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Spring 2015

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GRR SEVANearly 1800 EAT Golden Retrievers Rescued

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CONTENTS GRREAT Times is a quarterly publication of SEVA GRREAT, Inc., an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to finding homes for homeless Golden Retrievers.


For more information, call our Hotline at 757-827-8561 or visit our web site at

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To contact the newsletter editor with suggestions, comments, or send materials and photos for inclusion, send an e-mail to, or write Attn.: Newsletter Editor, PO Box 8014, Yorktown, VA 23693.

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Submitting Stories and Photos We have decided to make “homecoming” a feature in each newsletter to feature dogs that have been adopted from us over the years. Send us a picture (identify everyone in it, please) with your dog’s name, when you adopted it, your name and a few words or more about your dog. Full length stories are welcomed, too!

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When you submit your pictures for publication in print, please submit an original digital image of no less than 300 dpi. If you aren’t sure of the dpi, send the original and we’ll check the possibility for use. We can make pictures smaller but we can not make them larger. Don’t worry about the file size; if you can send it, we can receive it. If you can’t send it, let us know. We’ll show you a way that it can be sent.

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This issue’s cover signifies the end of winter and beginning of spring . . . time to get that leash and go outside for a walk. See ages 8 & 9 to get more enjoyment out of walking your dog.


MARK YOUR CALENDAR Saturday, April 25 Woofstock Festival Richmond, VA 10:00am Saturday, May 16 Spring Membership Meeting and Beach Gathering Virginia Beach, VA 9:00am Sunday, June 14 Yappy Hour at Keswick Vineyards Keswick, VA 12:00pm Check our website for updates and exact locations and times of events. Check back a week before the event to confirm.

GRREAT ADS GRREAT Times is now offering advertising space. Rates per issue for various size ads are: Full Page = $150 1/2 Page = $100 1/3 Page = $75 1/6 Page = $50 A discounted rate for multiple issue placement is available Email requests, size and specification questions to Every effort will be made to put your ad in the desired issue. GRREAT Times is published quarterly the second week of January, April, July, and October. Deadline for submitting an AD is the 1st of the month prior to the publication date.

President’s Message Trivia Question....... What Significant Anniversary is being Celebrated in 2015? O

K SEVA GRREAT supporters, old and new. I’ll bet that if you search the internet, you would find LOTS of big historical anniversaries being celebrated in 2015. I could name a few, but that would involve wars, politics, and many other topics that we tend not to address in our newsletter. So have you guessed it yet??? Hint, involves doing GRREAT things for our beloved Golden Retrievers. 2015 marks the 25th Anniversary of Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue, Education, and Training, Inc. Yes, 25 years of “finding homes for homeless Goldens”!!! Since our inception in 1990, nearly 1800 Goldens and golden mixes have been rescued by SEVA GRREAT. Most found their way to wonderful forever homes, while others remained in the loving care of SEVA GRREAT as fosters due to age or illness until they crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. Since I have only been volunteering with SEVA GRREAT since 2009, I continue to learn the history of this amazing group. Learning so much over the years, I am thankful for those that had the foresight to realize that a Golden Retriever Rescue group was needed in our area. They did the hard work to gain our 501(c)(3) status, establish our bylaws and articles of incorporation, obtain insurance, etc. They recruited volunteers to fill key roles but more importantly care for the dogs. We are so fortunate to have a tremendous network of supporters and volunteers, along with amazing veterinarians that provide care to our Goldens.

We have continued to grow as a rescue over the years, thanks to the incredible dedication of our board members, volunteers, adopters, and supporters. If there are any of our initial board members that would like to share early stories from the “beginnings” of SEVA GRREAT, please feel free to send stories and pictures to grreattimes@ Let’s celebrate all we have accomplished, and keep up the amazing work in 2015! And while we are always asking for donations and hesitate to ask for more, the goldens we rescue require substantial medical care. So if you choose to make a donation, consider $25 in honor of our 25th anniversary. Donations can be made via the donate button on our website, or by sending a check to SEVA GRREAT at P.O. Box 8014, Yorktown, VA. 23693. Thank you for ALL your support of our Goldens!! Jane Krom SEVA GRREAT President 2014-2015






REAT R G VA early 180ie0vers E S GoNlden Rceuter d Res



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Attention Amazon shoppers - and we know there are plenty of you out there. Did you know that SEVA GRREAT is now part of the Amazon Associates program? What a simple way to support SEVA GRREAT when you shop Amazon on line.



We signed up in November in time for holiday shopping, and your purchases have already earned almost $300 for the rescue. Let’s continue that support year round, and encourage family, friends and co-workers to participate. Simply go to our website at and click on the Amazon banner. Shop as usual in the Amazon store - you do not have to select a charity. All purchases made through the link on our website will generate a donation of 4-6% of purchase price to SEVA GRREAT (with higher donation percentages possible based on number of items ordered each month). So, THANK YOU for your support by using our Amazon link to shop, and share the word with family and friends!!





Our Goldens thank you!





Scarlett/Charlotte – John & Laura Calisto Denver – Suzanne Wentworth & John Smith Happy – Margaret & Thomas Whitehead Gus – Barbara Evers Sugar – Largo & Lew Faxon Holly – Daniel & Chris Walker Maggie – Sarah Blanchard & Tim Amberman Molly – Sharon & Andy Paterson

To My Dog: • I will never move and not take you with me. • I will never put you in a shelter and leave. • I will never let you starve. • I will never let you hurt. • I will never desert you when you get old. • Nor will I leave you when you go blind. • If that time comes, I will be there to hold you because I love you and you are FAMILY.



Financial Support for SEVA S

EVA GREAT is a totally volunteer based organization. Our more than 150 volunteers provide the “Hands on” required for managing and executing the intake, foster care, home evaluations, and adoption procedures essential for animal rescue and placement. These efforts are supplemented by training programs and participation in numerous community events to increase awareness of the need for and substantiate our services. 2014 was another successful year for SEVA GRREAT. Your Board of Directors is very proud of the contributions that each member and volunteer makes to help us meet our objectives.

are provided through a dedicated network of veterinary practices. The total cost of the veterinary services we provided in 2014 was $84,439.00. We are very grateful to our wonderful network of veterinarians and would not be able to meet our obligations without

The SEVA GRREAT organization has grown over the past 21 years and currently serves an area of Virginia that encompasses at least 30% of the Commonwealth’s population extending from the Charlotesville area to the border of North Carolina. We are headquartered in Yorktown, Virginia. Our members and our services cover the Tidewater areas of Virginia which includes: Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News, James City County and York County. We are active in the Williamsburg area and the Richmond Metropolitan area and in Charles City and New Kent Counties. We also have activity in Isle of Wight, Gloucester County and Smithfield. Due to the dense population of these areas and the fact that the three largest cities of Virginia are included in our area, the population numbers add up to at least 30% of the total population of Virginia. In 2014, SEVA GRREAT took in 58 Purebred Golden Retrievers and 17 Golden Mixes. Of these dogs, 7 were treated for Heartworm and 17 for Lyme and other tick-borne disease. Several of our dogs also required orthopedic surgery as well as treatment for thyroid and kidney disease. Additionally, our rescues varied in age, with many being seniors. 8 females were spayed and 10 males neutered prior to their adoption. Our veterinary services



their diligence, understanding and discounts. Our total operating costs for 2014 were $95,372.00. Costs other than veterinary care include the costs for our website, newsletter, insurance, supplies/microchips, etc.



Grants and Contributions Canpaigns Membership Dues


Surrender and Adoption Fees Funding Activities

To meet our obligations we were able to raise more than $98,600. Our three primary sources of revenue are: the grants and contributions we receive from individuals and organizations; the voluntary Surrender Fees we solicit and the progressive Adoption Fees that we charge for adopting our Goldens; and, the myriad of fundraising activities that are so widely supported by our members, volunteers and the public at large. The pie chart below is a graphical representation of these major categories. I would like to highlight the Campaign category as it has increased over the past several years and is in the process of some significant changes. For a number of years SEVA GRREAT has participated in the United Way/ Combined Federal Campaigns conducted separately in three regions - South Hampton Roads Area, the Virginia Peninsula Area and Central Virginia (Richmond) Area. Additionally, we participate in the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC). In past years, local charities interested in participating in CFCs were required to submit an application to each region where they might qualify. This requirement has been rescinded and a program of Universal Giving has been initiated. This will enable individual


6.63% 3.84%

2014 SEVA GRREAT Revenue by Percentage donors to participate in any recognized charity regardless of geographic location. Each charity is required to apply through the campaign where it meets all of the necessary criteria. SEVA GRREAT has applied to the CFC of the Virginia Peninsula. Also, as a departure from the past, the official dates for ALL CFC campaigns will be the same. Campaigns will open on September 1 and close on December 15, 2015.  SEVA GRREAT, as an organization, will only be printed in the Peninsula Charity booklet. However, we will be included in the on-line Universal Giving List for everyone in the nation to see. Additional

information and the Universal Giving Tool are available on the following website, The key to participating in either the local United Way/ CFC campaign in your area or the CVC campaign is to know our Code. For CFCs, it is 88796; for the CVC, it is 3456. These codes are published in each edition of this newsletter, normally on the Contributions page. Community campaigns are a GRREAT way to support us and your community. We encourage you to participate and encourage friend and family to do so also.



5 Walking Tips with Your Dog • Commit to a TIME: It is important to set a schedule to eliminate any excuses. Walking your dog in the morning is an ideal time. Keep in mind, there are dogs that need longer/multiple walks. Walking is both beneficial for you and your dog. • Choose the RIGHT Collar/Harness and Leash. • Be a Responsible Dog Owner: Pick up your dog’s waste, Scoop That Poop. • Bring Creativity into your walking route: Vary your walk paths. Be adventurous and explore new parks. • Enjoy the Moment: Unplug and enjoy the moment with your dog. Make your walk a special precious moment where you slow down and appreciate what’s around you especially your dog. from Golden Woofs

HAPPINESS is a long walk with your dog Cuteness on the road 8


Take Your Dog For a Walk to Support SEVA GRREAT W

e are excited to introduce our participation in WoofTrax, the dogpowered fundraising tool for shelters and rescues. Support Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue by simply walking your dog! Use the app each time you grab for the leash. It’s healthy for you, your dog, and SEVA GRREAT. Go to and click “Get the App” at the top of the page, install the free Android or iPhone app, and start taking your Walk for a Dog every day. You can choose SEVA GRREAT in the setup tab of the app

for iPhone users, or in the settings menu for Android users. After you download the app onto your smart phone, take the phone with you when you walk your dog(s). Simply press the “Start Walking for …” button and the app will keep track of your walk. When your walk is stopped it is credited to SEVA GRREAT. Donations from Wooftrax are funded by sponsorship, advertising, and investors. The more people walking for the rescue, the more we can receive.

participate! Friends without dogs can also walk for us by choosing the “Walk for Cassie” option after enrolling in the app for the first time. Or, they can create their dream dog as a walking companion on the setup tab and adding a dog. For more information about the program, visit and let’s get walking!!

It’s easy to use, so help us get the word out and encourage family and friends to

Every time you walk, we donate to your local animal shelter

Download the app and take your Walk for a Dog every day SPRING 2015


Out & About

Pet Expo in Hampton



A Pure Golden at Heart River joined our family when he was around 10 months old on 12/7/14. We didn’t know how he came to be homeless, or the mix of breed. But, we knew he was sweet and loving and that we wanted him to grace our home. In just little over a month, River was already a joy. He has adapted well, is happy and playful. Manners class has started and we go twice a week to start him out as a well behaved pet. We are committed to providing the best environment possible so that this precious pup will have a good life. In turn, we will be rewarded by his affection that he already gives so freely. Thank you for this gift! –Linda and Chris Dunn



Indoor Winter Fun Roxy loves playing ball in the agility tunnel

Indoor Winter Fun Ally styln’ in mom’s sunglasses!

Indoor Winter Fun Max’s favorite Christmas toy given to him by Kodi still remains intact!



Send Us Your Photos

Do you have a SEVA GRREAT dog? We would love to see what you are doing. Our alumni seem to be having very exciting lives. Share your pictures, including captions, by sending them to They will be featured in the next newsletter under Homecoming. And if you have a story to tell, we and the other Golden lovers would enjoy reading about it. So, send those stories with your photos also. We love pictures of newly adopted dogs with their new families, too!

Outdoor Winter Fun I adopted Delilah in May from SEVA GRREAT and later that summer we moved to Pennsylvania where she now enjoys the cold weather and romping in the snow. I just love this little girl!

-Mary Strzelecki



What’s Up Doc? from Golden Woofs


senior dog varies by size and breed. Dogs are considered a senior in the last 25% of their expected lifespan. A golden retriever has a life expectancy of 10-12 years old. 1 It is very important to EDUCATE yourself on how to care for your aging dog and be INFORMED on ailments that might occur. 2) Establish a RELATIONSHIP with your veterinarian. It is important that you trust your dog’s veterinarian and comfortable in asking


When is a Dog Considered a Senior any questions. It is recommended to take your senior dog for a vet visit every six months. 3) Provide your senior dog proper NUTRITION as obesity is very common in senior dog.

health. Regular brushing eliminates dry skin and a good way to check for any lumps or abnormalities.

4) SUPPLEMENTS, like glucosamine and multivitamins/minerals, should be an essential part of your senior dog’s diet.

6) PLAY and EXERCISE should be part of your senior dog’s daily activity. Adjust as needed. Keep in mind, “Old dogs can learn new tricks.” Mental stimulating games are excellent to use for your senior dog.

5) GROOMING is particularly important for senior dogs. It is critical to have a good dental

7) Make your senior dog be part of your everyday LIFE.


Our Private Therapy Dog W

hen my husband John was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, it really was not a shock as the tremors had been increasing over the years. However, what did surprise us was how our geriatric fur baby, Ally, became his constant companion as if she knew that her help was needed. She had chosen us three years ago when we had gone to visit her at her foster’s home; the connection between John and her was instantaneous; she jumped into our car and refused to get out. There was a lot of medical issues with her, but we proceeded with the adoption not knowing that she would be such a huge help in the years ahead. There is no doubt that she

By Roni Sumner

adores John and plops herself very close to him whenever possible. She urges him to walk her, and together they lumber down the paths several miles each day. Her pace is slow, which is exactly what John needs. He talks to her on these walks which helps his voice muscles, and the walking allows him to concentrate picking up rather than dragging his feet. Recently he has taken over being her handler in our weekly combo training class; John and I are firm believers that education is important for all minds at all ages--human and canine! It puts a smile on my face when I watch them go around the agility course; Ally can manage only the tunnel and a little bit of the weave

poles, but she is so happy to be guiding her man through and around the obstacles. During the obedience part she stays behind me, Roxy, and Max, mimicking what we do. John is also learning those training skills that unite handlers and dogs, so the connection grows. Then each night after the final walk, she demands that he and he alone take her out for her potty time. It truly is heartwarming! No, Ally does not hold a TDI title and would probably never make it through the avoiding food part of the test, but she IS a therapy dog in her own special way! We love this old girl and all that she is doing to make life wonderful!



2016 SEVA GRREAT Calendar Attention all SEVA GRREAT dogs! Here’s your chance to show the world just how cute you are! Tell your adopted families we are accepting photos for our 2016 Calendar Contest . . . YOU could be one of the featured Goldens to grace next Year’s calendar! Our calendars have been popular with volunteers, adopters, and supporters alike, so lots of folks will see your happy face and sparkling eyes. Tell your folks that without their pictures of you, there can be no calendar. Pictures can be submitted year-round! So, put your best face forward! We are looking for great shots of SEVA GRREAT adopted dogs showing off, acting regal, being silly, enjoying a special holiday, frolicking outside, lounging inside, or just sporting that GRREAT Golden “smile.” We want to see any shot that you feel shows that wonderful GOLDEN personality! Categories we are in special need of are: FALL, HALLOWEEN, PATRIOTIC, CHRISTMAS, SPRING, VALENTINE’S DAY, WINTER, SPORTS/Action. Yep, just about anything.

Without your pictures, there can be no calendar!



Contest is Underway

Attention all SEVA GRREAT dog Pet Owners Love to show off pictures of your dog? Well, here is your chance to show the entire SEVA GRREAT community just how cute your Golden Retriever is! Back by popular demand, our 2016 Calendar is underway! Make your dog a STAR! Submission instructions and requirements are listed below. Please read carefully. If you have questions, email

Submission Rules: 1. Deadline for submission is May 15, 2015. 2. Send us your best shots, no entry form required. We will be choosing one main picture and one watermark for each month. We will also attempt to place as many photos as possible somewhere in the calendar. 3. Photos will be judged on composition, quality, and emotional appeal. 4. All photos submitted must be horizontal (landscape) in orientation. 5. Digital images are required. Please follow these instructions. a. Set your camera or phone to take photos at the highest resolution possible. b. If possible, name your image(s) with the dog’s name and your last name. I sending more than one photo, number each appropriately. Example: RustyJones01.jpg, RustyJones02.jpg, RustyJones03.jpg. c. Submit your image(s) in jpg format as an email attachment to Please do not crop the picture or make the file smaller to email – send the largest, original file. d. Include a note in the message body with pertinent information: Owner’s name Dog’s name Photographer’s name if other than yourselft You will receive a confirmation within 4 days. If you don’t receive one within a week, assume it did not go through and please re-send. 6. Only SEVA GRREAT dogs are eligible. (Other family pets may be included in the photo with your Golden. 7. No humans in the photos please. – dogs and other pets only. 8. Photos must be previously unpublished, non-professional images (except with permission); no copywrighted photos accepted. 9. Photos become property of SEVA GRREAT and cannot be returned. 10. SEVA GRREAT reserves the right to use pictures submitted in GRREATTimes magazine, on our website, and in other publications and marketing material. 11. If your picture is chosen for the monthly pin-up, we will contact you for a short paragraph about your GRREAT dog.

Questions or problems? Email: SPRING 2015


Rainbow Bridge

JACKSON I had to put my precious Jackson to sleep in recently. We adopted him from SEVA GRREAT 13 years ago; he had been estimated to be about a year old. He started out as a foster dog. He had a growth plate deformity which required surgery and a cast, and I was charged with keeping this 1-year-old Golden as quiet as possible! When it was time to start thinking about a permanent home for him, my 3-yearold daughter stated, “I want to keep Jack forever,” and the decision was made. Jack was a little harder to love than our breeder-born-and-purchased puppy, Taffy. Jack

didn’t jump up on people; he body-slammed them. He didn’t just counter-surf, he would jump up on the dining room table. Picnics were out; no way could we keep food on his level and eat in peace. If he wasn’t getting enough good attention, he was going to get “bad attention.” He would chew stuffed animals, slippers, and books. Over the years he attended obedience training and with maturity, he grew into a treasured family member. I swear he saw Taffy’s passing as a call to step up in the pack and became better behaved.


He truly was my dog. Jack and my daughter had more of a sibling relationship. They teased each other and tattled on each other. My new husband was among many who thought he could steal Jack’s affection. No matter how he bribed Jack with attention, toys, and treats; Jack would always come back to his “mom.”

MAX I had read that it was a good idea for a senior to adopt a senior dog. SEVA GRREAT found Max for me in October 2010. He was 9 years old. We had a great time keeping each other "entertained" and he became my best buddy. The downside, of course, is you don't have enough time to do all the things you wanted to do together. When I lost Max last spring, I had only had 3 1/2 years with him. I would not take that back for anything. We kept each other young for a while!


–Barbara Evers 18


He enjoyed swimming (of course!), dog camp at Sandra’s, and car rides. My favorite memory is of a family trip to Nags Head where we rented a house on the beach with a pool. One day he escaped through one of the open deck doors, and we found him socializing with an older couple on the beach. I think he was depressed when we returned home. Why would we leave a place on the beach with all of our extended family members around and what appeared to be unlimited food? That’s why I love dogs; they can really break down life into simple terms. During his last year, he really could not go for a “walk,” but insisted on going in the car to take Allison to school on the days I didn’t work. He would push the back door open and would wait at the car for me to lift him into the back seat. Following my nightshifts at the hospital Jack would meet me in the morning (Allison at school, Joe at work), and we would share some scrambled eggs or an Egg McMuffin on the porch. I loved watching him turn his face up to the sun and the breeze ruffling his fur. Stomachs full, we would then settle in for our nap. It’s lonely now when I get home from work, but we are planning a trip to Nags Head to sprinkle his ashes. I know how much he loved the beach.

–Brenda Penca & family

JAKE It is with heavy hearts that we tell you that we said goodbye to our sweet Jake this week. Jake (originally Hank) came to us from SEVA GRREAT just a year ago, at age 2-3. Unfortunately, soon after, he was diagnosed with lymphoma and underwent chemotherapy. Jane and SEVA GRREAT were so supportive of us throughout the process. Jake did really well throughout most of the year but started slowing down in the last month, and we found he had profound anemia with blood counts about half of what they should have been. Jake was such a happy boy. He would wag his tail so hard that his whole body would twist and shake. We even entered him in a "Waggiest Tail" competition in our neighborhood dog show. However, we think he sabotaged his chances of winning when he was caught with his entire head in the judge's box of dog treats. Jake loved to go for walks


and car rides, jumping and barking excitedly whenever the leash appeared. But, his favorite spot was just on the couch between us, getting all the loving he could get. Though our time with Jake was way too short, he will hold a special place in our hearts

forever. Now, he has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is playing with his older brother Rascal, who we lost just 5 months ago. We will always be grateful to SEVA GRREAT for bringing Jake into our lives.

–Susan & Butch Beckman



Silver . . . O

ne of the things we’ve all learned from living with and loving Goldens – there is usually a silver lining even when things seem very dark. We were reminded of that recently when we received the sad news that one of our active volunteers passed away unexpectedly. Kathleen O’Donnell was a home evaluator, foster home, and adopter over her 20 years of supporting SEVA GRREAT. She was also a familiar face at Richmond area events, most recently accompanied by Jack, her last foster who became a proud member of the O’Donnell family, winning over Kathleen’s heart and the hearts of her Goldens Reilly and Gracee. Kathleen’s love of Goldens will become her legacy with her bequest that establishes the Golden Oldie Love Dog Fund (GOLD Fund) to be used for medical expenses, food, equipment, or adoption costs of rescued Golden Retrievers estimated to be ten years or older. In the past year, senior Goldens have accounted for nearly a third of the dogs brought into our rescue, so this designation will be a significant support for SEVA GRREAT. Current senior Goldens who will immediately benefit from this fund include 15 year old Charlie and 10 year old Maggie. Additional donations can be made to the GOLD Fund in Kathleen’s honor to support our Golden Oldies.

Current senior Goldens who will immediately



Kathleen O"Donnell










. . Turns to Gold




Kathleen and Jack


benefit from this fund include 10 year old Maggie and 15 year old Charlie.



Contributions Danise Elias In loving memory of our sugah bear “Dude,” love, the Elias Family

Sarah Sherman

Robyn and Bass Beasley

Ken Shewbridge

Judy Dyer

Marianne Trigg

John and Carol Marsh

Brenda Penca In memory of Jackson

Stephen Singleton In memory of Yahtzee

James O’Connell In honor of Jim and Pauline O’Connell

Tracy Minnich In memory of Millie, loving companion to Joy and Wayne Caudle.

Traci Spruill

Amelia Boyer

William Luck

Kathleen Speak This donation is in loving memory of Mischief from Kathy Speak and Ed Clifton

Janelle Shifflet

Diane Lingle

Tracy Minnich

Mary Baker

Joseph Bruzzese

Karen and Frederick Whyte Ann and Andor Czompo Coleen Hillen Barbara and Nick Veltri In memory of G.G., Gent, Annie and Maestro Cean Cawthorn In honor of Sadie, and in memory of Churchill and Buddy Kevin Duke In memory of Nugget Cynthia and Don Merrix In honor of Cooper and Ashley Merrix, adopted from SEVA GRREAT Lisa Walker In memory of Max Evers

Combined Federal Campaign #88796


Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign #3456

Sherry and Bill Peterson In honor of Teddy (Big Head Fred) Heidi Speece In honor of Buddy and Max, adopted from SEVA GRREAT Rhonda King In honor of my Banner girl and our first two years together, and in memory of my boys King and Apollo Skip and Terry Cole In memory of our beloved Samantha and Casey Nancy Brown In honor of Lavetta Mae Lecky Clarence and Linda Keel In memory of Marina Chris Roghers In memory of my dear friend Irwin Caskill



CDR. Michael O’Connell In memory of Kathleen O’Connell Neal and Malia Flatt In memory of Inca Gold Flatt Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity In support of special needs Goldens Dorothy Cleal In memory of Rusty and Lexie

Marie Kilcarr In memory of Princess Laura Spink In honor of Buster and in memory of Haley Mary Lou Calhoun In memory of George Haggerty, Tucker Jenny Allegra Havens Joyce Page Lance Hands Wayne and Joan Jackson In memory of Carmen and Annie

Eileen Eudy In memory of Cary Chelsea Hall In honor of Scrappy Diane Yamini In memory of Cooper

Sponsor-A-Dog Contributors

Brian and Linda Thomson In memory of Jake and Sandpiper Donna and Preston Shifler-Jones In memory of Judy Sutter Kathleen O’Connell Estate In support of senior Golden Retrievers Dorothy Winn Fit With Fido Bruce Lind Bob and Nicki Seger Jo Vance Kay Emory In honor of Winston, best boy ever

Lacey’s Fund Sharon Leeman In memory of Teddy, beloved Golden of Dennis Carl and Lizbeth Jackson Jane Frye

Stacey and John Klemenc In memory of Gal, Friday Mike Warren In memory of Maria Warren Lolita Minder In honor of Crystal being rescued, and in memory of Hunter and Jazzy James Wilson In honor of Dr. Jane Hiser, Quioccasin Vet Hospital Diane Christianson Sharlene Ghiloni J.E. Parsons In memory of Cassi, Jake, and Major

Gracie’s Fund William Buklad

MEMBERSHIP, DONATION & VOLUNTEER FORM Note: Membership is open to all persons 18 years or older.


Please have the Coordinator in the following area/areas contact me: (Check appropriate boxes)

Name: _____________________________________________

These are listed in the order of urgent need by GRREAT.

Address: ___________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _ ______________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

HOME EVALUATION –– visits for foster/adoption applicants.

Home Phone: ________________________________________ Work Phone: ________________________________________ This is a new membership Address Change ADDITIONAL VOTING MEMBERS:

FOSTERING — A temporary home for SEVA GRREAT dogs before they are adopted.

It’s not too late to enroll in this year’s membership

(E-mail needs to be unique to vote.)

TRANSPORTATION — primarily shuttling dogs and/or equipment as necessary. If you are interested in helping with transportation, can you help on: (circle all that apply) Weekdays



EVENTS — helping to hold/show dogs at “Golden Days,” helping with fund raisers, etc. PUBLICITY — researching and writing stories for media release and newsletters, selling ads for the newsletter, taking photos at events, updating the web site, etc.

Name: _____________________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

MERCHANDISE — to man booths selling SEVA GRREAT stuff at local dog shows / fairs / festivals / etc.

Name: _____________________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

Our rescue is growing! In order to continue to save more dogs every year, we are looking for volunteers who would like to become more involved with the organization. If you are interested in assisting with intake, foster coordination, Golden Days or other areas on a regular basis, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at, for more information.

Name: _____________________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

REMITTANCE: I am enclosing my $25 annual membership dues $ ___________


Additional Voting members _____ @ $25 each

$ ___________

Please make checks payable to:


$ ___________

1 Calendar ($10.00 plus $5.60 shipping)

$ ___________


$ ___________

Mail this form with your check to: SEVA GRREAT PO Box 8014 Yorktown, VA 23693


In Memory of



IMPORTANT NOTICE If you would like to become a member, please sign below. Otherwise, your remittance for annual membership must be considered a donation.

Date: __________________________________________________________________

I affirm that I have never been convicted of an animal abuse crime. Signature: ______________________________________________________________


SEVA GRREAT P.O. Box 8014 Yorktown, Va 23693



Rescue Hotline 757-827-8561 Press For 1

If you think you have found one of our Goldens based on the SEVA GRREAT tag or microchip.

2 To leave a message for the President 3 To give up a Golden Retriever or get more info on our intake process 4

For Information on Golden Days and other events.


To check on the status of an adoption or foster application.


For all other questions.

National Dog Registry 1-800-NDR-DOGS Foster Dog Medical Care YORK VETERINARY CLINIC Yorktown 757-898-3700 COOKE VET MEDICAL CENTER Chesapeake 757-547-9421 QUIOCCASIN VET HOSPITAL Richmond 804-741-3200 ACREDALE ANIMAL HOSPITAL Virginia Beach 757-523-6100 ANDERSON’S CORNER Toano 757-566-2224

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GRREAT Times Spring 2015  

Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue Education And Traning

GRREAT Times Spring 2015  

Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue Education And Traning