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grrrl in es s issue no. 4

a zine about growing up to be awesome & growing up and being awesome

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as i type this, i am currently watching the first chronicles of narnia mov ie, the wardrobe. when i tell you this lion the witch & the film franchise is the best film franchise of all tim e OKAY. let me play it out for youI AM NOT EXAGGERATING : there are beautiful children (who tur n into attractiv adventure, mysticism, magic, bea e teens/adults), utiful scenery, a lovely soundtrack, and THI NLY -VE ILE D CHRISTIAN IMAGERY. if you’re not really into the whole christian scene (which is a-okay), these films are still for you because the christian imager y, in this case, adds to the drama and beauty of the sto ry but doesn’t hit you over the head with rel igi on. it’ subtle comparison, but man, is s not a particularly it a beautiful story. there are three movies so far: the first is the lion, the witch and theout war dro cast as tiny, adorable, morallbe which features the y complex children. the second two show (princ e cas pia n treader) them grow up and look & voyage of the dawn REA CUTE which only ADDS to the beauty of the stories.LLY it’s like an added bonus!!! and as an added bonus the third features homoerotic tension! it’s bas ically the coolest film franchise ever. the books are also GREAT, and there are seven of them, so you should definitel y check them out!!!!!

buy the  books  here buy  the  movies  here


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WINGS little mix LOVE CLUB lorde OUR LIPS ARE SEALED the go-go’s COME & GET IT selena gomez SINGLE LADIES beyonce GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN cyndi lauper LA LA LAND demi lovato RILL RILL sleigh bells GIMME SYMPATHY metric ONLY WANNA DANCE WITH YOU ke$ha WE CAN’T STOP miley cyrus DANCING ON MY OWN robyn listen to this on spotify!

yo real  talk  can  i  confess  something  to  you  guys???  i  learned  how  to   ride  a  bike  really  late.  as  in,  yesterday.  yesterday  being  12  days   before  my  20th  birthday.  i  know.  my  mom  had  to  take  me  out  on  my  bike  in   a  parking  lot  and  hold  onto  the  back  of  it  because  i  was  THAT  SCARED  of   riding  a  bike  (I  AM  STILL  VERY  SCARED  OF  RIDING  A  BIKE).  but  i  still   felt  kinda  cool  riding  my  (vintage!)  bike  even  though  i  am  a  grown  adult   (ha)  learning  to  ride  one.  THE  MORAL  OF  THE  STORY  IS  don’t  feel  dumb  for   learning  things  late  or  not  being  able  to  do  things.  just  ask  someone  to   help  you  and  you  will  learn  another  skill,  which  is  never  a  bad  thing!   and  anyone  who  makes  you  feel  sad  for  not  knowing  how  to  do  something  is   a  loser.  honestly  i  feel  excited  (BUT  ALSO  SCARED)  to  ride  a  bike  and  i   hope  y’all  learn  something  cool  this  month  or  this  week  or  even  today!   learning  things  is  fun  and  we  all  learn  things  every  day  so  don’t  feel   bad  if  you  don’t  know  stuff.  :)   if  u  live  in  delaware  (like  i  do)  or  in  the  surrounding  area  you  should  totally  check  out   the  newark  bike  project,  which  is  a  diy  bike  repair  and  sales  joint  that  also  hosts  open  mic   nights  and  local  artists  and  everyone  there  is  super  cool!!  i  got  my  bike  there  for  $35  and   it’s  vintage  and  pretty  and  orange.  support  local  artists  and  volunteers!!!

crafts i have tried that i was not good at (but have enjoyed anyway) whittling crocheting knitting painting knot-tying doing anything good with my hair painting nails making candles making perfume making birdhouses mosaics that one thing where you make a butterfly habitat terrariums/keeping plants alive in general calligraphy trying to get really good at makeup like those girls on youtube sewing that thing where you scratch off the black stuff to reveal shiny stuff pottery

be anything you wa nna be when yo u grow up

grrrliness is a  zine  about  growing   up  to  be  awesome  &   growing  up  and  also   being  simultaneously   awesome.  its  goal  is  to   empower  young  girls  to   be  stellar  ladies   through  images  and   words,  music,  and   media.  

edited by  amalia   vavala (that’s   me   being   a  dork) email: amaliavavala@gmai submissions  welcome!

Grrrliness - Issue 4  

growing up and growing bold, traveling far, being lame but also being secretly very very cool