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Summer 2016

“Turkey Dogs” • Codie: His Reputation Preceded Him • Give Local 757 was a GRREAT Success

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8 .. The “Turkey Dogs” Are Here

We have decided to make “homecoming” a feature in each newsletter to feature dogs that have been adopted from us over the years. Send us a picture (identify everyone in it, please) with your dog’s name, when you adopted it, your name and a few words or more about your dog. Full length stories are welcomed, too!

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ON THE COVER: That’s Rose Mae on the cover. Her special story is on page 18.



MARK YOUR CALENDAR Sunday, September 11 SEVA GRREAT Homcoming Picnic Newport News ATTENTION GOLDENS!! You do not want to miss this event. There are games to play and treats to eat! You can catch up with old friends and make new ones, because let’s face it... most of you have never met another dog that wasn’t your immediate friend, right! Bring your people (big & small) and your canine siblings, even if they’re not Goldens. We would LOVE to see as many of our adopted goldens and their families as possible!! Sunday, October 16 Yappy Hour at Keswick Vineyards Keswick

Check our website for updates and exact locations and times of events. Check back a week before the event to confirm.

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President’s Message W

e often hear the comment, “Thank you for all you do for these dogs.” It’s truly our pleasure and passion to rescue Goldens, but we couldn’t do any of it with you, our supporters.

In May, we participated in Give Local 757 with an aggressive goal to raise $5,000 during this online giving event. Imagine our surprise – and delight – when you helped us raise over $10,000 for our Goldens! This accomplishment shows that every little bit helps. The average online donation amount was just under $55, but when you all come together, it really adds up! (For more about this event, please read the article on page 15.) We also participate in fundraising programs that allow you to support our Goldens when you do everyday things like buy groceries and shop on Amazon. If you shop at Kroger and register you Kroger Plus card in the Community Rewards Program, you’ll help us earn money every time you shop! So far this year, we’ve received $993 through the Kroger program. And if you shop on Amazon, be sure you start every online shopping excursion at and click on the Amazon logo at the top of our home page. When you do, a portion of your purchase will be donated by Amazon to SEVA GRREAT. Each year, we seek to bring in over $80,000 through grants, campaigns, membership dues, program fees, and fundraising. All of your individual support – from the $1.00 bills dropped into donation jars at events to a $500.00 Golden Savior sponsorship to help us rescue Goldens from Turkey (see page 8) – allows us to provide care for rescued Golden Retrievers. THANK YOU for all you do and for your generous financial support of our Goldens!



via the links on our Home page Your support/purchases through these links provide ongoing donations to SEVA GRREAT and help homeless Goldens find a home! (At no additional cost to you) Every purchase through the AMAZON link on our Home page ensures a donation to SEVA GRREAT (generally 4-6% of purchase, based on monthly volume of sales) KROGER REWARDS Click the link on our Home page, register your Kroger card. Each time you swipe your card at a Kroger store, SEVA GRREAT will get a small donation BENEFIT WINES/CHARITY WICKS Click on the links under Ads/Affiliates on our Home page WOOFTRAX/WALK-FOR-A-DOG Click on WoofTrax under Ads/Affiliates. Download the app and register to walk for SEVA GRREAT. SEVA GRREAT is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to finding homes for homeless Golden Retrievers. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!



Adoptions Barkley









Honey/Daisy – Ann Marie & Brian Quinn

Barkley – Kevin Zinski

Maggie – Sue & Art Spooner

Bells – Ewing Best

Macon – Patricia & Brian Berkley

Beauty/Sandy – Danette Allen

Rusty – Debra & Charles Secrist

Cody/Charlie – Krisyine Sisson

Casie – Elizabeth Burkley



Your Odds of Enjoying this Oceanfront View Are Grreat!

Win A Week at an Oceanfront Penthouse Raffle to Benefit our Goldens Only 250 Tickets will be sold at $20 each Have your morning coffee on the extra-large balcony and delight in views of the waves, dolphins and beachcombers. Ocean sounds will lull you to sleep in the oceanfront master bedroom at night. This is a one-of-a-kind OBX penthouse at Oceans North Condominium (Mile Post 10.2, Nags Head, NC) with 3 bedrooms, a loft with twin beds and 4 full baths. Wonderful privacy and spectacular panoramic views. Available October through May. For additional information and details, visit

Tickets will be available at these and other events: May 14 – Spring Membership Meeting and Beach Party at Sandbridge June 5 – Yappy Hour at Keswick Winery September 11 – Fall Membership Meeting and Picnic at Newport News Park October 16 – Yappy Hour at Keswick Winery January 2017 – Holiday Party/Kick-off Event Tickets will be available from SEVA GRREAT members also or by emailing

Drawing to be held at SEVA GRREAT Holiday Party Winner need not be present to win. Subject to availability non-prime season.



Part 3:

by Barb

and Jeff Raliski

Codie: His Reputation Preceded Him


hen the call first came about hosting a potential new foster in the winter of 2015, Katie noted quite clearly that Codie would be a “special” case. Although we had dogs in the past who were counter surfers, climbing up and walking across counters was a whole new ballgame. Still, the other sides of Codie – sweet, playful and engaging – that the other foster families uncovered and worked to nurture were also mentioned, so we decided to jump and see if we could help him along on his journey. The first impressions – this was a young and


powerful golden mix who was a true athlete. Any doubts about how quick and agile he was were eliminated in the first couple of days when I ended up chasing him down the block in my pajamas when he simply jumped the four foot high fence between our yard and our neighbor without even a running start. Installation of the emergency chicken wire fence making the boundaries across the backyard now six feet tall was step one. The next general impression was that Codie was simply young and playful dog who need guidance and boundaries. The prior fosters, Deb and Quan, had made a great start with


basic commands and training, but now for his sake it was time to put the lessons into overdrive. Quite simply, his brain just needed time to grow to fit his powerful body. Thankfully, SEVA GRREAT generously offered to pay for training classes, so Cody and I went to obedience school and I quickly came to appreciate what a good learner he was just as the previous fosters had noted. In class, he thrived as he found new ways to focus his energy. The experienced instructors recognized almost immediately that Codie was both very intelligent and eager to learn. So the task was

repetition and practice and reward followed by more practice. With Codie, one time is generally never enough. The foster brothers in the house, Riley and Roscoe, were also a valuable part of the learning process. Codie found that stopping, waiting to go out, sitting and coming when called could often times bring a positive reward (also known as a treat or affection). Whatever the game or the challenge was, he wanted to be part of it. As he started to calm down and learn more of the manners of a family member, we began to notice all the more his affectionate nature with people, other dogs and even our cranky 21 year old cat. As his training continued, with the occasional backslide, we started to become convinced that he would make an excellent candidate for adoption with the right family.

Part 1: Time for A Long Nap by Quan Li, the adventures of Codie, ran in the Fall 2015 edition of GRREAT Times.

Part 2: Codie: Naughty and Nice by Debra Hubbard, ran in the Winter 2016 edition of GRREAT Times.

other pets while others will only thrive if where the action. With Codie, it was obvious. This firecracker and work in progress needed an active family willing to continue his lessons while also draining his almost limitless energy. Fortunately, soon after he was posted on the website we received a call about a young family fitting the bill perfectly, and when they came to visit, Codie and their younger son bonded almost immediately. A preteen involved in soccer and many other activities seemed like a match made in heaven for Codie who needed a true best friend. They also had good previous experience with many dogs and were clearly up for the challenge. And in also wanting a jogging partner as an addition

to this active family that is on the go, a more perfect fit could not be imagined. We are very happy that we could play a part with the other fosters in Codie’s amazing journey from “wild child” to treasured family member. The support from his previous fosters and the rescue made our time and work with Codie all the easier. We have heard from his family from time to time and even had the chance to watch him when they went out of town. Codie is truly becoming an amazing dog and we can see how good his forever family has been with him. Yet Codie will forever be Codie as evidenced by the picture they showed us of Codie climbing a tree after a squirrel.

Codie has changed the spelling of his name to Cody in his forever home.

In our years as a foster home, we have learned that in “listening” to our dogs that they will tell you over time what kind of forever home they need. Some want a quiet home with no



Announcing the arrival of from Reagan

Teddy Jackie





The SEVA GRREAT “Turkey Dogs” are Here!! M

any of our SEVA GRREAT supporters have been following the story of the “Turkey Dogs” on our website and facebook page. But for those that are not regularly on the internet/social media, we are happy to share a little about their journey to Virginia. Istanbul struggles with a large population of homeless dogs, and many of them are Golden Retrievers. It is estimated that as many as 2000 goldens are living on the streets and in Turkish shelters. A concerned American living in Turkey contacted Adopt A Golden in Atlanta last year, and efforts were started to bring some of these goldens to the U.S. After months of planning, the first 36 goldens arrived in Atlanta in May of 2015. Since that time, the rescue effort has grown tremendously. 30 Golden Retriever rescue groups across the country have teamed to bring over 500 goldens to much better lives in America. (For more information about the history of this mission, visit our website at and select the Turkey Dogs tab.) After careful consideration, SEVA GRREAT joined that effort this summer and welcomed 7 grateful goldens (Ike, Lady, Jackie, Kennedy,


Reagan, Teddy and Bess) to Virginia last month!! Being new to international rescue, we didn’t know exactly what to expect from this mission. But we had the help of another experienced rescue and some amazing SEVA GRREAT volunteers to make everything come together. Foster homes were lined up, our veterinarians were contacted, and we received pictures from volunteers over in Turkey of the dogs that needed our help. Excitement grew, and we soon had 10 volunteers willing to make the long trip to JFK airport in NY to meet our new arrivals on June 23rd. It was a long trip for sure (and I was reminded of my dislike for big city traffic), but so incredibly rewarding. Many of us were teary as we watched our precious “cargo” arrive. After an 11-12 hour flight, most of the dogs arrived with tails wagging and ready to explore their new environment. Only sweet little Lady was extremely scared, and didn’t want to walk anywhere. But she soon realized we were there to help, and started to relax. I give her credit for being the smartest one, as there really isn’t much exciting so see at the cargo terminals of JFK! And the


transport volunteers will all remember her as the one that literally had to be carried in to the hotel and up to our rooms. Our volunteers and 7 new arrivals stayed overnight at a hotel in NJ for some much needed rest before heading home on Friday the 24th. The dogs all traveled like champs, unlike this driver who was constantly complaining about the traffic! I think it is safe to say we were all happy to be back and getting the dogs settled in their foster homes and under the care of our veterinarians. Yet we were all also very happy to be part of this very special rescue. Be sure to follow our



7 Golden Retrievers Istanbul, Turkey

Boarding at Instanbul Atatürk Airport

dog packs in the forests around the city. Life is hard for these mostly young dogs. Few live to be senior Goldens in Turkey. Arriving at JFK Airport

website and facebook page for updates as the dogs get ready for adoption. They are already starting to discover just how GRREAT life will be in the U.S. Also, please consider making a donation to help support this mission. The cost to fly these dogs safely to New York was substantial, and they will need some continued veterinary care as well. As always, we appreciate your support!!



A Little Background Once considered a status symbol by the wealthy in Turkey, Golden Retrievers have become more common and less valued, and hundreds end up being released onto the streets or live in one of the many shelters. On the streets, this good-natured breed frequently starve or become prey to the thousands of feral


The “Turkey Dog” program originated in late 2014 at Adopt a Golden in Atlanta, GA (AGA). With months of planning, AGA created the process and infrastructure to bring these dogs to the United States via humane, nonstop flights. The first 36 Golden Retrievers to be rescued arrived in Atlanta in May 2015. Before leaving Turkey, all of the dogs receive medical exams and health certificates. To date, nearly 30 rescue groups across the US have joined (continued on next page)





Which way out of this airport?

to bring over 400 Goldens to a better life in America. SEVA GRREAT is excited to join that effort, and as always, we’ll need your support!

How did Golden Retriever Rescue Become Involved? A concerned American living in Istanbul saw these roaming dogs and contacted AdoptA-Golden Atlanta asking for help. After an exhaustive four month process, the first 36 Goldens set foot on American soil In May 2015.

Since that time, 30 Golden Retriever Rescues from across the US and even Canada have teamed to bring over 500 Goldens to a better life in the US. Across the country, purebred Goldens surrendered to rescue groups have dwindled, but adoptees willing to open up their homes and their hearts for this wonderful breed has not declined. The National Rescue Committee of the Golden Retriever Club of America supports this rescue effort, as there are no Golden Retrievers being put at risk in the United States because of this rescue. Almost all of the 95 Golden Retriever rescue groups across the country have waiting lists of

Homeward bound



approved applicants waiting to adopt. No local Goldens needing help are turned away, and SEVA GRREAT is excited to join the “Turkey Dog” rescue this summer.

How can you help? In order to continue to save the Golden Retrievers in Turkey, SEVA GREAT will need your monetary support. Go to http://adoptagolden. com/index.php/22-featured-front-page/36turkey-dogs on the web to make a donation for our Turkey Dog mission.

We’ve established the following levels of sponsorships to help these dogs in desperate need of rescue. $500.00 (Golden Savior) will help fund the airfare costs; $250.00 (Golden Hero) will be used for the veterinary care of these Goldens; $100.00 (Golden Guardian) will help cover airline quality crate rentals to ensure safe transport, as well as collars/leashes/other supplies; Golden Star - A general donation in any amount is greatly appreciated and will contribute to the success of this mission. Are you interested in adopting one of these orphaned Goldens?  We want all our dogs to find loving forever homes.  Because they’ve spent so much time either on the streets, in the forests, or in

shelters, we’ve had to set mandatory adoption criteria. • We request families interested in adopting have someone who will be home most, if not all of the time. If the applicant works, then a pet walker must be hired to come in during the day to walk/exercise them. These dogs will need patience and understanding as they adjust to living in a new country and a new home. They don›t understand the English language, so SEVA GRREAT will provide a Turkish to English translation sheet to all of our adopters. • A fenced yard of at least 5ft. - no invisible fences. These dogs are used to roaming and need to be kept safe and secure; • No children under 6 years old. • Adopters should have experience with dogs. • Adoptees must live in our service area which covers from Virginia Beach to

It’s been a long journey, but we made it to Virginia.

West of Richmond. This area includes the Middle Peninsula and parts of the Northern Neck Area. To submit an application to adopt, click on the Adoption Application page of the website. Normal adoption application processing will apply. There will be a required home visit by one of our volunteers. There is no guarantee that you will be able to adopt one of these ‘Turkey Dogs’.



Sampson is doing great in his forever home. He sleeps every night with our six year old daughter and has bonded tightly with his adopted sister Fable.



Share your pictures an They will be featu

Tassie and Max Sumner model their May party collars.

Roxy Sumner, who is on anti-inflammatory meds for arthritis, models hers as well. 12



Max Sumner is now 9 years old.

nd stories by sending them to ured in coming newsletters, right here under Homecoming.

Once so afraid of everything but now trying to be brave and loving her new life, Tassie finished a Basic Obedience course and took the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. She passed!!! Now on to her next adventure–agility coupled with improving her basic skills. Jaz Asbrook journeyed from Richmond to meet Roxy, Max, and Tassie. Jaz is doing great on her thyroid medication and has already lost 15 pounds. Her fur is filling in, she loves Kay & Fred, her sibling cats, and now she even has friends in Portsmouth!



What’s Up Doc?

Sileo: Bring on the Storms! By Roni Sumner


ax is now nine years old, and in the five years that I have been his human I have felt his pain during each and every thunderstorm. He trembles to the point where his teeth shake, his heart beat accelerates, he paces, barks, and destroys things in a quest for some relief. I have tried natural remedies, specialized shirts and capes, music, massages, play, anything that I have read about to try and bring him some relief, but nothing seemed to work. A friend alerted me to a new product recently released and approved by the FDA; the product is called Sileo, and it is a dexmedetomdine oromucosal gel that is placed between the cheek and the gum and 14

calms without sedating. My vets also were very excited about this new product and have great respect for the company that produces it, so Sileo was ordered, and I purchased some. One of the vets went over administration with me; I was a little nervous that I would not do it correctly, but what had we to lose? A storm came. That same day Max had tubes put in his ears for hematoma (possibly he had hit his ear in panic from a storm as there was no ear infection), so he was already agitated. I gave him the first dose (it was easy) about an hour before the storm was due to arrive. Within twenty minutes he relaxed. When the thunder boomed, he panted a little but


then merely snuggled next to me. Two hours later he became more agitated, so he got a second dose. This happened again two hours after that. One can repeat the procedure up to five times during an event, and the results are almost immediate--calmness. He was not groggy afterwards, so I was thrilled with everything from start to finish. I wanted to share this discovery with anyone who has a fur baby that demonstrates traits of noise aversion. I no longer fear the wrath of Mother Nature knowing that Max will not panic. Check out the information online, and talk with your vet about the product. For us, it is a miracle!

GIVE LOCAL 757 was a GRREAT success! G

ive Local 757 was created by the Peninsula Community Foundation in 2014 to help local nonprofits serving the Hampton Roads region increase their donor base. In just two years, the 24-hour giving day has become the single largest fundraiser in Hampton Roads history. Our goal was to raise $5000 for our Goldens in need, which seemed very optimistic considering we had never participated in this event. We were up against 223 other nonprofits in the Hampton Roads area, including 15 in the Animal category, many of which are more well-known than SEVA GRREAT. Thanks to all of our GRREAT members, friends, and friends of friends, not only did we meet our goal, but we actually doubled it and raised $10,667.88!! We finished 10th in total monies raised and 7th in the number of unique donations. It was very exciting!

A small group of volunteers took turns monitoring the leaderboard beginning at midnight on May 3rd and throughout the night and day until a glitch in the server that was hosting the donation site temporarily suspended the event just before noon. At that time, we had already received $1000 in donations. We tried to keep our supporters updated through our Facebook page as we continued to monitor the situation, at times nervously, concerned that the event would not be able to continue. When word came that the event would be extended another day, we breathed a sigh of relief. We knew then we had a chance to reach our goal, and we were on our way.

Despite the crazy technical difficulties, Give Local 757 was a huge success! The Peninsula Community Foundation broke a record, receiving 7,751 gifts, totaling $600,000 for local non-profits, a 40% increase over last year. It was a GRREAT success all around. We cannot thank all of you enough for your patience and all of the donations. When we decided to participate, we had no idea what to expect. We not only met, but GRREATLY exceeded our goal and look forward to participating again next year.  

Thank You!!

Your generous support also helped SEVA GRREAT win 2 big prizes: •

$1000 for the LANGLEY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION 50/50 prize (one of the first five organizations with 50 donations of $50 or more)

$757 for the BEST in  SHOW prize (highest number of unique donations in the Animal category)



Relaxing at Keswick Vineyards


group of Goldens met up on a Sunday in early June for Yappy Hour at Keswick Vineyards. Known for producing wines "born from the soil and soul of Virginia," this dog-friendly venue provided a beautiful location for five senior SEVA GRREAT alums ranging in age from 9 to 12 to gather, catch up, and meet new friends. Keswick made a donation to our rescue for every bottle of wine opened during the day, so we send a big thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the good wine and GRREAT company on a pretty summer day. We look forward to returning to Keswick for Yappy Hour on October 16th, and we hope you'll join us!





L-R, Laurie Sudo, reading specialist and library volunteer coordinator at Great Neck Library in Virginia Beach, Rosie Mae and Allegra Havens.

Our Cover Girl Rosie Mae

by Allegra Havens




osie Mae came into the Rescue last Aug, at age 7, with the message that she had spent most of her days and nights in a crate or cage, due to an allergy in the family. Our last foster pup had recently gone to a good home several weeks prior so we were okay to take on another foster dog. When Rosie came to stay with us, we all knew that there was something special about her. She was calm, gentle, obedient and quick to learn. She acclimated very quickly to her new surroundings. I knew we couldn't let her go. We adopted her in October. Not only has Rosie become a favorite personality to all of the children in our neighborhood, but Rosie Mae is also a licensed and insured therapy dog, with Therapy Dogs International. She learned 6 weeks of commands and training in 2 and 1/2 weeks. Rosie and I enjoy visiting local elementary schools and libraries with the reading programs. We also like to stop by the hospital and the retirement homes to say hello to some of our older friends. From rescued dog to therapy dog, Rosie Mae is one of a kind!




GOLD Senior Spotlight Fund

Ritzy enjoyed sharing his love with the children of a local private school in Suffolk; he will turn 13 this July and is still going strong.



Seniors Roxy, Max, and Tassie went with Roni and John Sumner to a local private school to meet with the Animal Lovers Club on April 1. The treasured trio had a great time showing off their obedience skills and other brain games they have learned, but the part that they enjoyed the most was being petted and petted and petted. The topic was how wonderful a senior dog can be, and everyone left understanding that senior goldens really DO love everyone.

Rainbow Bridge Shelby Lynn “Baby Squirrel” Shelby was adopted from SEVA in Sept 2006. She was a transport for me from vet to foster and the minute they brought her out she had my heart. She has been my best friend since. She was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma in Feb and in the early morning of April 24 I honored my last promise to her and stopped her pain. My heart will ache for her forever...

–Cindy Staton

BOZO My Bozo was helped over Rainbow Bridge on 03/28/2016 after a diagnosis of a very quick neck cancer in Feb. 2016. Miss him dearly!!

–Mark Harris

MAX Max left us quietly last Friday in his favorite spot here at home. He was a much loved gentleman and will be missed every day.

–Barbara Talley

MAXX Our beloved Maxx was a Golden/Chow mix. We adopted him from GRREAT in Wash. DC area. We loved and cared for him for 13 years. He was 16 when he had to leave us; he had been diagnosed with lymphoma. Maxx was a wonderful, loyal companion, and beloved family member. We love and miss him.

–Peggy & Carl Allen



Contributions Ann and Andor Czompo

Siamese Cat Rescue Center

Heide Speece In honor of Buddy and Max

Dorothy Winn

Edward Stock


John and Susan Collamore Largo Elston

Charles Gresham In honor of Bear

Sandi Pitini

David and Nancy Knoll In memory of our sweet Dakota

Benay Shear In memory of Debra Hubbard

Ken and Karen Amidon In memory of Max and Sierra

Cara Waller

Michael and Debra Kahn Linda Heimiller For Shadow’s medical expenses Davis and Tanya Niles Donna Thompson In honor of Princess and Luna Charles Kloth In honor of SEVA GRREAT’s effort s on behalf of rescue Goldens

Kenneth Rossen Richanne Sensenig In memeory of Bodie, Pete, Emma and Maui Stephen Melroy Thank You for all you do for rescuing Golden Retrievers. You are appreciated very much! Sincerely, the Melroy Family, proud to be “owned” by two Golden Retrievers, Max and Maddie

Kathy Speece

Jennifer and Marc Dauzier

Ken Shewbridge

Marilyn Zauner

Maria Kear

Maryanne Lambert

Judy and Tony Hannold To assist with the “Turkey Dogs,” in honor of our dear Bercky and in memory of our beloved Midas

Davis and Peggy Main Cathy and Bay Rowe

Margaret Allen

Jo Vance


Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign #3456












Golden Oldie Love Dog Fund (GOLD Fund) is used for medical expenses, food, equipment, or adoption costs of rescued Golden Retrievers estimated to be ten years or older.

Combined Federal Campaign #88796



Carl and Lizbeth Jackson

MEMBERSHIP, DONATION & VOLUNTEER FORM Note: Membership is open to all persons 18 years or older.


Please have the Coordinator in the following area/areas contact me: (Check appropriate boxes)

Name: _____________________________________________

These are listed in the order of urgent need by GRREAT.

Address: ___________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _ ______________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

HOME EVALUATION –– visits for foster/adoption applicants.

Home Phone: ________________________________________ Work Phone: ________________________________________ This is a new membership Address Change

FOSTERING — A temporary home for SEVA GRREAT dogs before they are adopted.

We are still accepting memberships

TRANSPORTATION — primarily shuttling dogs and/or equipment as necessary. If you are interested in helping with transportation, can you help on: (circle all that apply) Weekdays



EVENTS — helping to hold/show dogs at “Golden Days,” helping with fund raisers, etc.

ADDITIONAL VOTING MEMBERS: (E-mail needs to be unique to vote.)

PUBLICITY — researching and writing stories for media release and newsletters, selling ads for the newsletter, taking photos at events, updating the web site, etc.

Name: _____________________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

MERCHANDISE — to man booths selling SEVA GRREAT stuff at local dog shows / fairs / festivals / etc.

Name: _____________________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

Our rescue is growing! In order to continue to save more dogs every year, we are looking for volunteers who would like to become more involved with the organization. If you are interested in assisting with intake, foster coordination, Golden Days or other areas on a regular basis, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at, for more information.

Name: _____________________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

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In Memory of



IMPORTANT NOTICE If you would like to become a member, please sign below. Otherwise, your remittance for annual membership must be considered a donation.

Date: __________________________________________________________________

I affirm that I have never been convicted of an animal abuse crime. Signature: ______________________________________________________________


SEVA GRREAT P.O. Box 8014 Yorktown, Va 23693



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If you think you have found one of our Goldens based on the SEVA GRREAT tag or microchip.

2 To leave a message for the President 3 To give up a Golden Retriever or get more info on our intake process 4

For Information on Golden Days and other events.


To check on the status of an adoption or foster application.


For all other questions.

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