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as i type this, i am currently watching the first chronicles of narnia mov ie, the wardrobe. when i tell you this lion the witch & the film franchise is the best film franchise of all tim e OKAY. let me play it out for youI AM NOT EXAGGERATING : there are beautiful children (who tur n into attractiv adventure, mysticism, magic, bea e teens/adults), utiful scenery, a lovely soundtrack, and THI NLY -VE ILE D CHRISTIAN IMAGERY. if you’re not really into the whole christian scene (which is a-okay), these films are still for you because the christian imager y, in this case, adds to the drama and beauty of the sto ry but doesn’t hit you over the head with rel igi on. it’ subtle comparison, but man, is s not a particularly it a beautiful story. there are three movies so far: the first is the lion, the witch and theout war dro cast as tiny, adorable, morallbe which features the y complex children. the second two show (princ e cas pia n treader) them grow up and look & voyage of the dawn REA CUTE which only ADDS to the beauty of the stories.LLY it’s like an added bonus!!! and as an added bonus the third features homoerotic tension! it’s bas ically the coolest film franchise ever. the books are also GREAT, and there are seven of them, so you should definitel y check them out!!!!!

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Grrrliness - Issue 4  
Grrrliness - Issue 4  

growing up and growing bold, traveling far, being lame but also being secretly very very cool