively compete for grant funds much like the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine has done when they use the common name Shriners Children's Hospitals. One can imagine the potential difficulty of raising funds and support for the Shriners' Children's' Hospital if they used their corporate name in an era of Muslim extremism. ► Fourth, we can compete in the local arena for grants from foundations, funds, and corporations, building on the strength of our Board of Governors. ► Fifth, to build on the community participation in our charity the Board can increase its number and ratio of board members to reflect the participation of the community. We can and will welcome as many board members as we can from the brotherhood and community who want to share in the opportunity to better manage the condition and causation of dyslexia. I can assure you our West Michigan Board has the continuation of our Center as its goal, and possibly an expansion that could result from the challenge and opportunity. We aim to raise $60.000 locally this year and know we will do so with the knowledge and support of the membership who will embrace the changes. Remember, what we now raise locally is ours, so join the fight and make West Michigan a Center of excellence in this important fight. We have many events planned including the golf outings (see separate article), a Halloween Party, book sale, sporting events, and more that will be announced in the 32° News, so look for them and help us defeat this challenge. James H. Resau,33 ° President Board of Governors 3

Tie LA4440 05; Lowlse It was very hard for people who lived through the depression to throw anything away, even if it no longer worked or had any usefulness. Is it possible that people now living through this recession-everyone avoids the word depression-will lea rn a new way of life of saving, reusing and doing it yourself? Back to the original question. The answer is "No, you're not a cheapskate. You're just being smart."

From Where I Sit Jeane tt e Minch Let's be Parsimonious AV

Are you a cheapskate? Do you use and reuse items until they're worn out? Or look in your closet for

clothing you haven't worn for awhile to find new combinations of outfits? Do you create new dishes out of leftover food, or shop for the best bargains? In these difficult times, when money is short for many people, learning how to stretch each and eve ry dollar is important. Our parents and grandparents who lived through the depression knew how to make do and save money but many of us have had plenty of money and freely spent it. But for many of us that has now changed. Almost all of the magazines and newspapers lately have an article or two about how to save money. I was recently surprised that one issue of a woman's magazine had a number of money saving suggestions using some really basic things such as cutting up fr uits and vegetable yourself instead of purchasing them already cut up, or cutting up meats and using cheaper meats and cooking them longer and slower. In England there is a women's group that has ladies of all ages meeting and learni rig how to do many thi rigs themselves, such as knitting, sewing and cooking. Older women are teaching the younger women. I have heard that many people are not buying the new car but keeping the one they have and doing repairs and maintenance themselves. I'm sure home repairs are faring the same. People are learning how to do these jobs themselves, or in some cases bartering an exchange of

Jeanette Minch

k •'i''c iAGlECREEk







South Haven





JULY John M. avlor Jollie N. len Paul D. g Chester , Bloomq Charles ,reen C '


Do Ja Ch' Ch • Ru. C

Id C. H s.l. Ko les E. H • les P. Q II A. H lius

rard v mond ck erman er


I eter S. Jura enjamin M. Kleiman 'IN de A. Heges


SEPTEMBER Edward A. Kerschen Nicholas S. Martinche Willi: M ,Q

With summer approaching many gardens are being cultivated in places none were planted before, even the White House. It is amazing what even a very small garden, such as mine, can produce. But not only does it save money.

AI1GUST Robert F. Ball Ro G. Fisher J seph R. Hecht Gilbert F. Forsith thur W. Midgle-v

it tastes better.

Sewing is another way to save money. Many things are easy to sew and there are patterns available for beginning sewers. But if sewing isn't your style. just being able to repair clothing rips, replace buttons or Tippers, or change the hem can save dollars. We are putting our brains to work thinking up new ways to do things or ways to use items in new ways. We are usi rig what we have rather than buying new as much as

Eugene F. Rifenher Warren W. Reed Donald E. Fouch Emerson L. Lockro r Wilmer F. Gower


' . OVER




MON-FRI 10 AM - 5-DC PM SAT 10 AM - 100 PM

Acrrni ijeuelr u rm?t flrnlfett b[es, ' itb SUY-SELL-APPRAI SA L.s.


Richard R. Anion, 33°, MSA Edgar A. Barber Bernard D. Coy John H. Ellis Llo y d A. Grant


Erwin H. Johnson

Lowell T. Kellermeier Charles F. Kramsvogel, 33° Talmadge G. Light Franklin D. Lynn Donald J. McCarty James S. Olsen Robert Ruff James S. Smith, 33° Howard A. T hatcher Francis R. Yeo Thomas N. Zalaoras

Boston will be the site of this year's annual meeting of the Scottish Rite Supreme Council for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. More than 2,000 . 1 T hirty-third Degree Masons and their ladies from 15 northeastern states are expected at the meeting on Aug. 22-26. The 2009 meeting will end with the announcement of the names of those elected to receive the Thirty-third Degree at Philadelphia in August


There's SBQ

Where There's Smoke New Sports Lounge

Northwest Shrine Club Believes in the Morals and Values of the Scottish Rite. We continue to support the Valley of Grand Rapids

Big Screen TV

Open 7 days

Now Serving Breakfast

pM/N a°c

5656 Clyde Park S. W. 0 Wyoming, Michigan 49509 Our Club meets the 4'" Thursday of each month For location of next meeting call - 231-547-9078

Dear Brother Choristers: Beginning in May, our monthly rehearsals will be on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7pm with the exception of December which falls during Christmas week My phone and email are


^^L ^^®


-75 [al Exit 251 13 miles aoulh of 5800 N& V A. Mile,

Grayling, Md 49738

616 754-4874 and Fraternally, John Dibble, director of Choristers





FAX 19897 348-8 r 8

SUPER $ MOTEL 866-497-8$88 • Indee, PGOIf5pe

Dear Sco tt ish Rite Masons, Thank you for the Abbott scholarship. It will be useful in helping me to pursue my educational goals at Aquinas College. Thank you also for the wonderful dinner. Jane Dibble

Vance Ferguson Cemetery Memorials Providing quality memorials since 1925


big congratulations to Brother James A. Braendle on his nomination for the Meritorious Service Award

Member of the American Institute of Commemorative Art

1559 Pipestone Road Benton Harbor, MI 49022 home 269-926 . 2743 5

269-926-8247 800-340-8821 Fax 269-928-8248

tin d-raiser details

32째son s


^-a, (






6 t`' Annual Teddy .Bear Scramble Two Locations for 2009 Saturda y , Jul y 18 the Beaches golf club. 09601 68`'' St. S. Haven, Michigan. 7 AM sign up, 8 AM shotgun start. Sunday, August 2. y Scott Lake countr club. 911 Hayes NE Comstock Park, Michigan 12 PM sign up l PM shotgun start. Golf registration for the Beaches and Scott Lake are S85 each or S340 per foursome. Sign up for both events at S150 each or S600 per foursome. All fees must be paid by July 10, 2009. Please mail all checks to Scottish Rite Valle y of Grand Rapids 233 E. Fulton St., Grand Rapids, Ml 49503. Make all checks payable to Scottish Rite. Golf registration includes: 18 holes, one half cart, dinner and practice balls.

On August 1, 2009 the Scottish Rite Children's Learning Center, Scottish Rite Masons and friends of all children with dyslexia will spend a night at the ball park. We plan to celebrate the summer by attending a Saturday night game at 5" 3' ballpark against the Cedar Rapids Kernels. We will be selling S13 seats for the lawn chair area of the park where we can group and re-group, watch the game, celebrate summer and support the SRLC. A good portion of each ticket sold will go to the support of our West Michigan Center. In addition to a lawn chair seat, each member will also receive a customized Whitecaps Tshirt. So sign up the family, sign rip a friend, sign rip a brother or even sign rip a stranger and join Lis for Star Wars Night which also as an extra added feature will have fireworks. We plan on reserving 400 tickets and will need a commitment 4 weeks prior. See a member of the SR board of governors, the Scottish Rite office or Learning Center to get your tickets and plan on a great night of fireworks, baseball and Star Wars memories. Remember bring, a lawn chair, dress Lip as a Star Wars figure and support our great local class A Whitecaps baseball team.

At each event: Y Mulligans S20 per team

Skins game and 50/50 drawing

S 10


* There will be an additional events on par 3 holes.

James A. Resau, 33째 Chairman of the Board of Governors

Dinner only: July 18`" - pig roast- 515. August 2"" - steak Fry- S l Prizes at each location include: First-place 5400 Second-place S200 Third-place 5100 ( blind bogey) Any questions ? Call the Scottish Rite office at 1 800 340- 4060

Nowhere can we do so much good for so little money than to help give Dyslexic children a real chance in life. Perhaps you would like to be a sponsor and make a large impact. A sand trap. S50;A water hazard. S 100; A hole sponsor. S500. Nickel, Bronze, Sil v er, or Gold at 51000 51500 S2500

Consider this!



What a wonderful way to make such a big difference in the lives of young people. What a wonderful legacy for a Scottish Rite Mason. Call the office for details.

CLUB CAPERS Monday, June 22 Grand Rapids Scottish Rite Club Dinner with our Ladies Social 6:30, Dinner 7:00 e Swan Inn, 5182 Alpine Avenue NW, Comstock, MI

Tuesday, June 23 Greater Muskegon Scottish Rite Club Annual Stag Summer outing 5pmn Social, 6:30 dinner, $15 Prime Rib, Elks Park - 5447 Lake Harbor/Muskegon Reserve by June 19 th to Roger Tharp - 616-842-9399, junglerog(a,charterini .net Wednesday, Jul y 15 Double Eagle Scottish Rite Club Evening out, Ladies and Guests invited Social 6:30, Dinner 7:00 River Lake Inn, 767 Ralston Road, Colon, MI Reserve by July 10' to Jim White, 269-327 -0896, pastmaster340(rz,

Monday, August 3 Montcalin Area Scottish Rite Club Steak Fry - 6:30 pm $5/person includes steak, Ladies and Guests welcome Potluck bring a dish to pass Stanton Masonic Temple, 514 New Street, Stanton Reserve by July 31 ' t to Richard Wheeler 616-984-5796, rgwheeler 1931( Chet Williams 989-831-4287 Monday, August 20 North Berrien County Scottish Rite Club Stag Steak Dinner — Foam - Fellowship Food $12, for all Masons and guests Door Prizes, casual dress. Lakeshore Lodge, 3661 E. Napier Ave, Benton Harbor. (Exit 30 off I-94 and go East on Napier until you come to lodge) Reserve to Dave Parsons 269-208-7000, davidmparsons(i Jeffrey Keehn 269-429-9356, jeffkeehn(

Monday, July 27 Grand Rapids Scottish Rite Club Great American Family Steak Fry 5:30 Social, 6:0() Dinner $10 Donation; children under 12 free. Bring your own beverages and lawn chairs Palmer Park, 1275 52' Ave SW, Wyoming — between Clyde Park Ave. & Burlingame Reserve by July 24 ` '' to Billy F. Minch 616-887-5815 John Hill 616-292-0216 Scottish Rite Office 500-340-4060

For more information about these events, see our website at

The 32째 Masonic News


Free and Accepted Masons




233 East Fulton Street, Fifth Floor Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503-3270

This Publication contains Dated Material

Brothers, over the past few months the Valley Trustees and Finance Committee have been

struggling to balance our budget. With the annual increase instituted by Supreme Council last year, our expenses are more than our income. Even tightening our belts and reducing expenses wherever we can, the loss of membership continues to reduce our income stream to the point that we must now raise dues. Regrettably, I most inform you that the dues for the 09-10 fiscal year have been raised to $175. While this represents a $15 increase keep in mind that it covers the Supreme Council increase for last fiscal year as well as the upcoming increase. Your Trustees are continuing to explore other means to reduce expenses and will implement any that don't seriously injure our organization. We also look to you for ideas in how we might reduce expenses and ask that you pass any ideas on to the Board. However, the best way to avert dues increases is to add membership and bring new Masonic brothers into our great organization. To that end we have a very hard working Membership Chairman, John Hill, who will do whatever he can to assist you in your membership pursuits. Supreme Council has prepared an excellent CD for you use to clearly illustrate to your prospect what Scottish Rite membership means. The various Scottish Rite Clubs are still open and some are thriving as they change their format to match our Strategic Plan of Inspiration, Convenience, and Enjoyment. Please feel free to invite other masons or even non masons to the Scottish Rite Club events, I've been to many and always have a great time. For me Masonic events have become a welcome respite from the stress of our everyday world in these challenging ti mes. Dues for all the Masonic bodies I belong to has increased or should increase (because we are a very special fraternity) but it's still the best value around for the ". -/ = fellowship received which is, as American Express puts it -yY ...... PRICELESS ...... I hope and trust that you feel that way as . well. n'Fq

James A. White, President Board of Trustees

j^ ^'/^



\S^'X " ^'^` \\

2009 issue 3  
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