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Spring 2017

Improving Your Golden’s Skin and Coat • The Breezy Process • 10 Things You May Not Know

CONTENTS GRREAT Times is a quarterly publication of SEVA GRREAT, Inc., an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to finding homes for homeless Golden Retrievers.

3 .. President’s Message

For more information, call our Hotline at 757-827-8561 or visit our web site at To contact the newsletter editor with suggestions, comments, or send materials and photos for inclusion, send an e-mail to, or write Attn.: Newsletter Editor, PO Box 8014, Yorktown, VA 23693. SEVA GRREAT disclaims all responsibility for omissions or errors.

Submitting Stories and Photos We have decided to make “homecoming” a feature in each newsletter to feature dogs that have been adopted from us over the years. Send us a picture (identify everyone in it, please) with your dog’s name, when you adopted it, your name and a few words or more about your dog. Full length stories are welcomed, too! When you submit your pictures for publication in print, please submit an original digital image of no less than 300 dpi. If you aren’t sure of the dpi, send the original and we’ll check the possibility for use. We can make pictures smaller but we can not make them larger. Don’t worry about the file size; if you can send it, we can receive it. If you can’t send it, let us know. We’ll show you a way that it can be sent. Email to:

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7 .. Improve Your Golden’s

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Skin and Coat

.. Dog Days in the Garden .. How to Help SEVA GRREAT Without Spending an Additional Cent

12 .. Homecoming 14 .. The Breezy Process

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ON THE COVER: That’s Raife. Find out a little more of his story in the President’s Message on page 3.



President’s Message

Saturday, April 29 Woofstock Festival Richmond, Va

So rather than feel sad that we don’t have many dogs, I want us to celebrate the amazing things we continue to accomplish for each and every golden in our care. Already in 2017, the following GRREAT things are happening.

Saturday, May 6, Beach Day and 2Q Spring Membership Meeting Sandbridge

Beautiful Jackie (one of our “Turkey Dogs” from last year) had her hip replacement surgery and is recovering nicely

Tuesday, May 9 Give Local 757 “Day of Giving” Thursday, May 18 Golden Love Paint Night Fundraiser Spirited Art, Richmond Sunday, June 4 Yappy Hour Keswick Winery Sunday, June 25 Aleworks event Williamsburg Check our website for updates and exact locations and times of events. Check back a week before the event to confirm.

GRREAT ADS GRREAT Times is now offering advertising space. Rates per issue for various size ads are: Full Page = $150 1/2 Page = $100 1/3 Page = $75 1/6 Page = $50 A discounted rate for multiple issue placement is available Email requests, size and specification questions to Every effort will be made to put your ad in the desired issue. GRREAT Times is published quarterly the second week of January, April, July, and October. Deadline for submitting an AD is the 1st of the month prior to the publication date.


appy Spring to our SEVA GRREAT supporters! It is definitely starting to feel like spring, everything is green and flowering, and those of us with seasonal allergies are sneezing. March Madness is over, yet I have to add a quick “GO HEELS” to this message, being an avid college basketball fan and UNC Tarheel fanatic. But that is enough about “hoops,” and on to my usual note…. I often talk about trends in rescue, with our intake numbers decreasing significantly in recent years. Sometimes that feels “depressing,” knowing how many awesome families we have waiting to adopt a wonderful golden and how hard we all work to find them perfect homes. 2017 has started out no differently, with only 5 intakes through March. Our current census is 12 dogs, the lowest I can recall since I joined the board in 2010. 6 are considered “forever fosters” due to age or medical condition, and will remain in our loving care thanks to your ongoing support. But looking at this from another side, shouldn’t it be a good thing that fewer goldens need our services?? While we sincerely hope there are less goldens being abandoned, we do recognize that sites like Craigslist and Facebook give other options for those needing to “re-home” their golden. We continue to reach out whenever we become aware of these dogs, to offer the services of SEVA GRREAT.

Despite multiple old injuries (fractured pelvis, hip and leg) sweet Mattie is loving life as a “forever foster,” getting all the love and care she needs to keep her happy and pain free (be sure to read her story on our website) Rosie came in on an urgent basis due to injury, and is also recovering well from surgery to repair her shattered pelvis Handsome Raife (featured on the cover) is scheduled for his MRI and complex surgery on April 20th to repair injuries after being bitten on the head as a puppy. We will definitely keep everyone updated on his progress None of this would be possible without the continued support of all our volunteers, board members , and generous donors. Each and every one of you make a difference in this mission, and I truly appreciate your dedication to our precious goldens!!



Adoptions Chance

Morgan Winston




Jameson Bear


To My Dog: •

• 4

I will never move and not take you with me. I will never put you in a shelter and leave.


• •

I will never let you starve. I will never let you hurt.





Chance – Carl & Peggy Ward

Jameson – Jean Parsons

Sandy – Jane Young

Duke – June Badalis

Morgan – Jean Parsons

Buddy/Charlie – David Jonsen

Bear – Peggy Wade

Patton – Linda Lowman

Bailey/Louie – Danita James

Winston – Barbara Whitney

Max – Jane Hiser

Caboose – Mary Anne Naegele

Bradley – Mike & Kristen Lacy

Leo – Kris & Lauren Swedburg

Shamus/Boomer – Richard Dobson

I will never desert you when you get old.

Nor will I leave you when you go blind.



If that time comes, I will be there to hold you because I love you and you are FAMILY.



Sponsor-A-Dog Contributions SEVA GRREAT, Inc. is a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping displaced Golden Retrievers find their new forever homes. We are an all-volunteer organization, operating entirely on donations and a dedicated network of volunteers. Our wonderful foster families will typically house the dogs in our program, care for them, and socialize them while SEVA GRREAT provides the necessary veterinary care.

T&M Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Service For Light Commercial and Residential FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED FOR OVER 30 YEARS! CALL US AT 757-434-7723 Serving all of Hampton Roads

Yet there are often people who want to help our organization but, for one reason or another, may not have the ability to volunteer, foster, or adopt. Our sponsorship program allows donors to make a one-time or recurring gift to offset the costs of our largest line-item (medical expenses), for the senior or specialneeds dog of their choice. Your sponsorship dollars will go such a long way toward helping our Goldens that may spend a prolonged time in foster care due to medical needs.

ª Start by choosing the dog that you would like to sponsor or ask us to choose a dog for you (watch our website for updates). ª Fill out the sponsorship form telling us how you would like to support us. –You can make a 1-time donation or a monthly donation via check or PayPal ª Send your form via email to or mail to P.O. Box 8014, Yorktown, VA 23693. ª We will send you a photo of the dog that you are sponsoring along with that dog’s special story. ª With your permission, we will list your name with your sponsored dog on the website and publish your name in our quarterly magazine. ª Once your sponsored dog is adopted, we will send you a closing letter. At that point you may end any re-occurring donations or roll it over to a new dog.

Sponsor-A-Dog Your Name: _______________________________________________________ Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Name of the dog that you would like to sponsor: _____________________________ Sponsorship level: (circle one) Monthly donation 1-time donation Bronze ........................................................................ $10 ............................... $50 Silver ........................................................................... $20 ............................. $100 Gold ........................................................................... $50 ............................. $200 Diamond ................................................................... $100 ............................. $300   Please send your check with the information above to: SEVA GRREAT, P.O. Box 8014, Yorktown, VA 23693   Rescue Hotline 757-827-8561 Press For 1 If you think you have found one of our Goldens based on the SEVA GRREAT tag or microchip. 2 To leave a message for the President 3 To give up a Golden Retriever or get more info on our intake process 4 For Information on Golden Days and other events. 5 To check on the status of an adoption or foster application. 6 For all other questions.


If you choose a monthly payment, do you want your sponsorship rolled over to a new dog? Yes___ No___ If yes, do you want to choose the new dog you sponsor (versus us choosing)? Yes___ No___ Do you agree to having your name recognized on our website and in our newsletter or would you prefer to remain anonymous? Listed ____ Anonymous ______ SEVA GRREAT sincerely thanks you for your love and support of our Goldens!!!


Improve Your Golden Retriever’s Skin & Coat With This One Simple Hack by Tarit from I Heart


o many dog breeds have health concerns – some minor, some major. Many golden retriever owners struggle with skin and coat issues. Coats can become dull and thin, and some golden retrievers are constantly scratching or biting at their skin. What to do about dull coats and skin problems in golden retrievers On a recent visit to my vet, I asked if there were something I could do to help, and the vet asked if I gave the dogs an Omega supplement. I explained that I gave the dogs a high-quality dog kibble that claimed to have a balance of nutrients, including Omega-3 fatty acids. This is where I learned my first mistake. My vet explained how dog food, even though it claims to contain Omega-3, rarely has any fatty acids that are biologically available to dogs. Biologically available? I had to have my vet expand on that one. Apparently, when dog food is processed, it is exposed to high heat. Omega fatty acids just so happen to be very sensitive to high heat. So by the time you pour Fido a bowl of kibble, the essential fatty acids are no longer in a state that is beneficial to your dog. In addition to dry, itchy skin and unhealthy coats, I was told that Omega-3 deficient diets also lead to: Prolonged healing of wounds Increased allergic reaction effects Decreased immune system function Painful joints Excessive inflammation Hair loss Ear infections Hot spots Excessive itching

Fortunately, my vet offered a solution. She recommended that I start my dogs on an Omega-3 fatty acid supplement. Sounds easy? Not so much. I also learned that all supplements are not created equal. The ingredients that are used to derive the fatty acids is key. I think most people know that salmon is high in Omega-3’s, but did you know that it’s also high in toxins, such as lead and mercury? Big Fish = Big Trouble Here’s how it works: large fish are typically higher up on the food chain, so they eat small fish, which each small fish, etc. So basically, the largest fish are consuming all of the toxins that smaller fish eat. They also have a longer lifespan, so this means they accumulate even more bad stuff. So the key is to start at the lowest point on the food chain. Anchovies! Small fish with a short lifespan. There’s some solid scientific research that confirms this. Bonus: anchovies have some of the highest Omega-3 contents of any fish. Added bonus: they’re low in toxins.

and healthy. These were just the benefits that I could see.

The Good News. There’s a Solution!

The Right Omega Makes All the Difference

I was recently turned on to an amazing product called Omega-3 Select chews. They are made from the highest quality anchovies (and krill), designed to provide your pup with the perfect balance of essential oils. Plus, they’re available in small and large chews depending on your dog’s size.

So do yourself a favor…get your dog on an Omega-3 supplement. My dogs seem to love the taste of the Omega-3 Select chews. Plus, when you purchase Omega-3 Select chews, you also be providing up to 21 meals for shelter dogs. So talk to your vet. To friends. Find what’s best for your dogs. Just make sure you make an Omega-3 supplement part of your golden retriever’s daily diet. They’re lives are short enough, we think they deserve the best we can give.

Within a few weeks of having my dogs take the chews, I began noticing that they weren’t itching as much and their coats looked shiny



Out & About

Dog Days in the Garden Strange’s Garden Center's annual “Dog Days in the Garden” was held on January 28th this year! It is a FREE dog friendly event with contests, demonstrations and raffles for terrific prizes! It celebrates the Richmond community and local dog organizations. As you can see by the pictures, SEVA GRREAT enjoys attending each year.


Haven & Blaze






Beth & Henry

Stella & Ruckus


Who’s got the best pose?





E E R F How to Help Without Spending

Amazon Partnership 747 Scotland Street, Williamsburg, VA 23185 747 Scotland Street Williamsburg, VA 23185 757.229.8610 757.229.8610


ight below the banner and dropdown menu on our website you will see a link for Amazon (along with a couple of advertisements for what they have on special). If you click this link, you will be taken directly to the site. From there, you can log into your account and shop for anything you were planning to buy from Amazon. Depending on volume of sales, that one additional click sends SEVA GRREAT 4-6% of your purchase price. Just one additional click! Not only you, but any friend or family member can help us too. In case you were wondering, it is private -- we can’t see if you are using the link or what you are buying -- but we can reap the benefits!! Many of you are aware of the Amazon Smile promotion. In this situation, you log in through Amazon, but you must select SEVA GRREAT as your charity to receive donations. We do still participate there -- and are grateful for those donations as well -- but the difference is Amazon Smile results in a 0.5% donation

“First Team Toyota supports GRREAT! LOOKING FOR A CAR? COME SEE US AT: 3400 Western Branch Blvd, Chesapeake, VA 23321 Phone: 877-331-5419 •



versus 4-6%. That’s a BIG difference, for one additional click -- through www.adoptagolden. com -- instead of going directly to Amazon. If it is easier, you can also bookmark this link to shop, and also share with friends. Don’t worry if you are not prompted to select SEVA GRREAT as your charity, as using the link automatically benefits our rescue. com/?&tag=southvirgigol-20&camp=211493 &creative=379985&linkCode=w21&adid=1X0 SA0NAZ6Y08FE7XNDR&


Currently, we are averaging approximately $70 per month from Amazon. Help us make that number grow! Doesn’t everyone shop Amazon now for one thing or another?


SEVA GRREAT an Additional Cent

Kroger Community Rewards


here are many fundraising efforts that go on at SEVA GRREAT -- Give Local 757, Go Fund Me, etc. -- that require donations from our members and friends. We thank you so much for those. Did you know there are also ways that you and your friends can greatly benefit SEVA GRREAT without spending a cent more than you already planned? Take a look at the following:

Wooftrax “Walk-for-a-Dog” App


roger Community Rewards makes fund-raising easy... all you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card! Getting a Plus Card is easy; you can pick one up at the customer service desk in any store. Then you register your card online at The easiest way to register is using our NPO number -- 88542 -- or the name of our organization -- in this case SEVA GREAT.  (No… that’s not a typo. Kroger did leave out the second R so we are listed as SEVA GREAT with them.) To verify you are enrolled to support us, you will see our name on the right-hand side of your information page.  Do you use your phone number at the register? Call 800-576-4377, select option 4, to get your Kroger Plus card number, and then link to our organization. Every time you swipe your registered Kroger Plus Card or use the phone number that is related to your registered Kroger Plus card, you send a donation our way. 

Currently, we are receiving about $400 per quarter from Kroger. What do you think? Could we double that? Or more? Tell your Kroger-shopping friends! Again, we can’t see you or your purchases!


ou may have wondered why you don’t hear much about this “freebie.” Well... we were very excited when we signed up with them, but it turns out they take “Walkfor-a-Dog” very seriously. In order to earn contributions for SEVA GRREAT, you have to be walking regularly (daily is recommended!), taking your smart phone every time, and logging in every time. It’s not the distance that matters as much as the consistency. We’re grateful for those who do remember to do it, we wish more would; but we also understand that when running out the door with an anxious puppy, you may not think about grabbing the phone and logging in. We do appreciate you regular dog walkers too!

Personal PayPal Account


o you have your own PayPal account? More and more people do. It saves them from having to key their credit card information in every time they make an online transaction. If you do, logging into your own PayPal account when you make a donation to SEVA GRREAT will save us money. That’s because PayPal charges us a transaction fee (e.g., $0.85 for a $25 payment, $2.50 for a $100 donation) when using the donate button on our website. When you use your own account, PayPal does not charge us that fee. You may wonder how much effect a transaction fee really has on the organization’s finances. But all those little fees do add up – in 2016, PayPal collected over $250 in fees from our generous donors. Using your own account will ensure that your entire donation goes directly to our dogs. To take advantage of this option, simply log in to your PayPal account and choose “Pay or Send Money.” Then select “Send money to friends and family” and enter the email address paypal_1@adoptagolden. com. The donation will go to SEVA GRREAT just as it would by using the website, and you will get confirmation from PayPal as always. Many thanks again for your ongoing support of our Goldens!!



Dodge enjoys a walk at Meadow Farm Museum Park

Lady loved watching the Westminster Dog Show. She literally couldn’t take her eyes off the screen! –Maria Kear

Remember Lincoln who was the cover photo several years ago? He won his Agility Championship in June 2015 and is now working on his 2nd championship. During this journey, he has achieved 100 perfect runs in the Jumpers Course, earning his Century Mark title in the AKC. This means he has completed 2000 perfect obstacles on a Jumpers course as a Masters entrant - and that doesn’t even count the ones he did to get to this level! Love this boy. –Sandi Pitini

Leo! He is the most laid back fella who has brought such love into our lives since losing our last Golden. He is our girls best friend and is the most patient guy around. A true love. –Lauren Swedburg



Homecoming Share your pictures and stories by sending them to They will be featured in coming newsletters, right here under Homecoming.

PJ anticipating corn beef and cabbage. –Jim

Ginger and Raife enjoying each others company.

Our Grreat friend, Brandy, came to live with us 6 years ago. She’s a gentle and kind therapy dog and we couldn’t love her more. –Linda Mattax

Coco - Adopted him from SEVA when he was 7 years old. He is 13 years old today and still going strong. My kids and I can’t imagine our house without him in it! –Allison Wyant




1 of a 3 Part Series



n 2007, Breezy was a friend’s dog. I had Morgan, my Golden Retriever, that got me started with SEVA GRREAT. In 2008, Morgan passed a few months after I moved into my current house with a big fenced yard. I decided not to get another dog right away. God knew what was in store. Two years later, my friend had to move out of state and was unable to take Breezy and asked me to take her and find a good home for her. Right. I knew the minute she came in the door she had found that home! Breezy went with me in the car to Care A Lot, lots of trips to the vet, and sometimes just to tag along on a quick trip to the store. We bonded quickly. We went for walks at the Noland Trail, around the neighborhood, and on the beach. She even went to Florida with us for 6 weeks and went to the beaches of Daytona! She was a great traveler.


The Breezy Process by Liz Sumner

I could write a book just on her quirky personality and how she made me laugh but this isn’t the time for that. I will write that story later.

That is when she was younger and ran faster. I’ve always tried to walk her as much as possible, weather permitting, so she wouldn’t get bored in the yard.

Breezy had escaped several times in her younger days before coming to me. She was an escapee when my friend adopted her. Soon the day came for her first escape on my watch. I combed the neighborhood in the car and walked a few blocks on foot. All worn out, I came home and opened the back gates and went into the house for something. When I went back out, she was tired and worn out and walking through the gate! She escaped once in Florida when we put her in the house and didn’t realize the side door was open! Immediately, the word was out and there was a search party of all the retired neighbors and she was found in about 30 minutes.

There were several occasions where I would get a phone call from someone asking if I had a husky named Breezy. “Yes, I do, and why are you asking?” I would reply. “Well she’s over here in my driveway.” I would get the address and grab her leash and go pick her up. She was never more than a block away on our regular walking path. The average number of escapes was not even twice a year until last fall.


Breezy has had cataracts all the time I have had her. They started getting progressively worse and finally last April she was bumping into parked cars and trash cans on our walk

An arsenal of information for day 1 of your lost pet search one day. She was blind. She navigated the house and yard like a pro and did pretty well in public. We still went for walks but she was content in her yard. Then, in October 2016, a hurricane knocked down a tree in the back corner where she would go potty. It also took out a good portion of the deck, at least a dozen sections of fence, and obstructed the whole side of the yard. She was good through all of this and we were able to piece the fence together well enough to keep her contained for a few weeks until the tree was removed and repairs could start. I managed to keep her inside when work was being done. It was after the fence was repaired that she escaped. A gate had been left ajar by accident and she capitalized on it. I grabbed the leash and started walking our usual route. No Breezy. I came back and got the car and drove around. I was frantic. She was blind and loose for the first time. After a couple of hours of looking, I came home and made my first poster. A friend helped me post them all over the neighborhood. We stopped and talked to people we saw on the street and they helped pass the word. As it got closer to dark, I thought – FACEBOOK. So I got on the computer and found some lost dog pages and posted her notice. I shared with friends. I called Animal Control as one page suggested. Exhausted, I cried and fell asleep on the sofa. Then at 10:30 pm the phone rang. It was our neighbor’s daughter. She was coming home and saw some people around a dog trying to read it’s tags. She saw it was Breezy and walked her home five or six blocks. Breezy was happy and wagging her tail. She had been gone about 10 hours.

could do at that hour was post her on FB and call Animal Control. I got my flyers ready to post when I got up. Just as I was headed out the door, a pickup truck pulls up in front of the house and I can see Breezy in the front seat looking so proud! Guy a block over spotted her as he was leaving. Everything was fine after that. I did some research on GPS trackers that attach to the collar. I found a wide white collar that said BLIND DOG on it – first one I had seen. Bought a new harness when we went to Care A Lot and it had glow in the dark stitching on it. And, I ordered a new glow in the dark ID tag. At least now someone would know she is blind and would be able to see her in the dark. I couldn’t get the GPS tracker on a short pay check so waited on it – my worst mistake (besides not chipping her). January 5th was like any other day. I saw Breezy outside at 7:30 a.m. and decided to let her stay out until I had to leave. After breakfast, I took her meds out to her only I

couldn’t find her anywhere. Then I discovered my friend had been setting his truck up to work on it. Obviously the gate had been left open just long enough when he wasn’t looking and she decided to take herself for a walk. I had to leave for an appointment (work). There wasn’t enough time to reschedule. Even then, I was able to start posting flyers by noon. I put ads up on FB again. I combed the neighborhood on foot and by car. I called Animal Control and the shelter. No Breezy. It is now February 24, 8 weeks later, and still no Breezy. I truly believe someone has taken her in and intends to keep her. We have seen nothing to indicate that she has been injured or killed. It is almost like she was beamed up to a space ship. I knew what to do, I thought. I was off to a good start, but it was still slow. Day by day, I learned new things to do, but I was always a day late and a dollar short. It is my goal to make sure others are armed with all the information I have learned in 8 weeks on day one of their search and give

Time runs together but over the next 4 weeks she got out two more times. One time wasn’t for long. An acquaintance spotted Breezy and escorted her home. We didn’t even know she was out. Thanksgiving eve she was gone when I went to bring her in at bedtime. About all I



them a better chance to reunite with their beloved pet much sooner. THIS IS BREEZY’S PURPOSE. Losing a pet to natural causes is bad enough, putting them down is worse, but this is the ultimate in agony – not knowing where they are. I still look out the window in hopes of seeing her.

BEFORE YOUR DOG GOES MISSING First and foremost, things to do before this ever happens, be sure to get the dog micro chipped. Better to be safe than sorry. The first thing Animal Control, a shelter, or veterinary facility will do is check for a chip. Should your pet’s collar and/or harness be removed or his tags lost, this is also a sign of ownership and care that will buy a few extra days at the shelter before being put up for adoption. The down-side to a chip is it requires a special reader AND for the finder to do the responsible thing and take it to someone that has a reader. One more thing, if you move or your contact information changes for any reason, notify the chip company! The simplest form of identification is something anyone can see and read easily – collar and tags. Be sure you have proper ID tags attached to the collar. If the dog also wears a harness, put a tag on it, too, just in case one or the other is lost. If traveling to a friend or relative’s home for some period of time, get a new ID tag that says “visiting … address / your phone.” Put the rabies tag on the collar. It is registered and the vet can be located this way. The biggest drawback to this method of identification is it can be lost or removed. You can get your pet’s name and phone number printed or stitched on a collar, but it can still be removed. You might want to consider a tattoo ID instead of a micro chip. It is permanent, it can be registered, and, it is visible. No scanner required. Check with your 16

veterinarian regarding either choice. Buy a harness that has glow in the dark stitching and tags that glow in the dark in case the pet is ever missing at night. If you have a special needs dog (deaf, blind), special collars can be purchased that notifies people of these handicaps. If your dog is an escape artist, several companies make a GPS tracking device that attaches to the pet’s collar. You can set perimeters of the yard using this device and receive an alert on your Smartphone the second your pet crosses that line. You can then track his signal and see where he is going and find him quickly. Down-side, batteries can die and the device could get lost or be removed. Very basic – know your pet’s paw print! If you find prints in the snow or mud, would you know if they were your dog’s? Plaster of Paris keepsake kits can be purchased in hobby stores to make a print. You never know when it could have a useful purpose, too. Don’t do just one thing, do them all! They all have merit. You do need a special tool to read a microchip; tags and collars can be lost or removed; batteries in a GPS can go bad. Wear belt and suspenders! It can’t hurt. Chances are at least one method will prove successful. LEARN FACEBOOK and MESSENGER so you can set up a command center and manage text messages and calls from different sources on your Smartphone or computer using Facebook. If you aren’t a Facebook fan, you should at least have a simple page set up. Have a teen or young adult teach you how to post, like, follow, share, etc with just a few friends or family members set up. Learn the affects of each action. Learn how to follow a post on another page. These are powerful actions that can spread the word of your missing pet like wildfire. Learn how to “Private Message”


someone that is not on your friend list, look up names of people, groups or organizations and see how their pages differ and how to use them. Try sending messages back and forth in Facebook. Apparently, when you have sent a certain volume, you will be instructed to install Messenger. Get someone to set it up for you so that Messenger controls all of your messages no matter their source. It is easy to set up and maintain a group address with Messenger so that everyone on the team receives all the communications in that thread. You can attach pictures and documents to your messages. When you feel some degree of comfort using these new tools, you can sign off Facebook and just visit it when you feel like it. It is a good idea to check every month or so just to see if any new features have been added. Hopefully you will never need to mount a search for your beloved pet but you will be armed with an arsenal of tools at a moment’s notice should the need arise. TRAINING TIP – I was talking to a supporter I met on the trail just the other day. He says he trains his dogs by playing hide-and-seek with them. He hides and gets them to come looking for him instead of the reverse. This brings in the search rule of don’t chase. He figures if his dog gets separated from him, they are going to be looking for him.

printed with permission from Spirited Art

Golden Love Fundraiser M

ark your calendars for Thursday, May 18th and plan to come out to Spirited Art for the Golden Love Paint Night Fundraiser to benefit SEVA GRREAT. Spirited Art has created a special painting for the rescue and will donate a portion of each $35 registration to SEVA GRREAT. Even if you can’t even draw a stick figure, their instructors will show you step by step how to create your own painting. Each person gets to take home their 11x14� canvas of Golden Love to proudly display. Spirited Art takes care of all painting supplies and even offers an extensive menu of food and beverages for purchase from the Wine Loft, which are served to you while you paint. Spirited Art is located in West Broad Village at 4029 Whittall Way in Glen Allen. Doors open at 6:15pm and the painting fun begins at 6:30pm. We hope you plan to come out for a fun night with friends while helping SEVA GRREAT. You can register and get more info online at the following link:



10 Things You May Not Know About America’s the Golden Retriever Y

ou’d have to be an alien from another planet not to be familiar with the Golden Retriever. This beautiful, exuberant, and loving dog breed is always among the most popular of family pets. Anyone who has been loved by a Golden knows what a devoted companion he is. But there’s so much more to know about this lovable breed.

1. For decades, there were apocryphal stories floating around that the Golden Retriever was descended from Russian circus dogs. This theory was debunked when the records of Lord Tweedmouth of Inverness, Scotland were released. In 1864, Lord Tweedmouth purchased a yellow retriever named Nous and bred him to a liver-colored Tweed Water Spaniel named Belle. All Golden Retrievers today are descended from Nous and Belle. Thank you, Lord Tweedmouth!

2. Golden Retrievers are part of the Sporting Group, and they need lots of exercise. They’re ready for action, whether a backyard game of fetch, a long hike, a swim, or a good romp.

They’re natural athletes and excel at dog sports like agility.

3. They are hard workers. Golden Retrievers are used for everything from hunting and tracking to rescue and as service dogs. Despite that playful, sometimes goofy demeanor, they learn quickly and can master a multitude of skills, including how to perform as search and rescue dogs at the site of a disaster.

4. Golden Retrievers make world-class therapy dogs and are used to soothe and calm people in a crisis. Goldens seem to have reserves of empathy and unconditional love. There’s just something about a Golden that can calm and comfort anyone, from children to elderly patients suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

5. You know all that exuberant puppy behavior? That lasts longer in Golden Retrievers than other breeds. They mature slowly and can be playful and downright silly into adulthood. 18


by Jan Reisen


6. Golden Retrievers love to eat. And they’ll eat anything, from the dinner in their bowl to toys, paper, and crayons. If it’s out, it’s fair game. They also have a tendency to overeat, so savvy owners know to limit treats, carefully measure out food, and feed them only at mealtimes.

7. Like other retrievers, the Golden is naturally mouthy. He’s likely to carry something around everywhere he goes—a stick, a toy, an old sock—he’s not fussy,

8. Speaking of mouths, Goldens are known to be extremely soft-mouthed. All retrievers must

have a mouth “soft” enough to pick up and hold game without damaging it. But the Golden’s mouth is so soft, it’s said he can carry a raw egg in his mouth without cracking the shell.

9. Aside from being beloved family pets, Goldens shine in event competitions. The first three dogs to win the AKC Obedience Champion title were all Golden Retrievers.

10. And finally, the breed has been in the top 10 list of most popular dog breeds in the United States for decades, most recently at number 3.



v a S

t a e ! ! ! D e h T e

When: Tuesday, May 9, 2017 Midnight to Midnight

Where: Select SEVA GRREAT and make a donation (credit/debit card). Minimum donation is $10.00.

Why: All donations will go to the

medical care of our ‘Special Needs’ Golden Retrievers. Continue to follow the SEVA GRREAT website and Facebook page for updates and how your donations will help. Bonus Prizes will be awarded based on the number of unique donations.... so it’s not the amount of the donation that matters, but the number of participants we can gather! Only donations made online (not checks or cash) count toward bonus prizes. So plan to recruit family and friends to support us on May 9th!! Check out the complete list of bonus/challenges at Last year SEVA GRREAT surpassed its goal of raising $5000. Our final total raised was $10,667.88. SEVA GRREAT also qualified for and won two bonus prizes: 20

• $1000. for LANGLEY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION 50/50 prize: 1 of the first of 5 organizations with 50 donations of $50.00. or more. • $757 for BEST in SHOW prize: highest number of unique donations in the Animal Category. Today we have many special Goldens in our care with major medical needs. Your donations to Give Local 757 will go directly to cover the medical expenses of our rescued Goldens. Give Local 757 was created by the Peninsula Community Foundation in 2014 to build capacity for local nonprofits serving the Hampton Roads region in donor cultivation. In three


years, the 24 hour giving day has become the single largest fundraiser in Hampton Roads history. Online fundraising allows everyone to be a philanthropist for a day and it is transforming grassroots fundraising. Give Local 757 educates the public on the many nonprofit programs in the region and encourages a wider audience to experience the joy of giving. It enables nonprofits to build their capacity in marketing, online fundraising and social media. For more information visit the website Thank you in advance for your support.

7 Reasons It’s Actually Better to Let Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed

Rainbow Bridge

IT MAY HELP CALM YOU DOWN It’s known that dogs can help fight anxiety and depression—just look at service dogs and pet therapy. Allowing a dog in your bed is a soothing presence that can help you de-stress after a hectic day.

IT MIGHT ALSO MAKE YOU FEEL SAFE There’s a reason people have been sleeping around dogs since ancient times. Your little shih tzu may not be much of a guard dog, but just the physical presence of a dog around may help you feel more secure.



Always a happy face and eager attitude. Our time with Sandy was too short.


–Steve and Marianne Opilla

Some people swear (and studies show) that the rhythmic breathing, heartbeat and soothing presence of a dog is the best sleep aid around. Your pup > Ambien.


Justice was a SEVA GRREAT golden that I adopted in September 2008 when he was just 4 years old. I was so lucky to have him in my life for 8 years. He started having seizures in March and was suspected of having a brain tumor. My house is now so quiet. I miss you Jus.


I lost Ms. Honey in June of 2016. It broke my heart and I miss that silly girl every day.

Sleeping in your bed is comforting for Fido, too, who loves nothing more than simply being around you. Every minute you spend together—even if you’re asleep—makes your pup more loyal and obedient.

–Deborah Van Dover


In memory of a friend’s sweet Golden Retriever, Currituck. Tuck passed away today. He was a beloved member of Kevin and Jamie Todd’s family and will be dearly missed.

Sleeping with your living, breathing furry friend is pretty much like napping by a radiator. And—let’s be honest—a dog is essentially a stuffed animal for grown-ups.

–Pat Owens


–Julie Harshaw

IT KEEPS THE KIDS OUT OF THE BED “Sorry, guys, no room for you in here with a big ol’ dog in the way.” And It Makes for Adorable Instagrams Just kidding…sort of. WINTER 2017


Contributions Cynthia and Don Merrix In honor of our wonderful goldens adopted from SEVA GRREAT Cooper and Ashley Merrix

Diana Schnetzka

Ann and Andor Czompo

Joseph and Debra Morris

Jennifer and Mark Dauzier

Donna and Preston Shifler-Jones Diane Christiansen In memory of precious, sweet Dixie

Maryanne Lambert

Kimberly Beland

Robert and Tess O’Neal In memeory of Dharma, Truly, Archer and Honey (all SEVA GRREAT dogs)

David and Tanya Niles

Mary Strzelecki In honor of Delilah and Moose

Patty Allen, Pawsitive Attitudes LLC

Joe Dictor In honor of Sera

Nancy Tamse In honor of Nadi

Sherry and Bill Peterson In honor of Teddy

Kay and Fred Ashbrook In memory of Calli Ashbrook, Golden Retriever Extraordinaire

Rhonda King In honor of Kate and Jason Mathews William Buklad

Francine Griffin In memory of Sally Paticia Owens In memory of Justice Marianne Opilla In memory of Sandy Emily Murphy In honor of Rocket Skip and Terry Cole In memory of our beloved Samantha and Casey

Charles Gresham For Rosie

Latoya Price Jo Vance Richard and Janice Phillips In memory of Maxx Gilela Nygards Lolita Minder In memory of Jasmine, Hunter and Crystal Jackie Kaiser In remembrance of Edward and Betty Stock Victoria Chudd

Carl and Lizbeth Jackson Mariannne Opilla Charles Gresham

Combined Federal Campaign #88796








Clayton Clemens Jane Myers




Golden Oldie Love Dog Fund (GOLD Fund) is used for medical expenses, food, equipment, or adoption costs of rescued Golden Retrievers estimated to be ten years or older.

Desiri Walker

Jim and Pauline O’Connell


Raife’s Fund


Joann Posthumus In honor of a wonderful golden, Babs

Sponsor-A-Dog Contributors


Allegra Havens In memeory of Mandy, Jake and Graham

John and Dot Oberlander In memory of Brenda Cutchin

Carl and Lizbeth Jackson


Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign #3456

MEMBERSHIP, DONATION & VOLUNTEER FORM Note: Membership is open to all persons 18 years or older.


Please have the Coordinator in the following area/areas contact me: (Check appropriate boxes)

Name: _____________________________________________

These are listed in the order of urgent need by GRREAT.

Address: ___________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _ ______________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

HOME EVALUATION –– visits for foster/adoption applicants.

Home Phone: ________________________________________

Don’t forget to renew your membership or start a new one

Work Phone: ________________________________________ This is a new membership Address Change ADDITIONAL VOTING MEMBERS:

FOSTERING — A temporary home for SEVA GRREAT dogs before they are adopted.

(E-mail needs to be unique to vote.)

TRANSPORTATION — primarily shuttling dogs and/or equipment as necessary. If you are interested in helping with transportation, can you help on: (circle all that apply) Weekdays



EVENTS — helping to hold/show dogs at “Golden Days,” helping with fund raisers, etc. PUBLICITY — researching and writing stories for media release and newsletters, selling ads for the newsletter, taking photos at events, updating the web site, etc.

Name: _____________________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

MERCHANDISE — to man booths selling SEVA GRREAT stuff at local dog shows / fairs / festivals / etc.

Name: _____________________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

Our rescue is growing! In order to continue to save more dogs every year, we are looking for volunteers who would like to become more involved with the organization. If you are interested in assisting with intake, foster coordination, Golden Days or other areas on a regular basis, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at, for more information.

Name: _____________________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

REMITTANCE: I am enclosing my $25 annual membership dues $ ___________


Additional Voting members _____ @ $25 each

$ ___________

Please make checks payable to:


$ ___________

1 Calendar = $12.00 (includes shipping)

$ ___________


$ ___________

Mail this form with your check to: SEVA GRREAT PO Box 8014 Yorktown, VA 23693


In Memory of



IMPORTANT NOTICE If you would like to become a member, please sign below. Otherwise, your remittance for annual membership must be considered a donation.

Date: __________________________________________________________________

I affirm that I have never been convicted of an animal abuse crime. Signature: ______________________________________________________________


SEVA GRREAT P.O. Box 8014 Yorktown, Va 23693



Rescue Hotline 757-827-8561 Press For 1

If you think you have found one of our Goldens based on the SEVA GRREAT tag or microchip.

2 To leave a message for the President 3 To give up a Golden Retriever or get more info on our intake process 4

For Information on Golden Days and other events.


To check on the status of an adoption or foster application.


For all other questions.

National Dog Registry 1-800-NDR-DOGS Foster Dog Medical Care YORK VETERINARY CLINIC Yorktown 757-898-3700 COOKE VET MEDICAL CENTER Chesapeake 757-547-9421 QUIOCCASIN VET HOSPITAL Richmond 804-741-3200 ACREDALE ANIMAL HOSPITAL Virginia Beach 757-523-6100 ANDERSON’S CORNER Toano 757-566-2224

Like us on facebook!

SEVA GRREAT Contact Information President Jane Krom Vice President Debbie Morris Treasurer Jim O’Connell Secretary Sharon Leeman Event Coordinators: Southside: Jane Krom Peninsula: Linda Thomson Richmond: Jennifer Dauzier Microchip Coordinator Robyn Beasley Intake Coordinator Rose Bennett Foster Coordinator Katie Show Adoption Coordinator Robyn Beasley Membership Jacob Kay Volunteer Coordinator Quan Li Board Member Largo Elston Merchandise Jennifer Dauzier Fundraising GRREAT Times magazine

Linda Thomson Brad Miller

Want to Reach Dog Lovers with Your Message? Advertise in GRREAT Times Magazine and Help Our Goldens.

GRREAT Times Spring 2017  

Golden Retriever Rescue Education And Trainiing

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